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When Is The Next Pokemon Game Coming Out

Sinnoh Remakes And Let’s Go Johto

When Will The Next Pokemon Game Come Out?

The first theory is fairly inescapable online: Sinnoh remakes. Ever since Game Boy Advance’s; Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green, each Nintendo handheld has gotten a full remake of a past Pokémon generation. The Nintendo DS got HeartGold and SoulSilver;and the 3DS got Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, so naturally it’s time to revisit Diamond & Pearl. Considering this trend as well as the intense fan speculation and desire, Sinnoh remakes in 2021;seem like a safe bet.

At the same time, 2018’s Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu;and;Eevee have invited speculation about a potential Johto release that re-imagines Gold and Silver. With only one Let’s Go title, it’s unclear whether such a sequel will come to fruition. Considering that Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee clearly ran on a modified 3DS engine with heavy Pokémon Go integration, the games may have just been a stopgap to getPokémon on the Switch prior to Sword and Shield. Still, with how creative and refreshing the;Let’s Go;titles were, Game Freak may want to recreate that nostalgia-driven, casual fun in the Johto region.

At this point, everything is speculative until an official announcement. However, with the high Pokémon sales figures and potent franchise excitement, it’s unlikely that the community will have to wait long to hear what’s coming next.

Summary Of Main Series Titles

Summary of main series titles

One of the consistent aspects of most Pokémon gamesspanning from Pokémon Red and Blue on the Game Boy to the Nintendo 3DS games Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moonis the choice of one of three different Pokémon at the start of the player’s adventures; these three are often labeled “starter Pokémon”. Players can choose a Pokémon type Grass-type, Fire-type, or Water-type Pokémon indigenous to that particular region. For example, in Pokémon Red and Blue, the player has the choice of starting with Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. The exception to this rule is Pokémon Yellow, where players are given a Pikachu, an Electric-type mouse Pokémon, famous for being the mascot of the Pokémon media franchise; unique to Pokémon Yellow, the three starter Pokémon from Red and Blue can be obtained during the quest by a single player.

However, in Pokémon Black and White, there are two rivals; one picks the Pokémon with a type advantage over the player’s chosen Pokémon, while the other chooses the Pokémon with the type disadvantage. In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, another Trainer chooses the Pokémon with a type disadvantage to the player’s chosen Pokémon, but never battles the player; instead, this character battles alongside the player as a tag partner in certain situations.

Pokmon Ruby And Sapphire

These versions were the first installments in the Pokémon series third generation.


Some key features of these versions include double battles and new Pokémon abilities.

Developer: Game Freak

Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

Release: November 21, 2002 , March 19, 2003 , April 3, 2003 , July 25, 2003

Platforms: Game Boy Advance

This game includes three basic screens the field map, the battle screen, and the menu.

Why players should play this game

Some great features of this game include:

  • There is a new Elite Four and its champion makes use of a Steel-type Pokémon.
  • There are 135 new Pokémon introduced in this version.

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What Are The Best Pokmon Games Of All Time

Picking out the best Pokémon games of all time is a pie in the sky, especially because our favorite Pokémon journeys have always been the ones that were the most personally important to us. Pokémon as a game series has evolved over time, with mainline games improving or just changing drastically and countless spinoff titles sporting the Pokémon name.

When it comes to Pokémon games that are currently in production, Pokémon Sword and Shield stands out as the best mainline Pokémon game available on Nintendos primary console: the Switch. Players explore a new region, collecting Pokémon and battling with friends and foes, as usual.

Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Remakes

What Console Will The Next Pokemon Game Release On? 3DS or ...

Ever since the release of;Pokemon FireRed and;LeafGreen in 2004, Game Freak, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company have consistently remade each;Pokemon generation for newer platforms. The latest set of remakes, not counting the;Let’s Go games, were;Omega Ruby and;Alpha Sapphire on the 3DS in 2014. There’s been about five years between each of the;Pokemon remakes, so;Pokemon fans are technically overdue for;Diamond;and;Pearl remakes.

Pokemon Diamond and;Pearl marked the franchise’s debut on the Nintendo DS, and they launched with a number of improvements and innovations for the franchise. Some aspects of;Diamond and;Pearl may not have aged particularly well, but those issues could be ironed out in remakes. Out of all the possibilities listed here, it seems as though;Diamond and;Pearl remakes are the most likely possibilities, especially since;Time Diamond and;Space Pearl titles leaked alongside;Pokemon Sword and;Shield back in 2017.

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Gen 1 Reimagined: Pokmon: Let’s Go Eevee

This is the counterpart to Let’s Go, Pikachu. It allows players to run around with a special Eevee while exploring the Kanto region. Players can even ride on Charizard, Arcanine, or some other large Pokémon’s back while exploring. Pass a Joy-Con to a friend, and you can both capture Pokémon together.

Pokmon Diamond And Pearl Remake Trailer

Official trailerPokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were first shown off during the February 2021 Pokémon Presents showcase, announced alongside a trailer demonstrating the games art style and gameplay primarily.;

The games aesthetic in the overworld very much mimics that of the original Nintendo DS release, with deformed chibi style characters navigating basic 3D environments. Things change in battle, though, as characters take on more realistic proportions alongside the full-sized Pokémon models.

As such, the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes look to be quite faithful to the originals, albeit with a high-definition 3D overhaul to the graphics while throwing in some fairly impressive lighting effects. Some cinematic battle animations were also shown off in the trailer, and look to be at least somewhat of an improvement over Pokémon Sword and Shields efforts, where the animations were criticized for being reused and underwhelming for the first HD mainline Pokémon title.

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Pokmon Legends: Arceus Gameplay

Nintendos Pokémon Presents live stream in August 2021 provided heaps of new details regarding Pokémon Legends: Arceus gameplay, and some of these details are major changes to the franchises pre-established formula. You can watch the relevant segment of that live stream in the video embedded here:

In terms of gameplay changes, there will be more action elements here than youve ever seen in one of these games before, with the player-character physically having to dodge attacks from enraged Pokémon with red eyes these wild encounters look something like JRPG boss battles, which is certainly a change from the norm.

As you journey around the Hisui region , youll be able to catch wild Pokémon and partake in a fresh form of battles.

Breaking from the tradition of totally turn-based bouts, here there will be an extra element of tactics in your battles you can choose between Agile Style and Strong Style attacks. Agile moves might allow you to attack multiple times in quick succession, but Strong Style moves will do greater damage in a single blow.

You main goal will be compiling a Pokédex, but thats not all youll be doing it also looks like youll be picking up survey/research tasks for a number of characters. These jobs, almost like side missions, will require you to observe certain behaviour or catch specific critters.

Feudal Sinnoh: Pokmon Legends: Arceus

What Will The Next Pokémon Game Be? When Will It Come Out? (2015)

Players control a trainer from ancient Sinnoh times who is tasked with creating the first-ever Pokédex. To do that, they will need to explore a gorgeous open world. You can even catch Pokémon in the overworld by throwing an ancient Poké Ball. You also fight right in the overworld instead of going into a different battle mode. Pokémon Legends: Arceus releases for Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022.

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Here Is Everything The Pokmon Company Announced At Todays Pokmon Presents Event

The Pokémon Company made a number of announcements at its Pokémon Presents August 2021 event today that will come as good news to fans across the globe. These include updates on Pokémon Unite as well as Pokémon Legends Arceus. Heres everything announced at the event to get you up to speed.

Before we get started, you can check out a recap of the entire event in the embedded link below.

All Pokmon Games On Nintendo Switch 2021

There are so many fun Pokémon games on Nintendo Switch right now. Whether you’re looking for a core RPG, a challenging spinoff, a simple puzzle game, or fun DLC, this list of every Pokémon game for the Switch is here to meet your needs. A few of these titles are even considered the best Nintendo Switch games of all time. If you haven’t played any of them yet, jump on in and see what all of the hype is about!

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What Are Pokmon Diamond And Pearl

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were classic entries in the creature-catching franchise, still regarded by many as one of the best.

Set in the region of Sinnoh,;an island based on the Japanese island of;Hokkaid.

The game sees the adventures of a new Pokémon trainer, controlled by the player, who strives to become the Pokémon League Champion by collecting and training Pokémon.

Players are tasked with collecting eight gym badges in order to Challenge the Pokémon League, which spreads across the region of Sinnoh.

Diamond and Pearl, as well as its Platinum expansion, featured 210 Pokemon.

Team Battles: Pokmon Unite


Square off in 5-on-5 team battles while using teamwork to score points and take down opponents. There’s a good roster of characters, and each Pokémon has its own Battle type with strengths and weaknesses, which you’ll need to use to your advantage. Best of all, Pokémon Unite is free-to-play, though there are optional in-game purchases.

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Pokmon Presents : Three New Games Announced Including Brilliant Diamond And Legends: Arceus

  • Harry Pettit, Senior Digital Technology and Science Reporter
  • 17:00, 26 Feb 2021
  • Harry Pettit, Senior Digital Technology and Science Reporter
  • Invalid Date,

THE Pokémon Company unveiled a treasure trove of new games during an online event on Friday.

The Pokémon Presents livestream saw the reveal of a new open-world adventure as well as updates on the hotly anticipated new Pokémon Snap.

What Games Could Be Unveiled For Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary

The;Pokemon;franchise is well-known for it’s ability to recreate the same game, while still making it feel entirely new. Many consider;Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver -;the remastered version of;Pokemon Gold and Silver -;to be the best;Pokemon;game ever released, with its beautifully updated graphics and expanded storyline. The same can be said for the;Fire Red;and;Leaf Green;games as well, which were updated version of;Pokemon Red;and;Blue.;The;Ruby;and Sapphire;games have also received remastered versions, so that would mean Generation four should be next.;

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are two;of the most beloved entries in the;Pokemon series, and they have been praised for their darker storyline and use of 3D graphics to;in the background setting. A remastered version of;Diamond;and Pearl;on the Switch would be a dream for most Pokemon;fans and it could reintroduce Mega Evolutions to the series; or maybe Gigantamaxing will be introduced to the Sinnoh region.

These are just some of the ideas for what Game Freak could have in store for the;Pokemon;franchise. There are sure to be some games announced that no one sees coming, like a Switch port for;Pokemon;Colosseum,;but something like that sounds pretty unlikely. Be sure to keep an eye out for any potential news on upcoming games leading up to;Pokemon’s 25th anniversary on February 27th, 2021.

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Pokmon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Switch Lite

A brand new Switch Lite is being released with the new Switch games, featuring Dialga and Palkia in a stunning gold and black scheme. The design harks back to the classic Nintendo DS, and to be honest it looks pretty suave.

You can check out all the details for the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Switch Lite here.

Shield Dlc: Pokmon Shield Expansion Pass

What Console Will The Next Pokemon Game Release On? 3DS or Nintendo Switch?

The Shield Expansion Pass allows Pokémon Shield owners to explore the Crown Tundra and the Armor Isles, two locations not previously seen in the Galar region. There are new storylines to uncover, new rivals to meet, new Pokémon to catch, and plenty of legendaries to hunt for. You must have the base game to play this DLC.

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Nintendo Switch Pokmon Edition

The Nintendo Switch Lite console will also get a new Dialga and Palkia Edition variant which includes a new dark grey colour along with Palkia and Dialga patterns on the back in gold and silver colours. The new variant will cost just as much as the regular Switch Lite, setting buyers back by $199.99.

When Does Pokemon Season 23 Episode 23 Come Out

The Pokemon Season 23 Episode 23 release date was originally scheduled for April 26, 2020. But anime studio OLM temporarily halted production on the Pokemon Journeys: The Series anime due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Japan.

Pokémon is a media franchise created by video game designer Satoshi Tajiri that centers on fictional creatures called Pokémon. To date, there have been 23 animated films and one live-action film.

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What Is The Pokemon Legends: Arceus Release Date

The Pokemon Legends: Arceus release date has been confirmed as Initially, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company merely gave the game an early 2022 launch window. A Twitter update later gave us a more specific window.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus will cost $59.99 upon release, and pre-orders for the title are open now on the Nintendo eShop.

If the recent information isnt enough for you, it seems were going to hear even more about the game ahead of its launch next year. In an interview with GamesBeat, JC Smith said:

We have a robust rollout, but not a lot that I can share at this time. But the team has a lot of great things to share, and youll be hearing from us soon.

Now This Is What Next

When Is The Next Pokemon Game Coming Out 2018

Pokémon fans are looking forward to a double-helping of Pocket Monster action over the next six months, with Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl arriving in November before Pokémon Legends: Arceus touches down in January 2022. The former is a remake of Diamond and Pearl outings on Nintendo DS, but the latter is seen by many as a ‘next-gen’ experience akin to Zelda: Breath of the Wild; a game which will hopefully take the series in an exciting new direction.

However, the latest trailer for Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss’ DokeV makes us genuinely question what a true ‘next-gen’ Pokémon experience should look like. The WIP footage was shown off on the opening night of this year’s Gamescom, and visually at least, it looks like an appealing mix of both Pokémon and Splatoon.

“DokeV is a creature-collecting open world action-adventure filled with intriguing stories and set in a unique, vibrant world,” says the game’s official site. “Befriend the adorable Dokebi that gain strength from and encourage people’s dreams, and get ready to embark on an adventure!”

Players are shown interacting with one another in a huge, sprawling cityscape. You can ride bikes and skateboards, as well as float around on umbrellas, but the main focus is battling and capturing monsters. Combat appears to be in real-time , with your monster allies automatically attacking enemies while you chip in with weapons, which you can seemingly switch between at will.

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Pok Safari: New Pokmon Snap

Ride around on a track and take pictures of wild Pokémon in their natural habitats in the New Pokémon Snap. You’ll have to use items and food to get some Pokémon to come out into the open. Will you be able to fill out your Photodex and figure out the mystery behind the Illumina phenomenon?

Pokemon Report Hints At Release Date Of Next Mainline Game

A new Pokemon rumor has revealed an alleged release window for next year’s mainline game on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, which is rumored to be a remake of a previous game. Last year, Game Freak and Nintendo released the latest mainline Pokemon game, Sword and Shield. This year, it followed this up with two expansions: The Crown Tundra and The Isle of Armor. At the moment, Nintendo and Game Freak haven’t announced a mainline game is dropping next year, but that’s the expectation, not just because of the plethora of rumors about the next installments, but because this would line up with the release pattern Nintendo and Game Freak have adhered to over the years.

For now, rumors vary on what the games will be, but most agree it will be a remake, with a remake of Diamond and Pearl thrown around almost universally. This latest rumor doesn’t reinforce or challenge these claims, but it does provide a release window. More specifically, it reveals the games will release sometime in November 2021.

As for the rumor, it comes the way of Kelios, a prominent Nintendo insider that made a name for themselves for reliable scoops pertaining to Nintendo Directs. Unfortunately, this is all Kelios mentions about the game.

As for the claim itself, there’s no way to validate whether or not it’s true, but November makes sense given the release timing of Sword and Shield and previous mainline games in the franchise.

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