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How To Get Pokemon Go On Apple Watch

What Is Adventure Sync Anyways

Pokémon Go for Apple Watch

Adventure Sync is a tool you can enable in the settings in Pokémon Go. It uses your phone’s GPS, as well as data from certain fitness apps, to give you in-game credit for your activity when Pokémon Go isn’t actively running in the foreground. Once enabled, all you have to do is bring your phone with you, and the next time you log into the app, you will be credited with whatever distance you moved, just as long as you didn’t go too fast You’ll be immediately awarded with any Buddy Candy earned, and your eggs will hatch. You can even earn rewards for meeting certain fitness goals

How To Set Up And Configure The Pokmon Go Watch App

The Watch app is available as part of the December 22, 2016 update for iOS . So just make sure your app is updated to the latest version, and the Watch app should automatically be installed on your Watch.

When you first open the app on the Watch, it will ask permission to send you notifications. You should allow it to do so or youll miss out an essential part of the experience. You can always change this in the Settings later.

When you proceed, you will probably be greeted with a level 1 trainer screen. Dont panic, you just need to open the Pokémon Go app on your iPhone to sync up. Indeed, when you tap Start on this screen, you might be greeted with a message telling you to do just that.

On your iPhone, open the Pokémon Go app. The first time you do so, you will be asked to allow the app to access your location even when youre not using the app. Again, youre going to want to tap Allow, because it will let;the game to run in the background.

On the surface, the Pokémon Go Watch app seems like just another way of playing the game, but its also a workout tracker, which means it hooks into the Health app. You can allow or disallow the app from tracking four Health metrics: Active Energy, Steps, Walking + Running Distance, and Workouts.

Note the Data item on this screen as wellwell talk more about this below.

Help Adventure Sync Isn’t Working

If you’re having trouble getting Adventure Sync to work, the first thing to check is your location permissions. In any device’s settings are location permissions. Location permissions are the ways in which apps can use your device’s GPS and location data, even if the app isn’t running. These need to be set to always allow Pokémon Go access.

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Pokemon Go Apple Watch Release Date: When Is Pokemon Go Coming To Apple Watch

Niantic originally announced Apple Watch support for Pokemon GO during Apple’s September 2016 announcement, with many suggesting it’d be out within a month. However, it seems most were wrong as Niantic delayed the release of the Pokemon GO app update with Watch support until 22 December 2016.

With that being said, the current version of Pokemon GO should have the Apple Watch app built-in, meaning you don’t need to install a separate;app. To install it on your Apple Watch, simply open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down to Pokemon GO and toggle “Show App on Apple Watch” on. Give it a few minutes to install, and the app should then be ready to go on your Apple Watch.

How To Use Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go for Apple Watch Guide: Tips and Tricks!

Got everything set up? Push start and off you go. Make sure you open the app on both your watch and iPhone.

When you look at your watch you will see your trainers avatar, current level and whether you are walking any eggs to get them to hatch. The app will also begin tracking your steps, distance and other health metrics.

There will be four screens, including a settings screen that you can use to turn on and off notifications. You can turn off these notifications if you are doing something that doesnt enable you to hunt Pokemon.

The eggs screen lets you know how far you have to walk and if an egg is about to hatch. When it hatches, you will see an animation of the egg hatching. If you miss it, simply check your journal on your iPhone app later.

The main screen will show your fitness progress, your progress in hatching eggs, and the location of up to three nearby Pokemon.

If you get a Pokestop notification, you can spin the Pokestop by tapping on the notification and spinning the stop with your finger.

Thats the scoop on the new Pokemon Go Apple Watch app. Download the app and go get fit while you hunt down Pokemon and hatch those eggs.

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Enable Pokmon Go On Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch apps are extensions of iPhone apps, which means you need to install the iPhone app and then move the extension over to Apple Watch to use them there. If everything isn’t working the way it should, you can try turning the extension on and then off. That’ll delete it and re-install it on Apple Watch, and hopefully getting it going right.

Note: If you’ve turned on the Pokémon Go Egg Timer compilation on any of your watch faces, turn it off before performing these steps or it’ll persist bad data.

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on Pokémon Go.
  • Switch Show App on Apple Watch to OFF.

  • Wait until the app un-installs

  • Switch Show App on Apple Watch back to ON.
  • Wait for the extension to re-install.
  • If that works, great. If not, keep going…

    How To Get Started With Pokmon Go On Apple Watch

    Before you can really start using Pokémon Go on Apple Watch you need to give it permission to run in the background, so it can count your activity, and access various HealthKit data, so it can contribute to your workouts.

    These should pop up on their own but if they don’t:

  • Launch Settings from your iPhone Home screen.
  • Tap on Privacy.
  • Tap on Health.
  • Tap on Pokemon Go.
  • Tap the switches to enable each category. Turn them all on.

  • You can also do this through the Health app directly, from the Sources tab.

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    Pausing Your Session And Quitting

    Sometimes, you may want to put your Pokémon journey on hold after a while. Luckily, pausing your gaming session on Apple Watch is easy. Navigate to the far-left screen by swiping right this will keep your session paused until you decide to pick back up.

    Exiting your session is similar to pausing. Simply navigate to the same screen and press the End button in the center of the screen. Pokémon GO will show a summary of your progress, which can also be viewed on your iPhone. To view exercise statistics like calories burned and distance walked, open the Activity app.

    Is Square Enix Releasing A Mana Collection In Europe

    Pokémon Go – Apple Watch App – Set up

    Last Friday, Square Enix filed a trademark for whatever Collection of Mana may be. The application was submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Square Enix has previously done the same in Japan.

    We all know that Square Enix suddenly announced a remake of Secret of Mana two years ago. What many people dont know is that the developer also released a collection of Mana games for the Switch in Japan that same year. At that time, however, Square was not interested in releasing that collection in the west.

    Would Square Enix have changed its mind now? Will we also get our own Seiken Densetsu Collection with Mystic Quest, Secret of Mana and the never-before-located Seiken Densetsu 3? And would we perhaps hear more about that on the developers pressco at E3? Hopefully we will know more during the night from Monday June 10 to Tuesday June 11 !

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    Only Fight Raid Battles You Can Win

    This might sound like a cowardly approach, but there’s little point in pitching your 86CP Squirtle against a 50000CP Kyogre. If you don’t have enough powerful Pokemon of your own or a team of friends to battle with, then you’ll lose and just have to revive your Pokemon and treat them with Potions.

    So, check the power of the Pokemon in the Raid Battle before you start.

    When battling Gyms you can wear down your opponents gradually, so you can take on opponents that are more powerful – you’ll still lose, but you might make some progress.

    Embrace Battles For More Rewards

    While the original Pokemon Go game was about discovery and finding Pokemon, the evolution of Battles adds another dimension, including a lot of rewards. You can battle in tiers, earning lots or rewards as you move through the game. Importantly, Battles don’t rely on being out walking and exploring, so it’s a part of the game you can play to improve you’re position while at home.

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    Choose A Rare Type Buddy

    Some Pokemon don’t appear very often. Because you won’t see these very often, making them your buddy means you can earn those types of candies gradually as you walk. With time, you’ll find you have enough to evolve that Pokemon.;

    Probably best not to do that with Magikarp, because you need 400 candies to evolve it and you’ll get bored before anything happens. It’s worth noting, however that different Pokemon will need you to walk different distances.

    What Is Adventure Sync In Pokmon Go

    Pokémon Go for Apple Watch: Best bands to catch

    As Pokémon Go encourages its players to go out and catch Pokémons, it comes with the Adventure Sync feature, where the apps get the data of players activity through the Apple Health app. If the players reach a certain milestone, they get the buddy candies and the opportunity to hatch eggs.

    However, only players with level 5 or higher can participate in adventure sync, and if you dont have level 5, then you will need to fulfill this requirement first and then participate in the Adventure Sync.

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    How To Install Pokemon Go On Apple Watch

    Follow these steps to install Pokemon Go on Apple Watch

    1. To install and start using Pokemon Go on Apple Watch, you first need to have the game installed on your iPhone.

    2. Once you have the game on your iPhone, open the Watch app on your iPhone.

    3. Scroll down until you find the Pokemon Go. Enable Show App on Apple Watch.

    You will now start receiving alerts for nearby Pokemon on your Apple Watch. The screen being small, you will not see as much information as you would normally see on the smartphone. But you can see the player name, training level and egg with the shortest incubation distance to hatch. You will also receive notifications about Pokestops nearby and collect items from them. You can also get notifications when Eggs hatch and medals are awarded. Pokemon Go on Apple Watch lets you log each play session as a workout, with gameplay counting toward personal Activity rings.

    Apple Watch is particularly well suited to Pokemon GO as it seamlessly combines gameplay and imagination with getting exercise and exploring the real world. You can easily interact with Pokemon GO on Apple Watch, using quick taps to discover nearby Pokemon and collect items from PokeStops. Once you encounter a Pokemon, you can catch it from your iPhone. You can log your play sessions through the Apple Watch app as a Workout that will count toward your personal Activity rings, while also counting distance toward hatching Pokemon Eggs the Pokemon Team said.

    Pokemon Go Apple Watch Features: What Features Can We Expect From Pokemon Go On Apple Watch

    So, what can the Apple Watch variant of the Pokemon GO app do that the iOS and Android apps can’t? While the app isn’t quite a replacement for Nintendo’s own Pokemon Go Plus wristband that lets you catch Pokemon and cash in on Pokestops on-the-fly, it’s a nice middle ground for Apple Watch owners. Here’s a few of the things you’ll be able to do on Pokemon GO for Apple Watch:

    We are excited by all the features, however are concerned about the battery hit it will have on an Apple Watch – especially the older, original Watch. The Pokemon GO app on iPhone already drains a lot of battery, so we are sure it affects the Apple Watch drastically too! Also see: Super Mario Run for iPhone.

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    How To Sync Pokmon Go To Apple Health

    Pokémon Go cant be used with the Apple watch, but it doesnt mean that you cant use it with iPhone. You can easily sync the Pokémon Go with the Apple Health, and the Game will use the data from the Apple Health to give you rewards. Heres how you can sync Pokémon Go to Apple Health.

    • Open the Pokémon Go on your iPhone
    • Now tap the Main Menu button
    • Tap the settings button
    • Tap on the Adventure Sync, and the system will show the prompt asking you for permission to access the data of Apple Health.
    • Grant the permission, and thats it.

    Now, wait for the apps to sync the data. Normally, it takes a few minutes to share the data, but it can take up to several hours in some circumstances. Once the Apple Heath is synced with Pokémon Go, you will see all the data on the Adventure Sync.

    How To Get Pokmon Go On Your Apple Watch

    Pokémon Go App Now Available on Apple Watch

    Weve been way excited about playing;Pokémon Go from our wrists since the Watch app was announced at Apples September event.

    Pokemon Go comes to your wrist with the Apple Watch! #AppleEvent

    Stuff Singapore

    Unfortunately, you won’t be able to catch any pocket monsters from your Apple Watch. Like most Watch apps, it’s more of a companion for serving up notifications so when it comes to the actual capturing, you still need your iPhone for that. What you will be able to do is hatch eggs , be notified when there are;Pokémon;lurking nearby in the wild, collect items from;Pokéstops and log each play session as a workout.

    While the hype has certainly died, its only a matter of time before the release of Gen 2 critters. So get it on your wrist to get a headstart on completing your;Pokédex and hitting your fitness goals.;

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    Use Your Lucky Eggs Wisely

    Sometimes you’ll collect a Lucky Egg. This will double your XP earned for 30 minutes. Don’t just randomly drop it, however, try to use it for maximum gain to help level up your Trainer. That might be when you arrive in a new, busy, place and you know you’re going to be catching or hatching Pokemon, or where there’s lots of Gyms for you to battle – and win.

    So, save those Lucky Eggs for those epic town centre Pokemon Go sessions to get the most XP in return.

    Master Battery Saving Mode

    Pokemon Go is a battery killer on all phones. Battery saving mode in Pokemon Go will let the screen shut off when the phone is upside down, meaning you’re not spending all that battery life on illuminating the screen when you don’t need to. You’ll need a phone with an accelerometer in it to work – which may exclude some entry-level Android phones.;

    Once it’s on, you can often put the phone in your pocket upside down, the screen will turn off, but it will still be live, tracking your distance to hatch eggs and vibrating to alert you to Pokemon.

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    Pokmon Go Is Coming To Apple Watch To Get You Outside And On The Go

    A version of Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch, together with ;a new feature that better tracks how far you need to walk before your;Pokémon eggs hatch within the game.

    Pokémon Go for Apple Watch will ship before the end of the year,;John Hanke, the chief executive of;Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs, said onstage Wednesday at Apples iPhone 7 launch event in San Francisco.

    Pokémon Go, the hit mobile game for iOS and Android, has been downloaded over 500 million times worldwide, ;Hanke said. The game uses augmented reality to help players discover;Pokémon in the wild, allowing users to see;Pokémon superimposed over real-world objects.

    The new;Pokémon Go app provides information on your eggs and the;Pokémon around you.

    According to Hanke,;Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch, along with a new feature: better egg tracking. One of the features of the;Pokémon Go game involves hatching virtual eggs, which require you to walk a certain distance to hatch. The new Apple Watch complication will allow you to track the progress of your eggs as youre out for a run or a stroll, and also alert you to the presence of nearby;Pokémon.

    Were really excited to bring you this new way to experience;Pokémon Go, and to give you a little more motivation to get outside, get some exercise, and have fun with your friends, Hanke said.;

    Theres even information about PokeStops, as well.

    Pokmon Gyms Will Give You Plenty Of Exercise

    Pokemon GO PLUS & POKEMON GO APPLE WATCH APP!! How Pokemon ...

    While the Pokémon gyms may not contain any exercise equipment, dont let that fool you. Pokémon Go will make you work hard to collect those;colorful creatures. Walking long distances is not just encouraged. It is required.

    Sitting around will get you very little in this game. Its true that if you put a lure on a PokéStop, you can lazily;lurk and wait for the Pokémon to come to you. But to maximize the number and variety you can catch, youll need to do a lot of walking.

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