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How To Get High Friendship In Pokemon

Walk With Your Pokemon

How to Max Friendship/Happiness Fast in Pokémon Sword and Shield

A passive way to raise a Pokemon’s friendship is to travel around the map with the Pokemon outside of its Pokeball. The Pokemon increases in friendship every so often, with the amount of steps you take.

Soothe Bell An item to be held by a Pokemon. It is a bell with a comforting chime that calms the holder and makes it friendly.

A Pokemon holding the Soothe Bell will have its friendship growth boosted, which is a quick and easy way of raising friendship stats. Let a Pokemon holding a Soothe Bell participate in battle and walk around with you in order to get the maximum possible friendship boost.

Play With Them In Pokemon Camp

Besides curry, it is best to play and chat with Pokemon in Pokemon Camp to increase friendship. This is much quicker than battle and does not risk them fainting and losing friendship points.

So when making curry, combine the time in Pokemon Camp with spending time with the Pokemon. Throw some balls to play catch with them, chat with them, and then make some of the best curries for them to enjoy.

Compete In Super Contests At Hearthome City

Its not just fancy Ribbons on offer as a reward for doing well in Super Contests, as youll also be able to increase your Friendship level if your Pokemon wins, so make sure you take part when you visit Hearthome City.

Performing well in Super Contests requires quite a bit of effort and planning, as youll need to cook Poffins to raise your Pokemons attributes, decorate Ball Capsules with Stickers, and practice your rhythm skills for the Dance segment.

Weve got a handy guide to winning Super Contests in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which should help you boost your Friendship level in no time, so check that out.

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Keep Them In Your Party

The simplest and most passive way to raise a Friendship stat is to have the Pokémon in your party at all times. Just being along for the ride, even if they dont participate in any fighting or activities will slowly raise their friendship stat.

This is handy if you have a number of Pokémon you want to max Friendship with. But individually speaking there are better and more efficient ways than simply letting them sit in their Pokéball.

How To Get Max Friendship Fast

How to Get All of the Eevee Evolutions in Pokémon ...

If youre eager to get an Umbreon on your team and want to maximize your Friendship with your Eevee quickly, set up camp and be ready to cook some curry. Its going to take a lot of A-button mashing on your Switch and youll find it boring, but your efforts will pay off.

Consider giving your desired Pokémon the Soothe Bell first to maximize the effect and spare your thumb some pain. If you dont have the Soothe Bell, it can be found in the house to the right of the central Pokémon Center in Hammerlocke where the Friendship Checker lives. Talk to the woman by the fireplace and shell give you the Soothe Bell.

With or without the Soothe Bell, make sure your Pokémon is in your party and open Pokémon Camp from the menu. Call your Pokémon to you and play with it.

Play with your Pokémon until it gets that music note over its head and does its little happy dance three times. From there, it wont want to play anymore. If you speak to it, itll tell you its hungry. Open the camping menu and begin cooking.

Keep alternating between playing with your Pokémon and cooking. Ideally, youll play with them three times and cook for them twice with at least a silver quality meal. If you get lower than silver, youll need to continue the process.

After youve finished playing and cooking for your Pokémon, exit the camp. If your Pokémon is lower-leveled, it should automatically level up from all of that playtime and food. Your Pokémon will evolve after the experience is distributed.

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How To Increase Friendship Quickly In Pokmon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

There are a handful of tips to speed up the process.

Friendly Pokémon offers some small benefits in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shiing Pearl that arent available in many other ways. Pokémon with a higher friendship level will perform better in some battling situations so if youre going to be taking them into a tough battle, you may want to increase friendship first.

There are a variety of different ways to increase friendship that yield great results when used in uniscent. You can even track how things are going by using the friendship level Poketch app.

If youre trying to reach max friendship fast, here is everything youll need to know.

How To Gauge A Pokemons Friendship In Pokemon Heartgold

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, an NPC in Goldenrod City will also evaluate the friendship of the first Pokémon in the players party, or a walking Pokémon s friendship may also be gauged by its reaction when speaking to it.

To raise friendship, generally speaking you should do stuff that you would THINK would make it happy. Keep it in your active party a lot , keep it healthy, dont let it faint in battle too much, feed it vitamins such as Protein and such like. Daisy, in Pallet Town, will groom your Pokemon.

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Checking Friendship Levels In Pokmon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

The one main way to check Friendship levels in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is by acquiring the Friendship Checker App on the Pokétch. The Pokétch is acquired via the man in Jubilife City.

Once you have the Pokétch, you can then acquire different apps for it. One of these apps allows you to check the Friendship levels of each Pokémon in your party. You can acquire this app in Eterna City. Once you enter the Pokémon Center in your city, you can talk to the brown-haired woman in the middle of the room. She will give you the Friendship Checker for your Pokétch.

You can check this app by scrolling over on the Pokétch. The app has all of the party Pokémon floating around. To check the Friendship of each, you need to hold the cursor over the specific Pokémon and press “A”. This will trigger their cry and then some hearts will appear over their head. If they have two big hearts, then their Friendship is at the maximum level. If they have one, then you need to up their Friendship a bit. If they have none, then theyre at neutral levels.

This app has been finicky in the early life of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl so try it multiple times if you dont see any hearts.

Soothe Bell Location In Pokmon Sword And Shield

How to evolve Pokemon with friendship in Pokemon Black

The Soothe Bell is a special item that will raise the Friendship level of the Pokémon who holds it.

To find the Soothe Bell in Pokémon Sword and Shield, head to the house of the Friendship Checker in Hammerlocke.

At the back of the Friendship Checker’s living room, you’ll find a girl with blonde hair. Talk to her and she’ll give you the Soothe Bell.

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How To Check Your Pokmons Friendship Level

In that same house, two family members can help you out.

The young boy will give you a vague sense of which level you are at with any Pokémon, while the older woman will let you know how far away you are from maxing out your friendship level.

If you want a more visual representation of your Pokémon friendship level, simply set up camp. When you choose the Speak command with any Pokémon, anywhere between one and five hearts will appear above its head when it responds to you.

How To Check Your Friendship Level In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Before you can check your Friendship level in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, youll need to unlock the Friendship app for your Poketch by speaking to an NPC in Eterna Citys Pokemon Center.

Heres how to check your Friendship level using the Poketch:

  • Open your Poketch by pressing the R button.
  • Scroll through the apps until you see your Pokemon floating across the screen.
  • Tap on an individual Pokemon to check its Friendship level.
  • You can also hold your finger on the screen and friendly Pokemon will move towards you.
  • If your Pokemon has two hearts when you tap it, that means youve reached high Friendship. Any species that require this to evolve will now be able to evolve when you next level them up congratulations!

    Dont worry too much if a Pokemon doesnt display any hearts when you tap it, as this just means you need to put in some more work to increase its Friendship level using our tips above.

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    How To Increase/decrease Friendship Level

    There are several ways to increase your Pokemons Friendship level in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl:

  • Walking with your Pokemon. The easiest way to increase Friendship is by letting them out of their Pokeball once in a while and walking around behind you.
  • Let them hold Soothe Bell.
  • Catch a Pokemon with Luxury Ball. You can buy Luxury Ball for 1,000 Pokedollars from Sunyshore Citys Poke Mart or at the Pokemon League.
  • Give them a massage. Once per day, you can give your Pokemon massages by talking with the Massage Girl in Veilstone City or going to the spa at the Ribbon Syndicate in Resort Area .
  • Feed them Vitamins. Using Vitamins will also increase their base stats. Buy them from the Veilstone City Department Store for 9,800 Pokedollars each or exchange them for 1 BP at the Battle Tower.
  • HP UP: Increase max HP.
  • Protein: Increase Attack.
  • How Friendship And Affection Has Changed In Sword And Shield

    How To Evolve Snom And Frosmoth

    Friendship is a hidden Pokemon stat that is required for some Pokemon to evolve. Friendship has been known as Happiness, Loyalty, and more, in previous games.

    Affection was the hidden stat tied to Pokemon Amie in Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon Refresh in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but has been largely combined into one stat in Pokemon Sword and Shield: Friendship.

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    Use Luxury Ball To Capture

    If you want to give yourself a headstart at maximizing a Pokémons Friendship stat one thing you can do is use a Luxury Ball to capture them. When a Pokémon is caught using one of these special Poké Balls they will obtain Friendship points at double the rate.

    This means whenever you follow the below advice such as feeding them Curry or enjoying some quality time at Camp then theyll earn the points faster than they would normally. To get a Luxury Ball buy one from the Wyndon Pokémon Center for three thousand Pokédollars or through Watt Traders in the Wild Area.

    Pokemon Bdsp Friendship Checker: How To Use It

    When you open the Friendship Checker app on your Poketch you will see your current party on the screen, click on one to check its Friendship level. This is done by holding the A button which will make hearts appear around the Pokemon. The more hearts that appear the higher the Friendship level. Some Pokemon only evolve by having a high Friendship level so this is something you should keep an eye on for those Pokemon.

    Pokemon that evolve based on their Friendship level are,

    • Pichu to Pikachu
    • Eevee to Espeon and Umbreon
    • Munchlax to Snorlax

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    Do Not Trade And Trade It Back

    A common tactic for gamer friends trying to complete their Pokedex is to trade Pokemon. Oftentimes, there is a double trade so that each player gets the Pokedex data and then returns the Pokemon to the owner.

    This can be trouble for someone in the midst of raising Pokemon friendship. The Pokemon’s friendship stat will reset to zero upon this trading method. It could undo some hard work on the players’ part.

    How To Check Friendship In Pokmon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

    How to Max Friendship/Happiness Fast in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

    Should you want to evaluate the bond between Trainer and Pokémon, there are two main ways to go about it.

    First of all, you can visit a Friendship Rater. There are three across Sinnoh:

    • The Aroma Lady inside the Eterna City Pokémon Center.
    • The blonde girl inside the Pokémon Fan Club in Hearthome City.
    • Dr. Footstep, inside the beach house in the west of Route 213.

    The Eterna City rater can be deciphered with the following:

    • 0-69“Hmm It needs to get used to you more.”
    • 70-119 –“It’s becoming comfortable around you, I think.”
    • 120-255 –“It seems to like you. It must be happy being with you.”

    The Aroma Lady will also give you the Friendship Checker app for your Pokétch, the second method for checking and the most efficient.

    When you use the app, hover over a Pokémon, then press and hold the A Button. Bigger hearts mean a higher Friendship level. For those Pokémon that evolve via Friendship, two small hearts is the indicator that it’s ready.

    • No Hearts: Friendship between 0 and 179.
    • One Small Heart: Friendship between 180 and 219.
    • Two Small Hearts: Friendship between 220 and 254.
    • Two Large Hearts: Friendship at 255.

    The Hearthome City rater can be deciphered with the following:

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    Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Max Friendship Guide

    In this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Max Friendship Guide, we have detailed some Tips and Tricks that should help you attain Maximum Friendship with your Pokémon.

    In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, players can build up a bond with their Pokémon, however, the only way to track your friendship with the Pokémon is through the dialogue and the more the friendship the better the Pokémon will perform in the battle. This guide will help you on how to maximize your Friendship with the Pokémon.

    For more help on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you can check out our Team Skull HQ Passwords Guide, Scans Locations Guide, and Mega Stones Locations Guide.

    Friendship And Happiness Battle Bonuses In Pokmon Sword And Shield Explained

    Raising the Friendship Level of a Pokémon unlocks a number of special bonuses when you take it into battle.

    This can be anything from a special movement the Pokémon will make on the battlefield to an increase in its critical hit ratio.

    If you’re planning on making a Pokémon a key member of your party, then raising their Friendship Level and keeping them happy is essential to unlocking their full potential.

    :: Pokémon Sword and Shield walkthrough and guide

    You begin unlocking the various battle bonuses once you reach a three heart Friendship Level with a Pokémon.

    Below you’ll find the various battle bonuses and at which Friendship Level each one unlocks at:

    Three Hearts:

    • Pokémon may move slightly when its sent out into battle.
    • Very small chance that the Pokémon will survive an attack that would usually knock it out.

    Four Hearts:

    • Pokémon will bounce up and down when it enters battle.
    • Medium chance of it recovering from status conditions on its own.
    • Small chance that the Pokémon will survive an attack that would usually knock it out.
    • Pokémon will receive boosted EXP points.

    Five Hearts:

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    How To Check Friendship Levels In Pokmon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

    The specific Pokémon that evolve through Friendship need the max amount in order to trigger the evolution. Pokémon gain Friendship in a variety of ways, including using them in battle, walking with them and giving them certain items. None of that means anything unless players can check how far along their Pokémon are, though.

    How To Increase Friendship

    How To Get " Pokemon Duel"  &  Battle Your Friends For The ...

    Best Battle Tower Team

    Increase Friendship with Pokemon by getting massages, feeding them vitamins, or walking with them outside the Pokeball. Read on to learn how use the Friendship Checker, what decreases friendship, Pokemon friendship evolutions, how to check friendship level, and the benefits of increasing friendship in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl .

    List of Contents

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    Catch Pokemon With A Friend Or Luxury Ball

    Some Pokeballs can do some of the work for the player. These include Friendship and Luxury Balls. Friendship balls have no increased catch rate, but give the Pokemon caught friendship points upon capture. They can be obtained in Wyndon Station and Turfield. They can also be made with the Cram-o-Matic in the Isle of Armor DLC.

    Luxury balls can also be obtained at the Wyndon Station. Another option is to visit the various Wyatt Traders to see what they have in stock every day. They sometimes sell these Pokeballs.

    Pokemon Bdsp Friendship Checker: How To Raise Friendship Levels

    27th Nov 2021 17:52

    The Pokemon BDSP Friendship Checker is an app that goes on your Poketch and while it may not seem important to newcomers to the series, it’s vital to evolve certain Pokemon. Using the Friendship Checker app on your Poketch is the easiest way to check friendship levels in Pokemon BDSP, but using it isn’t quite as intuitive as you’d hope. Wondering how to get the Pokemon BDSP Friendship Checker, how to use it, and which Pokemon can evolve with high friendship? You’ve come to the right place.

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