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How To Mega Evolve Beedrill In Pokemon Go

Primal Reversion In Pokmon Go


In addition to the 46 Pokémon capable of Mega Evolving, the Legendary Pokémon Kyogre and Groudon have forms that are similar to Mega Evolution. These forms, called Primal Reversion, use orbs instead of Mega Stones and don’t require the Key Stone. Otherwise, the process is very similar. Although neither have been introduced yet, dataminers have found evidence that Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon are coming soon.

Pokemon Go Mega Slowbro Counters How To Defeat Them In Raids

These Pokemon Go Mega Slowbro Counters will help with the new raid appearing as the Season of Mischief begins. The Pokemon Go Water and Psychic-type from the Kanto region received a Mega Evolution in Generation 6 and it made this derpy Pokemon into a certified tank on the battlefield.

In Pokemon Go, however, Mega Slowbro gives trainers another Water-type Mega Evolution option and is currently the mobile games only Psychic-type Mega Evolution. Battling and defeating Mega Slowbro will earn trainers Pokemon Go Mega Energy that can be used to evolve their Pokemon temporarily for specific battles. And Mega Slowbro would make a great addition to anyones team, so if youre looking to do just that heres a guide on the best counters for this Mega Pokemon and what moves you can expect when going into battle.

‘a Mega Discovery’ Quest Steps In Pokmon Go

Below you’ll find all the steps and confirmed rewards for A Mega Discovery. Be warned – this section does contain spoilers for both the tasks and rewards for this Special Research, so, if you don’t want to know, we suggest skipping this section.

Thank you to mrmousepad from reddit for the help with this information.

‘A Mega Discovery’ Step 1 of 4

  • Send 3 Gifts to Friends – x10 PokéBalls
  • Earn a Candy walking with your Buddy – x10 Super Potions
  • Catch 15 Pokémon – x25 Beedrill Mega Energy

Rewards: 5,000 XP, x3 Rare Candy and Weedle encounter

‘A Mega Discovery’ Step 2 of 4

  • Power up Pokémon 5 times – x20 Weedle Candy
  • Evolve 1 Weedle – x2,000 Stardust
  • Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts – x1 Premium Raid Pass

Rewards: 5,000 XP, x1 Charge TM and x100 Beedrill Mega Energy

‘A Mega Discovery’ Step 3 of 4

  • Win a raid – x6 Revives
  • Battle in a Mega Raid – x2 Silver Pinap Berry
  • Catch 10 Pokémon – x6 Hyper Potions

Rewards: 5,000 XP, x3 Rare Candy and x25 Beedrill Mega Energy

‘A Mega Discovery’ Step 4 of 4

  • Claim reward – 1,500 Stardust

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Tips Voor Het Voltooien Van ‘a Mega Discovery’ In Pokmon Go

Hier zijn wat tips om je op weg te helpen tijdens het voltooien van A Mega Discovery in Pokémon Go:

  • Transfer de Weedle die je krijgt niet, of je zou A Mega Discovery wel eens heel moeilijk kunnen maken voor jezelf.
  • Houd de lucht in de gaten voor een Team Go Rocket Balloon als je moeite hebt met het vinden van een invaded PokéStop.
  • Met Incense lok je Pokémon naar je locatie, waardoor een aantal challenges erg gemakkelijk worden.
  • Vergeet niet dat je dankzij Remote Raiding van thuis uit meek an doen aan raids. Je hoeft dus niet meer rond te lopen om een specifieke raid te vinden.
  • Vergeet zeker niet eens de Mega Pokédex te bekijken als je A Mega Discovery voltooid hebt.

Hopelijk heb je nu de basis van Mega Evolutions onder de knie. Veel succes met het voltooien van A Mega Discovery!

Wil je meer weten? Start dan eens bij onze Pokémon Go tips en tricks – de grote gids voor meer tips.


The Rules Of Mega Evolution

Full A Mega Discovery Special Research Questline For ...

When mega evolving Pokémon, remember that:

  • You can only have 1 mega evolved Pokémon at a time. If you have a mega evolution already and you mega evolve another Pokémon, your first mega evolution will devolve and youll need to collect mega energy to mega evolve it again
  • You cannot mega evolve shadow or clone Pokémon
  • You can mega evolve purified Pokémon, but they wont have a swirly white aura when mega evolved
  • You cannot use a mega evolved Pokémon to defend a gym
  • Mega Pokémon cant be used in the GO Battle League

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Niantic Is Also Changing The Way Raids Work

Fortyseven CommunicationsA Mega Raid Battle featuring Mega Blastoise as a Raid Boss.

Slemon said that the Raids in Pokemon GO will Mega Evolve along with the Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is going to start rewarding faster clear times with more rewards. Slemon said that they wanted the game to acknowledge players getting better at clearing the Raids. The speed bonus will replace the team contribution bonus going forward according to an email sent to Heavy.

Niantic is also going to remove the two- and four-star Raid Battles. What theyre going to do is keep the difficulty level for one- and three-star Raids the same but give them the rewards of two- and four-star Raids respectively.

Slemon said that they made the decision based not only on what Raids the players were playing the most but how they thought about them. He said that a one-star Raid is something you can complete no matter what your level is or how many players you have. A three-star Raid is something you can solo only if youve put effort into your Pokemon and use bonuses to your advantages or if you have a couple of friends to help you out.

Slemon said that if players really miss two- or four-star Raids then theyll definitely consider finding a way to bring them back and make them work.

Warner added that when incorporating mechanics from the core Pokemon games, Niantic wants to focus on the aspects that make Pokemon GO special.

How Mega Evolutions Work

When you mega evolve a Pokémon, it becomes temporarily more powerful and gets a range of bonuses.

You can see which Pokémon can mega evolve by selecting them in your Pokémon storage.

If you see a Mega evolve button and Mega energy beside its candy indicator, you can mega evolve that Pokémon.

All Pokémon that can mega evolve are the final form of a Pokémon species. So while you can mega evolve Blastoise or Charizard, you cant do the same for Wartortle or Charmeleon.

For hardcore collectors, the main reason to get mega evolved Pokémon is that they appear permanently in your Mega Pokédex.

But, on the downside, your mega evolved Pokémon will only stay in its brawny new form for 8 hours. After that, it devolves into its original form.

To see how much time your mega evolution has left, look for the timer counting down on the right-hand side of the map screen.

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Pokmon Go Is Adding A Whole New Dimension To The Game By Adding Mega Evolution Forms Starting With Venusaur Charizard Blastoise And Beedrill


Popular AR game Pokémon GO continues to have a solid fan following and is now receiving a new update that adds Mega Evolutions. Most Pokémon fans should have a fair idea about Mega Evolution that was introduced to the Pokémon series starting with Pokémon X and Y and later on Sun and Moon. With this addition, players can have powerful evolved forms of certain Pokémon in the game.

In the original series, these Pokémon could achieve Mega Evolution or a more powerful form for a temporary period during battle by using the Mega Stone. However, things are a little different when it comes to Pokémon GO. Players can Mega Evolve these using a new addition to the game called Mega Energy that can be collected by battling Mega Evolved Pokémon in raids. The faster you defeat the raid boss, the more Mega Energy you get, so make sure you battle with a large group. As of now the only Mega Evolved Pokémon that you can find in Mega Raids are Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise.

You can also collect Mega Energy for Beedrill via a new Special Research under the “A Mega Discovery” quest. By completing certain tasks you can learn more about Mega Evolution and earn Beedrill Mega Energy, which will allow you to Mega Evolve your Beedrill. This essentially means that a total of four Pokémon are eligible for Mega Evolution. However, there are a lot more that have a Mega Evolution form and we might see them being added in the future. Here is a list of all Pokémon that can Mega Evolve:

Pokemon Go Mega Beedrill Raid Counters And How To Defeat Them

Mega Evolve ANY Beedrill to Level 44 in Pokemon GO | Cresselia Raid Duo | Mega Beedrill Event Guide

If want Pokemon Go Mega Beedrill raid counters then we have all the info you need to defeat them. When Mega Evolution was introduced in Pokemon Go in 2020, Mega Beedrill was one of the first to be added to the mobile game. Beedrill, the Bug and Poison-type from the Kanto region is not thought of as a powerful Pokemon on its own but once it undergoes Mega Evolution it can be a deadly partner.

Mega Beedrill will only appear in Mega Raids in Pokemon GO, which shifts constantly. Be sure to follow the official Pokemon GO social media channels to know which Mega Pokemon are appearing at any given time. For Mega Beedrill, it returns to Mega Raids at the start of Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock Part 3. 

If youre looking to gain Pokemon Mega Energy, here is everything you need to know about Mega Beedrill and the best Pokemon to use against it in battle. 

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Which Mega Evolutions Are Currently Available In Pokmon Go

While a number of Mega Evolutions have released in Pokémon Go, they are not all available at the same time. This means that, if you wish to complete your Mega Pokédex, you need to keep a close eye on exactly which Mega Pokémon are currently appearing in Mega Raids. If not, you risk having to wait for their reappearance.

Throughout the Season of Discovery, there will only be one Mega Evolution available in Mega Raids at one specific time. This makes it the perfect opportunity to focus on gathering candy for that evolution and adding new entries to your Mega Pokédex.

Currently, the Mega Evolution available in Mega Raids in Mega Pidgeot.

Pokemon Go Mega Beedrill Moveset

Like many other Raid Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Mega Beedrill has just two Fast Attacks that it will mainly use in battles. Poison Jab is a powerful Poison-type attack, but trainers who bring Rock types like Rampardos and Rhyperior wont be hurt by it too much. Infestation is Mega Beedrills other Fast Attack option and is a Bug-type move. As mentioned above, any Psychic types trainers bring into this battle will want to be aware of it but Flying and Fire types wont have any problems. 

As for its Charged Attacks, Fell Stinger and X-Scissor – two of Mega Beedrills four secondary moves – are Bug so Psychic types beware. Sludge Bomb is a Poison-type move so Rock types wont have a problem with it. The wildcard move Mega Beedrill can have is Aerial Ace, a Flying-type attack. Rock types are also resistant to this attack.

Here are the attack combinations Mega Beedrill could have in Pokemon GO Raids. 

Pokemon GO Mega Beedrill Moveset

Fast Attack

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The Concept Of Mega Evolution

The concept of Mega Evolution was first introduced in PokémonX &Y as a completely new form of evolution in the franchise, allowing the highest evolution of a Pokémon to transform into an even stronger form. It was available in Generation VI and Generation VII games, but it wasnt included in Generation VIII games. Since being a part of the main series of games, it has been added to other Pokémon games as well.

It is said that Korrina, the Gym leader of Shalour City, knows the secrets of Mega Evolution, although the whole concept is never completely explained. What is known is that you need a special Mega Stone to achieve a Mega Evolution, and it has been theorised that there needs to be a strong bond between a Pokémon and its trainer in order to do it; this, on the other hand, doesnt explain how wild Pokémon managed to Mega evolve, as it is said that Rayquaza, a legendary Pokémon from Generation III, was the first Pokémon to Mega evolve .

Rayquaza is considered to be the first Pokémonto have Mega evolved

Mega Evolution is not a widely spread concept available to all Pokémon. As of August 2020, only 46 Pokémon can Mega evolve, with there being 48 different Mega forms . A Mega Pokémon is called Mega and along with a visual change, it also receives a significant power boost.

These are the Pokémon that currently have a Mega form in the franchise:

The Future Of Mega Evolution

Mega Beedrill by nganlamsong on DeviantArt

The future of mega evolution is exciting.

The core Pokémon console games feature 46 species of Pokémon that can mega evolve, so there are plenty more to make their GO debut.

Powerful fighters that may get a future Pokémon GO mega evolution include Metagross, Rayquaza, Garchomp, Aggron, Tyranitar, Salamance and many others.

Well keep you updated on all future mega evolution developments. But, for now, leave a comment and let us know if weve missed anything in our mega masterclass.

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Mega Beedrill Raid Guide

Mega Beedrill is currently a Boss in Mega Raids and has 49,724 CP.

Defeating Mega Beedrill in a Mega Raid requires around 6+ players, and will become easier the more players you have. It is not believed to be possible to solo this raid, but it can be defeated with 2 near-max level players each with a nearly perfect set of counter Pokémon.

How Mega Evolution Works In Pokemon Go

Niantic has done a bit of a press tour ahead of tomorrows update, so we have a good idea of the general gameplay loop for Mega Evolution. We dont have the specific numbers yet, but well all know once the new feature is live. In the meantime, what we do know is that Mega Evolution will be a temporary transformation, fueled by a collectible resource called Mega Energy.

While the datamine leak suggested it could be universal, Niantic has confirmed that Mega Energy will be Pokemon-specific. For example, when you go through the tutorial research quests tomorrow, youll receive Mega Energy for Beedrill, one of the four included in the initial roll out. Once you collect enough Mega Energy, youll be able to check out what Mega Beedrill is capable of. But you wont have to grind the same amount every time. After the initial Mega Evolution, which will be more demanding, the requirement for subsequent transformations will drop significantly. The main hurdle will be getting to the first time, and getting the Pokemon added to the Mega Evolution Pokedex. 

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Which Pokmon Gets Mega Energy

You can Mega Evolve any of your Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, and Beedrill once you have enough of their corresponding Mega Energy!

Players can Mega evolve these Pokemon as long as they have an ample number of their respective Mega Energy.

  • Venusaur
  • Manectric
  • Lopunny

Every Mega evolved Pokemon is the final form of that species. Therefore, you may mega evolve Charizard or Blastoise but the same does not apply to Charmeleon or Wartortle.

The main reason for hardcore collectors to get mega evolved Pokemon is they can stay permanently in their Mega Pokédex.

Mega Evolving Your Pokmon

HOW TO *MEGA EVOLVE* Your Pokémon in Pokémon GO! (MEGA Guide)

To Mega Evolve a Pokémon, you have to use Mega Energy. This is a personalised thing just like Candy that can be used to Mega Evolve Pokémon. While the initial cost is high, once you have Mega Evolved that specific Pokémon, the cost will be reduced

The cost also varies by species making the scenario different for each Pokémon:

Pokémon 40 Mega Energy

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Pokmon Go: Everything You Need To Know About Mega Evolution

Pokémon Go finally has Mega Evolution and Mega Raids and it is a game changer! While there is a lot to this new mechanic, we here at iMore have everything you need to know about Mega Evolution in Pokémon Go! And be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories, so you can be fully equipped on your Pokémon Journey!

How Many Trainers Are Needed

Mega Beedrill can be defeated with two trainers, but if you cannot guarantee the top counters with maxed-out CP and the best moves, your best bet is to make sure you have three or more players.

Using the Circle Lock Technique to guarantee Great or Excellent throws, along with Golden Razz Berries, is the best way to catch Pokémon. However, I personally suggest trying Pinap Berries for the first few throws, as you can multiply the already increased number of Candies that an evolved Pokémon like this will yield.

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Mega Evolution Will Add A New Twist To Raid Battles

Fortyseven CommunicationsPlayers fighting in a Mega Raid Battle.

Mega Evolution basically allows your Pokemon to evolve one additional time temporarily.

Mega Evolution was introduced to the core Pokemon games with the release of Pokemon X and Y in 2013. In the core Pokemon games, you had to make your Pokemon hold a special, Pokemon-specific Held Item known as a Mega Stone so they can transform in battle. Mega Evolving not only changed the appearance of the Pokemon but could also upgrade their stats, change their abilities and even change their types. Mega Evolution was seen in other Pokemon titles from both the core series and spin-offs: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon: Lets Go, Pikachu! and Lets Go, Eevee!, Pokken Tournament, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Rumble World, Pokemon Picross and Pokemon Masters according to Bulbapedia. However, the new generations of the core Pokemon titles from Pokemon Sun and Moon onward didnt include the mechanic, opting instead to put the spotlight on new gimmicks: Z-Moves for Pokemon Sun and Moon and Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing for Pokemon Sword and Shield.


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