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How To Use Mega Evolution In Pokemon Go

How ‘a Mega Discovery’ Works In Pokmon Go

Pokémon GO: Mega Evolution

Research Quests, which allow you to complete objectives for rewards, were introduced into Pokémon Go in March 2018.

There are three types of Research Quests – Field Research, Timed Research and Special Research. Unlike Field Research tasks, which offer a selection of tasks that can be completed whenever the player chooses, Special Research tasks are the same for every player and have a set, story driver, order.

A Mega Discovery is a Special Research questline designed to teach players how to use Mega Evolution, which was introduced into Pokémon Go in August 2020.

The quest itself consists of four steps, which each contain three individual challenges. You’ll be rewarded for every individual challenge and overall step you complete. By the end of the Special Research, you’ll be able to Mega Evolve Beedrill with ease.

There’s no restriction to when you can complete A Mega Discovery, so feel free to begin your exploration into Mega Evolution whenever you please.

The Season of Mischief is here!Current events, include Season 9 of the Go Battle League, the addition of Raid Achievements and the Misunderstood Mischief research quest. Shiny Ditto can also now be found in the wild and this tricky Pokémon is now appearing as new creatures!Meanwhile, the last major update saw a level cap increase – including the addition of XL Candy, boosts to some XP sources and the addition of Platinum Medals.

Which Mega Evolutions Are Currently Available In Pokmon Go

While a number of Mega Evolutions have released in Pokémon Go, they are not all available at the same time. This means that, if you wish to complete your Mega Pokédex, you need to keep a close eye on exactly which Mega Pokémon are currently appearing in Mega Raids. If not, you risk having to wait for their reappearance.

Throughout the Season of Discovery, there will only be one Mega Evolution available in Mega Raids at one specific time. This makes it the perfect opportunity to focus on gathering candy for that evolution and adding new entries to your Mega Pokédex.

Currently, the Mega Evolution available in Mega Raids in Mega Pidgeot.

How To Get Clone Pikachu Venusaur Charizard And Blastoise In Pokmon Go Explained

Clone Pokémon will be available in Pokémon Go between Tuesday 25th February to Monday 2nd March, with a start and finish time of 9pm and 1pm .

These five Clone Pokémon have been released as part of the 2020 Pokémon Day celebrations, but maybe, if we’re lucky, they’ll appear again during other events. Maybe they’ll even be accompanied by new Clone Pokémon…

How to find Clone Pokémon in Pokémon Go:

  • Cloned Venusaur: available in four-star raids
  • Cloned Charizard: available in four-star raids
  • Cloned Blastoise: available in four-star raids
  • Cloned Pikachu: will photos of other Pokémon

As well as the above, the previously released Armored Mewtwo will also be reappearing in the raids for the duration.

The Season of Mischief is here!Current events include the Season 9 of Go Battle League, the addition of Raid Achievements, the Misunderstood Mischief research quest and the new Finding Your Voice Meloetta research. Shiny Ditto can also now be found in the wild and this tricky Pokémon is now appearing as new creatures!The Secrets of the Jungle event is here – hailing the return of Genesect and Jessie and James, along with the new Search for Zarude research quest!Meanwhile, the last major update saw a level cap increase – including the addition of XL Candy, boosts to some XP sources and the addition of Platinum Medals. Inkay and Malamar are now in Pokémon Go!

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How To Get And Use Mega Energy

To mega evolve a Pokémon, you first need to collect mega energy.

Like candy, each Pokémon that can mega evolve has its own mega energy.

If you want a Mega Charizard, youll need to scrape together enough Charizard mega energy. But you cant use another Pokémons mega energy to get Mega Charizard.

To get mega energy, you can:

  • Battle mega evolved Pokémon in raids, where youll earn the mega energy of the Pokémon youre fighting. Youll get more mega energy the faster you complete the raid
  • Complete certain research tasks that reward you with mega energy for a particular Pokémon
  • You can also earn mega energy by walking with your buddy Pokémon. To get this bonus, you must have previously mega evolved a Pokémon in your buddys evolutionary line. So if Mega Blastoise is in your Mega Pokédex, and you make Squirtle your buddy, youll get mega energy when walking with your buddy

You need a lotof mega energy to get a mega Pokémon, and it will take a long time before you have enough.

To make things trickier, mega evolved Pokémon are not always available in raids which is a pain as battling them is the quickest way to get mega energy.

When a mega Pokémon disappears from raids, it may be a long time before it comes back.

So when a mega evolution is starring in raids, make sure to stock up on mega energy before it leaves.

You can only carry a maximum of 2,000 mega energy per Pokémon species. But as mega energy is hard to get, this is unlikely to ever be a problem.

Mega Raids And Mega Energy

Pokémon GO Mega Evolution Now Easier Thanks To Mega Energy ...

Trainers enter the new high-tier Mega Raids using standard Raid and Remote Raid Passes. To get enough Mega Energy to Mega Evolve a Pokemon, players will have to complete multiple Mega Raids featuring that specific Pokemon.

High level, the way its going to work is trainers are going to go do Mega Raids and if they win theyll get some amount of Mega Energy for the Pokemon they battled, Warner said.

So if they battle Mega Blastoise, theyll get Mega Blastoise Energy, and then theyll have the chance to catch a regular Blastoise from the raid.

However, once youve ground out enough Mega Energy for one Mega Pokemon, Mega Evolving that same Pokemon again will cost significantly less.

We have a Mega Pokedex now, so we want the achievement of unlocking the slot on the Mega Pokedex to be a big moment, but we understand that theres utility to having Mega Evolutions, so we wanted it to be easier to repeat, Slemon explained.

Were still going through a lot of tuning stuff, but I think the philosophy behind it is that your first Mega Evolution should be a big achievement. So that will take several rounds of Raids.

After you unlock it though, the cost reduces significantly. So the idea is that after youve Mega Evolved a Pokemon itll still need Mega Energy, but a much reduced amount.

Another function of Mega Pokemon for Niantic was to take some of the pressure off of Legendary Pokemon being the only top-tier option for high-level players.

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How Can Mega Evolutions Work In Pokemon Go

We all know that Niantic likes to keep their game simple and we dont know how the game will look like when and if Mega-Evolved Pokémon come to Pokémon GO. But we can speculate, so lets see how can Mega Evolutions be implemented in Pokémon GO.

1) Mega Evolutions work only during the battle

Like in main series games, Niantic can implement that trainer can Mega Evolve only one Pokémon once during a battle. In that case, there would probably be one Mega Stone that Mega Evolves every Pokémon, you would simple click the stone button on your screen during the battle and your Pokémon would Mega Evolve until the battle is over or until he faints.

This implementation has a few problems. Pokémon GO battles often dont last very long, at best you can fight six Pokémon in a row and that usually dont take really long and right now only a few Pokémon can give you problems. If youre trying to take down a Legendary Raid boss for example, your Pokémon will probably faint in 30 seconds or less no matter how strong they are.

And if you Mega Evolve Pokémon during the battle, does it have the same moves as he had before and just boosted stats?

So it doesnt really make sense to implement Mega Evolution only during battles with current Gym battle and Raid mechanics. In that case, Mega Stone that Mega Evolves your Pokémon wouldnt really be that rare and you would just use it almost every Raid Battle without improving you performance much.

2) Mega Evolutions are permanent

What Mega Evolutions Are Available In Pokmon Go

As with normal Pokémon, you can see how many Mega Evolutions you have encountered in a specific section of the Pokédex.

The main game has 47 Mega Evolutions including the two with Charizard and Mewtwo, respectively but for the release of the mechanic within Pokémon Go, there will only be four Mega Evolutions available.

List of Pokémon Go Mega Evolutions

Mega evolution

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Battle Team Go Rocket

Mega Evolutions can also battle every Team Go Rocket member. Niantic didnt say if the Team Go Rocket members will also be able to use Mega Evolutions. But for now, Mega Evolved Pokémon can only be found in raids and via Special Research tasks. So trainers wont find Team Go Rocket members using them at this time.

Mega Discovery And Special Research:

HOW TO GET MEGA POKÉMON IN POKÉMON GO! (Mega Raids & Mega Evolution Explained)

There are a litany of new tasks to complete to usher in Megas in GO! so if you want to partake in this research initiative, you’ll have to complete a few steps.

First, you’ll want to level up a Weedle until it evolves into a Beedrill, then transform that bad boy into a Mega Beedrill with Mega Energy .

After finishing a Mega Raid, then you’ll need to take some snapshots with a Pokemon buddy and then thrash some Team Rocket members. Here are all four steps, in order:


  • Send 3 gifts to friends: 10 Poké Balls reward
  • Earn a Candy walking with your buddy: 10 Super Potions reward
  • Catch 15 Pokémon: 25 Beedrill Mega Energy reward

Unlocks: Weedle encounter, 3 Rare Candy, 5,000 XP

  • Power up Pokémon 5 times: 20 Weedle Candy reward
  • Evolve 1 Weedle: 2,000 Stardust reward
  • Defeat 3 Team Rocket grunts: 1 Premium Raid Pass reward

Unlocks: 100 Beedrill Mega Energy, 1 Charge TM, 5,000 XP


  • Win a raid: 6 Revives reward
  • Battle in a Mega Raid: 2 Silver Pinap Berries reward
  • Take a snapshot with your buddy 6 Hyper Potions reward

Unlocks: 25 Mega Beedrill Energy, 3 Rare Candy, 5,000 XP

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Mega Evolving Your Pokmon

To Mega Evolve a Pokémon, you have to use Mega Energy. This is a personalised thing just like Candy that can be used to Mega Evolve Pokémon. While the initial cost is high, once you have Mega Evolved that specific Pokémon, the cost will be reduced

The cost also varies by species making the scenario different for each Pokémon:

Pokémon 40 Mega Energy

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Pokmon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team Dx

Mega Evolution returns in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, here achieved by eating an Awakening Seed. Mega Evolved Pokemon also have all of the bonuses granted by the Awakened status . The only additional bonuses Mega Evolution grants compared to the Awakened status is the potential to change a Pokémon’s type and ability.

As in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, if Mewtwo or Charizard Mega Evolves, their Mega Evolution will be chosen randomly.

Additionally, during Rayquaza‘s rematch or Mewtwo’s boss fight, both will Mega Evolve once their health drops below one half of their total. Mewtwo will always Mega Evolve into Mega Mewtwo X during its boss fight.

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Pokemon Go Mega Evolution

Currently, there are four new Mega Evolution Pokemon being added to Pokemon Go. These focus on classic Kanto Pokemon, with three of the four being starters:

  • Mega Venusaur
  • Mega Charizard X
  • Mega Beedrill

The first three starters will be available from Mega Raids, while Mega Beedrill comes from a new Special Research assignment.

Beedrill is the Pokemon were using to help introduce the feature through Professor Willow, Laura Warner, senior game designer at Niantic, told VG247.

Theres going to be a Research thatll help players understand a few of the steps for Megas, and along that path youll get enough Mega Energy to Mega Evolve Beedrill a few times.

While there are 48 Mega Pokemon in total if you count the X and Y versions, Niantic is focussing on these four initially to avoid flooding the world map with a deluge of new raids. However, more Mega Evolutions are set to be released periodically.

We dont think its a good experience if theres like 10 different Raids that you want to do all at once – weve seen that in the past with Legendaries, Matthew Slemon, senior product manager at Niantic, said.

There are a ton of amazing Mega Pokemon, Warner added. We just really wanted to make sure that each one of the Megas gets their time to shine and trainers have time to battle them, earn the Mega Energy, Mega Evolve them and spend some time with them.

So we figured the best way to do that was start with a smaller batch and continue rotating in different Mega Pokemon.

The Future Of Mega Evolution

Pokemon Go Datamine Reveals Huge Details About Mega Evolution

The future of mega evolution is exciting.

The core Pokémon console games feature 46 species of Pokémon that can mega evolve, so there are plenty more to make their GO debut.

Powerful fighters that may get a future Pokémon GO mega evolution include Metagross, Rayquaza, Garchomp, Aggron, Tyranitar, Salamance and many others.

Well keep you updated on all future mega evolution developments. But, for now, leave a comment and let us know if weve missed anything in our mega masterclass.

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Mega Beedrill Raid Guide

Mega Beedrill is currently a Boss in Mega Raids and has 49,724 CP.

Defeating Mega Beedrill in a Mega Raid requires around 6+ players, and will become easier the more players you have. It is not believed to be possible to solo this raid, but it can be defeated with 2 near-max level players each with a nearly perfect set of counter Pokémon.

Mega Evolution Is Here Battle In Raids Against Mega Venusaur Mega Charizard Mega Blastoise And More


It appears Mega Evolution has made its way to the world of Pokémon GO! It was observed in some regions, including the Kalos region, that certain Pokémon could reach an additional Evolutionary stage and gain incredible power for a limited time in battle. This became known as Mega Evolution. After some research, Professor Willow has documented some notable differences in how Mega Evolution works in the world of Pokémon GO.

What we know so far about Mega Evolution in Pokémon GO

Select Pokémon can Mega Evolve using a newly discovered resource called Mega Energy. You can collect this mysterious substance by completing Mega Raids, which are Raid Battles that feature Mega-Evolved Pokémon. It seems the faster you defeat a Raid Boss, the more Mega Energy youll receive for that Pokémon. You can Mega Evolve any of your Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, and Beedrill once you have enough of their corresponding Mega Energy! Some of these Pokémon are appearing in Mega Raids too. After youve Mega Evolved a Pokémon, the Mega Energy required to Mega Evolve that specific Pokémon will decrease from then onward. Please note that Shadow and Clone Pokémon cannot be Mega Evolved.

Explore with your Mega-Evolved Pokémon

Mega-Evolved Pokémon in the world of Pokémon GO stay in their Mega-Evolved forms for a limited timeeven outside of battle! While your Pokémon is Mega-Evolved, try doing the following with it.

Mega Bracelet avatar items available now!

The Pokémon GO team

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Mega Evolutions And Their Max Cp

We can only speculate about how will Mega Evolutions work in Pokémon GO and only hope abilities and other features will also be implemented some time before that.

Until then, lets see what currently available Pokémon can Mega Evolve and what would their Max CP be with current CP formula so you can maybe start saving some candies.

Pokémon with asterisk next to its Max CP has had his stats nerfed.


The Concept Of Mega Evolution

HOW TO MEGA EVOLVE POKEMON IN POKEMON GO! Mega Evolving Every Pokemon & Mega Raid Gameplay!

The concept of Mega Evolution was first introduced in PokémonX & Y as a completely new form of evolution in the franchise, allowing the highest evolution of a Pokémon to transform into an even stronger form. It was available in Generation VI and Generation VII games, but it wasnt included in Generation VIII games. Since being a part of the main series of games, it has been added to other Pokémon games as well.

It is said that Korrina, the Gym leader of Shalour City, knows the secrets of Mega Evolution, although the whole concept is never completely explained. What is known is that you need a special Mega Stone to achieve a Mega Evolution, and it has been theorised that there needs to be a strong bond between a Pokémon and its trainer in order to do it this, on the other hand, doesnt explain how wild Pokémon managed to Mega evolve, as it is said that Rayquaza, a legendary Pokémon from Generation III, was the first Pokémon to Mega evolve .

Rayquaza is considered to be the first Pokémonto have Mega evolved

Mega Evolution is not a widely spread concept available to all Pokémon. As of August 2020, only 46 Pokémon can Mega evolve, with there being 48 different Mega forms . A Mega Pokémon is called Mega and along with a visual change, it also receives a significant power boost.

These are the Pokémon that currently have a Mega form in the franchise:

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