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What Are Fire Type Pokemon Weak Against

Fire Type Pokemon Weakness And Strength Chart

Water Type Is Totally Weak Against Fire Type

To become the ultimate Pokemon trainer, you are going to need all of the strengths and weaknesses of the Pokemon on your team and that you are battling against. These are not always cut-and-dry, because some types will have immunities and be vulnerable to things that dont necessarily make sense. If youre wondering about what the Fire-type is super effective against or vulnerable to, well teach you what you need to know in this guide!

This chart will work for all current games, such as Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pearl, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. If you want to see all of the weaknesses and strengths, head to our Pokemon Type Chart guide!


Fire-type Pokemon are one of the three starter Pokemon that form a triangular, or rock-paper-scissors, relationship with Grass and Water-type Pokemon. Fire-type attacks are based around fire, meaning that when most of them attack, they can cause Burn to occur.

Some Fire-type Pokemon were inspired by mythology and folklore, such as Vulpix and Fennekin , and Ponyta, Houndour, and Pansear .

Fire-type moves are usually Beautiful in contests, but some might be Cool, Cute, or Tough. None of these moves are Clever.

Pokemon Go Type Chart

What are Pokemon Go Types? Every single Pokemon in Pokemon Go has an elemental type. Types are categories a Pokemon is placed in these can determine a lot about a Pokemon. Pokemon Go Types can determine where you will find certain Pokemon living and the type of moves they can learn. The most important thing Pokemon Types can determine is a Pokemon Weakness this is further explained below with our Pokemon Go Type Chart also known as a Pokemon Go Weakness Chart, for short PoGo Type Chart.

There is 18 different types in this PoGo Type Chart, and each type is either strong, weak or neutral to other types.

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Pokemon Types Strengths & Weaknesses

D E F E N S E If a Pokemon type is listed as Immune against, it will take no damage from attacks of that type. If a Pokemon type is listed as Strong Defense Against, the Pokemon will only take half damage from attacks of that type. If a Pokemon type is listed as Weak Defense Against, the Pokemon will sustain double damage from attacks of that type.

O F F E N S E If a Pokemon attack type is listed as Strong Attack Against, its attacks will deal double damage to the specified Pokemon type. If a Pokemon attack type is listed as Weak Attack Against, its attacks will only deal half damage to the specified Pokemon type. If a Pokemon attack type is listed as No Effect Against, its attacks will deal no damage to the specified Pokemon type.

Bug Weakness and Immunities

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Pokemon Fire Type Weakness Best Pokemon Against Fire Type

The following list are the best pokemon in Pokemon GO to beat Fire Type, so check the list if you want pokemon against Fire Type.

Find a lot of legendary pokemon and no legendary pokemon, so: Fire Type counters they could be the best pokemon counters against Fire Type pokemon.

Best Pokemon to win Fire Type are:

How Many Pokemon Types Are There

Competitive Spotlight: Magcargo

Throughout all of the Pokemon series, as you can see above, there are a total of 18 types of Pokemon. As also shown above, different mon have strengths and weaknesses against various types.

Fire-types are a good example of this, whereby they are effective against bug, grass, ice, and steel-types but weak against ground, rock, and water.

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All Pokmon Type Matchups

Almost 900 unique Pokémon have been introduced since the franchise first captured the hearts and minds of Trainers around the world. Whether its your favorite Pokémon or an obscure creature found on an unexpected Route, their types are an integral part of themand knowing their pros and cons is an important tool to dictate how much success you have in battle.

These species can be broken down into 18 different types, with one or two assigned to each Pokémon species. With how many combinations and interactions are possible, it can be a daunting task to memorize each types strengths, weaknesses, and resistances to ensure that you are making the right Pokémon selection in battle.

While type matchups differ slightly between different generations in the Pokémon series of games, the following information is accurate for after the sixth genafter Pokémon X and Y, plus Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Also, Pokémon Go does not include the feature of immunities.

Here are all the Pokémon type matchups to help you clear your next battle objective.

Pokemon Go Type Chart: Strengths Effectiveness Weaknesses And Resistances Explained

In Pokemon Go, Every type of Pokemon has four different relationships with other types any trainer should be aware of. That is:

  • Strong Against: represented on our type chart as Strong Vs, attacks from the listed type against the type listed here will deal additional damage to your opponent. This is Super Effective.
  • Weak Against: represented here as Weak Vs, attacks from the listed type against these types will do less damage to the enemy. This is Not very effective
  • Resistance: listed as resist, taking attacks from this type will do much less damage to you.
  • Vulnerable: your types weaknesses. Attacks of these types will deal more damage watch out!

So, for instance, Offensively a Ground-type Pokemon/move is Strong against Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire and Electric types, dealing double damage to them. It only does 50% damage against Flying, Bug and Grass Pokemon. Defensively, that same Ground-type Pokemon will take reduced damage from Poison, Rock and Electric Pokemon but also take double damage from Water, Grass and Ice which is vulnerable to.

With that explained, lets get into the Pokemon Go type chart in full.


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How To Defeat Dragon

In Pokemon GO, Dragon-type Pokemon are particularly weak against three other types. Fairy, Ice, and fellow Dragon-type Pocket Monsters have an advantage over these creatures in the mobile game.

A trainer must not forget that Dragon-types have resistances against Electric, Fire, Grass, and Water-type attacks used against them in battle. Thats why it isnt recommended to send out Pokemon assigned one of these types when fighting a Dragon-type foe.

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How Does The Types Work In Pokmon

Water types, they are totally weak against fire types!!! Brock was right all along. Pokemon.

In the recent Pokémon installments we can find 18 Pokemon types. The latest one, Fairy type was introduced in Generation VI to balance the Dragon and Dark types. Since 2013, things have remained fairly stable in terms of Rates. Each Pokémon can have 1 or 2 types. They can have up to 4 moves, or attacks, that also have types. The type of moves is the one that interacts with the type of the defending Pokémon.

When fighting, players should use Pokémon moves that have an advantage over their opponents type so they cause more damage to the rival creatures. If done, they will inflict double damage . It is important to note that some Pokémon are double-type, so their resistances and weaknesses stack. For example, using a Grass-type move against a Groud-Rock type Pokémon will inflict a x4 modifier in the damage since it causes a x2 in each type.

There is another feature to take into consideration when ordering a Pokémon to attack. The STAB or Same Type Attack Bonus implies that when a Pokémon has the same type as the move it is using, it will have a 1,5 damage multiplier. For example, a Grass type Pokémon using a Grass-type move. This can be stacked with the previous mention advantages.

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Fire Type Pokemon Strength And Weakness Chart


Fire Type Pokemon

It is known to be one of the three types of starter Pokemon, forming a perfectly triangular relationship with grass and water.

Fire-type attacks are based on fire attacks and most of them can attack that can burn. Even the types of fire are immune to burns, regardless of the type of movement used that would have caused a burn.

Fire Pokémon have significantly fewer species than other Starter types due to the absence of natural phenomena that can be described as fire: the Slugma line, the Numel line, the Magmar line, Torkoal and Volcanion are some of the close representation.

Some Fire species are based on terrestrial animals known for their predatory instincts, such as Pyroar, Arcanine and Heatmor. The Vulpix and Fennekin lineages are based on Japanese folklore combining the species of foxes and fire, while, curiously, the first five generations of fire initiators, as well as the Ponyta, Houndour and Pansear lineages, are based on Chinese Zodiac animals However, there are some Fire-type Pokémon based on inanimate objects, such as the Rotom heat form and the Litwick line.

Among the famous Pokémon Fire-type trainers are Blaine, the seventh Kanto gym leader Flannery, fourth gym leader at Hoenn’s gym Flint, the third member of the Sinnoh Pokémon League Chile, one of the three main gym leaders from Striaton City to Unova Malva, a member of the Pokémon League of Kalos and Kiawe, a trial captain from the island of Akala in Alola region.

Pokemon Type Chart : All Strengths And Weaknesses

Type Vulnerable to

Weak against

Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug

Fire, Grass, Flying, Bug, Poison, Bug, Dragon, Steel

Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, Steel Flying, Psychic, Fairy

Poison, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Fairy

Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel Water, Grass, Ice

Fire, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Ghost, Steel, Fairy

Rock Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Steel

Fighting, Ground, Steel

Fire, Poison, Steel

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Pokmon Go: Type Strengths And Weaknesses Explained

Each Pokémon featured in Pokémon GO falls under one of a total of 18 categories or, as the game calls them, types. All of the attacks and moves in Pokémon GO also fall under one type each. A Pokémon can have one or two types, and the type a Pokémon belongs to goes on to determine a number of things about that Pokémon, from what types of Pokémon it is strong and weak against and what kinds of moves it has to where the Pokémon can be found in the real world and how effective the Pokémon is in battle.

Each type of Pokémon and attack is strong against some types, weak against some and neutral against others. While a Pokémons type has a lot to do with where that specific Pokémon can be found in the real world and what kinds of attacks it is weak against, it is the types of each of the Pokémons two attacks that ultimately determine what types of Pokémon it is strong against and what types of Pokémon it is weak against.

Like the Pokémon anime and games, Pokémon GO features all 18 currently existing types of Pokémon and Pokémon attacks/moves. These types are Fire, Grass, Water, Ice, Rock, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Normal, Poison, Bug, Steel, Ghost, Fighting, Electric, Dark, Dragon and Fairy.

Listed and described below are the strengths and weaknesses of each of the types of Pokémon and attacks featured in Pokémon GO.

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Weaknesses Of Fire Type Pokemon

Draconius Go Types

The fire type resists several other types. However, one weakness is that these types, opposed by the fire type, arent used in battle as often.

However, when it comes to the types that a fire type is weak to, they are prevalent in battle.

Moreover, all the dual type fire pokemon have similar weaknesses as a pure fire type. The failings are discussed individually ahead.

Roughly speaking, the fire type is hard to use against the water, ground, and rock type as it is vulnerable to these.

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Every Types Strengths And Weaknesses

The more you can remember from the table below, the better, as it will help you know which Pokémon and which moves to use against your opponents. Heres a quick guide on how to read this table:

  • Type: The type of Pokémon/move
  • Super Effective: The types of Pokémon the attack type will do double damage against
  • Not Very Effective: The types of Pokémon the attack type will do half damage against
  • Weak: The types of attacks that will do double damage to a Pokémon of this type
  • Immune: Types that this Pokémon type is immune to meaning they take no damage.

Using the information above and the table,e below, you can deduce everything you need to know about how each type interacts with each other. Heres an example of how this breaks down:

  • Bug attacks are super effective against Grass and Psychic-type Pokémon and will deal double damage.
  • Bug attacks will do half damage to Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Dark-type Pokémon.
  • Bug Pokémon are weak to Flying, Rock, Fire, and thus will take double damage from these types of attacks.
  • Bug Pokémon are not immune to any damage.

Bug: Worst Average Base Stats

Of all the Pokémon types in the game Bug types have the worst stats across the board. Attack, defense, special attack, it doesnt matter bugs are atrocious at them all. Part of this may be because Bug types evolve sooner than most other types so their final evolutions end up being lackluster even though they appear sooner.

Perhaps if Bugs had better stats they could hold their own a little better, but as it stands theyre at a significant disadvantage against other types who are faster, stronger, and more durable coming out of the gate.

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What Is A Bug Type Pokmon

Before we start, what exactly are bug Pokémon? Out of the 18 Pokémon types eventually introduced to all the Pokémon games, bug types are the sixth most common type. Bug-type Pokémon are usually based on real-life bugs, and so are quick to evolve. It means that most evolve long before level thirty in other games. For Pokémon Go, however, this trait is a little suppressed. This is due to some evolutions taking up 50 to 100 candies for some of the stronger evolutions.

Other things to note for bug-type Pokémon are its offensive moves. Many of the best bug-type Pokémon have attacks that slow the enemy down, or give status afflictions like paralyzed, sleep, and confusion. However, bug-type attacks are resisted by fairy, fighting, fire, flying, ghost, poison, and steel-type Pokémon. They receive only half of the supposed attack value. Aside from that, bug Pokémon are weak only to flying, rock, and fire pokémon but are resistant to fighting, ground, and grass-type Pokémon.


The first Pokémon on this list is a bit of a rare one as it is a continent exclusive. Wild Heracross will only appear in South America, Latin America, Southern Florida, and Texas regions of the Americas. Aside from that, Heracross is a Bug-Fighting dual-type Pokémon. While it gives advantages against normal Pokémon, this typing does make it doubly weak to flying-type Pokémon and adds a weakness to psychic and fairy types.

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What Pokemon Have A Good Defense Against Attacks From Fire Pokemon

“Both of Ash’s Pokémon are water-types and are totally weak against fire-type!”

Some of the weaknesses of fire type are explained in the following section.

Fire Type Pokemon

Some fire type pokemon counter other fire type. Again, it is a matter of what pokemon you are using.

The fire type has many dual-type pokemon, which is why it is weak against itself.

You need to know precisely which pokemon to pull out after seeing both the types in a dual type pokemon and making your decision according to that.

Rock Type Pokemon

Another type that resists fire type moves is the rock type. This makes sense as well because, in real life, you cant burn rocks.

Similarly, in the pokemon universe, purely fire type attacks do minor damage to rock type pokemon. This is a great advantage because most fire type attacks do high amounts of damage, and resistance against them is excellent.

Moreover, the fire type is also widespread, so resistance to them is pretty good to have.

Dragon Type Pokemon

Dragon type pokemon have an increased resistance against special moves. This resistance is due to a high defensive stat against special type moves. Dragon type pokemon also resist fire type attacks and take half the damage from them.

This makes them suitable to use against a fire type. Moreover, they also have large amounts of HP, which is another pro to this type. Use a dragon type if you want good defense against the other pokemon.

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Pokemon Ranking The Elemental Types From Worst To Best

As a result, grass is vulnerable to fire. Dark type pokemon attacks are weak against fighting, bug, and fairy type pokemon. Steel type pokemon have weaknesses against fighting, fire, and ground types. Regarding this, what is fairy type weak too?

Fire type pokemon attack are super effective against the normal, rock, steel, ice, dark type pokemon. Fire type pokemon attack are weak against flying, psychic, fairy type pokemon. As a result, grass is vulnerable to fire. Bug type pokemon are not immune to any pokemon. Fire grass ice bug steel fairy.

Dark type pokemon attacks are not effective against the fighting, dark, fairy type pokemon. The dual ghost/poison pocket monster will take out. Dark type pokemon attacks are super effective against the ghost and psychic type pokemon. This would result in a 48Ã multiplier. Bug, steel, fire, grass, ice

Then again, despite those types, they can still be. In fact, grass ties with rock for having the most weaknesses. They are immune to sandstorm damage, but their speed is also the lowest of all pokemon and fully evolved pokemon. Steel type pokemon have weaknesses against fighting, fire, and ground types. Bug, steel, fire, grass, ice


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