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How Many People Play Pokemon Go 2020

Part 1: Why Do Many People Seek Pokemon Go Joystick


At first, it might be fun to walk around in the neighborhood to pick nearby Pokemons. Players are visiting eateries, supermarkets, and some other locations. Soon, however, nearby Pokemons become exhausted. Due to that, players have to visit new environs to get more Pokemon to catch.

Going to new places can be challenging, really, and believe me; many do not want to wait to come across rare Pokemons by chance.

Using the Pokemon go joystick for Android or ios will simulate your presence, making it seems to be in another location when you are probably just on your bed. With just a button’s push, controlling the joystick is simply easy to move around different regions.

Create An Account And Choose Your First Pokmon

To start playing Pokémon Go, first head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the game for free. Once its installed, youll be asked to customize your avatar and pick your first Pokémon Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. This selection is all about personal preference, so feel free to pick whichever one catches your eye youll eventually encounter all the others in the wild.

Pokmon Go Revenue And Usage Statistics

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game tied to Nintendos best-selling Pokémon franchise. Gameplay sees users encountering the eponymous creatures in real-world settings, utilising mobile GPS. Users can catch and train the Pokémon, then battle against other users, mimicking gameplay of the videogame series.

Despite carrying the name of one of Nintendos marquee titles, Pokémon Go was developed by San Francisco-based game developer Niantic. Niantic specialises in AR games, and was originally founded as an internal startup within Google. The Pokémon Company, responsible for brand management, production, marketing and licensing of the franchise served as a go-between between the two.

The game launched in July 2016 and became not just a smash hit game, but a global cultural phenomenon. In the summer of 2016, it seemed as if there was no getting away from Pokémon Go. There was even a Pokémon Go Frappuccino! It also inspired 200,000 Spotify playlists.

Accordingly, a spate of records were broken.

Pokémon Go;revenue in the first month broke records, at $207 million. This was despite its launch being staggered, with its Japanese release not occurring until two weeks after general release. It was also the most downloaded, topped most international charts, and grossed $100 million in a mere 20 days.

We have collected data and statistics on Pokémon Go. Read on below to find out more.

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But Wait What The Heck Is A Lucky Egg

It’s an egg that’s lucky! Really, it’s filled with happiness and most importantly, grants you double the amount of experience points you can gain for 30 minutes at a time. You can only buy these in the Shop, with Coins. If you’ve got a couple Pokemon you’re almost ready to evolve, save up those candies until you’ve got a Lucky Egg, then evolve them all one after another while the Lucky Egg’s dank XP aura is in the air to double down on that extra CP and XP.

What To Learn From Pokemon Go

Very Good Games: Playing Pokémon Go in 2020

When we’re at the edge of accepting that the mobile app industry has reached its highest point Pokemon GO happen. The game has proven that the mobile blended with the latest technology can do wonders. You just imagine and think beyond the normal limits to remove the barriers with the help of technology like AR and VR.

Niantic Inc targeted the popular Pokemon series to makes its game more interactive and catching the attention. So, it could be seen that the game is a perfect combination of new technology, innovative idea, and users interest to hit the jackpot.

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Why Pokmon Go Is Still So Popular

So what are all of these people doing? It turns out;;a lot. Pierre Sanchez, a software developer from Atlanta, told Screen Rant he has been playing every day since a week after launch;four years ago. He meets up with other adults for raids all over town, takes long walks to nearby parks to catch any of the 600 available Pokémon, battles in gyms, fights the nefarious Team Rocket, and participates in the days or months that have a theme or event in-game.

So what makes players come back year after year, day after day to;Pokémon Go? According to Sanchez, it’s the distraction factor. “I used to play it to pass the time on my way to and from work,” he said. “Now with COVID I really, really need something to do since work is all there is. ” For many fans of the long-running Pokémon;franchise, the game is just plain fun, and helps players find a community and get good exercise to boot.

The game has also been good at adapting. During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns which have taken place all across the world,;Pokémon GO;made changes to its systems in order to make it easier for players to stay in their homes and catch;Pokémon.;Niantic, the developer behind the game, changed gym locations, allowed remote raid passes, and implemented daily automated quests, all in an effort to make sure their user base could get their daily;Pokémon fix. As parts of the world come out of lock down,;Pokémon GO;could see a massive revenue jump as the game continues to be a success.

Pokmon Go: Complete List Of Shiny Pokmon August 2021

First introduced as part of the Water Festival Event, with Magikarp and Gyarados, new Shiny Pokémon are added to Pokémon Go with just about every event and Community Day. There are now so many Shiny Pokémon that it can be hard to keep track of which Pokémon you should be checking. Here’s the complete list of Shiny Pokémon as of right now, and how you can catch ’em all! And be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories; a Pokémon Go Plus or a Go-Tcha will make Shiny hunting go much quicker!

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But It Still Offers The Ultimate Catch ’em All Experience

Even if combat became central to Pokémon GO, the game still offers the ultimate Catch em All experience. There are six generations of Pokémon in the game already, and the recently added Galar page on the Pokédex is a clear indication that new critters will soon be released. So, it shouldnt take long before Pokémon GO becomes the only game in the franchise where you can fill your Pokédex without going through the hell of transferring creatures between different systems that all work in unique ways.

Also, Pokémon GO doesnt demand you to have both a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo DS to complete your collection. All you need is a phone capable of running the game. As cellphone technology keeps improving, even cheap models can handle Pokémon GO pretty wellalthough Niantic really needs to double-check those data and energy consumption rates. Video games are expensive, especially in some parts of the globe; since we all must have cellphones anyway, for other communication reasons, its great that we can actually play a Pokémon game legally without compromising our monthly pay.

What If I Want A New Buddy

How Many People Play the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online in 2020? [PTCGO Player Count]

To replace your Buddy, click on the Trainer avatar picture on the main screen, then tap the Pokemon Buddy on the Trainer profile screen. After that, tap the Swap icon on the lower right. You’ll get a message that asks if you’re absolutely sure you want to swap buddies. Tap Yes, if you’re a fair weather friend. But beware; you’ll lose any progress you have made if with your Buddy if you swap too soon! You’ll want to swap Pokemon Buddies out after walking the full distance for a Candy.Also, you should not evolve your Buddy, at least not until after you’re done walking and collecting Candy for it. When you evolve your Pokemon, that creature’s Candy resets. So, to repeat: Do. Not. Evolve. Your. Buddy. Wait until you got enough Candy, then evolve.

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Part 2 In Case You Don’t Get It

We want to give you a better way of joystick on Pokémon Go and help you win the game, with a proper and trustworthy app! For the above 4 methods to mock location, if you have a preference for other options, welcome to these courses: Best Fake GPS of Pokemon Go Methods You Should Know or How to Use Pokémon Emulator for iPhone >>

P.S. If you havent gotten how iMyFone AnyTo got its work done, head to the following video.

In 2020 To Deal With The Global Lockdown Niantic Made A Host Of Changes To Pokemon Go So As People Could Play It Without Leaving Their Houses

Pokemon Go has been in the market since 2016 and its still going pretty strong. The global Pokemon community has been up and about trying to catch them all, particularly over the lockdown. In 2020, to deal with the global lockdown, Niantic made a host of changes to the game, that particularly depends on how much you walk and explore, so as people could play it without leaving their houses.

Of course, this meant great profits for Niantic and thats no surprise. Pokemon Go has over 140 million active users currently and this helped the game thrive through 2020. According to a Screenrant report, Pokemon Go made $894 million in 2019. And in 2020, according to SuperData, Pokemon Go made $1.92 billion.

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Pokemon Go Daily Usage Time

The game is so addictive that users can’t wait to go out and catch their Pokemons. The users excitement is proven by the time they spent on the game every single day. According to mobile app industry reports, in the US a user spend almost 3 hours per day on mobile apps. Pokemon GO managed to acquire almost 45 minutes of the Android users from that overall time span. With the maximum minutes of usage, Pokemon GO beats the most popular social media apps by a significant difference.

In the graph below you can see that Android users spent only 30 minutes on WhatsApp, 25 minutes on Instagram and 22 minutes on Snapchat per day. Thats pretty impressive for a gaming app to take over these popular social media apps.

Moreover, App Annie also reported that Pokemon GO is the only app to get the maximum Android users time ever. According to the report, Pokemon GO accounted for 45% of overall time spent on Android games against the 55% time acquired by 19 games combinedly.

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Pokémon GO Revenue and Usage Statistics (2020)

As for how GO is making so much money? While Niantic doesnt break down exactly what its selling, I am absolutely convinced that the majority of its revenue comes from raid passes, which allow for infinite raiding of special event legendaries and other rare Pokémon in raids. Raid hours now have people try to get as many big-time raids in as possible in a limited time, and that means buying however many raid passes it takes to get the job done. Hence, more revenue.

Pokémon GO is not going anywhere, at least not with this level of investment Niantic is putting into it, and the investment on the players side as well, given how much time theyve put into building their Pokedex at this point. For many, GO is now more compelling than the handheld games ever were, or its their first Pokémon experience period, and theyre beyond hooked.

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For Rooted Devices Andriod

For users with rooted devices, Niantic prevents Pokemon go from working on such devices. Rooted devices are usually the ones getting banned frequently due to fake GPS location. Nonetheless, a rooted device that plays Pokemon go quite well if you follow these steps.

Step 1: Install the Magisk Manager app and install it.

Step 2: Search for MAGISK HIDE and tap on it to click on the Apps you wish to hide your root from, which in this instance is Pokemon Go.

Step 3: Restart the device and refer to the steps for unrooted android devices above.


As fascinating as the Pokemon go joystick hack android is, precautions should be taken to avoid detection. These precautions are necessary for the iOS platform also.

  • Do not change locations swiftly

After picking a location, it can be tempting to leave the place quickly and move to another. I agree, but leaving quickly will only trigger an unusual movement likely to cause a ban from the Pokemon company.

To teleport from one location to another requires patience to avoid being caught. Remember;

  • Always switch locations after 4 hours: Say, for example, you are in France. It’s simply impossible to be in America in 20 minutes. Likewise, when you switch your location, give enough time before selecting a new location.

Don’t Move Too Fast

The bottom line is; don’t get carried away enjoying the run, and as a result, you move faster than normal.

Avoid Using a Bot

Avoid Dual Log in

Pokemon Go Shiny List

Catching a shiny Pokemon is a highlight for any trainer as they’re so rare, with only a 1 in 450 chance that a Pokemon you catch will be a shiny – if it even has a shiny version, as not all of them do. The good/bad news is that there are over 150 of them to find, so check out our complete Pokemon Go shiny list for everything you need to know.

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Pokemon Go Field Research

Every month, there are a number of Field Research tasks available, which are basically quests you obtain by spinning Poke Stops. By completing enough of these tasks you’ll achieve a Research Breakthrough to encounter a legendary Pokemon, and we’re regularly updating our Pokemon Go Field Research guide with all the current tasks and rewards available.

Pokemon Joystick For Ios

playing pokemon go fest 2020 (and nerding out hardcore)

Tweaking your location is almost impossible, well, maybe not. You can jailbreak it. Why go through the process of jailbreaking when there’s a safer method? You can use a third-party app like Dr.Fone – Virtual Location to get Pokemon to go, giving you full access to use a joystick in any chosen location. Want to know the best part? This technique won’t alter the location of your device. It’s what happened in Rome stays Rome situation. Only Pokemon go changes location.

How to spoof GPS movement with Joystick or Keyboard:

Step 1: First, you need to download the Dr. fone Toolkit app on PC and install it.

Step 2: Now, connect your iOS device, either iPhone or iPad, with your PC and click on the “Get Started” icon.

Step 3: You will see a world map where you need to set your fake location. For this, on the search bar, search for the desired location.

Step 4: Now, Dr.Fone – Virtual Location adds a joystick function to facilitate GPS direction control in multiple modes. The joystick is located at the bottom left.

There are two ways to use the joystick:

Method 1: GPS automatic movement: Click the middle start button to start the automatic movement. Then change the direction at will by:

  • Drag the point on the circle.
  • Press the A and D keys on the keyboard.
  • Press the left and right on the Right keyboard arrow.
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    Pokemon Go Revenue From 2017 2020

    Heres an annual data report of Pokemon Gos annual revenue from 2017 2020. Apparently, Pokemon Go has earned more than $3 billion despite the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is one of the highest-rated games of all time breaking records.


    Where can you play Pokémon Go or the available platforms that you can play this game with.

    Total Pokémon Go estimated concurrent players across all platforms such as PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. See below on which platform you can play this game.

    But You Can Still Access All The Main Features For Free

    While Pokémon GO tries to push many paid features in the players direction, you can play the game for free. With the exception of cosmetics, theres nothing you cant get by just playing the game. Now that we can trade gifts with friends, its easy to keep your Pokéball and Potions stock always filled up. Also, instead of paying from their real-life pockets, players can get Pokécoins by defending Arenas, a nice feature that allows even the poorest of players to get some of those permanent upgradesand lets be honest, we all need more Backpack and Pokémon Storage space.

    The number of Pokécoins you can get every day is capped at 50, and thats a bummer, especially since we cannot take Pokémon out of Arenas whenever wed like to. So, that means we frequently reach our limit on some occasions and get zero Pokécoins on most days, except if we live right next to an Arena. Even so, Pokémon GO does give the player more than enough to enjoy the more casual side of the game, a practice thats unfortunately not that common on the mobile market.

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    Teleport Pokmon Go Using Drfone

    Many iOS users say that they have a limited number of options when they need to teleport Pokémon Go. But dont worry as we introduce a very effective, powerful, and feature-rich tool called dr.fone Virtual Location . Thanks to the smart functionality of this tool, you can teleport Pokémon Go with it through a single click. This app comes with a very impressive map-like interface that allows you to change the location very easily. Changing the location of the game is very convenient with this tool in the simplest possible terms.

    In addition to changing the locations, Dr.Fone allows you to change the speed of the movements as well. This would be very handy to make your movement a realistic one. As a result of making the payment more realistic, Pokémon Go will not track you down. Considering all those aspects, it is not that hard to assume that Dr.Fone is the perfect solution to this.

    How to use Dr.Fone to teleport Pokémon Go

    Mentioned below are the easy options to teleport Pokémon Go.

    • As the first step, you should install and launch the Dr.Fone app on your PC. Then, connect your iPhone to the PC and click on the option called Get Started.
    • You will see that Dr.Fone Virtual Location opens its interface. You can then click on the option called Teleport on the tool .

    Thats it. You can play your Pokémon Go game now.


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