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How To Get To Sunyshore City In Pokemon Diamond

Sunyshore City Gym Puzzle Guide: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

How to Reach Sunyshore City | Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Sunyshore City has another gym puzzle for you. This walkthrough and screenshots of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Sunyshore City gym will assist you in quickly completing the ice puzzle.

In this gym puzzle, you must progress through three different levels/floors and battle various trainers before you can challenge Volkner, the gyms leader. To reach different trainers and Volkner, you must rotate metal gears on all three floors/levels.

Cogwheel/Gears have buttons of different colors, and each rotates at a different angle and direction.Green Button: Rotate 90 degree and Anti-ClockwiseBlue Button: Rotate 90 degree and ClockwiseRed Button: Rotate 180 degree and Clockwise

Get Ribbons From Julia Every Day Of The Week

If you wish to enter the Ribbon Syndicate in the Resort Area, you’ll need plenty of ribbons first.

Luckily, you can get 7 different kinds of ribbon from Julia for every day of the week. Simply head northeast to Julia’s house and talk to her. Do this every day until you get all 7 types of ribbons.


Buy Daily Stickers From Sunyshore Market

You can buy stickers from the Sunyshore Market just north of the Pokemon Center. Just talk to the blonde guy with sunglasses at the back of the market to buy the stickers.

Do note that the stickers he sell change every day so be sure to check them daily!

Get Effort Ribbon from the Woman

When the Pokemon at the top of your party list has reached its maximum effort value, the woman inside Sunyshore Market will give you the Effort Ribbon when you talk to her.

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How To Get To Volkner

Thankfully, the gym puzzle at the Sunyshore City Gym is quite a bit simpler to figure out than the one that came before it. Players simply need to step on the colored buttons to make the gears rotate, which in turn will open up a path that leads to the gym’s leader, Volkner. In the first room, it’s simply a case of stepping on the green button on the right side of the gym once and then walking over to the one on the opposite side. This one will also need to be pressed a single time, after which players will be able to reach the door at the back of the room.

The second room is a bit more complicated, though still fairly easy to figure out when compared to the Snowpoint City Gym. Players should step on the blue button three times and then follow the path on the left-hand side of the gym. After defeating the School Kid, they’ll need to step on the blue button once, followed by the green one, which will allow them to cross over to the platform on the right side. They’ll then have to take out another trainer before they can head up the stairs, which will lead them to the door of the final room.

Where To Find The Gym Leader Volkner In Pokmon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl


Where did Volkner go?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final Gym Leader challenge is waiting for you in Sunyshore City. When you arrive, a member of the Elite Four greets you, asking you to find the citys Gym Leader, Volkner. He has not had any worthy challenges and thus has become bored. He is not at his Gym, so you need to bring him back to earn the last Gym Badge. In this guide, were going to detail how to find the Gym Leader Volkner in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

When youre in Sunyshore City, youll want to go up on the bridge path overlooking the city. The entrance to this pathway is near Route 222, where you initially entered the area. Follow the path, head south, and then head east. Next, you want to make your way to the citys Vista Lighthouse. When you get inside, you should see Volkner looking out of a periscope.

Speak with him, and youll tell him that youre in the city to challenge him to a Pokémon battle. Then, with renewed vigor, he will return to his Gym and prepare to battle you. Volkner is an Electric-type Pokémon Gym Leader, so we highly recommend using Rock and Ground-type Pokémon against him when you face him in battle.

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Sunyshore City Gym Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Walkthrough

There are nine trainers to fight in the area. You’ll need to press switches to make platforms spin, so you can move from area to area. Head up the north and then to the right and press the green button. Head south from here and to the left to the newly connected platform. Step on the green button and head right and to the north. Then battle School Kid Tiera and her level 44 Pachirisu. Head north into the next area.

Head north to the blue button on the platform to the left. Press on it three times until the platform to your right makes a “—l” shape. Head south to the entrance and then up the stairs to your left. Cross the gears and make your way down the stairs. Head to the right and battle School Kids Forrest and his level 44 Pachirisu. Head south to the platform with the blue button from here. Press it once and then head right to the green button. Press the green button once and head to the right. Guitarist Jerry will challenge you to a battle with his level 44 Luxio. Head up the stairs and cross onto the other platform. Battle Poke Kid Meghan’s team of four level 41 Pikachus. Continue into the next room

Sunyshore Gym Pokemon Trainers to Fight
Trainer Name
Steelix / Medicham

Sunyshore City Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Walkthrough

As soon as you walk into Sunyshore City, you’ll be stopped by Flint who is one of the Elite Four from the Pokemon League. He’ll encourage you to find the Gym Leader of Sunyshore City and take him on in a battle.

The city has little to see but you can find a Thunderstone on the east side of town.

You’ll want to head to the lighthouse at the southeast part of town where Volkner can be found. You’ll need to talk to him and this will prompt him to return to the gym so that you can take him on. Head to the northwest part of town after speaking to him, and enter the Sunyshore City Gym.

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Sunyshore City Gym Puzzle Solution And How To Beat Volkner

Sunyshore Gym is an Electric-type gym, although there are a lot of non-Electric Pokémon that you’ll have to deal with here, too. The main thing is to bring some Paralyze Heals to save you trips back to the Pokémon Center each time one of yours gets Paralyzed!

In this Gym, the puzzle involves stepping on coloured buttons which change things about the environment. Here’s how to get through it.

Sunyshore Gym puzzle solution

Different colour buttons rotate the giant cogs of the gym in different directions and a different number of times. Green buttons rotate the giant cogs anti-clockwise one quarter-turn, for instance. You need to step on them the right number of times for the paths to line up, allowing you to proceed. Here’s what to do.

  • Step on the right hand green button once, then go south onto the starting area, and over to the left to stand on the other green button.
  • Then go north to the first trainer and through the door.
  • In the second room, go beat Guitarist Jerry on the right first.
  • Then, step on the blue button three times .
  • Then come back to the starting area and go up the stairs on the left, where the patch will now be lowered allowing you to pass.
  • Go down the stairs the other side to battle School Kid Forrest.
  • Go south onto the second blue button, then east from that to the green button.
  • Go south and east, past Guitarist Jerry, up the stairs and across the now-lowered path to the next trainer.
  • The next room has red buttons, which cause a double turn clockwise.
  • Items

    Preparing For Pokmon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearls Sunyshore City Gym

    Pokémon Brilliant Diamond How to Get To Sunnyshore City – Pokémon Shining Pearl

    This particular gym favors trainers who have purchased Brilliant Diamond as legendary Dialga is a formidable opponent against the electric-type gym. Dialgas Roar of Time can take out nearly all of Volkners Pokémon in a single hit. Palkia isnt too bad either as the Pokémons dragon-type makes it resistant to electric-type moves.

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    How To Get To Sunyshore City On Pokemon Diamond Version Ds


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    Before you can get into Sunyshore City, you must do a few things. You must defeat Team Galatic in Veilstone City, defeat Team Galactic at the Three Lakes, defeat the first seven Gym Leaders, defeat Team Galactic on Spear Pillar, and battle Dialga. After this, you can access Sunyshore City. Sunyshore City can be found east of Route 222.Hope this helps!

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    Where To Find The Gym Leader

    After entering Sunyshore City, go to the right and climb up the staircase, keep going to the right until you reach the second fork. Go down and head to the right where you will find the Vista Lighthouse.

    Enter the lighthouse and use the elevator to get to the top floor. You will find the Gym Leader next to the binoculars. Talk to him and he will tell you that he will challenge the Pokemon League if he wins.

    Go to the Sunyshore Gym at the north to challenge the Gym Leader.

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    Route 222 Pokemon In Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

    Via Poke Radar Uncommon

    Getting to Route 222, our next destination, is a simple endeavor. Use Fly to get to Pastoria City instantly, and go east out of the town to Route 213. Follow Route 213 eastward, northward through the resort, and then eastward some more. A pathway that was previously obscured is now open to explore. On the other side of the opened pathway is Route 222.

    Route 222 is split into two main parts, both of which head west to east. The bottom path is along the beach, where a plethora of trainers can be found. Two houses can also be found, though neither are of any real consequence

    Route 222 Pokemon Trainers to Fight
    Trainer Name
    Noctowl / Machoke
    Sailor Marc
    Feebas / Machoke / Gastrodon
    Tuber Holly
    Gyarados / Gyarados / Remoraid
    Fisher Brett Magikarp / Finneon / Feebas
    Fisher George Magikarp / Remoraid / Gyarados / Finneon
    Fisher Alec Magikarp / Gyarados

    Continue east and then south down the path. You will then be in a double battle with Sailor Marc and Tuber Conner. Sailor Marc has one pokemon: a level 43 Mantyke and Tuber Conner uses a level 43 Remoraid. Go south and battle Sailor Luther’s team of 3 Pokemon: a level 37 Feebas, a level 43 Gastrodon, and a level 40 Machoke. Be sure to grab the Carbos by taking the north part of the route eastward , and then simply walk east into Sunyshore City or back track the route to battle more trainers.

    Pokmon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Sunyshore City Gym: How To Beat And Rematch Volkner

    Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Walkthrough (Part 9)

    Time to beat, or rematch, Volkner!

    As you play Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you’ll be doing a lot of battling. Much of this Wil be with the eight gyms around Sinnoh as you earn your badges from them or rematch them! The final gym leader you will face is Volkner of Sunyshore City Gym, who specialises in Electric-types.

    In this guide, we explain how to beat Volkner of Sunyshore City Gym, and how to later beat him in a rematch.

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    Pokmon Brilliant Diamond/ Shining Pearl: How To Evolve Mime Jr Into Mr Mime

    Non-legendary Pokémon which fare well against Sunyshore City Gym are Infernape and Machoke. These powerful Pokémon, along with the help of a ground-type such as Torterra or even Steelix, who can be caught on the Iron Island, are up to this task. Volkners Luxray can be particularly difficult for some Pokémon. Ground moves such as Earthquake and Bulldoze will cause significant damage.

    Once Volkner is beat, players will walk away from the Beacon Badge. The journey to this point is no small feat but should be no problem for well-prepared trainers.

    How To Prepare For The Sunyshore City Gym In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

    Volkner’s trainers will tend to use Electric-type Pokemon in this gym. The best way to beat them is to use Grass-type Pokemon or Ground-type attacks. Volkner himself has two Electric-type Pokemon Raichu and Luxray, the best counter to both of these is to use a Ground-type Pokemon or at least Ground-type attacks.

    Ambipom is weakest to Fighting-type attacks but resistant to Ghost-type. is weakest to Grass and Electric-type attacks, so although an Electric-type Pokemon won’t do much good against most of Volkner’s team, it’s effective against .

    Lastly, we recommend that you level up your Pokemon to at least level 45 to take on Volkner.

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    Sunyshore City Gym Puzzle Solution And How To Beat Volkner In Pokmon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

    Sunyshore City, the Sunyshore Gym puzzle and Volkner are your next targets in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, following on from Route 222 in your adventure.

    Below we’ll take you through all the key details for the location, including any Pokémon encounters, trainers, and items that might be available, plus a walkthrough of your key objectives and anything else you’ll need to know.

    On this page:

    Collect The Zap Plate

    How to Get to Sunnyshore City in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

    The Zap Plate is hidden in front of the lighthouse. Collect the Zap Plate, if you have an Electric-type Pokemon or a Pokemon that you use for Electric-type moves, as the Zap Plate boosts its power.

    Strong Electric-type offense will come in handy in the next route, Route 223, which is filled with Water-type Pokemon in the wild and in trainer parties.

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    Sunyshore City Gym Challenge

    To get to Volkner, youll need to press buttons to turn gears and create a path. As usual, the puzzle is pretty straightforward, as theres only one direction to go. Youll need to battle several trainers to get to Volkner, and youll be able to tell if youre on the right track if youre continuously battling the trainers.

    How To Get To Sunnyshore City In Pokmon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

    As the end of Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Pokémon Shimmering Pearl approaches, Sunyshore City will be your last stop before taking on the Elite Four and Cynthia. The small town of Sinnoh on the east coast is home to the Vista Lighthouse, Sunnyshore Market, and most importantly, Volkners Sunnyshore Gym. Heres everything you need to know about how to get to Sunnyshore City in Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Pokémon Shimmering Pearl .

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    Pokmon Brilliant Diamond/shining Pearl: How To Beat Sunyshore City Gym

    The eighth and final gym in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is Sunyshore City Gym it is home to Volkner, the electric-type gym leader.

    As expected, Volkner is the strongest and most arduous gym leader to beat in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The gym leader has trained his electric-type Pokémon well and can quite possibly demolish an unprepared trainer. However, reaching Sunyshore City Gym should entail that trainers have spent enough time in the game to have collected and leveled up enough Pokémon to cause Volkner some serious damage as well.

    Upon first arriving at Sunyshore City Gym, players might be unable to find Volkner. In this case, it is necessary to head to the lighthouse located in the southeast part of the city. Talking to the gym leader will prompt his return to the gym and players can then battle him.

    When at the gym, players need to solve a bit of a puzzle before getting to Volkner. For help through the puzzle, check here.


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