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How To Use Universal Pokemon Randomizer

Why Choose Universal Pokemon Randomizer

How to use Universal pokemon randomizer (all gens)

Support Every Game Series:- As it is universal which means it supports every pokemon game released in the US.

Create Same Random Games Repeatedly: As you know competition is the necessary part of Pokemon. Completing a random pokemon game could be a better experience. You can send your friends, a piece of text or file to make sure everyone has the exact same game with or without sending the entire ROM every time.

Tweaking the ROM: Randomizing your ROM using Universal Pokemon Randomizer means you can easily apply minor tweaks to make pokemon games more enjoyable. By tweaking the game, you can get powerful pokemon.

Why Use This Randomizer

It’s universal. Every main series Pokemon game released in the US is supported, from Red to Black2 and everything in between.

You can easily create the same random game repeatedly. An important part of Pokemon is competition, and racing your friends to complete a particular random Pokemon game can be a great experience. By sending a couple of pieces of text or a small file you can easily make sure everyone has the exact same game to play with, without having to send around the entire ROM every time.

It’s thorough. A decent amount of attention to detail has been invested in this randomizer and so pesky parts of the original games are unlikely to show through. For example, a trainer’s random Pokemon will not suddenly use moves they were predefined to use in the original game – they will fully obey the movesets they have been provided with.

There are small things it does to give you a better experience. When you randomize your ROM, you can choose to apply a few minor tweaks which make the experience more enjoyable in the environment you’re likely to be playing the randomized game in. These include changing evolutions which require trading to no longer require trading and giving you the National Dex at the start of the game to allow you to look up Pokemon that were not intended to be available at the start of the original game.

Are Items Allowed In Nuzlocke

The player is not allowed to use any items during battle including healing items, X-items, etc. The use of held items is generally permitted, however. A variant on the Nuzlocke challenge based on the idea that Pokemon in the team form romantic partnerships based on the order in which they are caught.

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How To Randomize A Pokemon Game

Are you fond of playing games? Then you will definitely know about the Pokemon games. It is a series of games that were first launched in Japan. There are many versions of this game. Its developer names are Game Freak who belongs to Japan. There are about 1-8 versions or generations of this game. The first version was introduced in 1996. When someone is playing this game he becomes short of some basic necessary features and facilities. It happens due to not playing well or opening of the game after a long time. Therefore you feel need to know how to randomize Pokemon game by different methods. You want a universal Pokemon randomizer in such conditions.

Pokemon universal randomizer

This randomizer PPokemon may give you a lot of services and good experiences. It can regain the power o

f your selected Pokemon. It will also allow your Pokemon to take some new moves. It will provide an opportunity to select your Pokemon character again and many more. First of all, you cannot randomize a Pokemon game on your mobile. You will have to have a PC, an emulator, and a ROM. Then you will have to download a universal Pokemon randomizer. After it, click on the install button and your work is done. But here are some people who do not know about the next process that how to use Pokemon randomizer. Here are some guidelines for them.

How to use Pokemon Randomizer?

Apply the following steps to take advantage of a universal randomizer.

  • Firstly, you should press open to explore the randomizer.
  • What Can A Randomizer Change

    Universal Pokemon Randomizer, Game Randomizer For PC 2020 ...

    One thing it can change would be the Pokemon spawn and rates in the game. It can start off with the three starters that you can choose. Emerald has Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip as the starters. The Randomizer can change all of that into random ones. This can also be the same for the Pokemon that spawn in certain areas. Their encounter rate can also change if you want it to be like that.

    Aside from the Pokemon, the items can also be random in terms of where they spawn and what spawns in some areas. This means that you cant breeze through the game when the items are placed in different areas, but the story will progress normally if you want to. Then, there are enemy Trainers, Gym Leaders, and the Elite Four. They can have different Pokemon, and the theme of the Gyms can be random.

    Youd be surprised when a Trainer can have a Legendary Pokemon in its arsenal. This can also be the same for moves that Pokemon can learn. The moves of the Pokemon from enemy Trainers can also be Randomized, which goes alongside the random Pokemon anyway.

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    Randomizing Generations Six And Seven

  • 1Understand how this method works. Pokémon generations 6 and 7 include games like X, Y, Sun, and Moon, all of which have been notoriously difficult to randomize. Luckily, you can use a randomizer called PK3DS and a tool called PackHack to randomize some aspects of these games.
  • Unfortunately, the PK3DS randomizer is only available for Windows computers.
  • 2Make sure that you have an emulator and a ROM. You’ll need an emulator that is capable of playing 3DS games, such as Citra, and you’ll need a 3DS ROM for your preferred Pokémon game to go along with your emulator.
  • You can find torrents for 3DS ROMS, but most popular ROM sites don’t carry 3DS ROM files that can be downloaded directly.
  • Citra is a popular choice for a 3DS emulator:
  • 3 This randomizer can support most games from Pokémon generation 6 and some games from generation 7:
  • Open the on your computer and follow the instructions listed there.
  • 4
  • Is There A Pokemon Randomizer For Android

    There are online randomizers, but I havent encountered anything as robust as PC randomizers so far. I was only able to do it through transfering from a PC randomizer, I think there arent any on android. If you play pokemon games on Drastic, then there is a cheat in the settings that does exactly this.

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    How Do You Use A Pokemon Randomizer

    The first thing that you should do is to download a program that will Randomize your Pokemon games. Unfortunately, only the main series games from Generation I with Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow until Generation V such as Black 2 and White 2 have programs that allow them to be Randomized. Anyway, once you downloaded the program, you can launch it right away.

    There will be an option where you have to load up the ROM that you want to be randomized. Lets say you load up a Pokemon FireRed ROM. In the images below are examples of what you can randomize assuming you would want to.

    When youre done with tinkering the instructions, search for the option where you will Generate the ROM. Wait for a couple of seconds and the ROM will be generated. Launch the emulator that youre using with the Randomized ROM and youre good to go. Remember that if you generate a new Randomized ROM, it wont be the same as the first one that you made so feel free to continue Randomizing for a more varying experience.

    Can You Download Universal Pokemon Randomizer On Android

    Ryan’s How To : Using Universal Pokemon Randomizer!

    The game for Android is called Universal Pokemon Randomizer and its a fan-made game. Its not actually affiliated with Nintendo, the company that makes the Pokemon games. The game is free to download and play, but there are in-app purchases available. For those who dont know, the only place to get the fantastic Universal Pokemon randomizer on Android is from the wild digital jungles of the internet. This game is made by fans and not actually affiliated with Nintendo. You can play it for free or purchase in-app purchases.

    Pokemon is a video game series of role-playing games, fighting games, card games, and other media created by Satoshi Tajiri. The series is centered on fictional creatures called Pokemons that are collected by the player, who then train them to battle each other. The Universal Pokemon Randomizer is a tool that will generate random Pokemon with various different type combinations. This app can be used for ROM Hacking or just for fun.

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    Every Battle Is A Challenge

    The way most key battles are designed in the Pokémon games, your opponents don’t change. This allows players to easily prepare for battle and wipe out mono-type teams with even the most basic strategy. But with a randomizer, any opportunity to plan for a gym battle goes out the window.

    “Pokémon is a game of memory. Once you learn all the type advantages, where to get the Pokemon you need and who youre fighting, youre in the clear,” said Mortimer. “But randomization can lead to some really tough fights. Randomizing takes away any chance to prepare properly, because you could be going up against anything.”

    No longer are gym leaders and Elite Four members limited to a specific type of Pokémonnow every trainer in the game has a varied team like Ash Ketchum, ready to take on anything that comes at them. Training up a specific Pokémon for the sole purpose of exploiting a specific gym leader’s one weakness is no longer an option.

    “Battling in Pokémon isnt the most difficult thing in gamingthe game was initially and still is aimed at kids,” said Matt Revill, who runs a Pokémon Youtube channel under the name HDvee. “Being able to turn up the difficulty by changing the trainer battles makes for more interesting gameplay. You dont know what to expect. All this knowledge of the game that you used to have isnt as useful anymore.”

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    What Thing Can Be Randomize Using It

    Apart from Unique Gameplay Experience, Universal Pokemon Randomize many things such as:

    • The Starter Pokemon choices.
    • The Wild Pokemon you encounter in grass, caves and other places.
    • The Pokemon that Trainers use against you.
    • The base stats which define the potential of each Pokemon.
    • The elemental types of each Pokemon.
    • The abilities of each Pokemon, in games where they exist.
    • The moves that Pokemon learn by gaining levels.
    • The contents of each TM which can be taught to Pokemon to give them additional moves
    • The ability of each Pokemon to learn each TM or HM move.
    • The static Pokemon which you either are given, fight on the overworld or are sold.
    • The names of trainers & the classes they belong in.
    • The moves taught by move tutors, for games within which they are significant enough.

    How Do You Set Up A Universal Pokemon Randomizer

    How To Use Universal Randomizer On Pokemon Rom

    The user can select which Pokemon games to include in the randomizer, the chance of finding an evolution stone, and whether or not to include type-based restrictions. The available options are: Basic Settings Pokemon games: this is a dropdown menu that includes every Pokemon game in order from most recent to oldest. If you want the randomizer to only include a certain generation of Pokemon games, you can check the boxes of the desired games and uncheck all others.

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    Exp Curves And Evolutions

    Experience Curves are what determine how quickly a Pokemon levels up there is a setting in the randomizer that can be used to standardize these for all Pokemon in a few different ways. However, EXP Curves have a less obvious side effect: Pokemon can only evolve into Pokemon that have the same EXP Curve as themselves. As such, standardizing EXP Curves will expand the pool of possible evolutions for all Pokemon .

    Is Universal Pokemon Randomizer Safe

    Universal Pokemon Randomizer is very safe. This program is considered as the best go-to randomizer. It is ideal for people that want to randomize their games. Just make sure you download from the real website and not from anywhere else so that you dont get a virus. You can also copy your ROM ahead of time if you have doubts so that you dont lose it in the process.

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    What Is A Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke

    You wanted to know what is a Pokemon Randomizer? A Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke is the same but it has Nuzlocke rules. Basically, you can still randomize everything but this time you can also edit and add the Nuzlocke rules. Just to recap a couple of rules, one of them is the fact that any Pokemon that faints in your team will be automatically removed since they are considered as dead. Basically, it is something that will definitely implement the Nuzlocke rules so that you dont cheat your way out of it while randomizing everything.

    A Tool For Each Generation

    How To Use Universal Randomizer On Pokemon Rom

    The Universal Pokémon Randomizer isnt limited to a particular mainline game. The tool is compatible with all the games from Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue, all the way to Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. One thing to keep in mind is that the tool randomizes content found within each one of those games, so dont expect to see random Gen 2 Pokémon appearing in your Gen 1 game.

    Another great feature of this tool is that the UI is pretty self-explanatory, meaning that you dont need to understand complex statistics to modify your game. Keep in mind that the tool is just that: a tool to modify Pokémon games. Youll have to provide your own, unmodified ROMs to use the Universal Pokémon Randomizer.

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    Universal Pokemon Randomizer Gaia Download

    At the present, you can get Universal Pokemon Randomizer Gaia with Beta v1.7.7 version. Do not forget to bookmark and subscribe this page for the latest updates.Sponsored LinksNOTE: Please read it first. Hit COPY button below > Paste into the new tab & Enter > Wait 5 seconds and SKIP > The game will be automatically downloaded. If it does not work with your browser, just hit Ctrl+C or Copy manually.

    Play Pokemon Randomizer Online Free No Download

    3) after you have picked every thing you want you can save the Rom as wot ever you want as long as you remember the name

    «««««««««««playing the game»»»»»»»»»»»»

    1) it is time.. To play.. THE GAAAAAMMMEEHHH Ok so first we need to put our randomized Rom on the sd first in the root of the sd we will make a folder called roms

    2) we are going copy the randomized Rom onto the roms folder on the sd

    3) put the sd back into the system

    You can do this by now lol

    4) open homebrew

    that is not the right Mon..witch means.. It worked!.. Luts see my starters shall we..

    cyndaquil? At first I saw this and thought I did something wrong but that would of been in the middle but the nxt Mon was..

    leik if you Crei ever trim

    And finally

    this one was kinda cool

    Any way I hope I helped you out and you enjoyed!!!

    Last minute notes/edits: if I missed anything comment bellow so I can fix/ add it!


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    How To Use Universal Pokemon Randomizer

    Pokemon is once again in the spotlight, with Pokemon GO having its most financially lucrative year yet, and Pokemon cards skyrocketing in value, all while players of the base games find brand new ways to make exciting content.

    New Pokemon game challenges are trending again, using a Pokemon Randomizer to shake things up. Players download a Pokemon Randomizer application as well as a ROM of their preferred game. The Randomizer can then be used to adjust many aspects of the main game, such as Pokemon encounters, shiny rates, movesets, and a whole lot more. It keeps the games fresh and gives them nearly infinite replayability.

    What Is A Cagelocke

    How to Use the Universal Pokemon Randomizer

    The Cagelocke is a competitive and cooperative Nuzlocke variant created by youtuber and entertainer Dan, better known as aDrive. The first Cagelocke was played between aDrive and ShadyPenguinn who won the Cagelocke after 23 episodes. The Cagelocke starts from the moment you get your pokéballs.

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    Abilities Of Each Pokemon:

    Universal Pokemon Randomizer is a web application which will generate a randomized moveset for every Pokemon in the game. It will show their stats, type, and moveset before asking for the players email address to save the data. Abilities of each Pokemon: The Universal Pokemon Randomizer will generate a randomized moveset for every Pokemon in the game, showing their stats, type, and moveset before asking for the players email address to save the data.

    Most abilities are common between Pokemon, but some Pokemon have an ability that is exclusive to that specific Pokemon. The most notable examples of this are Generation 4s Rotom and Uxie, both of which had access to the Levitate ability and could not be found in any other generation. The Ability Capsule, introduced in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, allows players to change a Pokemons ability to something else. This is done by removing the current ability through the use of the Battle Subway or Battle Maison, then putting the Pokemon into the capsule, at which point it will receive the new ability.


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