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What Time Is Night In Pokemon Go

Pokmon Go Spotlight Hour Times And Bonus Hour Times: This Week’s Featured Pokmon And Mystery Bonus

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Since April 2020, Niantic has combined the Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour and Pokémon GO Mystery Bonus Hour into a single weekly event that takes place on Tuesday evenings. Separate Bonus Hours were tested briefly in

It’s also worth noting that Niantic has temporarily altered some elements of Pokémon GO gameplay in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Different countries and regions have their own precautionary measures in place, so please remember to stay safe, avoid contact with others and abide by local directives.

The Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour and Mystery Bonus Hour events were first introduced to the game in February 2020. Every week for one hour only a specific surprise Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild and a Mystery Bonus will activate. This gives you a chance to catch as many of the featured Pokémon as possible, evolve it with candy, and possibly encounter a Shiny version.

The Spotlight Hour and Mystery Bonus Hour events occur at the same local time across time zones. They originally took place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings respectively before being combined into a single event, although Niantic briefly reintroduced a separate Bonus Hour on Thursdays in March 2021 .

In this regularly updated guide well let you know which Pokémon will be featured in Spotlight Hour on Tuesdays and what Bonus you can expect on Tuesdays .

Pokmon Go: How Day Time Affects Spawn Rates

Several days following the Gen 2 update, some players noticed that in a specific time of the day, the spawn rate of specific Pokémon significantly increases. This then led to some saying that Dark Pokémon spawn a lot often during the evening hours. But is there really truth behind this notion? Let’s find out.

Pokémon GO: Hidden Night/Day Features

In the original series, night and day have a huge impact in the game: evolution, encounters, etc. The good news is that Niantic has adopted this system in their Gen 2 update. However, just as how reticent the company is for their plans for updates and changes, is the fact that these features were added in a very subtle way.

In the patch notes for all the changes in the Gen 2 update small details like night/day evolution and spawn rate were not explicitly stated. In our previous report, it was found out that Niantic has adopted the night/day system when incorporating evolution to Eevee specifically in obtaining Umbreon and Espeon. It turns out that aside from the name trick, there’s a far better way to evolve Eevee into the aforementioned Pokémon using the night/day + friendship feature. You can find all the details about the evolution here.

After this discovery, it was imminent that Niantic will fully adopt the concept of night/day system from the original series and so, it brought about an interesting concept from researchers: “does night/day also affects the spawn rate of Pokémon? ” It turns out that the answer is yes.

When Do Pokmon Go Bonus Hours Usually Take Place

Mystery Bonus Hours were originally held on Thursday evenings every week and lasted for 1 hour, from 6pm to 7pm in your local timezone, although Niantic combined both events into one and began announcing the bonuses in advance.

As of March 2021, Niantic is testing separate Bonus Hour events on Thursday evenings once again . These new events involve other aspects of the game rather than simply doubling standard bonuses check the bottom of this page for a full list of past bonuses featured in this ‘new’ style of Bonus Hour.

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Pokmon Let’s Go Pikachu And Let’s Go Eevee

Despite Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! having a few time-based features, they are set in perpetual daytime, much like Pokémon Yellow, and their compatibility with only the 151 original Pokémon ” rel=”nofollow”> Meltan and Melmetal notwithstanding) excludes the possibility of time-based evolutions.

How Does The Pokemon Sword & Shield Day & Night Cycle Work

PoGo changed to night mode at my local sunset time (Update ...

How the Day and Night cycle works in Pokemon Sword & Shield works depends on where you are and at what point in the story you are. On routes and in cities, your story progression is going to be important. If the story needs it to be night time, itll be night time. Same goes for Wild Areas when going through them is a part of the story mission. Basically, the game sacrifices the in-game clock for a bit of atmosphere and story-telling, which is fine, if confusing. When you go back to that Wild Area later, itll follow your consoles clock.

Speaking of Wild Areas, if theyre not a part of a story mission, they follow your Switchs internal clock. So, if its, say, 1 AM on your Switch, itll be night in the Wild Areas. If its noon, itll be daytime, you get the idea. And, once you beat the main game, the routes and cities will also start following the consoles clock. At that point, theres no drama to build, and consistency takes over the reins. So yeah, if youre looking for a Pokemon that only comes out at a certain time of day, you can simply change the Switchs clock. Its great.

I think thats all there is to it when it comes to the day and night cycle in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Weve also got a lot of different Pokemon Sword & Shield guides for you to check out, if you need more help. Like, say, Bad League Staff Member Wyndon Location, Special Move Tutor Locations, and How to Catch Pokemon Easier.

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At What Time Does The Game Change From Morning To Day To Night

  • When does the game change from morning to day to night in DS time?
  • Times of dayMorningMorning tints everything a pale blue color, changing from dark blue of night into bright blue of daytime. Morning lasts from 4:00 AM to 9:59 AM.DayEverything takes on its natural color during the day. Day lasts from 10:00 AM to 7:59 PM, with twilight lasting from around 5:00 PM until night sets in.NightMuch like its Generation II counterpart, the world is dark, but pockmarked by the bright lights of buildings. Night lasts from 8:00 PM to 3:59 AM, with lights in buildings turning off at 12:00 midnight. Many areas have slightly different music during the night, including Pokemon Centers.
  • Pokmon Sun Moon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

    In Pokémon Sun and Ultra Sun, the clock functions conventionally, matching the Nintendo 3DS‘s clock however, in Pokémon Moon and Ultra Moon, the game runs its time offset by 12 hours from the 3DS’s clock. In Pokémon Moon and Ultra Moon, this difference mainly affects the day-night cycle. Events that refresh daily still refresh when the 3DS’s clock hits midnight and events that rely on the day of the week correlate to the day according to the 3DS’s clock.

    Specific scenes in the game, such as in the beginning of the game, will be set at specific times, with the clock effectively frozen until that part of the story is completed. Regardless of the games, the player is eventually able to travel to a world that has the opposite time by using the Ultra Wormhole at the Altar of the Sunne/Moone.

    Different Pokémon can once again be found depending on the time of day. In the Rotom Pokédex, these species are denoted with a different icon when viewed in the Habitat menu. Certain areas in Alola have slightly different background music depending on the time of day, such as Hau’oli City.

    Times of day

    Note that these times refer to the time on the 3DS’s clock. That is, within Pokémon Moon and Ultra Moon, “day” still starts at 6 a.m. as far as the game world is concerned. This may be seen at any place that acknowledges the time, such as the Pokémon Center Café.


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    How Do You Make A Pokemon Sword Night

    You can, however, go to the Wild Area for normal day and night cycles to occur to help you when evolving or getting certain creatures. As for how to change the cycle, all you need to do is open the Switchs main menu, open Settings, scroll down to System, and then open the Date and Time option in the new sub-menu.

    Avatar Items And Other Rewards

    Pokemon GO NIGHT TIME HUNTING & MAKING FRIENDS! – Pokemon Go Gameplay

    Pikachu Libre avatar items will be rewarded to Trainers who reach Rank 3.

    Trainers will be able to earn avatar items and a pose inspired by the champion of the Galar region, Leon, who first made his debut in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield!

    • At Ace rank, youll receive the Reigning Champion Sport Glove.
    • At Veteran rank, youll receive the Leons Look Sport Cap.
    • At Expert rank, youll receive the Reigning Champion Sport Shorts.
    • At Legend rank, youll receive the Reigning Champion Sport Top.
    • Midway through season 9, Leons iconic pose will be added as a reward for Trainers who reach Legend rank.

    At Rank 19, youll receive an Elite Charged TM, and youll also receive an Elite Fast TM as an end-of-season reward.

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    How Do I Get Premier Balls

    Premier balls are exclusive to raids, and are the sole type of Poké ball that you can use to try and capture the raid boss if you successfully defeat it. You cant collect premier balls using the ordinary means, and will instead earn a set number depending on the following factors:

    • Defeat the boss: five premier balls
    • Damage: up to four premier balls
    • Gym: up to two if you control gym
    • Team contribution: you gain extra premier balls depending on the damage your team, as a whole, inflicts
    • Friends: Raid with a friend to receive up to four extra premier balls

    So, as you can see, its possible to earn a fair number of extra balls by paying attention to the above.

    Is There Any Correlation Between Particular Pokemon Type Spawns And Time Of Day

    Yes, there is! According to our research, Pokemon Types fall into various spawn patterns in regards to time of day.

    • Types like spawn heavily during the night, starting at 20:00 and continuing to 02:00
    • We found no connection with the in game visual Day/Night cycle
  • A majority of other types mainly fall into the normal daily cycle
  • normal daily cycle lasts from 10:00 to 20:00 and is similar for a number of types
  • Types in the third group, mostly featuring ICEDRAGON, have low sample sizes and dont seem to follow any observable spawn pattern
  • Weve observed two curious phenomena, both which could be due to method of recording the spawns and are still a mystery:

    • spawn numbers drop off aggressively around 02:00
    • spawn numbers are unusually high from 00:00 to 01:00

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    How Do You Make It Night Time In Pokemon

    You can, however, go to the Wild Area for normal day and night cycles to occur to help you when evolving or getting certain creatures. As for how to change the cycle, all you need to do is open the Switchs main menu, open Settings, scroll down to System, and then open the Date and Time option in the new sub-menu.

    Your Number One Resource For Pokmon Go Raids Including Everything You Need To Know

    11 biggest Pokémon Go myths DEBUNKED

    If you want to catch the best Pokémon, youre going to have to participate in Pokémon Go raids. These are difficult events that pit you against a variety of your favourite monsters alongside your friends, providing you with a bunch of rewards if you succeed. Youll also get a chance to catch the monster you fought, which makes it a great method of tracking down more elusive monsters.

    Raids take place at gyms, and require you to have a raid pass, which you can get once per day by visiting a gym, to participate. There are different tiers of Pokémon Go raids, with the highest giving you with a chance to receive a legendary Pokémon.

    If you find raids intimidating, or simply want a bit more information before you start digging into them, weve put together this guide for you. Well break down everything you need to know about gyms, including the different types, how you can participate, and what you can expect as rewards, in the guide below. By the time youve finished reading it, youll be a raid master. You can also find out more information about your favourite mobile game by checking out our Pokémon Go news, Pokémon Go event, and Pokémon Go update guides.

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    What Time Is Night In Pokmon Go Umbreon

    The switchover to night or day in the game is generally marked by the look of the environment in-game. If youre in the game and it looks like its light out, the game will likely think its day. To be certain, you may want to wait until around 10PM local time for night, and 11AM for day.

    06:00 to 18:00

    Subsequently, What time counts as night in Pokemon go?

    The night cycle lasts from 20:00 local time to roughly 08:00 local time.

    Also, What time does night start in Pokemon?

    Night, referred to as Nite in-game, is the time from 6:00 p.m. to 3:59 a.m. . During the Night, Pokémon encountered by Headbutting trees may be sleeping at the start of the encounter.

    What counts as night for umbreon?

    Umbreon evolves from sunset to the rest of the night.

    Last Review : 18 days ago.

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    What Are Pokmon Go Raids And How Do They Work

    Raids are multiplayer events in Pokémon Go that challenge you to battle powerful monsters in exchange for exclusive rewards. Each raid has a tier from one to five, with the lowest tiers being easiest and the highest being the most difficult. You can battle easier raids alone, but youll need to work with the community to participate in the tougher raids.

    Heres how to start and complete a raid in steps:

  • To initiate a raid, youll need a raid pass, which you can get from a gym once per day
  • Next, find a gym with an egg above it and wait until the timer counts down
  • Visit the gym when the timer has come to an end and youll be able to face the raid boss
  • The raid boss is a Pokémon with much higher CP than usual, and you have an hour to form a team and beat it
  • You can participate in raids solo or join a group of up to 20 other players
  • You can bring up to six Pokémon into the battle with you, just like in a usual gym battle
  • If you fail the boss fight, you can try again as many times as youd like until the hour is up, and it wont cost you another raid pass
  • If youre successful, youll receive a bunch of rewards and a chance to catch it using premier balls, which are exclusive to raids
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    How Do I Make The Most Of Eevee Community Day

    Eggs will hatch in 14 the usual time if you put them in an Incubator during the event period, so you should definitely hatch any long-distance eggs youve been holding on to. Incense used during the event will also last a whopping three hours, so you should use one to increase your Eevee spawns further.

    Pokémon Go guide: Eggs and Incubators, explained

    Pokémon Go

    Every Pokmon That Only Evolves At Night


    The world of Pokémon thrives on different evolution types as they add variety to the gameplay. Here, we look at the Pokémon that only evolve at night.

    Pokémon is full of magnificent creatures evolving in seemingly unusual ways. Pikachu can only evolve into a Raichu when exposed to an evolutionary stone. Kadabra can only evolve when traded with another player. The world of Pokémon thrives on these different evolution types as they add variety to the gameplay.

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    Sometimes the real world has an impact on the in-game evolutions. Time is a factor for a lot of Pokémon. While it is not well explained, there are certain Pokémon that can only evolve during the nighttime. This list looks at the 10 Pokémon that require it to be night to evolve.

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    Eevee Nicknames For Evolutions

    First, youre going to need to know the Eevee evolution nicknames. To start this journey off right, start with Pokemon number 133, Eevee. This is a Normal type Pokemon thatll appear pretty much anywhere around the world. Not in the middle of the ocean or the desert, mind you but pretty much anywhere else.

    The first three Eevee evolutions are Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. To evolve into each of these Pokemon, youll need only change the name of your Eevee. Change to Rainer for Vaporeon, Sparky for Jolteon, or Pyro for Flareon. This trick will only work ONCE for each of the three first evolutions of Eevee.

    The rest are a bit more complicated. Nicknames for the rest of the Eevee evolutions require more than JUST a nickname, but here they are anyway: Espeon is Sakura, Umbreon is Tamao, Leafeon is Linnea, and Glaceon is Rea. Those are, in order, Psychic, Dark, Grass, and Ice types.

    Pokmon Go: Heres What You Need To Know About Go Battle Night

    Pokémon Go recently announced that its Go Battle League is about to enter Season 4. The new season is going to start on September 14 and is going to run all the way to November 9. Like with the previous season, theres going to be some new changes to the Go Battle League, and you can read more about that here.

    One of the new things that Season 4 brings is the Halloween Cup, which is going to be between October 26 and November 3. In between all the different weeks, theres going to be a limited-time event which is the Go Battle Night. The first Go Battle Night is going to be on September 24 from 6:00 PM to 11:59 PM, local time.

    So whats Go Battle Night all about, then? First, the Flying Cup is going to be available. What this means is that during the event, only Flying-type Pokémon are allowed. In addition, the CP limit is going to be 1,500.

    Trainers have the chance to complete 20 sets of Go Battle League battles. This means a total of up to 100 battles. Trainers also receive twice the Stardust not only for winning battles, but also in completing sets of battles as well as ranking up in the Go Battle League.

    Finally, during the event, there is a chance to evolve a Pidgeotto into a Pidgeot that knows Gust.

    There is also going to be a new attack added to the game, the Lunge. This is a Bug-type Charged Attack that lowers the Attack stat of the other Pokémon. When Lunge initially becomes available, only the Pokémon Galvantula and Masquerain are going to be able to learn it.

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