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Why Is My Pokemon Go Not Working

Pokemon Go Won’t Open

Pokemon Go AR is NOT Working!? Andriod and iOS Solutions and Explained NEW UPDATE

If the app won’t open at all, or you open it and found you’ve been logged out, that’s caused by server issues – like a number of other problems on this list. All you can do is close the app and try again.;

If you’re logged out, don’t worry, when you sign back in, all your game progress will be there.;

Updating To The Latest Version Of Pokmon Go

If Pokémon Go is crashing or freezing consistently, you should check that youre running the most up to date version of the app. Newer versions may have fixes for the problems youre experiencing.

Follow the steps below to update Pokémon Go to the latest version.

How to update Pokémon Go

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Open the menu by tapping the hamburger icon in the top left.
  • Tap My apps & games.
  • Tap Update next to Pokémon Go, if available.
  • Fix 2 Force Quit The App And Launch Again Pokmon Go

    • Step 1. Press the Home button two times to enter the multitasking screen.
    • Step 2. Now Swipe the Pokémon Go card upside to force quiet.

    Re-launch again and keep continue. However, it may be panic what we can do in front of the head of this bug.

    In addition, take the Visit of the Pokémon Go issue page to know all about it.

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    Resolve Adventure Sync Not Working On Android By Using This Cheat

    Just like iOS, players can even cheat Pokemon GO Adventure Sync on their Android devices. For doing so, you have to use a professional tool, like DeFit. This amazing tool is officially called the debugger of all fitness applications.

    Instead of spoofing your GPS moves, DeFit will just add activity records to the Pokemon GO account easily. Thus, you will get all the rewards linked to Adventure Sync without walking kilometers. Now, lets go through the stepwise instructions of employing DeFit for adding activity data on Android devices.

    #1: Visit Google Play Store and then download DeFit on your Android device.

    #2: Run the application and log in using the same ID that you used for creating your account on Pokemon GO. And then, from the next tab, drag the tools slider for customizing your activity data. Click the slider for turning on the Sync fitness data feature.

    How To Take A Snapshot In Pokemon Go


    To take an AR snapshot of your favourite Pokemon, you need to follow these simple steps:

    Step 1: Open Pokemon GO on your device.

    Step 2:;Click on;the ‘Pokeball’ icon which appears in the middle;of the display.

    Step 3: Click on the ‘Pokemon’ icon to view your Pokemon collection and select the one you wish to take a snap with.

    Step 4:;Tap the ‘Camera’ button to;load the;AR Snapshot.

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    Step 5:;Move the phone around to find a flat surface where you wish to place your Pokemon.

    Step 6:;Once you have decided where you want to place the Pokemon, you may tap the screen so the;Pokemon can appear.

    Step 7:;Tap your Pokemon once and they;will;strike a pose.;

    You can hit the exit button in the upper-left corner of the screen to view a gallery of all the snapshots taken.

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    Cant Change Your Trainer Name

    If you frequently get errors when trying to change your account name, its because that name is already taken by another Trainer. The game tells you if thats the case.

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    If the game doesnt allow you to change your account name at all, its because you already changed your name too many times. You can only change your Trainer name in;Pokémon GO once.;That said, were hearing a few reports that people can change it more than once. Additionally, theres a scary Pokémon GO glitch after a June update where the game asks you to change your name, and some people lost their account. So, only change your name if YOU want to. If you see that popup just close the game and re-open it later.

    How To Take Snapshot In The Pokemon Go Game

    The Snapshot in Pokemon GO is a feature through which you can use to take the picture of your Pokemon in the real world using the AR Camera of your phone. It is an interesting feature to take the different shots of your Pokemon.

    Here, we have provided the step by step guide to easily take a snapshot in the game. Do not miss any step otherwise you will not be able to take the snapshot properly.

    • Open the Pokemon GO game on your device.
    • Now, you will have to just click the Pokeball icon that appears in the middle of the display of the game.
    • After that, you have to click on the Pokmon icon.
    • Just select the Pokemon to which you want to take snapshots.
    • Now, you will have to tap the Camera button. It will load the AR Snapshot in the game.
    • You will have to now move your phone to place your Pokemon in the real world.
    • Tap your screen. It will place your Pokemon in the real world.
    • Now, you will have to just tap your Pokemon again. It will help it in giving pose.
    • Take snapshots with your Pokemon in the game.

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    Tip 5 Reduce Motion On Iphone

    We all know that games require high-end graphics for smooth gameplay. So, if Pokémon Go freezes when catching Pokémon, it is a sign that you need to tweak the Motion & Graphics in the device.

    Open Settings> Accessibility > Motion > Enable Reduce Motion feature. Once the feature activates, see if the app runs normally or continue having the problem.

    Fix: Pokemon Go Ar Not Working


    Theres no disputing that Pokemon Go is incredibly fun. But the overall experience has been hindered right from the start with a lot of bugs that make it a little less enjoyable.

    Although Niantic has already fixed a lot of issues, users are still reporting problems with the AR mode. The error Were not detecting your phones orientation. Would you like to turn off AR Mode? seems omnipresent and affects both new and old devices.

    This prevents you from playing the game in AR mode which is one of the best features of this game. Luckily, some fixes might help you play in AR mode. Please go through each guide carefully until you find a solution that works for you.

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    Pokmon Go Not Working For You Check Out Common Errors And Fixes

    Pokémon GO;has been released yesterday and is now available to download for Android and iOS. Of course, the game is available in the Play Store in some certain regions only, but that can easily be bypassed by . Thousands of users have already downloaded the game and are playing it, while many people seem to be having some issues. If you still struggling with installation, check out how to install Pokemon GO.

    A lot of players have reported that Pokémon GO;is not working on their smartphone. While many have been able to install the game, they are not able to launch it, and many are not able to install the game itself. ;If you are having such issues, we will be outlining the possible reasons for the Pokémon GO;issues and problems and will be telling you some fixes for it.

    Tip 7 Reset Network Settings

    Another reason why Pokémon Go freezes when catching Pokémon is network instability. The app runs when the network is available and cause issues when the connection isnt stable. So, whether you are using mobile data or Wi-Fi, be sure that everything is working fine.

    If the network is fine, open Settings > General > Reset > and Reset Network Settings.

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    Pokmon Go Performs Slowly And Crashes A Lot

    If Pokémon Go continues to crash while you play it, or it feels slow and laggy when it does run, then make sure you have the latest version of the app installed.

    On both iPhone and Android devices open up the app store you downloaded it from, search for Pokémon Go, and if there’s an update waiting you should see a button to ‘Update’.

    Keeping Pokémon Go updated means you’ll avoid annoying bugs and crashes as the developers of the app continually improve the game.

    A recent update improves load times and increases transfer speeds, which makes Pokémon Go perform much faster. It has also addressed a number of bugs and crashes, so if you’re having problems, make sure you update Pokémon Go first.

    Pokmon Go Won’t Work On My Phone


    Pokémon Go works on a wide range of Android and iPhone devices, but if you have an older device, you might find it does not work.

    If you have an iPhone you need an iPhone 5 or newer, with iOS 8 or above installed.

    If you want to play Pokémon Go on an Android device you need Android 4.4 KitKat or newer installed, and a display resolution of 1280 x 720 or higher.

    If your device doesn’t match those minimum specifications, then you won’t be able to play Pokémon Go. If you really want to play it, then you’ll need to buy a new phone. To help you choose, check out our best phone guide.

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    Pokemon Go Snapshot Not Working Solve It In 2020

    Is Pokemon GO Snapshot not working? Then you are in the right place. We have brought the guide to solve this problem. With the help of this guide, you will be able to again use the Snapshot in the game.

    Your problem of Pokemon GO Snapshot not working as well as all information about Snapshot in the game is given below. It will help you in taking Snapshot easily in the game. Lets explore them without any delay.

    Part 4: Why Adventure Sync Not Working Problem Occurs

    Despite being the remarkable feature of Pokemon GO, most players have reported that this feature does not function properly for their user account. On reading Pokemon GO forums, you will find that that in many cases, Pokemon GO Adventure Sync did not update the tracking details for a week, and thus, it did not reward any credits.

    If you are coming across the Adventure Sync not working issue, then here are some tips for making this feature function again.

    Also, here are the most popular Snake Pokemon characters for your reference.

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    Solved Samsung Galaxy S9+ Pokemon Go Not Working On Mobile Data

    The #Samsung #Galaxy #S9+ is one of the most powerful Android smartphone models available in the market today. Its use of a Snapdragon 845 / Exynos 9810 processor combined with 6GB of RAM allows the device to run multiple apps smoothly. Another key feature of this phone is its use of a dual rear camera system which allows the phone to take high quality photos. Although this is a solid performing phone there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S9+ Pokemon Go not working on mobile data issue and other related problems.

    If you own a Samsung Galaxy S9+ or any other Android device for that matter then feel free to contact us using this form. We will be more than happy to assist you with any concern that you may have with your device. This is a free service we are offering with no strings attached. We however ask that when you do contact us try to be as detailed as possible so that an accurate assessment can be made and the correct solution can be given. ;

    If you would like to browse the previous parts in this series then check out this link. ;

    Pokemon Go Freezes Mid Catch Or Mid Raid

    GPS Signal Not Found Pokemon Go FIX – iOS and Andriod

    The most exciting parts of Pokemon Go are when you’re trying to catch a rare Pokemon, or when you’re in the final stages of battling. It’s also a point that’s prone to failure, because it’s so dependent on a good connection to the server.

    Often the app becomes unresponsive when catching a Pokemon because of server connection issues. If the app stops responding – your Poke Ball isn’t moving and there’s no longer a symbol telling you it’s trying to connect – you’ll have to restart the app as in point 1. If you’re lucky, the Pokemon you were trying to catch might still be there.;

    The same applies to battles. We’ve lost battles for the same reason, having to wait for the server to connect. You can also try turning off the data connection and back on again, to see if that jolts it back into life. Again, in battles, it’s worth turning off AR, because it just slows things down.

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    Pokemon Go Does Not Detect Camera Orientation Or Ar Mode

    If you are an Android user, and facing this problem, you need to head to the;camera permissions for Pokemon GO app and grant all the required permissions. Go to your phone Settings >;Applications. Search for the Pokemon GO app; open it and;click;on the ‘Permissions’ option to open ‘App Permissions’. Now, grant access to your phone camera by simply turning it;ON. This will likely fix the issue.

    For iOS users, the issue is mostly with the;Pokemon GO camera orientation. The issue essentially crops up when you update;the device to iOS 10 Beta 2. So, to resolve the issue, the recommended fix is to simply;downgrade to the earlier version which should resolve;the problem.

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    Image credits: iMore

    Pokmon Go Trainer Isnt Moving

    If the trainer is not moving, first try to access the menu by tapping on the Poke Ball, and if the menu cant open it means the app crashed. You will have to restart the game.

    • Android tap on the Recent apps icon, find the app, and tap on X to close the app.
    • iPhone tap on the Home button twice and you will get a preview of the apps you have been using. Swipe left or right and once you find;Pokémon, swipe up to close it.

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    Leave The App And Come Back

    A quick fix that generally solves the issue with your Pokemon Go character not moving is to close the app and then reopening it again.;This will;reconnect to Niantics servers and get back to the game.

  • Press the Home button.
  • Then Double-press;the Home button;to view;the multitasking screen.
  • Change to the;Pokémon Go card.
  • Select the Pokémon Go card to reenter the app.
  • Common Pokmon Go Problems And How To Fix Them


    Pokémon Go is a lot of fun… when it works. To the game’s credit, every update brings fixes to existing problems. To the game’s detriment, every update also brings new bugs, issues, and other frustrations. These bugs run the gamut from GPS and networking errors to failure, to log in or populate, to freezes and crashes to, yes, minor text that requires fixing. While we’re waiting on the next round of updates, here’s some fixes you can try on your own!

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    How To Fix Pokemon Go Not Responding

    David Williams I am a true junkie for everything tech. My current arsenal includes an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, iPhone Xs, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Chromebook, iMac, and Dell XPS 13. Read more July 12, 2016

    For those that have started playing Pokemon Go, you may notice that Pokemon Go not responding after it was;working fine before. There could be several different reasons why Pokemon Go is not responding;on your iPhone, Samsung or other Android smartphone. Below well explain how you can fix Pokemon Go not responding;when playing the game. A common reason for this is because players in the;United States, Canada, UK, Australia and other parts of the world are all playing;Pokemon Go iOS and Pokemon Go Android at the same time, which can cause some problems.

    Solution 2: Switch Off The Battery Saver Mode On Your Device

    • Open the devices notifications and then select Turn off Battery Saver.
    • Reconfirm your action by going to the menu Power Saver. If your phone supports, then exempt the Pokemon GO game and health apps like Apple Health and Google Fit from optimization.
    • Remember that the Adventure Sync feature does not get affected by the battery saver mode.

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    Turn On Automatic Time

    Most of the users that have been encountering this particular issue have reported that they managed to fix the issue by enabling Automatic Time in their phones settings. This fix has been reported to be effective for a lot of users that were unable to attack once the PvP match started.

    Heres a quick guide on how to do this:

  • Make sure the Pokemon Go app is closed completely on your Android device.
  • Go to Settings > Date & time and look for an option named;Automatic date & time.; Once you see it,; switch the toggle associated with it so that its enabled. If this option is already turned on, disable it, restart your phone and enable it again. Enabling Automatic date & time

    Note:;Keep in mind that this option will be different depending on your Android manufacturer.

  • Restart your phone.

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