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When Is Pokemon Dlc Coming Out

Catch The Ultra Beasts

POKEMON NEWS! NEW Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC Predictions! How To Get The Shiny Charm and More!

Once youve cleared the main story of the Crown Tundra, youll be able to start a post-game story that brings the Ultra Beasts into Dynamax Adventures. Every Ultra Beast from Nihilego to Stakataka can be encountered like the Legendary Pokemon at random so youll be in the Max Lair for quite some time hunting them down!

Can Be Used For Shiny Hunting

Like the Legendaries, Ultra Beasts can also be shiny. You can only get each UB once so take a look at our guide on how to look for shinies in Dynamax Adventures so you dont miss out!

How To Get The Expansion Pass Bonus

Preorder the expansion pass and receive a Mystery Gift code for a Pikachu Uniform and an Eevee Uniform to use in Sword and Shield immediately. Internet connection required, and these codes are one-time-use.

Following the Nintendo Direct Mini on March 26th, players who have purchased the Expansion Pass can also get Leons Cap and Leons Tights as an in-game bonus.

When Is The Third Pokemon Sword And Shield Dlc Release Date

At the moment, there is no confirmation of the third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. As such, we won’t be able to give you a release date. However, according to the leak, the third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC should release in 2021, which would supposedly release “the rest of the missing Pokemon” and add “3 new mythicals”.

So, are the leaks true? We don’t know. Until we receive official confirmation from The Pokemon Company, it’s best to take the information from the leak with a grain of salt.

After all, the timing just doesn’t make sense. At the moment, GameFreak has their hands full working on Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Not to mention, releasing a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC would coincide with the release date of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and we highly doubt The Pokemon Company wants to cannibalize its own sales numbers.

On the off-chance that a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC was originally planned, there is a high chance that The Pokemon Company may have decided to cancel it since. The COVID-19 pandemic and the “crunch culture” controversy have forced numerous companies to pivot and rethink their strategies.

Despite the continued success of the Pokemon games in 2020 and 2021, it is possible that The Pokemon Company opted to cancel work on the third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC instead to give the developers more time to work on future projects.

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Over 100 Returning Pokemon In The Crown Tundra

In The Crown Tundra DLC, over 100 Pokemon from previous generations reappear, including all Legendaries from previous games which were previously uncatchable in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Combined with the new entries from The Isle of Armor DLC, players can look forward to meeting over 200 of their old favorites again. See the full list that has been revealed so far!

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The Crown Tundra Raids And New Tournament

When does Isle of Armor come out? Pokémon DLC release date could be ...

The setting is a snowy landscape, and the story revolves around an explorer named Peony putting you in charge as his expedition chief. Those expeditions will take you to Pokemon dens, where you can team up for “Dynamax Adventures” with up to three other players. The raid dens will take you through a series of Dynamax battles, which also house many of the rare Legendaries. The presentation promised that all of the Legendary Pokemon from previous games are returning for The Crown Tundra.

Once you’ve finished the story content in the Crown Tundra, you can take part in the Galarian Star Tournament. This 2v2 competition feature battles against recognizable gym leaders from the main story and some DLC characters.

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New Cold War Zombies Dlc Map Revealed As Forsaken

The final season of Black Ops Cold War content is upon us and were just over a week away from the start of Season 6 and all the new content in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. What better time to release a new Zombies trailer, right? Treyarch has been teasing DLC 4 for a while now the final round-based Zombies map to be added to Black Ops Cold War ahead of Vanguard and we finally know a little bit about what to expect. Heres the latest and when we should be able to jump into the next instalment of the Dark Aether storyline

What Is The Crown Tundra Dlc All About

Earlier this year, we received the first half of the Pokémon Expansion Pass. Now the second half is about to release. While the Isle of Armor focused on training at a dojo on a tropical island, the Crown Tundra has us exploring green valleys and snowy mountaintops.

The exciting news is that Legendary Pokémon from past games will all be catachable within the Crown Tundra. Players will also have the chance to explore Dynamax Adventure tunnels with friends. These are basically special Max Raid Battles that can culminate in an encounter with a Legendary Pokémon. Over 100 Pokémon will be added to the Pokédex which will include new Pokémon and Galarian variants that we haven’t seen before.

Lastly, players with the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass get to take part in the Galarian Star Tournament back on the Galar mainland. You’ll choose a battling partner among the trainers and gym leaders from the original game and then compete to see if you can battle your way to the top.

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When Might Pokemon Legends: Arceus Dlc Be Released

Riddler_Khu claims that the DLC for Pokémon Legends: Arceus is set to arrive in April, but looking at the franchises past history with DLC could provide an even better idea. Pokémon Sword and Shield were the first mainline games in the series to ever receive DLC, as before then Game Freak had opted for totally enhanced rereleased versions, such as Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Sword and Shield were first released in November 2019, and the DLC was announced two months later in January 2020. From there, the first expansion, Isle of Armor, launched in June 2020, roughly seven months after the original games. The next expansion pack, The Crown Tundra, was then released four months later in June.

The timing of Legends: Arceus DLC would likely depend on the size of the update. If theres a sizable expansion like with Sword and Shield, April seems a bit too early, so were likely looking more at May or June. April could be a good time to announce the DLC, especially if there hasnt been a Nintendo Direct by then.

If theres a smaller DLC or update planned, however, we can compare it to another title, New Pokemon Snap. Released in April 2021, New Pokémon Snap received a hefty 2.0 content update four months later in August. If Legends: Arceus is getting content updates instead of full expansions, it would make more sense that it arrives in April.

Looking To The Future

The Next Legends Arceus DLC Location Will Be Here

All in all, theres plenty of tradeoffs both positive and negative if Nintendo has decided to cancel the last DLC. Although theres plenty that of fans who would be happy to linger in the Galar region a little longer, theres a lot that the Pokemon franchise can gain by closing that chapter and moving on to a new region. For now, it seems like E3 will probably be Sword and Shields last chance at a third expansion. If Nintendo doesnt have anything to say about another DLC at E3, then fans will probably have to accept that Sword and Shield have come and gone.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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Pokmon Sword & Shield: Trailer For The Crown Tundra

The second Sword and Shield DLC currently has an autumn release window.

Lead an expedition in the snow-swept realm of the Crown Tundra and unravel the mystery of the Legendary Pokemon Calyrex who once ruled over it, reads the official description.

Through a new form of co-op play, your voyage will even allow you to explore deep within Pokemon Dens, which you could only previously get a glimpse of during Max Raid Battles.

You may even see Legendary Pokemon from past games Dynamaxing before your eyes, and youll be able to catch them!

Do I Need To Buy The Expansion Pass To Access The 200+ Returning Pokmon From Past Generations

No, not necessarily. Following a free update that will launch alongside the Expansion Passes, players of vanilla Pokémon Sword or Shield will be able to trade those Pokémon with players who have purchased the expansion and caught them all. Therefore, it will be entirely possible to get your hands on those new Pokémon via trading.

Players without the expansion will also be able to bring Pokémon over from past games using Pokémon Home, the service which launched in February 2020 .

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Can I Have A Pokmon Follow Me In The Overworld

Yes! This is one of the most exciting things that wasnt revealed before the Expansion Pass released. After completing Mustards trials on the Isle of Armor, players can have the first Pokémon in their party follow them around in the overworld. This is definitely something we wanted to see in the base Gen 8 game, so were happy to see it finally is possible in the DLC.

Old Pokemon Returning In The New Sword & Shield Dlc

Pokemon Sword DLC Livestream

Heres the hottest news of the day for hardcore fans the DLC will usher in the return of a bunch of older Pokemon that havent yet appeared in the Galar Region and thus were absent from Pokemon Sword & Shield thanks to the decision to not include the national Pokedex in the game.

Pokemon youll be able to catch in thanks to these additions include the likes of Garchomp, Chansey, Magnezone, Horsea, Volcarona, Nidoran, Beldum and Crobat, just to name a few. In all, 200 classic Pokemon will make their return in the two DLCs that make up the expansion pack, with when each Pokemon shows up determined by where itll more naturally fit in to the new areas some will appear on the Isle of Armor, while others will show up in the Crown Tundra. There will also be some version exclusive differences between Sword & Shield, as always.

Oh, and a good chunk of the 200 newly added Pokemon are legendary Pokemon from past titles practically every classic legendary can be caught in the new zones of the DLC, be it through Wild Area style raid battles or through other means.

If you dont want to buy the DLC, a free update is coming to the game, too. This free downloadable update will allow players to transfer in the 200 newly-added from other sources like Pokemon Go and the soon-to-launch Pokemon Home, which will let you bring in Pokemon from other past console titles if you so wish.

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When Does Isle Of Armor Come Out Pokmon Dlc Release Date Revealed

The Pokémon Sword and Shield Isle Of Armor DLC release date has been revealed.

Japans Pokémon YouTube channel has posted a new trailer of the Sword and Shield Isle Of Armor DLC with a release date of June 17th.

Although it doesnt come out until the aforementioned date, you can prematurely buy it as well as The Crown Tundra for £26.99 from the Nintendo eShop.

The Crown Tundra isnt planned to come out until sometime in the Fall.

Original story:

Pokémon Sword and Shield was announced awhile back to be getting two expansions: The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. We know that the latter is scheduled to come out in the fall whereas the former is scheduled to come out this month. This has understandably resulted in fans asking when does Isle Of Armor come out, and its possible that a release date for the DLC could be revealed today.

A new season of ranked battles has begun for Pokémon Sword and Shield this June but most players simply want to know when the Isle Of Armor is coming out. This is because there are major concerns amongst some of the community that the expansion will be delayed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cities: VR | Announcement Trailer

While the above prophecy would be upsetting for fans if it comes true, hopefully we will get an update later today about the DLCs release date and its contents.

  • POKÉMON GO: June 2020 spotlight hour dates and encounters

How Big Is The Crown Tundra And Where Is It

From what Nintendo has said, it sounds like the Crown Tundra will be much, much larger than the Isle of Armor’s map. Here, players will be encouraged to explore a vast environment that operates a lot like the Wild Area in the main Sword and Shield games. Players can see Pokémon walking around and simply need to touch them to initiate a battle. As with the main Wild Area, there will also be several different Pokémon dens so players can engage in Max Raid Battles with other players online.

While some of the map does take place on snowy mountain tops, the Crown Tundra seems to be more of a balanced Yinyang. A baren, snow-covered tree can be found at the tallest peak surrounded by ice while far below it in the valley a pink-leaved tree stands proudly amid rolling green hills. It looks like players will get to explore both the valley as well as the snow-capped peaks during their expedition.

Here’s a follow-up on The Crown Tundra map.Fly locations without designated weather are indoor locations of interest. These can be compared to Master Dojo, Tower of Darkness, Tower of Waters, etc.Full map with corresponding flag names coming soon!

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What New Features Are Included In The Pokmon Sword And Shield Expansion Passes

Each expansion will bring different new Pokémon, areas, features, items and moves that werent previously available in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The information below comes from the official Pokémon Sword and Shield website:

Additional Features

Heres a brief overview of the features:

  • The new expansions will feature over 100 new items of clothing between them.
  • In The Isle of Armor, youll be able to find an Exp. Charm which is used to level up Pokémon.
  • Brand new tutor moves will feature in The Isle of Armor expansion
  • Restricted Sparring will enable Trainers Battles with Pokémon Type limitations and set Battle conditions.
  • Explorable Pokémon Dens in The Crown Tundra will be home to Legendary Pokémon from previous Pokémon games.
  • Players Galar Pokédexes will be updated to reflect the new additions both the Isle of Armor, and the Crown Tundra will also have their own Pokédexes.
  • Both the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra will feature Pokémon Dens just like in the Wild Area in the main game, although theyll feature Pokémon you wont find in the Wild Area. Max Raid Battles will be available in the ones emitting a shard of red light enabling a team of up to three players to battle a Dynamax Pokémon.

When Is The Isle Of Armor Release Date

CONFIRMED DLC LEAKED for Pokemon Legends Arceus?! [Rumor]

Pokemon Sword and Shields expansion pass will launch on the 17th June 2020.

The expansion pass will launch with The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra will arrive later in Autumn 2020.

Most legendary Pokemon that are available in The Crown Tundra will be obtained through co-op play.


In the Isle of Armor, your new mentor Mustard will intrust Kubfu to you. Kubfu is a fighting type Pokemon that evolves into Urshifu.

Once you have Kubfu, you will take on the Towers of Two Fists. You will enter either the Tower of Darkness or the Tower of Water .

Kubfu must face this challenge alone and once it has conquered one, it will evolve into Urshifu.

Urshifu has two distinct styles and will learn one depending on which tower you take on:

  • Single-strike style a Fighting and Dark-type style that delivers a single strike at lightning speed
  • Rapid-strike style a Fighting and Water-type style that focuses on unleashing a torrent of rapid strikes.

He also has a Giganatamax form with a brand new ability and a new move for each of its two styles.


Zarude is a genderless rogue monkey Pokemon a Dark/Grass Pokemon.

Zarude is set to feature in the 23rd Pokemon movie and its currently unknown when or how it will feature in the games could it appear in the expansion pass?

You can read all about Zarude here.

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Are Gigantamax Pokmon In The Dlc

Many of the Pokémon you encounter in the Expansion Pass will have Gigantamax forms for you to discover. In fact, your starter Pokémon gains the ability to Gigantamax once they’ve partaken of a special dish, called Max Soup, that grants them that ability.

There are also be plenty of new Pokémon dens for you to discover, so you’ll be able to join in Max Raid Battles to fight and capture Gigantamax Pokémon.

The Pokemon Sword And Shield Crown Tundra Launch Date Is Scheduled For This Week And Theres Plenty Of Predictions And Guidance Being Shared Regarding What Time It Will Be Available To Play

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UPDATE: Trainers are now confirming that they have started to receive the new Pokemon Crown Tundra update on Nintendo Switch consoles tonight. Its unclear if the important Sword and Shield DLC patch is available to everyone yet but it should be live in the UK by 5am BST, if not before.

UPDATE: Nintendo has provided a small update regarding its Pokemon Crown Tundra launch date plans, which will be happening on Friday, October 23, in the UK.

This was confirmed in a brief Twitter message released by Nintendo UK and lines up with what we know about the Pokemon Home Maintenance being planned for this week.

The Pokemon Home maintenance is scheduled for October 22nd at 23:00 UTC to October 23rd at 04:00 UTC, and a new update will be required to download after this has been completed.

This suggests that the Pokemon Crown Tundra release time has been set for around 5am BST, on Friday, October 23, in the UK.

ORIGINAL: The Pokemon Crown Tundra release date has been officially confirmed for Thursday, October 22, 2020, on Nintendo Switch, although timing might differ depending on where you live.

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