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What Your Favorite Pokemon Says About You

Jim Norman Staff Writer

What your favorite Legendary Pokemon says about you!

Image: The Pokémon Company

Picking my favourite Pokémon is like choosing between my children, its simply not fair. The only way that I could think about this logically was to divide my calculations into two camps: starters and others.

My favourite starter is simple as, much like everyone else, it comes down to the first one I ever picked. That leads me to Mudkip. Hes my best friend, hes my pal, hes my homeboy, my rotten soldier, my sweet cheese, my good time boy. Hes the answer that I come back to time and again in response to this question because of the sheer number of hours that I have spent with that little guy. Hes also the first Pokémon that I ever maxed out, and our Hydro Pump was a force to be reckoned with.

However, its not fair to think “favourite Pokémon” and instantly go to the main players. What about all those other guys that have to strive hard for a spot in the starting line-up? Thats where my complete adoration of Axew comes in. I mean, hes a dinosaur who sounds like a sneeze whats not to love? Its true, hes a more recent addition to the franchise, but I just love how the little fella grows up to pack some monster punches Laser Focus and Giga Impact? Thats a big combination for one who once seemed so cute.

Cuteness leads me down a whole different path, but I can settle on my flipper and dino boys until then.

Analysis: Jim enjoyed What We Do In The Shadows. He also enjoys the combo of cute-but deadly.

I Choose You Squirtle

Squirtle is a little bit edge, and so are you.

If Squirtle is the Pokémon for you, you might be tatted up. But you are definitely into tattoos on other people: your significant other, your barista, your rock star of choice. And while were on the topic of music, lets be honest, its Saves the Day, all day, every day, for the rest of the days that exist. That emo stuff is just your total A+ jam. Maybe youre afraid to admit it. Maybe youre not. But New Found Glory MOVED you. You are probably a skater, a surfer, or a snowboarder. In high school, you were the kid who smoked weed beneath the bleachers at the pep rally. In college, if you bothered to go, you worked at the coffee shop and hated everyone.

Lets get into this thing called life, okay?

Sophocles: You Follow Your Own Path

Sophocles is a sweet and intelligent young boy and one of Ash’s classmates in Alola. He has a passion for inventing helpful devices and spends much of his time focused on them. He gets so caught up in his inventions that he can often come across as rude or unfriendly. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A Trainer of Electric-type Pokémon, Sophocles is wise beyond his years. He enjoys collecting useless trivia and has a passion for knowledge. He likes what he likes and doesn’t care about what others think of it.

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Pokmon: What Your Favorite Type Says About You

With so many Pokemon out there, and so many types to choose from, players are bound to pick favorites. What does that say about them?

To date, there are 898 creatures to catch in the Pokemon franchise, and all 898 are divided by types. Anyone whos ever played a Pokemon game knows how important it is to understand how these types work.

However, its inevitable that at some point, players will develop favorite types, and the results are fairly interesting. Everyones favorite seems to say something about them what does that say about them?

Gotta Catch Em All Or At Least The Cute Ones

What Your Pokémon Pick Says About You

With the announcement of the revamp and release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in a few months I thought I would take a journey down Pokemon memory lane. You can view a full list of all Pokemon on Bulbapedia. As in all things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have a special love for all the gen 1 Pokemon and I dont have a single Pokemon listed from Gen 2 and only one from Gen 3. So which Pokemon are the cutest of all time?

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Goh: You’re Not Afraid Of Dreaming Big

Ash’s most recent companion is Goh, a young Trainer from Vermilion City whose goal is to catch Mew. Furthermore, his dream is to fulfill the franchise’s tagline, meaning he wants to capture every Pokémon. And considering there are currently 898 species, that’s an ambitious dream if there ever was one.

Still, he isn’t afraid of the challenge. As of the last Journeys episode, Goh has 87 different species, meaning he already caught almost 10% of all Pokémon. There’s still a long way to go, but if he already has 87 Pokémon at the age of ten, nothing is preventing him from achieving his dream.

Pokmon: What Your Favorite Creature Says About You

There is a Pokémon that is perfectly suited to every fans taste, but what does your favorite Pokémon say about you as a person?

Each Pokémon has a wild and unique personality. But what personality is your favorite? And what does it say about you?

Not one teen or adult hasnt heard about Pokémon. Many have built their lives on collecting the cards, playing the games, and watching the anime. And with the release of Pokémon Snap and the continuing success of the anime, it seems like this franchise is never going to end! Not that anyone is complaining.

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Ultimately, one of the main reasons for the animes success is its adorable and memorable Pokémon. They all have such individual personalities and are unbelievably cute, so it just becomes a given that everyone has their favorite. So, lets see what your favorite Pokémon says about you.

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Misty: You’re Not Afraid To Speak Your Mind

Misty is possibly Ash’s most explosive companion. She has her own way of seeing things and has passionate reactions when something annoys or displeases her. Picky, sensitive, and sometimes grumpy, she always speaks her mind to the point where she can come across as intense or overbearing. She strongly dislikes Bug-type Pokémon and isn’t afraid to vocally express her reservations.

Misty’s fiery personality stands out when someone gets critical of her beloved Water-type. She will always defend Water Pokémon and considers them all “cute,” even those who are positively not.

Where Pokmon Berries Get More Specific Than Healing Items

What Your Favorite STARTER POKEMON Says About You!

Other Berries are geared towards knowing a specific Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses. Favoritism towards Berries that weaken one super effective hit, like the Chople and Charti, or that boost a stat in a pinch suggests focus and goal-orientedness. The former’s optimal use often depends on trusting a specific Pokémon to perform well even if it has an easily-exploitable weakness provided an opponent can’t target it before it can act. The latter’s tends to depend on knowing how a team member can best use one critical stat make at least one last impactful move or even turn a fight around on the verge of a knockout.

And not every Berry in the Pokémon series draws trainers to it via battle-related uses. Berries like the rare Spelon and Watmel are only for cooking, typically to make treats that improve a Pokémon’s Contest performance in series installments that feature the minigame. A player who’s especially attached to these might be an enthusiastic, curious person who’s more concerned with being and expressing themselves than following the paths laid out for them. In the context of Pokémon, this may lead them to enjoy more offbeat and less-central features of the series, getting immersed, and spoiling their favorite companions in ways that don’t need to be battle-related.

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Kate Gray Staff Writer

Image: The Pokémon Company

I don’t know how to choose my ultimate favourite Pokémon. Aesthetically, I love Snom to death . But in terms of the Pokémon that stuck with me for the longest, or mattered to me most, it has to be my favourite starter, doesn’t it?

That would be Chikorita, eventually Meganium, although I knew him as just “Chicky”. He wasn’t a competitive Pokémon, not really but he got the job done. Mostly just by using Solar Beam and Razor Leaf over and over. I’m not really much of a min-maxing kind of Pokémon trainer! I just hit things until they fall over, and carry ten billion Max Revives and Hyper Potions.

However, just so everyone doesn’t pick their starter, I also want to give a shout out to Dreepy and Dragapult, which I think have a fantastic mixture of cool design and great stats. Now I’m old enough to pay attention to those things, it turns out they make a huge difference! Most “cute” Pokémon don’t really hold their own in battle, but Dragapult does. Also, he was my first perfect-IV Pokémon !

Analysis: Kate really likes the cute little guys, but is really bad at Pokémon.

What Does Your Favorite Galar Pokemon Say About You


Pokemon Sword & Shield is still a few months from release, but its already shaping up to be one of the most epic installments in the series yet. From the new embiggening mechanic to the Internets completely canonical take on the new girl trainer, this upside-down England that is the Galar Region has a lot in store for us including, of course, new Pokemon!

Seeing as the new installment will not have National Dex support, we can probably expect a fair number of new mons in the game. In fact, Nintendo has already announced more than a dozen, running the gamut from elemental animals to sentient meringues. And because this is the Internet, weve all already picked our faves , well before the game lands in our hot little hands.

So, what can we tell about you from your favorite Galar Pokémon? Read on for our super accurate, never-wrong, highly insightful guide.

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Harrison: You’re Independent And Humble

Harrison is a recurring character in the Johto season and a rival of Ash’s. He’s an older mentor who loves Pokémon battles and seeks to become a better Trainer. He doesn’t brag about his victories or considerable talent and instead encourages others to do their best.

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He is also staunchly independent. He’s out on his Pokémon journey by himself, with no companions other than his trusty Pokémon. Harrison is also mature enough to accept loss, and while he demands a lot from his Pokémon, he’s also kind and caring towards them, making him an ideal Trainer.

Team Rocket: You Remain Undeterred

Pokémon: What Your Favorite Character Says About You

Team Rocket certainly has more heart than brains. They are the de-facto antagonists of the show, known for their clumsiness and obsession with catching Ash’s Pikachu. They go to great lengths to achieve their purpose, often coming up with creative but ultimately useless gadgets and machines.

Jessie, James, and Meowth may not be the best trio in Team Rocket, but they’re the most persistent. They keep trying even though they keep failing. They never learn from their mistakes, but they also refuse to let their failures stop them from going forward.

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I Choose You Charmander


If Charmander is the Pokémon for you, youre a dreamer. Youre a journaler. You see the world behind the world, and your Instagram game is unmatched. Undistracted by the details of that which is, your concerns hold chiefly with the nature of that which could be.

If Charmander is the Pokémon for you, youve probably experimented with a weird religion or two. Were you a teenaged Wiccan? Does Scientology seem not that strange to you? College Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism? Even Mormons get their own planet when they die. Are you LDS-curious? Or did you go all the way and join a legitimate cult? . You love the idea of intentional community, and dont understand why men and women are expected to marry young, if at all, and raise children alone. It takes a village, you know, and something something energy of the universe connects us all something something Gaia, Womyn, Earth force.

But the world is a more beautiful place to you, and, anyway, lifes not a game. Life is life.

Gotta catch em all, you whisper. Gotta catch em all.

I Choose You Bulbasaur

When you told your mother that you wanted to be an actor, she probably said something like Thats great, honey! Now pick a backup plan. She was talking about Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur is the safest possible Pokémon that you can pick. A grass type, he holds advantages over the first two gym leaders who youll face in the Pokémon universe, and he grows up a little more quickly than Squirtle or Charmander. Bulbasaur is good form. Bulbasaur, the Hufflepuff of Pokémon, is doing your homework and planning for retirement.

If Bulbasaur is the Pokémon for you, you most likely went to or are going to a good state school for econ or history. You work out a few times a week, and you eat mostly healthy but have a root beer float every once in a while because #YOLO. You love TED talks. Variety is the spice of life is a phrase youve used more than once in earnest. You wear North Face, play Frisbee, and have been intellectually moved by one or more books by Malcolm Gladwell. You check your privilege every morning, and your favorite breed of dog is most definitely the Golden Retriever, though youve talked about adopting a Greyhound . Today, youre well on your way to marriage and kids and a Prius.

Theres a very real chance that youre a CPA.

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Pokmon Generation : Sword Shield The Isle Of Armor The Crown Tundra

The Game-Appreciators Choice.

You just wanted to finally play a new Pokémon game on your beloved Nintendo Switch, and BY GOD you enjoyed EVERY second. The gamer outcries of WHERE ARE ALL MY SQUIRTLES AND GARDEVOIRS had no effect on you, nor did them opting to go the DLC route instead of a 2nd version upset you, a reasonable 32-year-old who would never call themselves a gamer.

Alana Hagues Staff Writer

What Your Favorite Pokemon Says About You

Image: The Pokémon Company

I have a pretty weird range of reasons I get attached to a Pokémon. Some of my favourite types are Ghost, Electric, Dark, and Psychic, but sometimes that doesnt even matter. It often simply comes down to aesthetics is it a cool dog? Is its Pokédex entry weird? Is it really darn cute? Or is it a crocodile?

Yes, really. Crocodile-like, and lizard-like Pokémon in general, are some of my favourites. Totodile is my favourite starter he was my first real starter, and I named him Croc. Hes just so hyperactive and enthusiastic that its hard not to love the little fella.

But more recent times have introduced me to Krookodile, Generation Vs own sneaky, snarly croc. Krookodile is just one of my favourite concepts for a Pokémon ever. Its a crook! Its eyes look like a thiefs mask, and its potentially based on Sobek, the Egyptian deity that has a common epithet that essentially says he who loves robbery. You can probably tell who my Generation IX starter is going to be, going on this.

But my all time favourite is Arcanine. Nope, not a crocodile, but a flaming fire dog that you can ride on. Its so big too! I was one of those little kids whod watch the opening of the anime and see Ash on Arcanines back and dream of one day being there too. I still do now, really. An Arcanine in real life would make things much easier.

Analysis: Alana REALLY likes crocodiles, and efficient transport.

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Pokmon Generation : Sun Moon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

The Nintendo Fans Choice.

Every second spoke to you, despite the unnecessary tutorial. Though making the leap to 3D previously, you now got to experience a Pokémon adventure with fully realized environments instead of blocky representations. Not quite reaching 5th Gen levels, 7th Gen also brought back increased story and character focus back to the table.

More than any of these objective qualities though, Sun & Moon was too damn charming. It was right at home with Kirby,Animal Crossing, and Super Mario Sunshine in the Nintendo Hang Out Vibes department and you ate it up like you do all Nintendoery.

Pokmon Generation : Gold Silver Crystal

The Die-Hard Pokémon Fans Choice.

Pokémon Gold & Silver marked the first time the concept of New Pokémon ever existed. Sure, all the first-gen pokes were new, but nothing could delight a childhoods imagination more than an entire New Set of Pocket Monsters when the oldies were beginning to get dusty.

To speak to the games and the late great Satoru Iwatas credit who made it possible, 2nd Gen are still the only games in the series to take you through two whole regions. The ultimate Pokémon adventure and youve never let that feeling leave your heart however, those remakes are objectively better.

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What Your Favorite Pokmon Character As A Kid Says About You Now

If you didn’t play Pokémon as a kid, you more than likely grew up to be a shady individual, and to this day, no one really f*cks with you.

For the rest of us, who had a fly childhood and spent every Saturday morning watching, every afternoon playing and every school lunch break trading, we all know the impact it’s had on our lives.

More importantly, you knew which Pokémon character you repped the hardest, and while it might not seem like it, I spent all day figuring out exactly what that says about you.

Pokémon were pretty much people, too. Some were sensitive, some were strong and a few were actually completely useless.

Your favorite Pokémon’s traits likely followed you into adulthood, for better or worse, and is now responsible for the person you’ve become.


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