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How To Get The Mystery Box In Pokemon Go

How To Get The Mystery Box In Pokemon Go


As weve mentioned earlier, you will be able to get the Mystery Box when you transfer Pokemon from any core Pokemon Go game. To be specific, after youve connected both your Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home account and transferred one Pokemon, you will get the Mystery Box as a reward. Fortunately, it is very easy to get a Mystery Box and use the same.

Lets Go Eevee Or Pokmon Home

How to get another mystery box in pokemon go. As a result, you can see that it is attracting the melton pokemon around you. So during the new event, you can obtain the mystery box by sending a pokémon from pokémon go to pokémon: As weve mentioned earlier, you will be able to get the mystery box when you transfer pokemon from any core pokemon go game.

Tap on items > mystery box. To get it, you need to connect your pokémon go game to the nintendo switch titles, pokémon: Get a mystery box by connecting with let’s go pikachu / eevee you will receive the mystery box in pokemon go the first time you send a pokemon to pokemon let’s go pikachu or eevee.

They take different energy amounts so choose carefully Gamers need 400 meltan candies to evolve one meltan. This mystery box will cause more meltans to spawn in pokemon go which will, in turn, give you more opportunities to catch this pokemon.

Steps by steps how to get meltan mystery box pokemon go. How to get a mystery box in pokemon go. Transfer at least one pokemon.

Either trading a pokemon to pokemon home or. There are other ways to catch meltan in pokemon go. This process is done through playing pokemon:

To be specific, after youve connected both your pokemon go and pokemon home account and transferred one pokemon, you will get the mystery box as a reward. Open pokemon go and tap on the pokeball at the bottom. It’s sort of just existed in the background since then though.

Pokemon_mystery_box_2 Mystery Box Mystery Pokemon

How To Evolve Meltan Into Melmetal

If you want to evolve Meltan in Pokemon Go into the formidable Melmetal, youre going to need a whopping 400 Meltan candies, so get some Pinaps fed to all the Meltan that come out of your special Mystery Box. Disappointingly, you cant evolve Meltan within Pokemon Lets Go so youll need to evolve it in Pokemon Go to Melmetal then transfer it over.

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There Are Other Ways To Catch Meltan In Pokemon Go

How to get a mystery box in pokemon go with switch. The mystery box will act like an incense but specifically for meltan, luring dozens of the tiny hex nut pokémon to your location for one hour. As a result, you can see that it is attracting the melton pokemon around you. Lets go pikachu and includes transferring pokemon from one game to another.

The mystery box is a special box that players can get in pokemon go in order to spawn loads of meltan around them, and here’s how to get one. Pairing and connecting to the nintendo switch. Because the only real way to obtain the mysterious boxes is to transfer any creature from pokemon go to pokemon lets go (it doesnt matter which one of the two

Pokémon go plus & poké ball plus. How to get the mystery box in pokemon go? Lets go, eevee!, or pokémon home.

Park and you’re set Heres the means by which to cultivate mystery boxes in pokemon go: Get back to pokemon go and you will have a mystery box in your things menu.

Last time when meltan was introduced, pokemon go players need to get a mystery box from nintendo switch users. You don’t have to own it, as of right now anyone with pokemon let’s go can help you if they please, there’s no linking accounts , all you have to do is find some one who has it, a little bit of this a little bit of that, give them some pokemon to have at the go! To obtain a mystery box in pokémon go, all you need is a nintendo switch or a compatible mobile device with pokémon home installed on it.

Instructions To Cultivate Mystery Boxes In Pokemon Go

How to Get a Mystery Box From Pokemon Go

At the point when they were previously dispatched, Mystery Boxes were acquired by moving Pokemon from Go to a duplicate of Lets Go! Eevee or Lets Go! Pikachu. Presently, they can likewise be acquired utilizing the free application Pokemon Home. Here are the means by which to cultivate Mystery Boxes in Pokemon Go:

  • Open the application and connection it to your Pokemon Go record.
  • Move any Pokemon to the Home application.
  • Get back to Pokemon Go and you will have a Mystery Box in your things menu.
  • Utilize the Mystery Box, and numerous Meltan will start to bring forth for an hour.
  • Stand by a week and rehash the interaction.

Presently you realize how to cultivate Mystery Boxes in Pokemon Go, its an ideal opportunity to proceed to get some Meltan! Two or three things to note: Meltan will just show up for you, not different coaches around you. It additionally will not get you an opportunity to experience Shiny Meltan, as that uncommon variation is locked to exceptional occasions.

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How To Get A Mystery Box In Pokmon Go Fifth Anniversary

Every so often, the Mystery Boxes become available in Pokémon Go, and players have the chance to add the much-sought-after Meltan to their collection. Meltan is a mythical Pokémon and is only available at specific times in the game. Its evolved form, Melmetal, is one of the best Master League Pokémon you can use in the PvP scene. Its challenging to defeat. You also have the chance to capture a shiny version of this Pokémon. For those curious about obtaining Meltan, how do you go about obtaining a Mystery Box?

The best way to obtain a Mystery Box is to send a Pokémon from Pokémon Go to Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu! or Pokémon: Lets Go Eevee!, or Pokémon HOME. For those who do not know any of the Nintendo Switch Pokémon: Lets Go games, youre better off creating a free Pokémon HOME account and sending a random Pokémon from your Pokémon Go account to that one. You can send several common Pokémon to the Pokémom HOME account, so anything that you dont keep close to your heart.

After youve done this, the Mystery Box should appear on your Pokémon Go account. Upon activating the Mystery Box, Meltan should appear in the wild next to your avatar in Pokémon Go. You can then capture the Pokémon and add it to your collection.

How Can Trainers Get A Free Meltan Encounter In Pokemon Go

There are two methods to getting a Mystery Box: either trading a Pokemon to Pokemon Home or trading one to the Nintendo Switch.

Trading one to Pokemon Home is usually the easier method, especially since its accessible to players who dont own a Nintendo Switch.

The process for this is as follows:

  • Tap on the Poke Ball icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Look for the Pokemon Home section
  • Log in to Nintendo Account
  • Back out, reopen the settings, and go back to Pokemon Home

From there, it will let the player scroll down to see which Pokemon they want to send. Once they pick one, their selection will be traded, and a Mystery Box will be on its way.

Its important to note, however, that each trade takes up GO transporter energy. Once this resource is completely used up, it will take a week for it to replenish.

The process for trading to the Nintendo Switch is detailed here:

  • Open up the settings menu, just like the process for trading to Pokemon Home
  • Look for the Nintendo Switch option
  • Tap Connect to Nintendo Switch
  • Turn on Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee on the Nintendo Switch
  • Open Settings menu
  • Pair the Switch to Pokemon GO

Accounts are now linked. The player can now transfer Pokemon just like they would to Pokemon Home.

While it may be cool to catch such a unique Pokemon as Melmetal, it doesnt do too well in Pokemon GO. Its Steel move of choice is Flash Cannon, and is paired with Rock Slide, neither of which are the best options.

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How To Get Melmetal In Pokemon Go And Lets Go

In order to evolve Meltan to its much less cute, bruising-looking larger evolution, youll need to do it in Pokemon Go: Meltan cant evolve in Pokemon Lets Go, only over in Go on mobile. To make it evolve youll need to spend a huge 400 candy so youre going to want to catch many, many Meltan, preferably using Pinap berries. Walking around with Meltan as your buddy Pokemon will help, too. Once evolved, you can send Melmetal back to Lets Go to complete that Pokedex if you want but remember, its a one-way, one-time deal.

In addition to all this, theres also a new series of Pokemon Go special research missions added to the game centered around the mystery of Meltan. These new missions exist in addition to the existing Mew and Celebi A Ripple in Time quests.

It all seems a little complex, but The Pokemon Company and Niantic are clearly working hard to ensure players who are deeply involved in both Pokemon Go and Pokemon Lets Go are rewarded with access to this new Mythical Pokemon. Meltan and Melmetals battle usefulness isnt fully clear yet but generally speaking, Mythical Pokemon always chart well on our Pokemon Go Tier List of the best Pokemon so we have high hopes.

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How To Find Shiny Meltan In Pokmon Go

How to get Mystery Box on Pokemon GO without Nintendo Switch

Pokémon GO has a special event happening now where players have a chance to obtain a Shiny Meltan by opening a Mystery Box. Heres how to get one.

Recently, Pokémon GO had an update in which it links with Pokémon HOME. Pokémon HOME is a cloud service that allows players to move, store, and trade Pokémon. Now, players can now transfer their favorite Pokémon to Pokémon HOME, and then they can be used in other games. While the service does have some issues, it is still sure to please fans of the series.

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To celebrate Pokémon GOs integration with Pokémon HOME, a special event is happening where if players activate a Mystery Box, they may encounter a Shiny Meltan. There are steps that players must take first for this to happen, so here is what players must do to get a Shiny Meltan.

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What Is Meltan And How Was Meltan First Revealed

The mysterious Meltan appeared in the wild in Pokémon Go at the conclusion of the September Community Day, flooding the map en mass.

Though it seemed like a regular creature – complete with its own animations, and even appearing on the Nearby radar – there were a few key differences:

  • It had no name or CP
  • Catching it would see it transform into Ditto
  • As a result, after catching, there is no record of it in your Pokédex or elsewhere

Head back to our main Pokémon Let’s Go walkthrough and guide hub for all our pages in one place, including detailed, step-by-step help for tough spots like Cerulean Cave, and the Elite Four, plus tough dungeons like Silph Co., Seafoam Islands and Victory Road.Otherwise, take a peek at our Pokémon Let’s Go TM list and all TM locations, Let’s Go’s starter locations and how to get Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, along with how to get Mew in Let’s Go, and how to get Meltan in Let’s Go and Go too.Beyond that we also explain how connect Pokémon Go to Let’s Go on Nintendo Switch and transfer Pokémon, Catching, catch combos, and how to catch Pokémon, a quick collection of our best Pokémon Let’s Go tips and tricks to get you off to a great start, and finally what we know about the Pokémon Pass app distribution event too.

30 minutes after appearing at the end of Community Day, the spawns then slowed right back down to rare or uncommon levels – similar to a regular Ditto’s spawn rate, and then disappeared entirely.

The Player Will Want To Set Aside Some Time For This Because Upon Opening The Box Meltans Are Lured To The Player For An Hour Appearing Once Every Minute And A Half Or So

How to get a mystery box in pokemon go 2020. This process is done through playing pokemon: You can get a mystery box in pokémon go by transferring any creature to pokémon home. After i published this video pokemon go made changes to the mystery box and it now gives more spawns than i said it would in the video.

The mystery box will act like an incense but specifically for meltan, luring dozens of the tiny hex nut pokémon to your location for one hour. The way to get a mystery box in pokemon go involves connecting your game to a nintendo switch. This means going into pokemon go, going into settings, and scrolling down to see the option for pokemon home.

But using this simple cheat, you can spawn 1 pokemon every 45 seconds, simply by. How to spawn more pokemon from incense & mystery box: Pokemon fire red box art.

This special survey consists of nine different missions and, in the end, your reward will be meltan. Make sure you have completed the preparations above before moving on to this stage. celebrate the end of 2020 with december events!.

Lets go, eevee!, or pokémon home. Enter the code you received and tap ok. Transfer pokemon to win a mystery box.

To start, you can get a mystery box through the games shop tab. What was once a very simple hide and seek style game where you hunted for random pokémon in the real world has developed into a complex. familiar faces return to raids, new feature updates, and more in november!.

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Link Your Account To Pokemon Home

Follow these steps to link your Pokemon Go account to Pokemon Go Home:

  • In Pokemon Go, open Settings.
  • Scroll down until you see Pokemon HOME and tap on it.
  • Under Nintendo Account, tap on Sign in. If you do not have one, you first have to create an account. To do so, you can visit the official Nintendo website.
  • A pop-up message appears asking for permission to sign in. Tap on Continue.
  • Enter the credentials to sign in. In order to integrate with the mainline games, be sure to sign in with the one that you use on your Switch.
  • Now tap on Ok.Your account is linked, and you will be redirected back to Pokemon Go.

S By Steps How To Get Meltan Mystery Box Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: How To Get and Use the Mystery Box

Make sure you have completed the preparations above before moving on to this stage.

  • Open the Pokemon GO app on your device.
  • Tap the Pokeball icon on the Bottom Center of the screen
  • Tap Settings
  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu.
  • Select Pokemon Home.
  • Log in with your Nintendo account that was previously created.
  • After logged in tap Send Pokemon.
  • Tap Continue
  • Select all Pokemon that you want to transfer to Pokemon Home. Be careful in choosing the Pokemon that you will transfer because once transferred you will not be able to return it to Pokemon Go again.
  • We can watch the video version of this tutorial in the youtube video below.

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    Pokemon Go: How To Get The Mystery Box

    Meltan first seemingly appeared as a glitch or placeholder Pokemon that would transform into Ditto upon capture. It turned out that trainers were actually seeing the first creature to ever debut in Pokemon Go.

    A couple of weeks later, the Mystery Box was revealed in a video featuring Prof. Willow opening the dark container and quickly getting swarmed by Meltan. This was the first confirmation of how to obtain Meltan.

    To obtain the Mystery Box that contains these mythical creatures, all you need to do is transfer a Pokemon from Go to Lets Go Eevee or Pikachu on the Switch. This will unlock the item which will stay in your inventory.

    Simply select the item as you would with any other and tap on the box to open it up. There will be a quick animation of the container unlocking with some fog pouring out of the openings.

    Once the box is open itll function like incense for Meltan and you wont be able to use the item again for another week. You must transfer another Pokemon from Go to Lets Go to make the box reuseable.

    There are events that will occasionally cut down your wait time for Mystery Box use, so keep an eye out for those. Also, this item can be used to help catch the steel Pokemon required for Jirachis Special Research tasks.

    How to Get and Use the Mystery Box

  • Transfer any Pokemon from Go to Lets Go

    This will either add the Mystery Box to your item bag or reactivate it.

  • Open the Mystery Box

    Simply tap on the item to select and then one more time to open it.


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