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What Your Favorite Pokemon Says About You

What Pokemon Type Best Suits Your Personality Quiz

What Your Favorite Pokemon Says About You

What Pokemon Type Best Suits Your Personality? Quiz yourself and find out today! If you are a die-hard Pokemon fan, then you need to take this quiz right now. It takes into account your personality and finds the type of Pokemon that is most suitable for you. If you don’t know what kind of Pokemon you like or want to use, then take this quiz and find out the result. Have fun!

  • I am cool and clever

  • D.& nbsp
  • I am admirable and confident

  • G.& nbsp

    I am loyal and complimentary

  • H.& nbsp
  • I am wise in my own way

  • J.& nbsp

    I am tough and persevering

  • K.& nbsp

    I am cunning and polite

  • L.& nbsp

    I am knowledgable and kind

  • M.& nbsp

    I am clever and joyful

  • N.& nbsp

    I am decisive and wise

  • O.& nbsp
  • I am gentle yet I can be tough

  • Q.& nbsp
  • What’s your battling style?
  • A.& nbsp

    I like to use mainly defensive moves and then tire my opponent out for an easy finish

  • B.& nbsp

    I usually go by experience when I battle

  • C.& nbsp

    I like to work on the offensive side of things

  • D.& nbsp

    I strategize and execute my plan while I’m in total sync with my Pokemon

  • E.& nbsp

    I am in total sync with my Pokemon and I communicate with telepathy

  • F.& nbsp

    I like to stealthily begin, dodging rapidly to tire my opponent and enduring attacks, before using my opponent’s power against them

  • G.& nbsp

    I like to have an exciting battle where I know what I’m up against and I make a strategy accordingly. But having fun is also important

  • I.& nbsp

    I go all out on power

  • J.& nbsp

    I like to know what I’m up against. Then I calculate my advantages

  • A.& nbsp
  • Pokmon Generation : Diamond Pearl Platinum Heart Gold Soul Silver

    The Competitive Players choice.

    You got into competitive play after accidentally spending 200 hours in Emeralds battle tower. When Gen 4 with its Garchomp and its Platinum 3rd version came around, you melted into it. People still talk about that tournament-perfect Magmortar you raised, but you shouldve spent less time lecturing all your friends who were just trying to get through their freshman year of college about EVs and IVs.

    Is This A New Jersey Town Or A Pokmon

    It was our 25th straight hour on a Pokémon Go safari. We were deliriously chasing an elusive one, force-quitting our app with frequency as we closed in. Suddenly, our prey was in sight: Its name was HOPATCONG. We scoured the Pokédex for more information before finger-swiping our PokéBall, but came up empty. Was it an undiscovered creature? A new breed of Pokémon?! No it was a town in New Jersey.

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    Pokmon: What Your Favorite Creature Says About You

    There is a Pokémon that is perfectly suited to every fan’s taste, but what does your favorite Pokémon say about you as a person?

    Each Pokémon has a wild and unique personality. But what personality is your favorite? And what does it say about you?

    Not one teen or adult hasn’t heard about Pokémon. Many have built their lives on collecting the cards, playing the games, and watching the anime. And with the release of Pokémon Snap and the continuing success of the anime, it seems like this franchise is never going to end! Not that anyone is complaining.

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    Ultimately, one of the main reasons for the anime’s success is its adorable and memorable Pokémon. They all have such individual personalities and are unbelievably cute, so it just becomes a given that everyone has their favorite. So, let’s see what your favorite Pokémon says about you.

    I Choose You Bulbasaur

    Pokémon: What Your Favorite Character Says About You

    When you told your mother that you wanted to be an actor, she probably said something like Thats great, honey! Now pick a backup plan. She was talking about Bulbasaur.

    Bulbasaur is the safest possible Pokémon that you can pick. A grass type, he holds advantages over the first two gym leaders who youll face in the Pokémon universe, and he grows up a little more quickly than Squirtle or Charmander. Bulbasaur is good form. Bulbasaur, the Hufflepuff of Pokémon, is doing your homework and planning for retirement.

    If Bulbasaur is the Pokémon for you, you most likely went to or are going to a good state school for econ or history. You work out a few times a week, and you eat mostly healthy but have a root beer float every once in a while because #YOLO. You love TED talks. Variety is the spice of life is a phrase youve used more than once in earnest. You wear North Face, play Frisbee, and have been intellectually moved by one or more books by Malcolm Gladwell. You check your privilege every morning, and your favorite breed of dog is most definitely the Golden Retriever, though youve talked about adopting a Greyhound . Today, youre well on your way to marriage and kids and a Prius.

    Theres a very real chance that youre a CPA.

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    Pokmon Generation : Sword Shield The Isle Of Armor The Crown Tundra

    The Game-Appreciators Choice.

    You just wanted to finally play a new Pokémon game on your beloved Nintendo Switch, and BY GOD you enjoyed EVERY second. The gamer outcries of WHERE ARE ALL MY SQUIRTLES AND GARDEVOIRS had no effect on you, nor did them opting to go the DLC route instead of a 2nd version upset you, a reasonable 32-year-old who would never call themselves a gamer.

    What Your Pokmon Says About You

    It was the most important question of every 10-year-olds life: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander? And more than it would determine odds at achieving ones goal of becoming the worlds greatest Pokémon master, the Pokémon that you chose to start your journey with whispered certainly of your destiny IRL.

    This is what your Pokémon says about you.

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    I Choose You Charmander

    The most important thing about Charmander is there is absolutely no logical reason to choose Charmander. He evolves slowly, he has major weaknesses against the first two gym leaders, and look how effing happy he is. Does this look like a killer to you? No, its a goddamn baby Puff the Magic Dragon.


    If Charmander is the Pokémon for you, youre a dreamer. Youre a journaler. You see the world behind the world, and your Instagram game is unmatched. Undistracted by the details of that which is, your concerns hold chiefly with the nature of that which could be.

    If Charmander is the Pokémon for you, youve probably experimented with a weird religion or two. Were you a teenaged Wiccan? Does Scientology seem not that strange to you? College Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism? Even Mormons get their own planet when they die. Are you LDS-curious? Or did you go all the way and join a legitimate cult? . You love the idea of intentional community, and dont understand why men and women are expected to marry young, if at all, and raise children alone. It takes a village, you know, and something something energy of the universe connects us all something something Gaia, Womyn, Earth force.

    But the world is a more beautiful place to you, and, anyway, lifes not a game. Life is life.

    Gotta catch em all, you whisper. Gotta catch em all.

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    What your favorite Legendary Pokemon says about you!

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    Gotta Catch Em All Or At Least The Cute Ones

    With the announcement of the revamp and release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in a few months I thought I would take a journey down Pokemon memory lane. You can view a full list of all Pokemon on Bulbapedia. As in all things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have a special love for all the gen 1 Pokemon and I dont have a single Pokemon listed from Gen 2 and only one from Gen 3. So which Pokemon are the cutest of all time?

    I Choose You Squirtle

    Squirtle is a little bit edge, and so are you.

    This is a turtle that will get into some shit with you. Look at that grin. Sure, hes a water type, and so he has a natural advantage over the first gym leader youll face. As far as gaming is concerned, this is not an unwise choice. But more importantly than battling ability, this is a Pokémon that will help you egg the gym leaders house after you lose. This is a Pokémon that will journey with you to Pokémon League and help you fight the Elite Four, sure, yeah, whatever, but hes also got a 40 of malt liquor in his shell and a pack of Lucky Strikes that he is more than willing to share with you if youd rather just get obliterated. And maybe you do! After all, youre the sort of kid who picked a Squirtle.

    If Squirtle is the Pokémon for you, you might be tatted up. But you are definitely into tattoos on other people: your significant other, your barista, your rock star of choice. And while were on the topic of music, lets be honest, its Saves the Day, all day, every day, for the rest of the days that exist. That emo stuff is just your total A+ jam. Maybe youre afraid to admit it. Maybe youre not. But New Found Glory MOVED you. You are probably a skater, a surfer, or a snowboarder. In high school, you were the kid who smoked weed beneath the bleachers at the pep rally. In college, if you bothered to go, you worked at the coffee shop and hated everyone.

    Lets get into this thing called life, okay?

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    Pokmon Generation : Ruby Sapphire Fire Red Leaf Green Emerald

    The Gamers Choice.

    3rd Gen marks a particularly high bar youve never allowed another game to clear in your deductive mind. Secret bases were so wonderful, so everything a game could be, you never forgave Nintendo or Game Freak for not continuing on with them. The Hoenn region had introduced a palpable vibe and cohesion that only The Underappreciated Gameboy Advances 32 bits could bring to the table. Whats not to love, you say to yourself, ignoring the guy groaning about their 500th random battle with a Tentacool in the ocean.

    What Does Your Favorite Galar Pokemon Say About You

    Pokémon: What Your Favorite Creature Says About You ...

    KARA DENNISON, JULY 23, 2019

    Pokemon Sword & Shield is still a few months from release, but its already shaping up to be one of the most epic installments in the series yet. From the new embiggening mechanic to the Internets completely canonical take on the new girl trainer, this upside-down England that is the Galar Region has a lot in store for us including, of course, new Pokemon!

    Seeing as the new installment will not have National Dex support, we can probably expect a fair number of new mons in the game. In fact, Nintendo has already announced more than a dozen, running the gamut from elemental animals to sentient meringues. And because this is the Internet, weve all already picked our faves , well before the game lands in our hot little hands.

    So, what can we tell about you from your favorite Galar Pokémon? Read on for our super accurate, never-wrong, highly insightful guide.

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    Pokmon Generation : Red Blue Yellow

    The Nostalgics Choice.

    You love drunkly fostering your own rendition of the English Pokémon theme song in karaoke bars. You lived between the years 2005 and 2015 without uttering the word Pokémon once, but you played the hell out of Pokémon Go. For a good three weeks. When you fired it back up earlier this year out of morbid curiosity, you exclaimed loudly, What the heck is a Klefki? You got 7 likes on a Facebook repost of a realistic Pokémon art Buzzfeed article once.

    What Your Pokmon Pick Says About You

      Detective Pikachu, which stars Deadpools Ryan Reynolds as the voice of a talking Pikachu who fancies himself a pint-size Sherlock Holmes, hits theaters Friday. The film is based on a spin-off video game of the same name, and its a pretty fun time at the movies. Still, what does its existence say about us? For that matter, what do Pokémon say about us?

      Detective Pikachu is obviously the go-to when it comes to solving Pokémon-related mysteries, but some clues are too big to ignore. Your favorite Pokémon says a lot about who you are as a person. Choosing the Pokémon you like the mostthe Pikachu to your Ash, if you willis a huge deal, especially because there are so many choices.

      Counting the three starter Pokemon from the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield, there are currently 812 Pokémon in total. But our list will only address the original 151, because 812 Pokémon is entirely too many Pokémon. Plus, honestly, a lot of those Pokémon are bogus. Show me a person whose favorite Pokémon is Vanillish, Pokémon #583, and the middle evolution of a three-stage Pokémon whose design is based on ice cream, and Ill show you a fucking liar. Vanillish is nobodys favorite.

      But chances are each of the original 151 is somebodys favorite. So, heres what your chosen Pokémon says about you.

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      Pokmon: What Your Favorite Type Says About You

      With so many Pokemon out there, and so many types to choose from, players are bound to pick favorites. What does that say about them?

      To date, there are 898 creatures to catch in the Pokemon franchise, and all 898 are divided by types. Anyone who’s ever played a Pokemon game knows how important it is to understand how these types work.

      However, it’s inevitable that at some point, players will develop favorite types, and the results are fairly interesting. Everyone’s favorite seems to say something about them – what does that say about them?

      Pokmon Generation : Sun Moon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

      What Your Favorite STARTER POKEMON Says About You!

      The Nintendo Fans Choice.

      Every second spoke to you, despite the unnecessary tutorial. Though making the leap to 3D previously, you now got to experience a Pokémon adventure with fully realized environments instead of blocky representations. Not quite reaching 5th Gen levels, 7th Gen also brought back increased story and character focus back to the table.

      More than any of these objective qualities though, Sun & Moon was too damn charming. It was right at home with Kirby,Animal Crossing, and Super Mario Sunshine in the Nintendo Hang Out Vibes department and you ate it up like you do all Nintendoery.

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      Pokmon Generation : Gold Silver Crystal

      The Die-Hard Pokémon Fans Choice.

      Pokémon Gold & Silver marked the first time the concept of New Pokémon ever existed. Sure, all the first-gen pokes were new, but nothing could delight a childhoods imagination more than an entire New Set of Pocket Monsters when the oldies were beginning to get dusty.

      To speak to the games and the late great Satoru Iwatas credit who made it possible, 2nd Gen are still the only games in the series to take you through two whole regions. The ultimate Pokémon adventure and youve never let that feeling leave your heart however, those remakes are objectively better.

      Pokmon Generation : Black White Black 2 White 2

      The Final Fantasy Fans Choice.

      Verdicts out on whether Pokémon Black and White were the best Pokémon games but they sure were the best pokémon Games. You grew up on Cloud Strife and KOS-MOS, damnit. Even early on, you always wished for a more fully fleshed out story and dedicated world cohesion in your pocket creature games, just like your Big Kid RPGs. And hey, who knew making the Chrono Trigger of Pokémon games would end up being such a winner?

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      Pick Your Favorite Pokemon And We’ll Reveal Your Spirit Pokemon

      A lot of people turn to astrology when seeking self-understanding. This is a well-recognized practice. People have been looking for answers in the stars ever since we had eyes to see them. If you’re seeking spiritual clarity, the gods of the zodiac are always there for you. But, keep in mind that there are many cosmic paths to enlightenment.

      For instance, you can visit a monastery in Tibet, and spend several months in a silent retreat. All that time spent without speaking is good for the soul, apparently. Or, you can get an Ouija board or a Tarot card reading, but that can be awkward. Instead, why not entrust today’s spiritual reading to your friendly neighborhood quizmasters?

      As it happens, we have a direct link to the fifth-dimensional energies that comprise your being. With our extra senses, we can see that there’s a Spirit Pokemon within you, ready to burst out of the frame and take its true form.

      In our experience, the Pokemon that form each Pokedex provide a more specific reading on a person’s being than the constellations that dot the sky. There are hundreds of Pokemon, after all, each with their own vibe. Which one is your spirit closest to? Let’s find out – pick your favorite Pokemon, and we’ll reveal your Spirit Pokemon.


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