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How To Check Happiness In Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Sun & Moon: Easy Way To Raise Happiness

Where Is: The Happiness Checker (Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon)

Only on 3DS: Increase your happiness rate super fast and evolve Pichu into Pikachu with this simple method in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Happiness is an easily-overlooked feature in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Theres so much to do, and so many new islands to visit filled with unique Generation 7 Pokemon, its hard to stop and take care of the critters youve already caught. Making your Pokemon happy isnt just for fun certain Pokemon, like Pichu, need to be happy or they wont evolve.

Not only that, but raising happiness can be an extremely slow process. Dont worry, the Pokemon Reddit community has cracked the code and uncovered a way to raise happiness rapidly.

How To Reach Max Friendship

You can attain Max Friendship in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon by following a few simple techniques. Read on to find all about them.

However, before we begin, do note that if you let your Pokemon faint during the course of a battle, it will decrease your Friendship Level with that Pokemon by a small margin. Therefore, make sure that does not happen.

Soothe BellSoothe bell is one of the few items that boost your Pokemons Friendship Level. Holding this can increase the friendship by a large amount. It actually doubles the amount of friendship your Pokemon has with you when it holds the bell.

To find this item you need to head to the Pokemon breeder on Route 3, who seems like a very nice person. He shall offer you the Soothe bell, just like that and you can take it for free.

However, before we begin, do note that if you let your Pokemon faint during the course of a battle, it will decrease your Friendship Level with that Pokemon by a small margin. Therefore, make sure that does not happen.

Lomi LomiThe massage lady in Koni Koni city will give your Pokemon a massage for a special treatment used in Alola. This will improve your Pokemons Friendship Level and strengthen your bond with the Pokemon.

Special PokeballsThe Friend Ball is a special type of Pokeball that raises your Pokemons Friendship Level by a great deal. If you catch a Pokemon with this ball in the first shot, its Friendship Level shoots up to 200 immediately.

Friendship Is Needed For Several Evolutions In Pokemon Sun And Moon And If You Want To Evolve Your Favorite Creatures As Soon As Possible Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Do It

With Pokemon Sun and Moon about to be available worldwide, players everywhere are ready to begin their Pokemon adventures. But with a handful of creatures requiring a maxed out friendship gauge in order to evolve, one Reddit user has come up with a handy guide to help boost friendship fast.

By raising its friendship level, certain Pokemon such as Pichu and Eevee will be able to evolve into stronger forms, meaning that knowing how to boost the friendship levels a quickly as possible can prove very useful. Reddit user Leafeon111 posted a PSA to the Pokemon subreddit, detailing how to boost a creature’s happiness levels as quick as possible.

As it turns out, teaching a Pokemon a TM move is a process that slightly raises the creature’s friendship towards its trainer, something that is a lot more useful now that TMs don’t expire after one use. Finding two moves that a Pokemon can learn means that a dedicated trainer can keep teaching the same moves over and over to replace one another, slowly but surely raising the creature’s friendship levels until it’s ready. Then simply level up the Pokemon and it will evolve.

There are several other ways to boost friendship levels fast, besides using TMs however. Players can use a Soothe Bell, win battles, use vitamins, or use the new festival plaza to give their Pokemon meals, but many of these method will take more time and effort than the Reddit user’s technique.

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How Much Happiness Do You Need To Evolve

If you want to get down to the numbers, Friendship is on a zero to 250 scale. Pokémon that require high Friendship to evolve need to have a value of 220 or higher before theyll evolve. NPCs in the games will measure your Friendship with your Pokémon, giving you ribbons when you hit the maximum value in the range.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Boost Affection And Happiness Levels For Your Pokemon With These Simple Tips And Tricks

Pokémon Adventures Sun &  Moon volume 2

Pokemon fans have the time of their lives playing the new “Pokemon Sun and Moon” craze since its release late last year. So, to make the gaming experience more fun and exciting, here are some classic and simple guide, tips and tricks to max up the affection and happiness for your well-loved Pokemon in the game.

This “Pokemon Sun and Moon” guide will revolve around the use of Pokemon Beans, Pokemon Refresh and other items. All these will help boost the affection and happiness levels of your adorable monsters.

For the uninitiated, players have the need to fill up the affection and happiness of Pokemons achieve a specific level and ultimately, evolve. For example, Umbreon evolves by the time when his happiness reaches a particular amount.

What’s more, Pokemon that has plenty of affection receive bonus XP upon winning a battle. Hence, it will level up more quickly than the other Pokemon.

So, how can you increase the affection in playing “Pokemon Sun and Moon”? Game Freak has offered a number of ways you can make your Pokemon love you even more, thus, increase their affection for you.

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How Do I Check My Happiness Of My Munchlax In Pokemon Sun

  • So im playing pokemom sun. And i really want to evolve my munchlax into a snorlax. in pokemon and me everything is max. Wont evolve! so in other games there have been a “happiness checker” but i can’t find the one in alola. Nezoxy – 5 years ago
  • My munchlax had all of the stuff in pokemon refresh. then lvl it up and it didnt evolveNezoxy – 5 years ago
  • Benefits Of High Affection And Happiness:

    There are a few Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon that evolve when their happiness reaches a certain level. For instance, Umbreon evolved when his happiness reaches a certain value during the night time.

    Pokemon with high affection also get bonus XP from battles. When a Pokemons affection reaches a certain point, he will start getting 20% extra XP after winning a battle. This means that the Pokemon will level up much faster than other Pokemon in your party, due to his high affection.

    A Pokemon with high affection also has a high chance of landing critical strikes. Alongside the high critical strike chance, the Pokemon is more evasive compared to other Pokemon. With the high chance of critical strike and high evasion, a Pokemon with high affection will also survive in situations where he would normally faint.

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    Pokmon Sun And Moon Cheats: How To Check And Max Out Pokmon Happiness

    There’s a somewhat hidden “happiness” stat in Pokémon Sun and Moon that is actually the key to evolving certain Pokémon, like Pichu and Munchlax. Here is an easy way to juice it up and evolve those Pokémon quickly, according to GamesRadar.

    First, head to Konikoni city and find a woman standing next to the masseuse in a blue and gray shirt. She can tell you how happy your Pokémon are, which is key.

    Then, choose the Pokémon you’re looking to evolve and find two “technical machine” moves that it can learn. Teach it one, then replace that one with the other to boost its happiness level. Keep doing this over and over while checking with the woman until she says, “Nothing makes it happier than being with you!”

    At that point, the Pokémon is as happy as it can be. Leveling it up should cause your Pokémon to evolve if it requires happiness to do so. This is an easy way to get a Pikachu or Snorlax!

    Pokmon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire

    FASTEST MAX HAPPINESS Tutorial for Pokemon Sun and Moon
    Please feel free to edit this section to add missing information and complete it. Reason: How the player obtains heart symbols

    In Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire, the player gets three friendship heart symbols to evolve any of the following Pokémon, which would normally evolve by friendship in the core series games.

    Evolves from

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    How Friendship And Affection Has Changed In Sword And Shield

    Friendship is a hidden Pokemon stat that is required for some Pokemon to evolve. Friendship has been known as Happiness, Loyalty, and more, in previous games.

    Affection was the hidden stat tied to Pokemon Amie in Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon Refresh in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but has been largely combined into one stat in Pokemon Sword and Shield: Friendship.

    Items To Increase Happiness

    Other items aside from Poke Beans can also boost their affection much faster. Simply feed them some Pokemon Tomato Berries that soothe them and that will hastily increase the happiness level. Another item is called Soothe Bell that offers the same effect on Pokemon.

    Now, you can see an increase in your Pokemon’s affection and happiness levels when they begin spreading hearts and when hearts turn into musical icons, you have reached the maximum level of affection during a play session in “Pokemon Sun and Moon“.

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    Why Does My Happiny Not Evolve With Oval Stone

    In Pokémon Moon, I raised a Happiny to max happiness, but when I try to use a Oval Stone when its day time in the game, the game says Happiny is unable to evolve. Is there something Im missing? Are you giving it the Oval Stone and levelling it up, or are you trying to use the Oval Stone on it like you would with any other evolutionary stone?

    All Pokemon That Evolve Through Happiness

    Pokemon Sun and Moon: How Pokemon Happiness Works

    With the help of Serebii, a super useful Pokemon information treasure trove, heres all the Pokemon, in Pokedex order, that evolve through Happiness in a lil chart I made. While a Pokemons base happiness isnt always the same, the threshold to evolve is the value 220. The player cant see this, but most Pokemon require the same amount of happiness growth or at least a similar amount. The exceptions are Type: Null and Buneary who start out with zero happiness.

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    Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Max Friendship

    In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, there is no visible numerical value that can help you determine the Friendship Level with your Pokémon though keep in mind that most Pokémon start with a base happiness of 70 apart from some exclusions.

    Moreover, if you pay close attention to dialogues, you should get a good understanding of where you stand.

    In order to get the dialogue and gauge your Pokemons happiness, you need to head to KoniKoni City, Akala Island.

    Once there, you will find a woman standing beside the TM shop next to the store with DVD sign, she is the friendship checker for you in the game.

    Talk to the woman and she will check your Pokemons happiness level for you. However, she will not tell you the amount to Friendship Level straight up, instead she uses certain phrases for specific ranges of Friendship Level that translate as follows:

    • My! It feels incredibly close to you! Nothing makes it happier than being with you! = 250+
    • You clearly love your Pokemon, and you must spend a lot of time together = 200-249
    • Hm. Id say that you and Pokemon have the potential to be an even greater combo = 150-199
    • Hmmm. I thinkit feels friendly toward you. At least a little = 100-149
    • Hmmm Id say that you and your Pokemon still have a long way to go = 50-89
    • What is going on here? Do you let it get knocked out a lot in battles or something? This is bad. = 1-49
    • Oh dear. You must be a merciless Trainer Do you use Frustration or just not know better? = 0

    Confirming Your Pokemons Friendship

    As stated above, although the status cannot be confirmed through numerical values in game, it is, however, possible to know through context clues given by NPCs.

    Being told, My! It feels incredibly close to you! Nothing makes it happier than being with you! tells you that your Pokemon has attained max happiness.

    While being told Hmmm. I thinkit feels friendly toward you. At least a little, shows that you and your Pokemon are making progress with your Pokemons happiness.

    When being told, What is going on here? Do you let it get knocked out a lot in battles or something? This is bad., it means that your Pokemons happiness level is low.

    And finally, Oh dear. You must be a merciless Trainer Do you use Frustration or just not know better?, means that your happiness level is at zero.

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    Pokmon Ranger: Shadows Of Almia

    PokémonHappy Mood

    Friendship also has an effect in the second game of the Pokémon Ranger series. Partner Pokémon can have the condition of Fine, Happy, or Very Happy. When it is in a Happy Mood, black musical notes appear to come out of it. Multicolored musical notes come out when it is Very Happy. This may happen whether or not it is with the player. This state of mind increases the speed the Partner Gauge fills up due to more Partner Energy being provided.

    When Do You Evolve Happiny In Pokemon Diamond


    It doesnt evolve at any specific level. As long as you level it up in the daytime with it holding an Oval Stone, itll evolve at any level, as long as its not level 100. Thanks! Why cant I give Happiny the oval stone? You just tap the bag, press give on the oval stone, and then select Happiny. Now level up, and you should get the Chansey.

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    Pokemon Sun And Moon Happiness Guide Tips: How To Make Pokemon Happy And Determine If Its Working

    Pokemon Sun and Moon players know that Happiness is the key in making their Pokemon to evolve. Here are some tips on how to make a Pokemon happy and a way to determine if it’s working.

    How to Make Pokemon Happy

    Players who encounter a Pokemon in the wild are advised to use a luxury ball instead of a regular ball to increase the chances of raising its happiness level. Feeding and pampering a Pokemon will also make it very happy. Pokemon Sun and Moon players should also obtained a Soothe Bell as soon as possible. This item can help double the happiness points gained by a Pokemon.

    Happiness Obtained From Food or Pampering

    Not all Pokemon will gain the same level of happiness from the food and pampering given to it. Massaging a Pokemon will add 30 to its happiness level if said level is from 0 to 100. Only 10 points will be added if the level ranges from 101 to 200. A measly five points will be added if the Pokemon’s happiness level is more than 200.

    Avoid Things That Will Decrease Happiness Level

    There are also certain things that will decrease your Pokemon happiness level. Letting it faint in battle will make it unhappy. Feeding it with Energy or Heal Powder will decrease its happiness level. Reviving Pokemon using a Revival herb can reduce its happiness level by 15 to 20 points.

    How to Check Happiness Level

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    Pokemon Sun And Moon Max Affection Guide

    For instance, a Pokemon with higher affection provides you with 20% XP boost for each fight. This essentially means that you level up the particular Pokemon much faster than any other.

    Moreover, a Pokemon with high affection also has more evasion and better chances of landing a critical strike. These effects are permanent which is a plus. Lastly, it also allows a Pokemon to stand its ground in situation where it would normally have fainted.

    In our Pokemon Sun and Moon Max Affection Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about raising max happiness, Pokemon Refresh, Poke Beans, and more.

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    How To Check Friendship In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    Go to Hammerlock and enter the building to the right of the Pokemon Center. Inside, speak to the little boy on the right – the Friendship Checker. He will tell you a series of phrases depending on how friendly your Pokemon is.

    You can also interact with your Pokemon while in Pokemon Camp. If the Pokemon has affection, hearts will appear over it you choose to “Speak” to it. This ranges between one and five hearts, but to get more than three hearts to appear, you must play with it in Pokemon Camp.

    The table below breaks down what the boy’s statements and what the hearts in camp mean, according to Serebii.


    Ways To Increase Happiness

    Pokémon the Movie 2000 (soundtrack)

    While these Pokemon do tend to take a bit to evolve, especially if you want it to be at a lower level, the games have thankfully added a number of ways to speed up the process. For reference, they all are most effective at low happiness, and slowly fall off.

    Heres the methods to increase happiness for your Pokemon listed from most to least effective.

    • Catch in a Friend Ball
    • Have a massage
    • Level Up
    • Walk 128 steps
    • Methods not in all generations

    Pokemon can also lose happiness points through bitter foods and fainting in battle. Thankfully, in each game post Gen 2, there is a NPC which will tell you roughly how happy your Pokemon is. Its a mouthful, so checking out the Serebii page earlier will help with this.

    Thats really about all you need to know about the Pokemon happiness evolutions! Heres hoping it helps any aspiring trainers, and hopefully the list doesnt grow too much over time

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