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What Is A Reproduction Pokemon Game

Nintendo Patent On Back

Pokemon Reproduction Carts and Custom Cases (Gameboy Advance). Are they complete trash?!

On the back of an official Nintendo Game, there will be a rectangular area that says Made in Japan with Pat. Pending underneath. A lot of fake games will not have this. They will usually have pat. Pending but the box will be empty. This is probably due to them getting in serious trouble with authorities by misrepresenting where the Item was made. For this same reason you might also see some fake Game Boy Advance games come with a Nintondo logo on the back. I am guessing this is because if the counterfeiters get caught they will have one less copyright charge against them.

The Cartridge’s Top Indent

This is arguably the fool-proof means of determining whether a Nintendo DS cartridge is fake. Have a look at the top part of the cartridge, which peeks out once you’ve inserted it into your system. The molds which make genuine Nintendo DS games are formed in such a way that there will always be a rectangular indent of varying length and width at the top of the cartridge. Have a look at the two above images. On the left, we have a regular grey Nintendo DS cartridge with an indent, revealing its authenticity. The picture on the right features a reproduction cart, which is completely smooth.

If you’re purchasing a game in a brick-and-mortar store, you can always ask to inspect the cart. Any respectable seller understands how precarious these situations are, and will show good will by allowing you to look over a product before buying it. Not all sellers on second-hand storefronts like eBay will post pictures of the top of the cart, but this is always good to keep in mind in the event that you want to check for its authenticity upon arrival.

How To Tell If A Gba Game Is Fake

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Do you see a GBA game? Wonder if it’s real or fake? You can tell if it is fake by taking a few steps into consideration.

Pokmon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

Starters: Rowlet, Litten, Popplio

As part of the seventh generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon enhance the versions of the original Sun and Moon in a way that makes them enjoyable. Critics and players were a bit divided on how this game felt. On one hand, the additional features were amazing. On the other hand, it didnt stray too far from the original story, which made it feel like the same game over again.

Nonetheless, we saw some great new features added to the game. Things like Ultra Beasts, new forms of legendary Pokémon Necrozma, and a new Lycanroc form. We could also travel around the Alola region to collect Totem Stickers, which would then give us a chance to get a Totem-sized variant of a Pokémon. We also had a few new activities: Mantine Surf let us surf across the regions seas, the Alola Photo Club got us to take pictures with our Pokémon, and Ultra Warp Ride let us travel through Ultra Wormholes and encounter Ultra Beasts in their own world. Of course, there were also the new Z-Moves for a handful of Pokémon and the upgrade to the Rotom Pokedex, which added Roto-Loto.

Pokmon Heartgold And Soulsilver

Pokemon Sapphire (discontinued)

Starter: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile

If you havent guessed yet, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver are enhanced versions of their predecessors, Pokémon Gold and Silver. This game was released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Gold and Silver, which were originally released in 1999. The creators worked to ensure that the game felt like a new game while also ensuring that it respected the feelings of those who loved the originals.

The games hold a few new features that originally only Pokémon Crystal had. Its also the first Pokémon game that allowed the players party to follow them in the outer world. It was similar to how Pikachu would follow you around in Pokémon Yellow. There were also a handful of minigames that were added. Players could use the Nintendo DS touchscreen to compete in the Pokéathlon. Additionally, the GB Sounds was a new item and would change the background music to the original 8-bit music from Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Code On The Side Of The Label

If you look on the side of Game Boy games labels you will see a product code. You can google this code to make sure it matches up with the game. If you look above at the Resident Evil cartridge you will notice that the game code ends in USA which would be an American release yet the game has a CE mark!

What Does A Reproduction Game Mean

Unlicensed reproduction cartridges are becoming more common to the collector space by the day. All of them are, basically, games that you know and love altered to one extent or another, and flashed onto an existing cartridge that will work in your Atari, NES, SNES, Genesis, or any other cartridge-based system.

What Is A Reproduction Cartridge

A repro cartridge, or reproduction cartridge, is an unofficially produced N64 game cartridge that looks like and functions in a very similar way to an original, authentic game. These repros are not manufactured by Nintendo, and in many instances use different components and materials.Oct 19, 2017

Are repro games bad?, Repros are good for gamers, but bad for collectors. They allow gamers to play games they normally couldnt afford on real hardware. Theyre bad for collectors because a BUNCH of reproductions look like the real deal. It is this reason that it is important to know how to tell them apart from real carts.

Furthermore, Is it illegal to buy reproduction Games?, It is illegal, and a good way to get a lifetime ban from eBay. They do end a lot of listings early due to copyright, you just dont see them. Even more are banned at a later date after a successful sale.

Finally,  What does a reproduction copy mean?, A reproduction is a copy of another work of art. It could be a copy of a painting, drawing or of an original print. There is no creative process involved. Prints commonly called Limited Edition prints are offset lithographs which is a photographic reproduction process.

Pokemon Repros And You

Are Reproduction Game Cartridges Good or Bad?

Everyone remembers the Game Boy Advance. It has since been made obsolete by future consoles , but it was an invaluable part of my childhood just as it was for a number of people my age. It needed an external light source and a pair of AA batteries to get around, but nobody seemed to care back then. After all, this was the console with which you could play Links Awakening, Links Awakening DX, and A Link to the Past. Three generations of Nintendos handheld library were there from which to choose how best to use up your free time.

What nobody knew at the time was that this brave new medium of gaming would lead to a whole new market for counterfeit games. Because Nintendo wanted to remake many of their older games for the console they made it easy to transfer data from a computer into the cartridges. Add that to the technical boon in computer gaming in the 2000s and you could download an entire game in a matter of minutes. This is quick and easy, albeit HIGHLY ILLEGAL, but getting the games back on the cartridge is a bit more difficult. It would take an entire production company working for next to nothing in order to make any real profit from it.

From what I can tell, there are three ways to tell a Repro from an authentic game

  • The ESRB logo.
  • The copyright.
  • An Authentic Pokemon LeafGreen has the big E. You will also notice the stamped number and the thinner lettering under the Nintendo Seal, which has faded somewhat over time.

    Putting it in: the only way to know for sure.

    The Best Pokmon Games Ranked From Best To Worst

    For more than 25 years, developer Game Freak has found a way to reinvent the Pokémon franchise for each new generation of gamers. Both brand-new Pokémon trainers and Pokémon masters are captivated by these cute little monsters. Maybe its the drive to catch em all that keeps players coming back. Or perhaps its how adorable these little pocket monsters can be. Whatever the reason, players continue to return to or start exploring the Pokémon franchise.

    Each game has a pretty consistent feel to it. Each follows the one before it but builds a little more into the Pokémon world. With every new iteration of Pokémon, new features and Pokémon are brought to the table. Even though Pokémon veterans may find each game familiar to the last, each holds a slightly new and immersive way of bringing players into the world of Pokémon. And it looks like the next new Pokémon installment, Pokémon Legends: Arceusmight break the mold entirely with a new, open-world game that looks a bit like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A long-awaited remake of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is also set to release later this year. This franchise definitely knows how to keep players coming back for more!

    Further reading

    Nintendo & Nintendo 64

    Over the years NES and more recently N64 games have also fallen victim to bootleggers. Now unfortunately we dont have our hands on an example to show off, but if we take a simple browse through sites like eBay, theyre easy to find. Sellers often label them as “Brand New” and sometimes will note that their copies are reproduction carts, but not all sellers are created equally.

    If you encounter one in person that youre worried about, you can always open up the board with the same style tool used for SNES carts to check the board’s authenticity.

    Image: Nintendo Life

    Check The Top Of The Cart

    All Game Boy games have a distinct Nintendo GAME BOY TM at the top of the cartridge. This stays the same in whatever region your game is from.  Bootlegs and reproduction will Usually have GAME or just be blank.

    I have come across a few in my time that does have the correct Nintendo logo so do be careful!

    Rare Pokemon Green Version Vgdb Reproduction Nintendo Game Boy Complete Box Cib

    Pokemon Red

    eBay Money Back Guarantee

    Seller:atomicstock100%, Location:Moorpark, California, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item:332777440973RARE Pokemon Green Version VGDB Reproduction Nintendo Game Boy Complete Box CIB. This is a Rare Pokémon Green Version by VGDB. Individually numbered. Only 200 were made. This one is #110. Item is CIB. This item is not sealed but it has not been played with. Includes: 100% English Translated Full 40 page Trainers Guide Die-cut Box Double sized, large Kanto region map Game CartridgeCondition:Like New, Restocking Fee:No, All returns accepted:Returns Accepted, Item must be returned within:14 Days, Refund will be given as:Money Back, Return shipping will be paid by:Buyer, Brand:Nintendo, Sports Sub-Genre:Not Applicable, Game Name:Pokemon Green Version, Platform:Nintendo Game Boy See More

    •  Popularity – 0 views, 0 views per day, 1,104 days on eBay. 1 sold, 0 available. More

    Learn How To Spot Fake Pokemon Game Boy Advance Games

    Have you been thinking of buying some old Pokemon Nintendo games? Did you know there are counterfeit GBA games for sale everywhere and that people are spending hundreds of dollars on fake Chinese Game Boy knockoffs? Do you know how to spot them? When you’re buying video games off of popular auctions sites or sellers who may not know about this, you need to be aware of fakes and how to identify them. We’ve put together a few tips that will help you spot the fakes and avoid getting scammed. You can always buy 100% Authentic GBA games here at

    To identify fake games, there are 3 main areas to look at: the label, the cartridge casing, and the board.

    1)The label

    The label is usually the best place to start because most fakes can be identified from that alone. You will want to look for the…..

    • label being placed evenly and straight
    • Nintendo Seal present
    • font/size of text and icons
    • holographic quality of the label
    • imprint

    2)The cartridge casing

    If the label doesn’t prove it’s a fake, often the plastic cartridge casing can give you clues to its authenticity. Pay special attention to…

    • color of the plastic
    • font of Game Boy Advance imprint on cartridge

    3)The board

    Sometimes you may not be able to tell from just the label alone. In these cases you may need to open the cartridge and look at the board. Look for…

    • date and ‘Nintendo’ written on board
    • wires coming out from board

    1)Authentic version has ‘The Pokemon Company’ written out

    3)Background of label is different

    What Is A Reproduction Version Of A Game

    Unlicensed reproduction cartridges are becoming more common to the collector space by the day. All of them are, basically, games that you know and love altered to one extent or another, and flashed onto an existing cartridge that will work in your Atari, NES, SNES, Genesis, or any other cartridge-based system.

    Fake Pokmon Games: The Back Of The Cartridge

    Any seller worth their salt will post pictures of the cartridge from all sides, with bonus points if they prove that the pictures posted really belong to them usually by including a piece of paper with their username. If you look closely enough, the back of the cartridge can give you a lot of information.

    The Feel Of The Cartridge

    The Differences: Real & Reproduction Pokémon Games

    If you are buying your games in person, then simply holding the game in your hand can be a giveaway. In my experience most, fake Game Boy games have a slightly rougher texture, this is most likely due to the game cart being made from a mould of an original cart and amplifying the texture. Sometimes the tiny details are the biggest giveaway. If possible, take a real cart with you to compare!

    The weight of cartridge can be an indication of the games authenticity but, this varies from game to game. Some older fakes use lightly larger EPROM chips inside them which make the game weight slightly more, once again, the best way to tell here would be having an identical genuine copy of the game with you.

    Sometimes, a fake game will have too big a battery compartment like this copy of Shantae below. As you can see the game is slightly bulging and also, they seem to have cut away part of the cart inside. Nintendo carts are all sealed to stop dirt etc.

    The Circuit Board And Pins

    Have a look at the game’s circuit board. At the topmost part of the visible area of the board, you can see some white numbers and letters that can vary from game to game. Notice how the left game in this picture shows numbers, but the right one doesn’t. The contact pins of genuine games are a golden color as well, while reproduction cartridges’ contact pins are often made of a cheaper tin, which can wear out more quickly. Given that the contact pins are what allows your system to read the game, you always want to have the best quality to ensure longevity.

    The Best Pokmon Game Remakes

    When you have a winning formula, its hard to want to change it. The Pokémon games have found their niche audience and have managed to keep this audience entertained regardless of graphics. However, the Pokémon franchise has managed to push out a few remakes that are worth your time. Although these games are almost identical to the games listed above, they do have some improvements to each game that make them worth checking out and were usually compatible with the latest installment in the main series, allowing for some interesting cross-generation trading and battling.

    Wrong Artwork On The Sticker

    To me, this is one of the biggest tells that a game is either a reproduction or counterfeit. Often box art will be used rather than the official cartridge art, this is also sometimes done really poorly with pixelated and stretched images .

    Label quality is another thing to be aware of, Game Boy games are printed on a satin finish paper, Somewhere between Gloss and matte. The label will also have rounded edges in each corner.

    This is a counterfeit copy of Fire Emblem for the GBA & is a great example of a very poorly done label.

    Real Nintendo games tend to have an indent of two numbers pressed into the label. Fake Game Boy games dont generally have these.

    Are Repro Games Bad

    Pokemon Red

    Repros are good for gamers, but bad for collectors. They allow gamers to play games they normally couldnt afford on real hardware. Theyre bad for collectors because a BUNCH of reproductions look like the real deal. It is this reason that it is important to know how to tell them apart from real carts.

    Open Up The Cart & Check The Pcb

    The sure-fire way of spotting fake Game Boy games is to open up the cart. You will need a 3.8mm Gamebit screwdriver these can be picked up very cheap over at or eBay. Most reputable sellers will let you open the game and inspect the PCB.

    Often, modern fakes will have half the size PCB board. Originals will usually have a Nintendo logo somewhere on the PCB.

    Fakes Game Boy games will often have black blobs of epoxy like substance over some of their chips. Nintendo almost never uses epoxy or hot glue . All soldered joints on official cartridges will be of high quality and will not require any additional adhesive to hold them in place.

    Nintendo PCBs will usually have rounded edges and nice bright gold-coloured contacts. A lot of fakes and reproductions use the cheaper and slightly less conductive tin instead of copper like Nintendo would use. Have a good look at the pins on the PCB and if they appear more silver in colour they will most likely be made from tin and therefore fake.


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