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What Do The Berries Do In Pokemon Go

Setting Battle Parties For The Pokmon Go Battle League


Another thing you can do to prepare for your next Battle is set Parties. Pokémon Go allows you to set up multiple Parties for each League This lets you pick out specific Pokémon ahead of time. When you go to Battle in the League, your chosen Party will be there waiting for you so you won’t have to wade through your hundreds of Pokémon to find the specific Tyranitar you want to bring. This is especially useful for players who have multiple of the same type of Pokémon for different purposes.

More Pokmon Thanever In The Wild

Whether you’re looking to fill your Pokédex or hoping to catchyour favorite Pokémon, encountering rare Pokémon is one of the most fun parts ofthe journey. Some exciting new Pokémon stand out among the rest.

The Rock- and Dark-type Pokémon Tyranitar and itsprior Evolutions Larvitar and Pupitar may be rare to find, but the effort isworth it. Tyranitar is extremely powerful, and it also has type advantagesagainst the popular Pokémon Espeon and Dragonite. Placing your Tyranitar in a Gymcould make you the envy of your fellow Trainers!

Few Pokémon have the same sentimental value to Trainers as theirfirst partner Pokémon, and now new partner Pokémon from the Johto region arewaiting to be found. The Grass-type Chikorita, the Fire-type Cyndaquil, and theWater-type Totodile have all been spotted around the world, so keep an eye outfor your favorites as you’re exploring.

Several Pokémon, including Togepi and Pichu, can only behatched from Eggs. Recently, we’ve heard reports of wild Togetic appearing, soperhaps there’s an alternative to earning enough Candy to evolve Togepi.

How Do You Use A Berry

When the fight screen opens, there’s a berry icon on the lower left of the screen. Tap on it and your berry choices will be displayed. Their quantities will also be listed in this pop-up. Just tap on the berry you want to use, then tap on it again to feed it to the Pokemon.

Tap on the berry icon pick one for your fight.

What To Do With Zamazenta Once You’ve Caught It

Zamazenta’s Initial CP Range: 2,1522,243

Zamazenta’s Initial CP Rangewith Weather Boost: 2,6782,790

Available Fast Attacks: Ice Fang , Metal Claw , Quick Attack , Snarl

Available Charged Attacks: Close Combat , Crunch , Iron Head , Moonblast

As a Legendary Fighting-type Pokémon, Zamazenta has a typeadvantage against Normal-, Ice-, Rock-, Dark-,and Steel-type Pokémon. This makes Zamazenta particularly useful against manyRaid Bosses, including Mega Gyarados, Snorlax, Mega Houndoom, Tyranitar,Aggron, Metagross, Regirock, Regigigas, Mega Abomasnow, Darkrai, and Yveltal. Zamazenta’simpressive array of Charged Attacks also makes it a valuable addition to any GOBattle League team, offering plenty of opportunities to take opposing Trainersby surprise. Raising Zamazenta’s CP to its maximum requires a lot of ZamazentaCandy and Stardust, so try to catch as many Zamazenta as possible to help youget there faster.

Good luck with your next Raid Battle, andremember to check back to Pokemon.co.uk/Strategy for more Pokémon GO, video game, andPokémon TCG tips.

Pokmon Go’s Pinap Berries Cheat Players

Everything you need to know about the new berries in ...

Pokémon GO players use berries in Pokémon battles, however the effects only work if the Pokémon is captured on the next throw, which wastes berries.

Berries are one of the many tools used by Pokémon GO players to capture Pokémon they encounter while exploring. There are currently five different berries that players can use on Pokémon during encounters, and each offer different bonuses for players. However, the use of berries can seem like a waste after a player has thrown a few, because the effect only works if the Pokémon is caught directly after the berry is used.

While this is understandable for Pokémon Go’s Razz Berry and Golden Razz Berry, which give players a boost when trying to capture a Pokémon, the limitation for Pinap berries doesn’t make as much sense. A Pinap berry doubles the amount of candy a Pokémon will drop after a battle, with the effects marginally boosted on 2nd and 3rd evolutions compared to 1st stage Pokémon. Because third evolution Pokémon GO spawns are quite rare, players are gambling their berries for a chance at a boost between 6 and 10 candy.

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Make The Most Of Premier Balls And Berries

After a Zamazenta raid, you’ll have a limited number ofPremier Balls you can use to catch Zamazenta, so make each one count. You canearn extra Premier Balls for battling with friends and defeating Zamazenta morequickly.

In an encounter with Zamazenta, your chance of catching itis greatest when the target ring is small enough for you score Excellent Throws.Throwing Curveballscan improve your chances even more. But work within your abilitiesif you don’tthink you can reliably make Excellent Curveball Throws, aim for Nice Throws orGreat Throws rather than risk missing the target ring completely.

Zamazenta isn’t going to make it easy onyou by sitting still while you’re trying to catch it. Don’t waste yourPremier Balls by throwing while it’s moving around. Watch Zamazentato get a feel for its cycle of movement and the pauses in between the cycles.During one of these pauses, wait for the target ring to reappear, and thenthrow as it starts to grow smaller to increase your odds of making a GreatThrow or an Excellent Throw.

Berries can help you catch Zamazenta. ARazz Berry will make Zamazenta easter to catch, and a Golden Razz Berry willmake it much easier to catch. If you find yourself failing to land any throws,a Nanab Berry will calm Zamazenta, making its movements less erratic andallowing you to make precise throws more easily. If you need extra ZamazentaCandy, using a Silver Pinap Berry will make Zamazenta easier to catch and grantyou extra Candy when you catch it.

Reap Rewards And Newmedals

There aren’t just additional Pokémon availablethere areplenty of other improvements to Pokémon GO that are sure to make your adventuresmore fun.

Catching evolved Pokémon poses an extra challenge, so someTrainers may have avoided additional encounters with tricky Pokémon likeBeedrill, Pidgeot, or Golbat after initially registering them in their Pokédex.We’d suggest you give catching these Pokémon another shot, because now withgreater challenge comes greater reward.

When you catch an evolved Pokémon, you’ll receive additionalCandy and Stardust. For instance, an Ivysaur will now award you 300 Stardustinstead of the normal 100 after being captured, and five Bulbasaur Candies insteadof three. And if you were lucky enough to encounter a Venusaur in the wild,capturing it would net you a cool 500 Stardust and 10 Bulbasaur Candies. Betteryet, the Candy bonuses stack with the effects of Pinap Berries, so you couldpotentially earn 20 Candies from a single capture.

Skilled Trainers may find they’re getting even more XP thanksto another new bonus. If you catch a wild Pokémon with the first Poké Ball youthrow, you’ll earn some additional XP. Note that the Pokémon GO Plus attemptsto throw only one Poké Ball at each wild Pokémon, so you’ll always receive thisbonus if the accessory successfully captures a Pokémon. The extra XP makes levelingup even faster, especially when stacked with the effect of a Lucky Egg.

Move Changes For Season 7 Of The Pokmon Go Battle League

The following moves are being implemented or changed beginning with Season 7:

  • Sunflora, Celebi, Ludicolo, Roserade, and Leavanny will be able to learn Leaf Storm, a powerful grass-type charged attack that decreases your Pokémon’s attack stat after it’s used.
  • Persian, Alolan Persian, Cacnea, Cacturne, Absol, Bronzor, Bronzong, and Liepard will be able to learn the powerful dark-type charged attack Payback.

How To Use The Razz Berry

How To Farm & Get EASY Berries and Candy Guide in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee!

Before we dive into Pokémon GO’s new Nanab and Pinap Berries, we first have to explain how to use the Razz Berry. The Razz Berry resembles a raspberry and has been a standard item in Pokémon GO following the games release in July of 2016. The Razz Berrys function has not changed following Pokémon GO’s Generation 2 update. 

In your Pokémon GO inventory the Razz Berry has the following text: Feed this to a Pokémon to make it easier to catch.

To use a Razz Berry, first select a Pokémon out in the wild. Next, tap the Berry icon to the left of your Poké Ball at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to choose one of Pokémon GOs three Berry options: the Razz Berry, Nanab Berry, and Pinap Berry.

After selecting the Razz Berry, youll see it floating in front of the Pokémon youre trying to capture. Tap the floating Razz Berry to feed it to the Pokémon. The Pokémon will respond with a heart and the Razz Berrys image will appear to the right of the Pokémon. Using a Razz Berry will help decrease the odds of a Pokémon breaking free from your Poké Ball.

The Razz Berry will remain active until the Pokémon either breaks free from the first Poké Ball thrown, or is successfully captured. While the Razz Berry is active, you cannot use Pokémon GO’s new Nanab and Pinap Berries, as only one Berry can be active at a time. If the Pokémon breaks free, you can repeat the process of feeding a Razz Berry to a wild Pokémon until it is captured. 

Previous Seasons In The Pokmon Go Battle League

  • The first preseason ran from January 29, 2020, through March 13, 2020.
  • The first season ran from March 13, 2020, through May 11, 2020.
  • The second season ran from May 11, 2020, through July 27, 2020.
  • The third season ran from July 27, 2020, through September 14, 2020.
  • The fourth season ran from September 14, 2020, through November 9, 2020.
  • The fifth season ran from November 9, 2020, through November 30, 2020.
  • The sixth season ran from November 30, 2020, through March 1, 2021.

A Quicker Route To Fillingyour Pokdex

With all the new Pokémon wandering around, it might feel dauntingto catch up to your friends if you haven’t already captured most of the Pokémonoriginally discovered in the Kanto region. Take heartit’s never been easier tofill out your Pokédex. The new Pinap Berries can be incredibly helpful withPokémon that need a lot of Candy to fully evolve, such as Dratini, Oddish, andthe first-partner Pokémon. By saving Pinap Berries to catch up on Evolutionsyou may be missing, you’ll be level with even the most ambitious Trainers in notime.

One other important note: Be careful about transferring thePokémon you already have to the professor. A Charmeleon you capture or evolvenow may have different moves than a Charmeleon or Charizard you caught previously.Many species of Pokémon learn different moves than they could before, so hangon to your favorite Pokémon.

Roasted Berries Tasks And Rewards

Roasted Berries Stage 1/4

  • Power up Pokemon 10 times: x15 PokeBall
  • Catch 15 Tepig: Tepig
  • Make 5 Nice Throws: x20 Tepig Candy
  • Rewards: x2,000 Stardust, Tepig, and x1 Incense

Roasted Berries Stage 2/4

  • Catch 15 Tepig: x30 Tepig Candy
  • Transfer 10 Pokemon: Pignite
  • Evolve 3 Tepig: x10 PinapBerry
  • Rewards: 1,500 XP, Tepig, and x1 Incense

Roasted Berries Stage 3/4

  • Make 3 Great Curveball Throws: x50 Tepig Candy
  • Evolve 1 Pignite: x1 Star Piece
  • Transfer 10 Pokemon: x10 GreatBall
  • Rewards: 2,500 XP, x1 Rocket Radar, and x15 Ultra Ball

Roasted Berries Stage 4/4

  • Claim Reward: x2 Silver Pinap Berry
  • Claim Reward: Tepig
  • Rewards: 3,000 Stardust, Emboar, and x2 Rare Candy

What Nanab Berries Do

Pokemon Berries by wadjet

Using a Nanab Berry while trying to catch a Pokemon will slow it down, making it easier to catch. While this may not be as exciting as the new Pinap Berry, which doubles candy gained after a successful catch, it still can be of use when trying to nab rarer or higher CP level Pokemon.

Thats all there is to know about this berry. For more Pokemon GO tips, guides, and info, stay tuned to Twinfinite.

How To Get Nanab Berries In Pokemon Go

There are a few ways to get Nanab Berries in Pokemon GOâalongside other berry types and rewards.

Niantic Labs has implemented several types of berries to help trainers achieve their goals in Pokemon GO. Veteran trainers will know that berries are far from a new mechanic in-game. Almost every main series game features berries, whether it’s the ability to grow them in the Hoenn region or turn them into Poffins in Sinnoh. Additionally, trainers have been known to give them to Pokemon for battle, giving their team an extra edge.

Here’s everything there is to know about Nanab Berries.

Trainers, an Incense Day featuring Psychic- and Steel-type Pokémon will be happening in a few days! During this event, Pokémon like Beldum will be attracted to Incense, and you might even encounter a Shiny Beldum, if youâre lucky! https://t.co/bbArg35ZHz

â Pokémon GO March 8, 2021

How To Use The Pinap Berry

Pokémon GOs new Pinap Berry is quite different from the Nanab Berry and Razz Berry in that it doesnt improve your odds of capture. Instead, it increases the amount of Candy a Pokémon drops.

In your Pokémon GO inventory, the Pinap Berry appears similar to a pineapple and includes the following description: Feed this to a Pokémon to make it drop more Candy.

The Pinap Berry is useful for Trainers looking to earn more Candy in order to evolve and/or increase a specific Pokémon’s CP. For example, if youre trying to evolve Eevee into Umbreon or Espeon, feeding a wild Eevee a Pinap Berry before capture will increase the amount of Eevee Candy you earn.

To use the Pinap Berry, first select a Pokemon out in the wild. Next, tap the Berry icon to the left of your Poké Ball and choose the Pinap Berry from the three available Berry options. Once the Pinap Berry is floating on your screen, tap the Pinap Berry to feed it to the Pokémon. The Pokémon will respond with a heart before the Pinap Berrys image appears to the right of the Pokémon.

Using a Pinap will not increase your odds of capture like the Razz Berry or Nanab Berry, but it will help you earn more Candy. Note that you cannot use more than one Berry at once, and the Pinap Berry will only work if it is active at the time of capture. If the Pokémon breaks free, you can repeat the process of feeding a Pinap Berry to a wild Pokémon until it is captured.  

How Much Motivation Do Berries Restore

In order to maintain a defending Pokémon’s motivation while they occupy a gym, players from that defending Pokémon’s trainer’s team can feed it berries. The new golden razz berry is special in that it can be used to fully replenish a defending Pokémon’s motivation. What about the other berries? How much motivation does each berry restore? Does the amount differ between berries?

  • @Wondercricket whoops, my bad. Fixed VemonusJun 25 ’17 at 22:12

According to Pokemon Go Hub:

Berries restore roughly 15-18% of your Pokémon CP on first use, similar to how much 1 lost battle reduces. After the first time you fed a Berry, diminishing returns start kicking in. Each successive Berry feeds for far less than the first one, roughly 50% less at first and that drop off continues!

The first berry will yield about 15-18% of a motivation gain, and about 50% less with each berry after that – making it more difficult to keep a Pokemon motivated. It should be noted though that this is for if you are feeding them berries rapidly. Niantic George on Reddit stated:

You can give Berries to any Pokémon on Gyms controlled by your team at any time. There are some significant diminishing returns if you feed the same Pokémon multiple Berries over a short period of time.

As noted on many sites , the Golden Razz Berry will restore 100% motivation:

Pokemon Go New Features You Might Not Know About

How To Farm Berries in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

Dejan KacurovFollow on Twitter

Hello Trainers, we have some exciting news for you! As you may or may not know, there is an extensive update for Pokemon GO, called GO Beyond. With this update, Niantic is bringing us many new features that will make gameplay very interesting.

The first feature that GO Beyond has is an increase in the amount of Candy that the Silver Pinap Berries give. Now, if you feed your pocket monster a Silver Pinap Berry, it will reward you 2.333x Candy if you catch it. The effect of the Nanab Berry is increased, now making the Pokemon freeze, or in other words, fully calm a Pokemon down. Before the update, there was a slight chance of a Pokemon knocking away the Poke Ball.

The other feature is that certain Pokemon, during the Season of Celebration, will be giving extra Stardust if/when caught. As for your Buddy, now you can earn three hearts instead of one when battling with your Buddy. If you feed your Buddy with Golden Razz Berries and Silver Pinap Berries, they will have a more significant effect than they had before, which can make your Buddy excited more easily.

For some activities, there has been an increased XP. Instead of 10 XP if you throw a Nice, now you will get 20 XP, and if you hatch a 12km Egg, now you will have 4000 XP. There are other activities too, so we suggest you take a look here.

We sure do love this new update, but what do you think about it? Is it satisfactory? Sound off below in the comments section.

Roasted Berries Quest Storyline

Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%! Good to see you. Do have anything fun planned for today?

Ill be attending a picnic with the team leaders, myself.

I must say, though, I was having a pretty hard time deciding what I should bring. Candelas in charge of sandwiches, Spark is handling refreshments, and Blanche is bringing shaved ice, so the bases are all pretty well covered.

Walking always clears my head, so I took a stroll and ended up spotting a large group of Tepig near where I normally pick my go-to snack, Pinap Berries.

And suddenlyinspiration! Did you know Tepig loves to eat roasted Berries, Trainer?

The Fire Pig Pokémon blows fire balls through its nose and roasts the berries before it eats them.

Roasted Berries sound like a great picnic snack, dont you think? And speaking of, I need to start getting them ready. Why dont you go check out the Tepig in the meantime?

Welcome back, Trainer.

Ah, I see youve caught a Tepig of your own! They make terrific companions in all aspects of life.

Tepig evolves into Pignite, which, like Tepig, is known as the Fire Pig Pokémon.

When Pignites internal fire flares up, its movements grow sharper and faster. Whatever it eats becomes fuel for the flame in its stomach. Must do wonders for digestion!

Oh! That reminds meI need to check on my roasted Berries.

While I finish up my picnic preparations, why dont you see about evolving your Tepig into Pignite?

Speaking of friends, I should let the team leaders know that Ill be on my way soon.


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