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When Do You Get The Water Bike In Pokemon Sword

Visit The Flower Shop

Pokémon Sword and Shield how to get the bike and ride on water

There is a Flower Shop in this town. Outside the shop, there are two berries planted. Pick them up as they are very useful. Go inside and talk the girl at the most left. She will give you a Sprayduck, a watering can shaped like a Psyduck. You can use it to water the berries you have grown in the soil. Then talk to the girl at the right. She will give you one berry everyday, so if you want to get berries, get from her. At the counter, a woman there is trading for berries for accessories. If you want to accessories to decorate your Pokémon, ask her and trade for the required amount of berries. Refer the list above for more details.

To Get The Bike Upgrades That Will Increase Your Turbo Boost In Pokemon Sword And Shield Go Out To The Wild Area And Speak To The Men In The White And Black Uniform

Pokemon sword and shield how to get water bike. Obtaining a dragapult in pokemon sword shield can be a bit more complicated than you might think but thankfully this guide is here to help. Pokemon sword shield battling why cant i get the water bike upgrade. In pokemon sword and shield trainers will need to beat the sixth gym before they can obtain the rotom bike upgrade to cross water.

We will show you where you need to go first to get a bike and then detail how you can upgrade it further. Though there was no new eeveelution introduced in the new generation of pokemon games all of the existing eeveelutions make a return in sword and shield. Introduced in the first couple of hours of play this.

They are all over the wild. Guide by hirun cryer staff writer. How to get a dragapult.

However youll need to be far enough in the game to be able to ride your bike over the water. Pokemon sword and shield are now available on nintendo switch and one of the most exciting elements of these new games is the wild area. Instead of teaching a pokemon the move surf youll now be able to cross water once you obtain the appropriate bike upgrade.

This pokemon sword and shield bike guide will show you how you can get a rotom bike in the game and how you can upgrade it. Then go ahead and sail towards the water pokemon that you want to reach. Unlike other areas such as ruby and sapphires hoenn region which is dominated by large seas and oceans theres mostly just lakes and rivers here.

How To Surf Using The Rotom Bicycle In Pokmon Sword And Shield

The Rotom Bicycle in Pokémon Sword and Shield is a handy device. You first receive it on the way to the second gym, on Route 5, where you encounter a scientist bullied by a pair of Team Yell members. After the scientist gives it to you out of thanks, you can travel much faster around the map. Thankfully, the Rotom Bicycle comes with an upgrade to go across the water.

To add this upgrade to your device, you need to progress further into the game. Theres no shortcut method of acquiring it or finding a way to speak to a particular person.

The Rotom Bicycle upgrade is given to you by the same scientist, whom you encounter again later on in the game, on Route 9, shortly after youve gone through Circhester.

With the upgrade, all you have to do is have your bicycle out while youre approaching water and continue to ride into it. Your bike deploys two large balloons on your wheels, allowing your character to pedal across the water as if it were land.

Doing so allows you to catch Pokémon casually strolling through the water. Its similar to all of the Pokémon freely wandering the wilderness in the Wild Area on land. Its important to note you cannot interact with any of the watering spots while on your Rotom Bicycle to go fishing. You need to hop off your bike to do that.

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How Do You Smash Rocks In Pokemon Ruby


  • Go to Mauville City. Enter the city via Route 110.
  • Find the gray house on the right of the Poké Mart. Head north from Route 110, to the center of town.
  • Enter the gray house and talk to the man at the table inside. He is scientist who calls himself Rock Smash Dude. He will give you HM Rock Smash.
  • How To Get Bike Upgrades In Pokmon Sword And Shield: Isle Of Armor

    Pokémon Sword and Shield Bike Guide  How to Get, How to ...

    If you’ve already made the journey to the Isle of Armor in Pokémon Sword and Shield, you’ve probably seen other players on their bikes sparkling like Shiny Pokémon. Fortunately, getting your own bike upgraded is super easy. We here at iMore have a quick step-by-step guide to upgrading your bike and changing your biking outfit on the Isle of Armor.

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    Why Can’t I Get The Water Bike Upgrade

  • I have made it to route 9, and according to everyone else online they say I will AUTOMATICALLY run into the same guy who gave me the bike to upgrade it so I can go in the water. But he is never there, the two lame ass punks from yell are, but he isnt. It is beyond frustrating because I cant get any further in the game without it. Is there something I need to do beforehand? Or is my game just screwed? I have tried everything I can think ofOldEconomist37 – 1 year ago
  • How To Ride The Rotom Bike On Water

    While you’re exploring the wilds of Pokemon Sword and Shield fairly early on, you might be wondering how you can traverse the small lakes. There’s Pokemon on them, after all, so it’s only natural to wonder how you can get close enough to catch them. Turns out, this is another upgrade for the Rotom Bike. You’ll need to advance to Route 9 in Sword and Shield by progressing the main story of the game, where you’ll eventually come to a scientist, and two Team Yell goons standing before an icy lake.

    Approach them, and the scientist will tell you to defeat the two Team Yell grunts in battle. After you’ve done this, the scientist will gladly upgrade your Rotom Bike so it can now glide smoothly along the surface of the water. Although Team Yell can get around by riding on a Drednaw, you’re unfortunately restricted to the Rotom Bike for traversing water.

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    How To Use The Rotom Bike

    The Rotom Bike can be used by pressing the + or – button on your Joy-con. The bike also has a Turbo Function, allowing the player to travel faster after charging it up, which can be improved by upgrading it in the Wild Area.

    The Rotom Bike’s Surf feature also allows the player to travel to other areas which would not be accessible without it.

    But Really How To Ride The Bike Across Waater

    How to Unlock the Water Bike and Surf in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

    Your adventure through the Galar region in Pokemon Sword and Shield wont feature too much water. Unlike other areas, such as Ruby and Sapphires Hoenn region which is dominated by large seas and oceans, theres mostly just lakes and rivers here. And while you have access to them early on, you cant swim or get across them just yet. But the paths are so clear that many players are wondering how to swim in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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    Hm Locations In Pokemon Ruby Destiny Reign Of Legends


    HM 1 Cut:talk to a man in a home with a man and a School Girl in it just before the first gym.HM 2 Fly:Given to you by your rival after defeating her on the way to the 6th gym.HM 3 Surf:Given to you by Wallys father in the home next to your brothers gym HM 4 Strength:Given to you by a Karate Man after breaking the rock in the tunnel.HM 5 Flash:Given to you by a hiker in the cave with Ash in it.HM 6 Rock Smash:Given to you by a scientist in the Pokemon Center near the 2nd gym HM 7 Dive:Anybody care to fill in 7 and 8?Edit: Found Surf & Fly

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    How To Cross Water In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    Being able to cross water in;Pokemon Sword and Shield;is critical to obtaining all items in the gaming world, accessing dens in the middle of water obstacles, and also getting to some mandatory story areas. Happily, shortly after acquiring the sixth gym badge, youll be able to unlock this games Surf move.

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    Pokemon Ruby/sapphire/emerald Walkthrough: Mauville City/route 117

    Mauville: City of the Third Gym

    When you arrive in Mauville City, the first thingyoull want to do is to get yourself a free Bike. Go into the house to the right of the Pokemon Center, and youllget one there by talking to the person shown in the screen shot. There are two bikes, Mach and Acro. Choose what youlike after listening to the following explanation. The Mach Bike is good for speed, while the Acro Bike can do a lotof tricks. To learn more about them, read their manual at the top of the screen. With a Bike, youll be able to move so much faster,although the Running Shoes are already quite fast. If you ever want to switch Bikes, come back to talk to him.

    With your new Bike, you can now go cycling on the Seaside Cycling Road.

    Also, the person in the house to the right of the Mart will give you an essential item, HM06 Rock Smash.Teach it to one of your Pokemon, although you cant use it until after you get your third badge.

    Game Corner

    Mauville City has a Game Corner to play slot machines, but youll need to get a Coin Case. Make sureyou get a Harbor Mail, and talk to the girl in the house near the Game Corner. Shell give you the Coin Case forthe Harbor Mail. Now you can go into the Game Corner to bet!

    The slot machines are quite exciting. You can either insert one, two, or three coins. You get coins for matching three of thesame kind either horizontally, diagonally, or both.

    Mauville Gym: Shocking, Isnt It?

    Rotom Bike Turbo Boost

    How to Unlock the Water Bike and Surf in Pokemon Sword and ...

    When riding continuously for a short while, you will notice an electricity starting to gather around the wheels of the bike. This demonstrates that the Rotom Bike’s Turbo Boost is ready to use. When the Rotom Bike is fully charged, press B to fly across the map at high speed.

    This feature is highly useful for traveling and Pokemon hunting in the Wild Area, such as traveling between Dens to search for Gigantamax Pokemon.

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    How To Surf On Water Using The Rotom Bike

    You can obtain the second Rotom Bike, which allows you to travel across water, at the start of Route 9, east of Circhester.

    How to Use the Water Rotom Bike
    1 Press “+” to ride the Rotom Bike.
    2 While riding the bike on land, move onto a water area. Rotom Bike will automatically change to Surf mode when you do so.
    3 Just like on land, continue riding until there are sparks around the Rotom Bike’s wheels, then press the B button while moving the joystick in one direction to activate the Turbo Boost function.

    How To Obtain The Water Rotom Bike

    Note that the first Rotom Bike, obtained on Route 5, cannot Surf on Water; only the second Rotom Bike obtained on Route 9 is able to Surf.

    The first Rotom Bike obtainable on Route 5, east of Turffield, gives you the ability to move around land faster. And the second Rotom Bike obtainable around Route 9 which gives you the ability to travel on water.

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    It’s Powered By Rotom

    In the past, bicycles have been just that: normal bicycles. There was nothing particularly special about them. Often, they came from bike shops. This bike is completely different.

    Players actually connect to the Rotom Phone in order to power the bike. Really, it’s kind of inhabited by the Ghost-type Rotom in that sense.

    Pokemon Sword And Shield How To Get Water Bike

    HOW TO GET Water Bike in Pokémon Sword and Shield

    Here is how to unlock the rotom bike how to use it and how to upgrade it. To catch water pokemon in pokemon sword shield the ones that live in the water and cant be reached from land you first have to get the water rotom bike as explained above.

    Pokemon Sword Shield Bike Upgrade Where To Get

    Pokémon Sword And Shield All Tms And Their Locations Imore

    Pokemon Sword Shield Tm List Every Technical Machine And

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    How To Travel On Water In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    To travel on water in Pokemon Sword & Shield, youll have to unlock the option to ride your Rotom Bike on water. The Water Rotom Bike, if you will. To do that, youll have to play through the main quests in the game until you reach Route 9, to the northeast. We ended up on Route 9 during the Find your way into Spikemuth quest. While on Route 9, keep an eye out for the same doctor that gave you the regular version of the Rotom Bike. Hell be chilling on a chunk of ice near the water. Have a chat with him, and youll get the Water Rotom Bike.

    Now that you have the Water Rotom Bike, heres what you have to do. Summon the bike on shore, then ride it to the edge of the water. The bike should then automatically get floating devices, and allow you to explore the deep blue sea. Or lakes and other bodies of water that you can access. And, yes, this also means that you can now catch Water Pokemon that are living in the water. Which brings us to our next point.

    Acquiring Rock Smash In Ruby Omega

  • Visit the Mauville Gym. The gym is located on the upper left side of the city, near Route 111. Wally and his uncle will be standing outside.
  • Battle Wally. The youngster will challenge you to a short, easy Pokèmon battle against Ralts.
  • Obtain Rock Smash. Once you defeat Wally, he will decide to return to Verdanturf. His uncle will reward you with HM06 Rock Smash, as you have been a positive influence on his nephew.
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    Where To Get Rotom Bike Speed Upgrades

    You’ll notice that if you hold down B while riding the Rotom Bike, you get a temporary speed boost. You’ll have to manually recharge this ability by riding around on the bike for roughly 5 or 6 seconds after a boost, but this is vital in winning any of the time trials that are scattered around the wild area just south of Motostoke.

    To upgrade the boost feature of the Rotom Bike, you’ll want to find the Pokemon Nursery in this wild area. Check your map, and go to the area just east of Motostoke, where you should see a small building near the eastern edge of the map. This is the Pokemon Nursery, one of several in Sword and Shield.

    Approach the Pokemon Nursery, but don’t enter it. Instead, speak to the trainer dressed in cycling gear that’s stood just to the left of the building. He’ll brief you on the Rotom Races, time trials that you can enter to win items. But he’ll also offer to upgrade the top boost speed of your Rotom Bike for 1,000 Watts.

    Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

    If you don’t already know, you acquire Watts in Pokemon Sword and Shield by approaching glowing husks on the ground, like the one pictured just below. If the husk isn’t glowing too brightly, you’ll be granted 50 Watts, but if the husk is glowing, and you can initiate a Dynamax battle there, you’ll be automatically granted 300 Watts for engaging with it.

    How To Unlock The Bikes Water Mode

    Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Ride on Water With the ...
    • Keep playing through the game until you have got the sixth gym badge.
    • Shortly after the sixth gym battle, youll run into the man who first gave you the bike.
    • Save this man from the Team Yell members by beating them in battle.
    • The man will upgrade your bike to have water mode.

    The;Pokemon Sword and Shield;water mode for your bike is the new version of the Surf HM that appeared in previous games. As evidenced by your fancy new bike upgrade, theres no need for a Surf move here!

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    Head Out Onto The Water

    The Wild Area is hugely expansive, and biking around on land is only the beginning. Once users unlock the water mode, they can freely explore the water. While this isn’t exactly the hardest feature to miss, it is easy to miss all the areas players can head to.

    One of the best places to head, once wrapping up the game, is Lake of Outrage. There are all sorts of rare;Pokémon not only swimming around and across the lake itself, like the coveted Dreepy.


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