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What Is Strong Against Dark Pokemon

Tips On How To Remember Pokmon Types

Top 10 Strongest Dark Type Pokemon

For anyone who has invested years of play into this series, the type system becomes second nature. While in time your memory too will retain most of, if not the full set of relationships it is worth learning the logical relationships that do exist.

The classic example taught at the beginning of every Pokémon game is that fire is super effective against grass, which is in turn super effective against water, which is in turn super effective against fire. This is easy enough to follow fire burns grass, grass thrives with water, water puts out fire but finding similar relationships in the other 18 types is will help you remember the system.

Here are some other ideas to get you started:

  • Rocks effectiveness against flying is reminiscent of the phrase kill two birds with one stone
  • Similarly, psychic is effective against fighting because brains are better than brawn but psychic is vulnerable to dark and ghost because the mind cannot cope with the unknown and supernatural
  • Ground types are immune to electric attacks because being grounded is an important principle in electric circuits but ground can be swept away be water, cracked by ice and exploited by grass.

With the addition of new types over the years, the Pokémon type system has got a little more complicated than Rock-Paper-Scissors, but once you’ve committed the above to memory , you’ll have no problem finding the right Pokémon for the right job.

What’s Good Against Rock Pokemon

Battling against rock Pokemon can be a challenge without the right strategy! They have some of the most dangerous and varied moves in the games like stealth rocks, stone edge, rock polish and more.

Rock type Pokemon generally have some of the highest defense and attack stats of all Pokemon, but are typically pretty slow.

Watch out, because some rock types have an ability called “sturdy” which allows them to survive a one-hit K.O. attack with 1 hit point! It’s always an unpleasant surprise when you were expecting to win the battle but suddenly they fire back with a strong rock type attack!

Pokemon Sword And Shield Type Chart

We’ve charted all the different type matchups for Pokemon so you know what’s super-effective or weak against other types.

Guideby Jake Green, Guides Editor

To win battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield you’ll need to understand type matchups and how different moves can be super-effective. To help make it easy, we’ve outlisted all the relationships between types below in our type chart, allowing you to know when you have the advantage.

On this page:

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Dark Pokmon Weaknesses And Counters In Pokmon Go

Dark Pokémon are generally used as a sub-type in Pokemon Go because they don’t have a lot of strengths on their own. Their attacks are boosted by Fog, so expect to see a lot of other trainers using them if the weather predicts! This guide will help you get through the toughest battles against any type of Dark Pokémon, including some of the strongest combinations!

When Did The Darkness Type Come Out In Pokemon Gold


The Darkness type was introduced in the Neo Genesis set, along with the Metal type, when the Dark and Steel-types were added upon Pokémon Gold and Silver s release. Prior to this, there were no Darkness type Pokémon. Like the Metal type, the Darkness type has its own Special Energy, Darkness Energy.

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Dark Pokemon Strength And Weakness

The Dark-type was introduced in Generation II. Despite the name Dark, the Pokemon with this type isnt necessarily evil. It is just a name, and before the changes in Generation IV, Dark-type moves were all classified as Special Attacks.

Currently, Dark-type moves can be Special of Physical depending on the move. Know the different Dark Pokemon strengths and weaknesses will give you an advantage in battle.

Combination Weaknesses & Strengths

Sometimes when Pokémon have secondary types, the Weaknesses & Strengths of that type might negate, amplify, or add to the Weaknesses & Strengths of the Pokémons primary type. In this list, were going to cover specifically the sub-types that change the original Weaknesses & Strengths.

  • Amplifying
  • Amplifies Weakness to Fighting: Normal, Ice, Rock, Steel
  • Amplifies Weakness to Bug: Grass, Psychic
  • Amplifies Weakness to Fairy: Fighting, Dragon
  • Negating
  • Negates Weakness to Fighting: Poison, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Fairy
  • Negates Weakness to Bug: Fire, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Ghost, Steel, Fairy
  • Negates Weakness to Fairy: Fire, Poison, Steel
  • Negates Resistance to Ghost: Psychic, Ghost
  • Negates Resistance to Dark: Psychic, Ghost
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    Pokemon Go Type Chart: Strength Weakness And Effectiveness For All Types

    Pokemon Types are the core of battles in Pokemon Go just as in the rest of the series – and to succeed, you’ll need to understand Pokemon type strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness.

    As hardcore Pokemon fans will already know quite well, each Pokemon has one or two types, and types determine much about how that Pokemon battles. For the Pokemon Trainer, type is important because certain types are strong against others, meaning you can deal or take additional damage, or on the other hand lessen the amount of damage received.

    There’s 18 different types, and each type is either strong, weak or neutral versus other types. At the most basic level with the starter Pokemon this breaks down to Rock, Paper, Scissors – Charmander beats Bulbasaur who beats Squirtle which comes full circle by beating Fire.

    That all makes sense and is nice and easy – though things get more complicated when you start introducing more obtuse Pokemon Types types like Fairy or Dragon, or when you consider Pokemon with multiple types. Then you have to consider that moves have types – so a fire-type Pokemon like Charizard can easily come stacked with Dragon and Flying-type moves, meaning its damage output on the type chart is attached to those types rather than its raw type.

    Weaknesses And Counters For Dark


    There are three counter types.

    Pokémon Go boasts a massive range of Pokémon species spanning over five generations of the console games that players can capture and use in battle.

    One of the key factors that make each Pokémon unique is its type. Types dictate how other Pokémons moves will deal damage, with some matchups dealing double or half damage.

    In this article, well be focusing on Dark-type Pokémon and the key types to use against them to have the best advantage in battle.

    Dark-type Pokémon have resistances to Ghost, other Dark, and Psychic-type Pokémon. But they are vulnerable to Fighting, Bug, and Fairy-type moves.

    Some Pokémon have multiple types and can potentially have resistances to the Dark-type counters listed, so its a good idea to check your Pokémons types out before gearing up to fight.

    Here are the best counters to Dark-type Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

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    Historical Changes To Pokmon Types In Mainline Pokmon Games

    When using the type chart for older mainline Pokémon games bear in mind that the following changes were made to the type system. These changes applied to all subsequent games, including remake titles

    Generation 6

    • Fairy type added
    • Ghost and Dark-type moves made neutral against Steel

    Generation 2

    • Dark and Steel types added
    • Bug-type moves made ineffective against Poison
    • Poison-type moves made neutral against Bug
    • Ice types made not very effective against Fire
    • A programming bug that made the Ghost-type move Lick ineffective against Psychic Pokémon was fixed

    Best Defenders In Pokemon Go 2021

    To defend against powerful attacks, you should choose the best Pokemon Defenders. Here are the top ten Defenders in Pokemon Go that you should use.

    • Mewtwo and Metagross are both effective attackers and defenders, therefore you should gather Pokemon Go uncommon candies to strengthen them. Both of these Psychic Pokemon, however, are vulnerable to Dark, Bug, and Ghost kinds. Metagross is susceptible to both Fire and Ground.
    • Normal-type Pokemon like Slaking, Blissey, and Snorlax are excellent defenders. This Pokemon type is only vulnerable to attackers who are Fighting-type Pokemon. You may employ Blissey to defend against Pokemon of different types. Mewtwo, Metagross, and other legendary Pokemon are more difficult to obtain than these Normal-type Pokemon defenders.
    • Togekiss is a Pokemon with two types: Fairy and Flying. To gain this formidable Pokemon Defender, you must evolve Togetic. Use Steel, Poison, Ice, Electric, or Rock techniques to counter Togekiss.

    Keep the Pokemon Go Weakness Chart in mind during battles so you can choose the best Pokemon attackers and defenders and know how to rapidly counter your opponents. It will assist you in effortlessly winning the fight.

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    Pokmon Strength And Weakness Chart

    The chart below will let you know which attacks to use and which to avoid based on Pokémon type.

    For instance, a bug-type Pokémons bug attacks are super effective against grass-, dark-, and psychic-type Pokémon. However, bug-types take increased damage from any fire-, flying-, or rock-type moves.

    Keep this chart handy whenever youre facing off against any trainers and especially during your Gym Challenges, as each of those trainers specializes in specific Pokémon.

    As an example, the first major trainer you fight in Pokémon Sword and Shield is Milo, who specializes in grass-type Pokémon. Looking at the chart below, youll want to make sure that you have some Pokémon that can do bug-, fire-, flying-, ice-, or poison-type attacks in your roster. You may also want to take any ground-, rock-, or water-types out of that match sorry Sobble starters!

    Knowing type match ups will be helpful in just about any battle, especially when youre trying to catch Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokémon.

    What’s Good Against Dark Pokemon

    Pokemon Go Type Chart

    Dark types are underrepresented in the world of Pokemon which can make battling against them a bit challenging they tend to surprise you!

    In general, dark type Pokemon have above average speed and attack which may allow them to move first and hit hard! Watch out for their signature ‘sucker punch’ and ‘knock-off’ attacks, too!

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    Pokmon Go Types Strengths And Weakness

    Pokémon also has its own set of weaknesses and strengths. For example, bug-type Pokémon are weak against fire-, flying-, and rock-type moves. Bug-type moves are strong against dark-, grass-, and psychic-type moves. Fire-, flying-, and rock-type moves will do double damage against a bug-type, like Caterpie.

    Some Pokémon have two types, which means they can have a doubled weakness or have their strength and weaknesses cancel out to just take normal damage. Rayquaza, a dragon- and flying-type, takes four times the damage from ice-type moves. On the flip side, Shuckle, a rock- and bug-type, takes normal damage from fire-type moves, since rock-type is strong against fire-type.

    Strengths and weaknesses also arent necessarily just opposites of each other. Though fire-type move deal less damage to water-type Pokémon and water-type moves do doubled damage against fire-type Pokémon, this isnt the case with every type. For example, fighting-type moves are strong against normal-types, but normal-types just do regular damage against fighting-types, rather than do reduced damage.

    Knowing what Pokémons strengths and weaknesses are is an important aspect of raiding and battling. To do the most damage you can, you should make sure that your Pokémons moves are strong against what its battling.


    Memorizing all of that can get confusing, so heres a chart to help you out.

    What The Most Resisted Pokmon Type Is

    The Pokémon video games’ battle system is all about type matchups, and the two most resisted Pokémon move types are weak against many others.

    Type matchups are integral to the Pokémon series’ battle system, so serious trainers need to carefully consider their partners’ types when building their teams of six. There are some types that are more durable than others, while the most resisted Pokémon types are weak against much of the competition.

    In main-series Pokémon battles, if a move’s type is resisted by the type of the Pokémon it’s attacking, its damage is halved. Some Pokémon types also have immunities, which cause certain move types to deal no damage at all Psychic-type attacks have no effect on Dark-type Pokémon, for example.

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    The balancing of Pokémon‘s various types has likely never been an easy task for Game Freak. In Red and Blue, Psychic types ran amok because there wasn’t much around to counter them. The Dark and Steel types were added in Pokémon Gold and Silver for the sole purpose of checking Psychic. A similar change happened in Pokémon X and Y, when the Fairy type was introduced to add more counters to Dragon-type Pokémon. Today, the number of resistances and immunities for each Pokémon type isn’t even across the board, as there are some types that are more commonly resisted than others.

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    What Is Strong Against Poison

    In this regard, what’s strong against poison Pokemon go?

    Type chart, effectiveness and weakness explained in Pokémon Go

    Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire, Electric Water, Grass, Ice
    Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass

    One may also ask, what is strong against steel? Ice Fairy Rock

    In this manner, what is strong against fighting?

    Dark Steel Ice Normal Rock

    What is strong against water?

    Ground Fire Rock

    How This Affects Pokmon With Multiple Types

    The STRONGEST Dark Type To Use In EVERY Pokemon Game

    As I mentioned before, some Pokémon will have multiples types, and this table gets even more tricky to understand once you start looking at how interactions like that work. The good news is there’s a pretty simple way to break it down.

    All modifiers for damage by a particular attack are calculated together when it comes to dealing with Pokémon that have multiple types.

    For example, if you use a Flying attack against a Pokémon with both Bug and Grass types, it would do four times as much damage, since Flying attacks usually do double damage to each type.

    Following in the pattern, if you were to use a Ground attack against a Pokémon with both Bug and Grass types, it would do 1/4 of the damage, since ground attack normally would do 1/2 damage to each type.

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    Relations With Other Types

    • They’re strong against the Psychic type because of people’s fear of either darkness or evil people, and fear is known to disrupt one’s rationality and concentration. It can also be because of how easy it is to corrupt one’s mind with wicked and malevolent thoughts, which is why Dark is the only weakness of Psychic to be immune to it as well.
    • They’re strong against the Ghost type because evil can damage the soul.
    • They’re weak against the Fighting type because philosophically, a warrior must overcome their fears – represented by Dark. The Fighting type also supposedly represents justice, which opposes evil, also represented by Dark types.
    • They’re weak against the Bug type because some bugs operate well in darkness. While criminals are active during darkness, when they least expect it, bugs can swarm over them.
    • They’re weak against the Fairy type because fairies represent light and the darkness disappears with light. Furthermore, light is a metaphor for goodness, which always triumphs over evil in fiction.
    • The type was resisted by the Steel type this is likely in reference to the idea of steel being used in security measures, like locks or even weapons for self defense, and to how some metals like silver are weaknesses of classical monsters and demons. In turn, so may the crafty and clever find ways to overcome security measures with figuring out their features.
    • They resist themselves because it’s hard for villains to recruit anyone who is already evil.

    Pokmon’s Bug & Grass Types Struggle To Overcome Defenses

    The two most resisted Pokémon types are also two of the most common. Bug-type and Grass-type attacks are each resisted by seven types: Bug-type moves are resisted by Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Fire, and Fairy Pokémon, while Grass-type moves are resisted by Flying, Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, and Dragon. The least resisted Pokémon types are Dragon, which is only resisted by Steel and has no effect on Fairy, and Ghost, which is only resisted by Dark and has no effect on Normal.

    Luckily for the Bug- and Grass-type Pokémon of the world, type resistances aren’t everything. Grass has lots of healing utility and some amazing status effect moves that avoid resistances entirely, including Spore, a 100%-accuracy move that puts the target to sleep. Bug is strong against often-powerful Psychic and Dark Pokémon, and it has access to the superb buffing move Quiver Dance, which raises Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Some of the most competitively viable Pokémon in the series have been part Bug or Grass, including Ribombee, Scizor, Amoongus, Ferrothorn, and Mega Venusaur. Pokémon players shouldn’t look down on Bug- or Grass-type Pokémon for the number of resistances they face on the battlefield.

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    What Are Dark Pokemon Weak Against

    Likewise, what are dark types weak too?

    The Dark type, along with the Steel type, was introduced in Generation II in order to balance against Psychic type, so it is immune to Psychic attacks. Dark Pokémon have a single Ground weakness if their other type is Poison, which nullifies all of Dark type’s weaknesses.

    Additionally, what are fairy types weak against? Dark Fighting Dragon

    Consequently, what are fire Pokemon weak against?

    Steel Grass Bug Ice

    What are ghost types weak against?

    Psychic Ghost

    Pokemon Types Strengths & Weaknesses

    Why Dark types is Weak to Bug types

    D E F E N S E If a Pokemon type is listed as Immune against, it will take no damage from attacks of that type. If a Pokemon type is listed as Strong Defense Against, the Pokemon will only take half damage from attacks of that type. If a Pokemon type is listed as Weak Defense Against, the Pokemon will sustain double damage from attacks of that type.

    O F F E N S E If a Pokemon attack type is listed as Strong Attack Against, its attacks will deal double damage to the specified Pokemon type. If a Pokemon attack type is listed as Weak Attack Against, its attacks will only deal half damage to the specified Pokemon type. If a Pokemon attack type is listed as No Effect Against, its attacks will deal no damage to the specified Pokemon type.

    Bug Weakness and Immunities

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