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How To Reset Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee

Pokemon Lets Go Shiny Guide

How to restart your save file in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

You may have entire teams of Level 100, max IV monsters in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee, but are they shiny? If not, why not?

Shiny Pokemon are just like their regular counterparts except theyre, well, shiny. Rather than taking on a metallic glint, these special Pokemon are color-swapped. For instance, a shiny Cubone is green. Green isnt exactly shiny, but green Cubone is still shiny Cubone. These creatures are rarer – and so far more coveted.

Anyway, Pokemon Lets Go has completely reinvented shiny hunting because the game actually addresses it as a thing. The Shiny Charm that the Game Director in Celadon City gives you after you complete the Pokedex attests to this – it is designed to increase your chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon in the wild.

While shinies have always been available, Nintendo has finally decided to come out and say, Heres a thing for you shiny hunters. However, the Shiny Charm isnt the only thing you can use to better your chances of encountering shinies.

Here are some of the best techniques for catching shinies in Pokemon Lets Go:

How To Rebattle Gym Leaders In Pokemon Lets Go

In order to make use of the Pokemon Lets Go rebattle Gym Leaders feature, you first have to defeat the Elite Four. There are tons of post-game features that you can read about in our Pokemon Lets Go post-game guide, but in order to rebattle Gym Leaders in Pokemon Lets Go, there are specific things you need to do.

First of all, there is no way to battle Gym Leaders again before becoming the Pokemon League Champion. Although this would make training a whole lot easier, it simply isnt an option. Secondly, you can battle every single Gym Leader again, but only once a day. Each Gym Leader will express interest in training with you now that youre the Champion, but they also have a Gym to run and their Pokemon can only faint so many times if thats to happen.

Rebattling Gym Leaders is a good way to level your Pokemon up after they hit the level 60/70 plateau. Its also a great way to make money, as defeating all eight Gym Leaders in a day will net you around $100,000. That way, you can really stock up on Lures and Ultra Balls.

So, now you know how to battle Gym Leaders again in Pokemon Lets Gosimply pay them a visit in the post-game. However, what do their new teams look like? Heres a list of all the post-game Gym Leader teams in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee, plus a glimpse at each of their relevant levels and movesets.

Shiny Hunting In Let Go Pikachu/eevee

General Information

LGPE are the first main series titles to make an appearance on the Nintendo Switch. Instead of encountering Pokémon in the grass, LGPE have the wild Pokémon running loose on the Overworld! Wild Pokémon spawn out of the grass/water or in the sky and will remain on the Overworld for roughly 20-25 seconds before despawning. Some lower-leveled common Pokémon will stay for about 1-2 minutes, but I wouldnt test your luck. LGPE does the shiny roll differently than the other games. Instead of rolling as you encounter a Pokémon, the game does the roll a few seconds before the Pokémon spawns.

If you get a shiny roll, the shiny will appear on the Overworld in their shiny colors and surrounded by a set of shiny sparkles. These sparkles are different from the red and blue auras that will surround large and small Pokémon that give you a catch bonus when captured. Please keep in mind that a Pokémon can be shiny and also have a size aura around it, thus hiding the sparkles a bit. Shiny Pokémon still have the same despawn time as every other Pokémon in the game. If youre not careful, you could lose yourself a shiny.

Getting Supplies Ready

This last part is completely optional. The Player 2 option in the game lets you play with someone else while catching Pokémon. If you both throw a Pokéball in sync, you have an increased catch rate. You can control both joycons yourself to catch Pokémon for that boost.

Shiny Hunting Methods

1. Just Waiting Around

3. Route Resetting

Pokmon: Let’s Go Eevee 08/27/2021

Lets handle these last gym leaders and hunt for Shiny Vulpix

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Pokmon: Let’s Go Pikachu And Let’s Go Eevee

Pokémon Let
English boxart of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!
Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!
English boxart of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!
Japanese boxart of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!
Japanese boxart of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! are the third and final pair of core series games of Generation VII. They are remakes of the 1998 Generation I game Pokémon Yellow. The games were released on the Nintendo Switch. The games take place in the Kantoregion, and are the second of two remakes taking place in Kanto, following Generation III games Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen in 2004.

The games were announced worldwide on May 30, 2018, at the Pokémon 2018 Video Game Press Conference in Tokyo, Japan. The paired versions were released worldwide on November 16, 2018. All copies of the game are playable in nine languages: Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Using Lures To Boost Shiny Spawn Chances

Lures are something that people use wrong all the time. Think of Pokemon Go: your drop a Lure at a PokeStop and wait for the Pokemon to come to you, dont you? Running around like a maniac just uses up the Lure. While youll encounter more Pokemon in a shorter period of time, youll burn through Lures like someone addicted to grapes burns through pants. Also, lots of Pokemon will spawn behind you after your trailblazing trajectory has already left them for dust. What if theyre your shiny?

Drop a Lure and be patient. If youre in a confined area like a cave, only move to dodge Pokemon that are annoying you. As well as being an effective shiny hunting method, this will teach you patience.The exceptions to this are surfing and flying. Unless you find a nice, narrow cove then youre better off actually moving with your lure on. The whole body of water is a spawn area, unlike patches of grass that are located beside paths. Youll find loads more Pokemon this way. Well worth the Lure. When youre flying, you can actually do some interesting things in relation to what Im about to get to next.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Let’s Go Eevee Gym Leaders

Our Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee Gym Leaders guide gives you all the information and strategy tips you need to defeat all 8 gym leaders in the Kanto region. It includes detailed information on a Gym Leader’s team and strategy on how to defeat them. If you’re looking for information on how to reach any of the eight gyms in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee or how to complete the puzzles in these gyms, check out our Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee Walkthrough.

Using The Shiny Charm In Pokemon Let’s Go

After you complete your Pokedex you can visit the Game Director in Celadon City. Theres a man with a buff Poliwrath standing outside the building youre looking for. Head in and youll find a floor with the in-game Game Freak team. The Director is wearing casual clothes because hes a proper dude.

Chat to him and hell commend you for catching em all. Hell give you a neat certificate and the Shiny Charm, which you never have to do anything with. Just keep it in your bag and it will work on its own, increasing the odds of encountering a shiny from 1 in 4,096 to 1 in 1,365. Dont sell it or its gone. Selling it would be very silly. I was only checking to see how much it was worth, alright?

Shiny Hunting With Max Odds In Pokemon Let’s Go

How to Soft Reset Legends in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee! How to Shiny Hunt Legendary Pokemon

Now that you have your 31x combo and a shiny Magikarp, its time to go shiny hunting for real. If youre in a cave or youre surfing, just do whats already mentioned above. If youre flying or hunting in long grass, though, this is what you should do.

After you beat the Elite Four, youll unlock a new flying ability for Aerodactyl, Charizard, and Dragonite. Instead of hovering just above the ground, theyll take to the skies above and grant you a birds-eye view of the grass below. Hover over the long grass and wait for four or five Pokemon to spawn. No shinies? Go off-screen, preferably to a fresh patch, and wait a few seconds. Four or five Pokemon should spawn. Still no shinies? Go back to the first patch, where all of the Pokemon will have de-spawned, allowing yet another four or five to spawn.

Rinsing and repeating this allows you to encounter lots of Pokemon without using up your Lure in seven seconds, as youre not actually moving that much. This is the absolute best way of shiny hunting, as it is quick, cost-effective, and not half as soul-destroying as falling asleep from watching the same screen for two hours.

Last night, I caught 31 Cubones, then ran into a cheeky green bonehead, caught him, then flew to Celadon for the craic. Two minutes later, I ran into a Ponyta with a mane of blue flames. Caught that, too. Now I have a green Marowak and a massive horse covered in blue fire. Its brilliant.

How To Connect Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee With Pokemon Go Account

To connect Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee with your Pokemon Go account, there are two methods you can use. The first method to connect the two is through Pokemon Go. To do so, first tap on the Pokeball icon in the bottom middle of the screen. Then, go to Settings . From there, scroll through and tap on Nintendo Switch. Find the option Connect to Nintendo Switch, and tap to select it.

The second way to connect Pokemon Lets Go and Pokemon Go is through Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee. First off, press X to bring up the Menu screen, then hit Y to go into Settings. Scroll through the options, and select Pokemon Go. When the game asks you to confirm you want to connect the two, select Yes. Youll then have to verify your Pokemon Go account information. When you do that, hit Yes again, and you should be good to go.

How To Do This

In the main story after completing all the elements of the plot’s beginning, you take the train to Wedgehurst with Hop. Your new direction is Motostoke, but your train will soon be stopped by a lot of Wooloo.

You will then land at the Station Trail as shown on our map below. In this station, just outside the train, there are two children and their father sitting on a bench in front of them.

Talk to the children. One gives an Eevee and the other a Pikachu, depending on the backup on your console.

Building Catch Combos To Boost Shiny Encounter Rates

Catch combos are a new feature in Pokemon Lets Go that reward you for monotonously catching the same Pokemon over and over again. For instance, if you catch 10 lovely Magikarps in a row, youll have a 10 Magikarp combo. The good thing about this is that catch combos actually serve a purpose. We’ve got a full page all about catch combos and how they work.

The odds of encountering a shiny increase at combos of 11x, 21x, and 31x, with the last one increasing the odds of encountering a shiny to roughly 1 in 273 if used with the methods mentioned above. Lots of people are going for catch combos of 150+, but thats a bit pointless, really, because the odds increase caps at 31x.

I could send you on your way now that you have the information required for maximum shiny odds, but Im going to provide an example I used last night that netted me two shinies within four minutes of achieving max odds. Any combo works for all Pokemon. What I mean is, if youre on a 31x catch combo of Pidgeys, you still have a 1 in 273 chance of encountering a shiny Dragonite. With that in mind, dont waste a million Ultra Balls on things that are hard to catch.

Combos only reset if the Pokemon runs away, you catch a different Pokemon, or you turn the game off . Running into other Pokemon is fine once you dont catch them and you can leave the map as often as you like. Trainer battles also have no impact on the combo, so battle to your hearts content.

Benefits Of Catch Combos

Pokemon: Let

As your Catch Combo increases, youll start to receive various benefitssome obvious, some less so. The higher your Catch Combo

  • The higher the experience multiplier for catching a Pokémon. This is listed as Combo Bonus in the rewards screen.
  • The better the items youll earn for catching a Pokémon .
  • The more perfect IVs the caught Pokémon will have.
  • The more likely rare spawns will appear in your current area.
  • The greater the chance of finding Shiny Pokémon.
  • The table below quantifies the aforementioned benefits.

    Catch Combo

    ‘pokmon Let’s Go’ Training Guide: Cp Natures Evs Ivs And More Explained

    GamingPokemon Let’s GoPokemon Let’s Go Guides

    Training a team of Pokémon can be difficult and time-consuming. And while Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee does away with some battling aspects, the training part largely remains the same.

    In fact, Let’s Go makes it a little easier to train Pokémon and build a competitive team, despite not having breeding. Other features introduced in Let’s Go can help trainers determine a Pokémon’s Nature, IVs and even EVs.

    Here’s an explainer of certain Pokémon stats and how to determine them in Let’s Go.


    In Pokémon Go, CP was introduced as a way for players to determine if a Pokémon has good stats or not. Before the arrival of the Appraisal feature and IVs, CP was the one stat that Pokémon Go players could rely on, but it’s become more muddied in the new Switch games.

    In Let’s Go, CP seemingly has less bearing on a Pokémon’s stats than in Pokémon Go . While it’s still a good visual for determining a Pokémon’s strengths, the implementation of Natures CP is less reliable of a stat. In fact, it’s less of a stat and more of a representation of a Pokémon’s strength.

    Natures, IVs and EVs are better ways to determine a Pokémon’s strengths.


    Natures are very important in the development of a Pokémon, and are the easiest to determine. A Pokémon’s Nature determines which stat grows faster slower than normal.

    Here’s each color and the stat it represents:

    Red – Attack

    Pink – Speed


    11 – 20 = 2

    110 + = 6

    Receive Outfit From Friends Older Sister

    Before you leave Pallet Town, you will receive some Pokemon clothing from your Friends older sister.

    To unlock the ability to put clothing on your Pokemon you must first playthrough the opening of the game. Once youve delivered the Parcel to Dr Oak, you can leave Pallet Town through the north exit. When you do this you will see a person standing by the exit. This person is your friends older sister. She will stop you and give you the Sportswear outfit. This unlocks the ability to equip outfits on your Pikachu/Eevee.

    Defeat The Elite Four & Rival Again

    You can fight against the Elite Four and former Pokemon League Champion again after you beat the game. You can still find them at Indigo Plateau.

    Elite Four & Rival Will Have Higher Level Pokemon

    The Elite Four & Rival will have Pokemon that are at a higher level . The Elite Four will also have Alolan Pokemon in their roster.

    Battle Jesse & James Again

    Tutorial: Reset, Restart, and Delete Save Data on Nintendo Switch (Pokemon Let’s Go) Eevee/Pikachu

    You can meet Jesse & James in Route 17 after you’ve beaten the game. Talking to them will let you challenge them into a Pokemon battle once more!

    Receive Blast-Off Set After Winning

    You can get the Jesse & James Team Rocket outfit when you defeat them in Route 17. Be sure to answer “Well…” when they ask you to join Team Rocket!

    Stroll With Pokemon In Poke Ball Plus

    If you go for a stroll with a Pokemon in your Poke Ball Plus, you’ll receive massive amounts of Exp. plus tons of different candies.

    How To Use Poke Ball Plus

    Open “Save” from the menu and choose “Take Pokemon For A Stroll”. Connect your Poke Ball Plus to your Switch & then choose the Pokemon you want to put inside the Poke Ball Plus.


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