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How Many People Play Pokemon Go

Cups In The Pokmon Go Battle League

How many people have been KILLED playing Pokemon GO?

In addtion to the various leagues, the Pokémon Go Battle League also holds cups. These themed special competitions have different restrictions than the standard leagues. In the past, these cups have included Premier Cups, which had similar CP restrictions as the various leagues, but only non-Legendary Pokémon could participate, and the Flying Cup, which only allowed Flying type Pokémon.

For Season 7, the following Cups will be featured:

  • The Ultra League Premier Cup will run April 26 through May 10.
  • The Great League Remix Cup will run April 12-26.
  • The Retro Cup only allows the first 15 Pokémon types excluding Dark, Steel, and Fairy and has a 1,500 CP limit. It will run May 10-17.
  • The Kanto Cup has a 1,500 CP limit and only allows Pokémon with a Pokédex number from 1 to 151. It is unranked and runs from May 24-31.
  • More cups will be revealed in the second half of Season 7.

Pokemon Go Daily Usage Time

The game is so addictive that users can’t wait to go out and catch their Pokemons. The users excitement is proven by the time they spent on the game every single day. According to mobile app industry reports, in the US a user spend almost 3 hours per day on mobile apps. Pokemon GO managed to acquire almost 45 minutes of the Android users from that overall time span. With the maximum minutes of usage, Pokemon GO beats the most popular social media apps by a significant difference.

In the graph below you can see that Android users spent only 30 minutes on WhatsApp, 25 minutes on Instagram and 22 minutes on Snapchat per day. Thats pretty impressive for a gaming app to take over these popular social media apps.

Moreover, App Annie also reported that Pokemon GO is the only app to get the maximum Android users time ever. According to the report, Pokemon GO accounted for 45% of overall time spent on Android games against the 55% time acquired by 19 games combinedly.

Make Friends Exchange Gifts And Trade Pokmon

Get connected with your real-lifefriends in Pokémon GO, and you can interact with them in a variety of excitingways. After exchanging Trainer Codes, you will see your friends on your FriendList.

One way that you’ll be able to playwith your friends in Pokémon GO is by giving Gifts. When you spin a Photo Discat a PokéStop or Gym, you have a chance of collecting a special Gift. Althoughyou can’t open these Gifts yourself, you can send them to someone on yourFriend List. The Gifts contain a variety of helpful items and come with a postcard showing where the Giftwas collected.

You can increase your Friendshiplevel with others by sending Gifts or participating in a Raid or Gym Battlewith them. As your Friendship level rises, bonuses can be unlocked.

There’s another way to build yourFriendship level, and that’s by trading Pokémon! If you are near a friend andhave a Trainer level of 10 or higher, you can trade Pokémon with them.Completing a trade requires Stardust, but it earns a bonus Candy for thePokémon you traded away, and that bonus increases if the Pokémon the two of youtrade were caught in locations far apart from each other.

Baal Ascension Materials: What To Farm For Genshins Raiden Shogun

As for how GO is making so much money? While Niantic doesnt break down exactly what its selling, I am absolutely convinced that the majority of its revenue comes from raid passes, which allow for infinite raiding of special event legendaries and other rare Pokémon in raids. Raid hours now have people try to get as many big-time raids in as possible in a limited time, and that means buying however many raid passes it takes to get the job done. Hence, more revenue.

August is usually the biggest month of the year for GO, so I would expect this to dip a bit going forward. But we have just seen the launch of Gen 5 Pokémon, which begins a whole new era of the game, and Nintendo and The Pokémon Company would be crazy not to have some sort of elaborate GO/Sword and Shield crossover event for the launch of that game this fall.

Pokémon GO is not going anywhere, at least not with this level of investment Niantic is putting into it, and the investment on the players side as well, given how much time theyve put into building their Pokedex at this point. For many, GO is now more compelling than the handheld games ever were, or its their first Pokémon experience period, and theyre beyond hooked.

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Pokmon Go Key Statistics

Pokemon Go: Advanced tips from people who play too damn ...
  • Pokémon Go made $1.23 billion revenue in 2020, higher than its peak usage in 2016
  • Over 150 million people play Pokémon Go, higher than previous years but lower than the 233 million in 2016
  • Pokémon Go surpassed one billion total downloads in 2019
  • Niantic was valued at $4 billion in 2019, off the back of Pokémon Gos sustained popularity

What Is The Max Number Of Pokemon Go Or Niantic Friends

As of April 2021, your maximum number of friends in Pokemon Go is 400. This includes all of the friends youve added across the Niantic family of games, including Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Ingress Prime.

If youve been avidly adding friends for all of those games over the years, then your friend list may already be topping out at 400 friends – but hopefully youre not there yet and you still have plenty of room for new pals.

Why Pokmon Go Is Still So Popular

So what are all of these people doing? It turns out  a lot. Pierre Sanchez, a software developer from Atlanta, told Screen Rant he has been playing every day since a week after launch four years ago. He meets up with other adults for raids all over town, takes long walks to nearby parks to catch any of the 600 available Pokémon, battles in gyms, fights the nefarious Team Rocket, and participates in the days or months that have a theme or event in-game.

So what makes players come back year after year, day after day to Pokémon Go? According to Sanchez, it’s the distraction factor. “I used to play it to pass the time on my way to and from work,” he said. “Now with COVID I really, really need something to do since work is all there is. ” For many fans of the long-running Pokémon franchise, the game is just plain fun, and helps players find a community and get good exercise to boot.

The game has also been good at adapting. During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns which have taken place all across the world, Pokémon GO made changes to its systems in order to make it easier for players to stay in their homes and catch PokémonNiantic, the developer behind the game, changed gym locations, allowed remote raid passes, and implemented daily automated quests, all in an effort to make sure their user base could get their daily Pokémon fix. As parts of the world come out of lock down, Pokémon GO could see a massive revenue jump as the game continues to be a success.

How To Enter The Pokmon Go Battle League

The Pokémon Go Battle League has its own icon on the main menu screen now. Just click Battle, and you’re in. Normally, any player can enter and complete their first five Battles for free. After completing those first five Battles, however, Players are supposed to have to earn additional Battle Sets. Because of the global pandemic, Niantic has suspended walking requirements.

Move Changes For Season 7 Of The Pokmon Go Battle League

What Percent Of People On The Street Are Playing Pokémon Go?

The following moves are being implemented or changed beginning with Season 7:

  • Sunflora, Celebi, Ludicolo, Roserade, and Leavanny will be able to learn Leaf Storm, a powerful grass-type charged attack that decreases your Pokémon’s attack stat after it’s used.
  • Persian, Alolan Persian, Cacnea, Cacturne, Absol, Bronzor, Bronzong, and Liepard will be able to learn the powerful dark-type charged attack Payback.

Not Quite What It Used To Be

Because both Apptopia and App Annie base their numbers on their own sources and complex estimation models rather than getting them directly from Pokemon Go’s creators, the two firms don’t always agree.

Pokemon Go, in case you’re somehow unaware, is about catching tiny cute monsters that have mysteriously appeared in the real world.

For instance, Apptopia says Pokémon Go peaked at 100 million users worldwide — while App Annie says a staggering 380 million were playing the game at its peak.

Both companies agree on when Pokémon Go reached the height of its popularity, though: August 2016, only one month after launch. 

Either way, those estimated 100+ million users didn’t all stick around: In April, Niantic publicly announced that only65 million people were playing the game each month. Apptopia estimates that number has fallen to 60 million as of June 2017, and that only 20 percent of them play the game every day.

What’s The Difference Between A Mythical & Legendary

To the average person, “Mythical” and “Legendary” are synonyms that don’t have much difference in meaning. However, in the Pokémon world, they are quite distinct from one another, albeit a bit confusingly. Simply put, a Legendary Pokémon is one that people know exists but has some extraordinary power or important role in the lore of the world. A Mythical Pokémon is one that is told of in hushed whispers or grand tales and only rumored to actually exist.

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There are definitely some Mythicals that should be considered Legendary and vice versa, but their status is set and kept that way permanently. Mythicals, according to many fans, are basically just the Pokémon that can only be obtained through special events in the main series games .

Pokmon Go Users Statistics

Trainers from all around the world love catching them all. In fact, the Pokémon Go player count for 2021 reached more than 800,000 daily active users in the US alone. Pokémon Go statistics show that there are more male than female players. Moreover, a little over half of the users buy downloadable content from the app.

  • The US has the most number of Pokémon Go daily active users with 827,205 iPhone users. On the other hand, Great Britain has 272,015 users. In third place is Japan with 269,733 users.
  • 56.4% of Pokémon Go users in the US are male. On the other hand, 43.6% are female.
  • In 2020, Pokémon Go ranked 10th in the world for top games based on monthly active users.
  • Pokémon Go ranked third in the US for top games with the highest number of monthly active users.
  • 52% of players purchased downloadable content from the app. As such, Niantic has become successful in monetizing social games like Pokémon Go.

Dave Cobb 29 Works As The Director Of Enterprise Applications At A University Lives In London

3 People Who Nearly DIED Playing Pokémon GO

Cobb plays the game every day and spends around £20 on it a week. He meets with other players in the pub each week for a trading session, and heads out into London as part of a big group during events. He downloaded it when it first came out.

What is it about the game thats kept you playing?

“The people. Without the community I’ve found I wouldn’t be playing. Niantic has built an addictive event-ception model and kept the game fairly fresh, but the game still suffers very frustrating bugs and their support service is dire . Two of my best friends also play the game in Surrey and have found similar communities — occasionally we visit one another for a community swap of sorts.

“When my PoGo friends and I go to the pub, yes we’re all on our phones, but we’re talking to each other, organising days out and helping one-another — we’re all planning for next year’s big international Pokémon events so we’re here for the long haul.”

To what extent would you say the games changed your life?

“I’ve met my neighbours! In London we all tend to avert eye contact and never really meet local people, but this game demands you get out there and you can’t complete key parts of it without other people.

How Many People Still Play Pokemon Go

When Niantic released Pokemon Go in the United States in 2016, the mobile game smashed the record for the most downloads in a week. An instant sensation, it seemed like everyone in their mid-thirties or younger was playing it, drawn in by a free, interactive, augmented experience that made you feel like a real Pokemon trainer.

“There is no comparison to the amount of people playing the game in the summer of 2016. Those were crazy times,” said Maxwell Heaps of the grassroots Pokémon Go network The Silph Road.

Like most fads, enthusiasm for the game cooled in the months following its release. From battery drainage to the inconvenience of having to go outside and privacy concerns, the app did not live up to user expectations. Many people uninstalled the game, moving forward in search of the next craze to occupy their attention.

Despite this dip in popularity, Pokemon Go has entered something of a renaissance, revitalized by new features, regular updates, and exciting special events like the monthly Community Days. Niantic added the second generation of Pokemon a year after the title’s launch, with the third following a few months later. Raids brought people together, sometimes total strangers, as they ventured to the closest to try their luck at catching legendary Pokemon. The added complexity and suspense created a thriving online community.

Penny Andrews 38 Works As An Academic And Freelance Journalist Lives In West Yorkshire Uk

Although Andrews plays mainly by herself, she also sometimes meets up with friends — and she’s made news ones through trading Pokémon, raiding gyms and completing special tasks. She downloaded the app when it first came out in the UK, and plays most days.

What is it about the game thats kept you playing?

“The evolution of the game mechanics, with new ways to play as well as making it more challenging and adding more Pokémon.”

To what extent would you say the games changed your life?

“I had an accident and broke my ankle, and it got me out and walking further once I was allowed to walk again. Ive played it in Australia, Canada, Germany, the U.S., and in the airport in Abu Dhabi . I have mental and physical health issues and its good to have the routine and rewards. I also love sending gifts from interesting places to friends who I know are playing with their kids.”

Another Zelda Comes To Switch

Fortunately, Nintendo has several popular Switch games that will continue to sustain it. Just last Friday, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD released, updating the original motion-control heavy Wii game for the Switch era. When playing, people can choose between motion controls or button controls to make Link swing his sword.

This has always been one of the most divisive Zelda games due to certain mechanics and the HD version continues to be divisive now. The controls in the new version have definitely gotten better and there have been several quality-of-life improvements to make the experience more enjoyable. It seems the game has sold well, though we don’t know the numbers yet. Last I checked, it was listed as the bestseller in the Nintendo eShop. Even so, opinions are torn on whether the game is actually any good.

In addition to the game, a Zelda & Loftwing amiibo and Zelda Skyward Sword HD Joy-Cons also released on the same day and proved to both be incredibly popular. Retailers sold out within minutes each time these collector’s items became available.

Pokemon Go Users By Location

How many people are playing Pokemon Go? (STATISTICS!)

We have already told you that Pokemon was initially launched in the US, New Zealand and later it was spread across the other parts of the world. Now, the game is available in more than 56 countries. The Wikipedia graph shows that game is mostly available in major parts of Europe and Asia. However, Africa isn’t affected that much by the game yet, but the company is planning to launch the game in more countries very soon.

Pokemon Go: Advanced Tips From People Who Play Too Damn Much

You know the basics. Here’s how to become a Pokemon Master.

So you want to be a Pokemon Master.

You already know the basics of Pokemon Go, and now you want to catch ’em all. Perhaps you’d like to have a snowball’s chance in hell of conquering your neighborhood Pokemon gym as well.

You’ve come to the right place. Here’s what we wish we knew before we started playing this ridiculously addictive game.

The Second Pokmon Go Fest Hitting Chicago This July Has To Make Up For Last Years Fail

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I just gotta catch em all.

When Pokémon Go first rolled out in July 2016, a record-breaking 130 million people downloaded the free gaming app, and became obsessed with collecting the adorable cartoon pocket monsters that augmented reality technology projected into the real world. Game developer Niantic earned $206.5 million through in-app purchases that first month alone. And I was among the packs of 45 million daily players glued to our smartphones as we chased after the adorable characters from the 90s cartoon, like the iconic Pikachu in parks, streets and sidewalks.

The Pokemon GO augmented reality game projects the cartoon monsters into the real world.

The video game is surprisingly effective at keeping players active, two years in. It encourages you to walk and explore your neighborhood and local parks. Ive hoofed it 1,623 kilometers — or 1,008 miles — while trying to hatch digital Pokémon eggs and flick balls at imaginary monsters. And its kept dogged trainers like myself invested by rolling out new features such as solo quests, as well as encouraging players to make friends at community events each month.

Were buying it. Players were so psyched about this second fest that the $20 tickets sold out within half an hour on Friday. Some tix are already being resold on eBay for $369.


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