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How Many Friends In Pokemon Go

How Many Friends Can You Have On Pokemon Go Is What Many Of The Players Have Been Asking About Learn About The Pokemon Go Friends Limit Here

How to get More Friends in Pokémon Go Fast and Easy!

Pokemon Go has remained in front of its opposition since its delivery. It has done that by continually expanding its offerings. The game uses AR abilities to reenact the Pokemon world into this present reality. Players will circumvent finding and getting new Pokemon for their assortment. Pokemon Go has additionally begun PvP where players can wage fights against their companions and random individuals, so the players need to draw out their best Pokemon in these circumstances. Many want to learn how many friends can you have on Pokemon Go.

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How To Get Lucky Pokmon In Pokmon Go

Lucky Pokémon come from the game’s trading feature. When you trade, there’s a chance both creatures will have the Lucky status afterwards.

The success rate isn’t yet known, but the longer the Pokémon has been in storage – in other words, the longer you’ve owned the Pokémon – the higher the chances of it becoming Lucky by the end of it.

So if the Pokémon are from when the game launched in 2016, your chances of them being Lucky will be much higher than if they were caught this year.

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If they are caught at different periods, it’s suspected the game will take the average age of both creatures in the trade as the calculation, as either both will or won’t be Lucky together.

That’s not to say a freshly caught Pokémon can’t be Lucky – members of the community have been successful with trading recent catches. But the older it is the better, and since you can only trade one of a specific Pokémon, you want those chances to be as high as possible.

How To Fix The Failure To Get Friend List

While Niantic is aware of the issue, there is no official fix to the problem yet. The only thing players can do at the moment is uninstall Pokemon GO and reinstall later.

This can really annoy players, especially those whove had the game for a while, collected many legendary Pokemon, etc. These players dont need to worry about losing progress, though. As long as they remember their login information, they should be able to keep all of their Pokemon and items.

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What Is The Friends List Error In Pokemon Go

Trainers, we are investigating the issues associated with the following error messages: – “Failed to get Friend List.” – “Fitness metrics are not currently available.” Thank you for your patience as we look into this.

The friends’ list issue is known as Error 0. Basically, what happens is a player will load up Pokemon GO, look at their friends list and find no one there. The only thing that shows up on the screen is a message reading “Failure to get Friend List.”

Fiddling around with the app doesn’t really affect this issue. No matter how many times a player exits the page and refreshes, the error will still appear. This affects both Android and iOS users alike.

How To Become Lucky Friends In Pokmon Go

Friend list in pokemon go 0.115.3 ...

Once youre Best Friends with another player, anything that would normally raise your friendship levels has a chance to turn you both into Lucky Friends. This means that your next trade with that player will turn both traded Pokémon into Lucky Pokémon.

While Niantic hasnt announced the Lucky Friends chance, some researchers on The Silph Road subredditnote that the Lucky Friends odds is a little bit below 2% per exchange.

Lucky Pokémon have their Stardust required to power up cut in half, so its pretty nice to have one of your powerful Pokémon Lucky, since itll cut down on the required resources.. But beware individual values or IVs shift around quite a bit when you trade them, so the high IV Kyogre you might want to swap with your Lucky Friend may end up being a little weaker than before. That said, Lucky Pokémon are guaranteed to have at least 12 in all three main stats, which means an 80% IV or higher.

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How Many Friends Can You Have On Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has developed a lot since its release, players can have and make friends in this game now. Players can use their friends to wage battles, trade pokemon, and a lot more activities. Although there is a Pokemon Go friends limit. The Pokemon Go friends limit has been set at 200 friends, players cant add any more friends after they have reached that number. If they wish to add new friends, the players will have to first remove some friends after they have reached the 200 mark.

How Do Pokemon Go Friends Codes Work

Pokemon Go Friends Codes;is a unique code assigned to each Pokemon Go trainer to have their own unique identity. Players can add each other by inserting their Pokemon Go trainer codes in the game. This helps all the Pokemon Go trainers to connect with each other no matter what country they belong to.

Many other games use the Facebook add option within the game, whereas Pokemon Go has this unique code method that is surely loved by the Pokemon Go players once they reach a certain level.

Here is a step by step method on; how does pokemon go friends codes work:

  • Firstly, make sure you have achieved the right trainer level in order to use this friends code feature. You must be on at least level 10 to start adding friends through Pokemon go friends codes.
  • Next,; what you have to do is to go to the main screen and find an icon on the bottom left of the screen as shown in the image. This will direct you to your personal Trainer screen in the game.
  • On the trainer screen, select the Friends tab and click on the Add Friends button. You will be shown a screen where you can enter the Pokemon Go friend code of a particular trainer to add them.

Now that you know how to add Pokemon Go friends, here are some frequently asked questions that are answered below:

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How To Raise Friendship In Pokmon Go

You can raise friendship once per day by sending and opening gifts, raiding together, trading Pokémon, battling in a gym together, or battling each other.

You can only raise your friendship level once per day, so if youre trying to maximize your gifts or save time, make sure you havent raised your friendship already that day. You can check this by looking at your friends portrait on the friend screen. If there is a thin, light blue circle or halo around the friends circle, that means your friendship has already been raised that day. Dont confuse the halo with the flat circle behind the player, which is just an indicator of what team theyre on.

Cool Cool Cool What About Sending Gifts To Friends In Pokmon Go


There are two key options in the Friends profile: trading and gifting. Once a day, players can send a gift to their pals. These gifts come attached to a photo postcard from the PokéStop the original owner received it from, and the contents range from a large number of myriad Balls and potions. Theres also an exclusive seven-kilometer Egg that players can receive in their randomized gift bag. These Eggs include Alolan-form Pokémon not available in the wild.

As of the most recent version of the game, there are two more things that players can receive for gifting. One of them is stardust, which is used both for trading and powering up Pokémon. The other is experience points, which every player will now receive when they send out a gift to one of their friends.

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How To Add More Friends In Pokmon Go

If you dont have any friends, the Friends tab will be blank and you wont be able to send any gifts. Depending on how many friends you have, you might find it difficult to meet the needs of the Friendship Challenge.

If you need to add more friends, you can tap the Add Friends button. This will display your personal Trainer Code, which you can share with others so they can add you as a friend. Then youll be able to send each other gifts.

As you and your friends work together, youll be able to send and receive enough gifts to get all of the possible rewards from Pokémon Gos Friendship Challenge, putting you in a good position to take advantage of next weeks Pokémon Go Fest.

Community And Cultural Impact

Eduardo Paes, then-mayor of Rio de Janeiro, stated that he hoped the app would be released in Brazil before the start of the 2016 Summer Olympics in the city , and United States presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton mentioned the app during their 2016 election campaigns. In late July 2016, during a public address, the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, compared a political issue about the date of an incoming referendum as preposterous as the hunt for the Pokémon. Shortly after the game’s release, Bellatormixed martial artistMichael Page celebrated a knockout of his match opponent, Evangelista Santos by putting on a red Ash Ketchum-like hat and rolling a prop Poké Ball in Santos’s direction. On July 25, Dwayne Johnson released a promo video featuring MatPat and Ali-A with himself as a tough, rare Pokémon.

Pokémon Go

Following the event in Chicago, other events have been held in Chester,Yokohama, and San Jose. In September 2017, a series of events named “Safari Zone” was held in Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers in Oberhausen, Paris and Barcelona, with events the following month in Copenhagen, Prague, Stockholm and Amstelveen.

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How To Increase Friendship Levels In Pokmon Go Levels And Bonuses Explained

Once youre someones friend, you can start trading and sending gifts. Both are related to the Friendship Levels you have with your friends.

You can improve your Friendship Level with your friend in two ways:

  • Send Gifts
  • Participate in Raids and Gym battles together

You can increase your friendship level once a day, per person. There are a total of four Friendship Levels that you can unlock:

Friendship Level

What Else You Need To Know About Lucky Pokmon

Best Pokémon GO Cheats

There are a few other small details to know about Lucky Pokémon:

  • Lucky Pokémon have high IVs, starting from 12/12/12 for HP, Defence and Attack. This means you can turn a rubbish Pokémon into a more competitive one!
  • There doesn’t appear to be a cap on how many Lucky Pokémon you can get in one day. Originally there was thought to be, but reports from the Silph Road suggest either a cap was lifted or it was incorrect information.
  • Searching ‘Lucky’ in your Pokémon collection will reveal your Lucky creatures at a glance

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Niantic Expands Pokmon Go Friend List Limit To 400

More room to add and refer friends to the game.

To coincide with the launch of its referral feature, Pokémon Go has updated its Friend List system to allow players to add more friends and potentially get more rewards.;

Starting today, players will now be able to add 400 friends to their Friend List, double the previous 200 limit that players had been complaining about for months.

Trainers, we’re happy to share that we’ve increased the maximum number of friends you can have in Pokémon GO to 400!

Niantic Support

This is all part of Niantics move to try and get more active players involved in Pokémon Go and interacting with other active players.;

With the referral system, the bonuses apply to players who are joining the world of Pokémon Go for the first time or returning from an extended break. Specifically, referral codes will be applicable to all new players who have not played Pokémon Go before and any player that has been inactive for 90 days or more.

With the new 400 friend limit, players will be able to invite new players to reap the rewards of the referral system and continue interacting with any active players that are already playing too.;

Further updates could be coming too as Niantic continues to add more features to the game, but for now, only the friend limit upgrade has been confirmed.

What Are The Benefits Of Each Friendship Level

Reaching Best Friend status with another player isnt just a point of social pride. It also grants players several bonuses, including some impacting another new feature, Trading.

  • Good Friends get a three percent damage bonus during Raid battles with friends. They also receive 3,000 experience for reaching this status
  • Great Friends get a five percent damage bonus, as well as one extra Premier Ball to use during Raids. They get 10,000 experience upon unlock as well, alongside a 20 percent trading discount on the amount of Stardust required to exchange Pokémon
  • Ultra Friends get a seven percent damage bonus and two more Premier Balls for Raids; leveling up awards both players 50,000 experience, and also offers a 92 percent discount on the amount of Stardust needed to trade Pokémon with each other
  • Best Friends get a 10 percent damage bonus and four added Premier Balls; they receive 100,000 experience and a 96 percent discount on the Stardust needed for a Pokémon trade

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Niantic Has Increased The Maximum Number Of Friends You Can Have In Pokmon Go To 400

Niantic has announced an official referral program for Pokémon GO. Read on below to learn more:

4/5/2021 Update: Niantic has increased the maximum number of friends you can have in Pokémon GO to 400.

Journeys are always better with friendsthe Pokémon GO referral program is here!


The Pokémon GO referral program is now active worldwide!

Wed like to thank our Trainers in Australia for helping us test and refine this feature. Your participation and input have helped us prepare this feature for launch.

Every journey is better with friends. So why not invite some of your friends to join yours?

Whether its your friends first time playing or theyre returning after a break, theyll receive rewards like Pokémon encounters, Rare Candy, Incubators, and more as they hit milestones on their adventureand so will you! With the Season of Legends still ongoing, its the perfect time to invite your friends to join your journey.

How to refer a friend

  • Go to the Friends screen and tap;Invite;to get your referral code.
  • Once they input your referral codeeither during the sign-up process or later on the Friends screenyoull both begin receiving rewards.
  • As your friend reaches milestones on their journey, youll both receive more rewards. Make sure to help them out along the way!
  • The Pokémon GO team

    Trainers, we’re happy to share that we’ve increased the maximum number of friends you can have in Pokémon GO to 400!

    A Note On Traded Pokemon Iv Rerolls And Level

    POKÃMON GO FRIEND CODES! Make New Friends in the Comment Section!

    The following rules apply when trading Pokemon:

    • the trading screen shows the range of CP and HP the Pokemon can have after trading.
    • the range adjusts based on your Friendship level and the level of players in the trading process
    • IVs can be rerolled randomly, anywhere from 0% to 100%, ensuring a fair trading system for everyone
    • moves while trading remain a mystery at this moment

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    Pokmon Go Key Statistics

    • Pokémon Go made $1.23 billion revenue in 2020, higher than its peak usage in 2016
    • Over 150 million people play Pokémon Go, higher than previous years but lower than the 233 million in 2016
    • Pokémon Go surpassed one billion total downloads in 2019
    • Niantic was valued at $4 billion in 2019, off the back of Pokémon Gos sustained popularity

    What Is Pokemon Go Friends Limit

    One of the most popular questions being asked by many Pokemon Go trainers is how many Pokemon Go friends can I have? Well when it comes to playing a game like Pokemon Go, its always fun to have as many friends as possible. But to keep things more organized in the Pokemon Go leaderboard, there is a limit of 200 friends that can be added by each Pokemon Go trainer.

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    What Is The Max Number Of Pokemon Go Or Niantic Friends

    As of April 2021, your maximum number of friends in Pokemon Go is 400. This includes all of the friends youve added across the Niantic family of games, including Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Ingress Prime.

    If youve been avidly adding friends for all of those games over the years, then your friend list may already be topping out at 400 friends – but hopefully youre not there yet and you still have plenty of room for new pals.

    What Info Can Pokemon Go Friends See

    Pokemon GO Friends

    Theres rightly a lot of concerns about the information being shared with the Pokemon Go friends. Heres an answer to all those questions like can Pokemon Go friends see your location.;Pokemon Go friends can see the following items once they are added:

    • Trainer profile
    • Pokemon that youve caught
    • Online status

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