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Where To Send Pokemon Cards To Get Graded

Package & Ship Your Collectibles

Everything You Need To Know to Get Your Pokemon Cards Professionally Graded

CGC has made packaging and shipping your collectibles as painless and safe as possible. Watch our step-by-step videos for instructions on how to prepare your collectibles for their trip to CGC. For comic books, use the CGC Shipping Kit each kit comes with everything you need to securely pack your raw books so theres no stress and no hassle.

Packaging And Preparing Your Submission For Safe Shipment

To ship your cards to the Certified Guaranty Company, there are a few routes you can go. For example, if you’re in the United States you can use USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

I’ve personally not chosen to use UPS because the rates are significantly more expensive than the other services. For FedEx, it’s relatively inexpensive to ship, but they can only insure your cards up to a certain value. This makes USPS a better choice if you have expensive cards.

To be honest, I’ve had the best experience with USPS for a number of reasons:

  • USPS is cheap to send flat rate packages.
  • You can have boxes and shipping supplies shipped to you for free. You don’t have to pay for the shipping or the product to receive these supplies.
  • You can schedule USPS to pick up the package at your door so you never have to leave your home.

It’s ultimately up to you which shipping courier you want to use.

The important step is properly packaging your submission. You’ll not only need to secure your cards, but you’ll also need to include the appropriate CGC paperwork and everything in the correct physical order.

Here are the things you’ll need to ship to the Certified Guaranty Company:

  • A box
  • Packing tape
  • A printer for your packing slips and labels
  • Card Saver 1 cases and penny sleeves
  • Extra cardboard
  • Bubble wrap or bubble bags

Depending on the value of your cards, you may want to take the supplies to another level for safety.

When you have a cardboard sandwich, wrap it in bubble wrap and insert into your box.

Pokemon Card Grading Scale

There are four key factors that effect the grade of your Pokemon cards:

1. Centering

This refers to how well centered the artwork on the card is. Grading services tend to be stricter with centering on the front of the card, compared to the back. They will also work off certain centering ratios to determine the grade of the card.

2. Corners

This refers to the condition of the corners. Anything like whitening, nicks, or unsymmetrical cutting can affect the grade of a card.

3. Edges

This refers to the condition of the edges of the card. Again, whitening, nicks and edgewear can affect the grade.

4. Surface

This refers to the condition of the surface of the card. Scratches, nicks print lines and even holographic bleed can affect the grade.

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What Exactly Is Grading

Grading is the objective assessment of the condition and value of trading cards by professional and experienced inspectors. For example, if you want to know which Pokémon cards are valuable and have your Pokémon cards graded, you can contact our experienced inspectors. With the help of their trained eye, as well as state-of-the-art technology and specially developed microscopes, they will confirm the authenticity and quality grade of your cards. At the end of each process, your cards are sealed in secured sleeves to ensure their long-term condition.

Inside The Hateful Pokmon Card Grading Scene

How to Grade Pokemon Cards For PSA

When Peter Graham noticed that people were going nuts for Pokémon cards again that grown men were sweeping packs into their shopping trolleys and pulling out guns to fend off Weedle-crazed muggers that Logan Paul had paid $150,000 for a single Charizard card, the one he wore around his neck before fighting Floyd Mayweather he thought of his childhood.

Graham, who is 30 and speaks with the controlled affability of a salesman, remembered how he used to zip through the playground, clutching an elastic band full of cards. And like the more worldly kids back then the ones who ended every school day with the best trades he saw this new craze as a business opportunity. And so he entered a new world. A world where he spends twelve happy hours a day examining and talking about Pokémon cards. And a world where his days are sometimes filled with furious, virulent abuse.

A Pokémon cards condition is determined by its grading this is the process by which a card is certified as real, rated on a scale of one to ten, and sealed in a transparent box known as a slab, protected for all eternity against sticky fingers and the elements. Grading is a billion-dollar industry dominated by three American players PSA, Beckett and CGC and a good rating from one of these big firms can send a cards value soaring.

More great stories from WIRED

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Whats The Grading Scale For Psa Sports Cards

Every card or collectible graded by PSA uses the PSA 10-point grading scale, which has been accepted and supported industry-wide since 1991. How much does PSA grading cost? The cost of PSA card grading will depend on the type of sports card, its value, shipping options, options added and the number of cards sent in.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Card Graded Pokemon

Trading card psa price guide. These attractive, hard plastic cases provide protection from pressure and most damage.

Pokemon Magnezone Prime Hgss Triumphant Psa 9 Pokemon Pokemon Cards Pokemon Tcg

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How Certified Guaranty Company Grades Pokemon Cards

Certified Guaranty Company is the youngest among the three card grading companies. Although theyve been around for almost as long as the two other companies, they started as a comic book grading company and it was only in 2020 where they started grading trading cards.

Even if they are young in the card grading game, collectors believe that they follow stringent standards that make them reputable. Like BGS, they also provide sub-grades for your Pokemon cards. And, to ensure impartiality, CGC Trading Cards graders are prohibited from buying and selling collectibles commercially!

CGS is more transparent when it comes to its standard grading scale:

There is no wonder why CGC gained the trust of many Pokemon card collectors in a short period of time. Their insanely detailed and specific grading scale lets no room for error and produces a grade that truly matches the card.

Psa Grading Services With Game Addict

How To Safely Get Your Pokemon Cards Graded!!!

Grading cards can be a fun and very exciting process. We provide customers with Professional Sport Authenticator Service by helping you to submit your cards to PSA for grading. PSA is the largest and most trusted third-party grading and authentication company in the world. The process is pretty straight forward and below you will find out the requirements and steps to take to ensure your card is secure throughout the process.

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Why Should You Get Your Cards Graded

Out of all the trading cards of our generation, there is only a handful that became collectors items that can be resold for a good amount. If you kept your NBA trading cards, Magic the Gathering Cards, or Pokemon Cards in good condition, then theres a high chance that you can sell those for a good amount.

However, this is not the case for every old Pokemon card out there. Although you can check the condition yourself, you still wont be able to sell it at a good price unless its been verified by an authority.

Just ask yourself, would you take the risk of buying jewelry from someone claiming it to be 24 karats, or would you rather go to an authorized, well-known jewelry shop?

Having your cards graded by respectful card grading companies lets you know what your cards exact worth is. So, there is no chance of underselling your card. That right there is enough reason to get your cards sent to the companies well mention later.

So, if youve kept your Pokemon cards in good condition, its time to get them out of your cabinet and have them graded!

What Are The Card Grading Services

The three big players out there for you to use: They are PSA and BGS and Certified Guaranty Company .

  • CGCis the new kid on the block as far as grading Pokemon cards. But their company has been around for over 20 years. CGC was mostly known as a Comic Book Grading Company, and just started grading cards in the summer of 2020. They use their famous blue label for grading comics and cards. I have used CGCs services for over 10 years for grading comics, and I recently started using them for Pokemon and Magic: the Gathering cards. They have the fastest turnaround times right now, and are also the least expensive to use. They are considered very strict graders by many collectors. They also offer subgrades on their cards. Here is a link if you want to test the waters with CGC. I have been happy with CGC, and find them very reliable. CGCs bulk submissions require a 50 card minimum, and are $9 per card. Their turnaround time is currently 90 working days.

All 3 services are great and trustworthy. You really cant go wrong with any of them. I personally use both CGC and PSA for Pokemon cards. But I would trust all 3 with my cards. PSA grades currently seem to have the highest realized value right now when selling. CGC is the new kid on the block, with the cheapest price and fastest turnaround times. BGS and CGC both offer subgrades on their cards, which is awesome for very valuable cards! You can see examples of subgrades on this page. I wish PSA offered subgrades like CGC and BGS.

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What Is Crossover Grading

Crossover grading is for cards previously graded by other companies that you wish to cross over into a PSA holder. PSA will evaluate the card inside its current holder. If PSA deems the card worthy to cross over at the customers specified minimum grade or higher, the card will be removed from its holder and placed into a PSA holder. Regardless of the result, the grading price will be charged.

There are other third-party grading companies out there, but just one industry leader. We offer our crossover service for collectors who would like to enhance the security and elevate the value of their previously authenticated and graded trading cards. Switching to the most respected and premium brand, PSA, can do just that.

How To Submit Your Card To Psa

Pokemon Card Grading

Your first step is to visit In the upper righthand corner of the site, youll see a green circular button that reads Submit .

Once you click the button, youll be brought to a Sign-In screen. If you dont already have a PSA account, youll need to create one.

Following your sign in, youll fill out the following information:

  • The type of item you are submitting
  • The service you are requesting
  • The Declared Value of the card you are submitting
  • A description of each card that you are submitting
  • Your shipping and billing information

And with this, youre ready to submit your card to PSA for an official grade, or whichever service you are seeking.

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An Introduction To Pokemon Tcg Psa Grading

I hope that everyone kicked off the New Year in a great way! Welcome back to my collecting article series here at ChannelFireball where I cover all things collecting in the Pokemon Trading Card game. My latest article was a holiday special, where I covered the greatest winter themed Pokemon cards, check it out if you havent! Before that, however, I covered some important topics including CGC card grading and more. In that article, I mentioned that similarly structured articles on PSA and BGS grading were on that way. This article is a deep dive into the world of PSA card grading. Whether you have heard of it before or not, sell cards or collect them, I am sure this article will have something for you! I have a lot to talk about, so lets get started with a look at the company itself. For more reading check out the rest of my line!

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Does Grading Cards Increase Value

In general, grading increases card value, especially from the big market leaders PSA and Beckett. Main factors that increase value for collectors and traders are: certified authenticity, certified condition, protection and increased tradability. Further cost for grading services are reflected in the market price.

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Grade Your Sports Cardswith One Of Our Affordable Card Grading Packages

We have various sports cards grading options for you. Choose what package works best and well get back to you with further instructions as soon as we receive your request. Were available everyday from 9am to 9pm


Do you have a large amount of cards to grade? Contact us for information about our business packages

Where Should I Get My Cards Graded

HOW TO GET PSA 10 POKEMON CARDS! | PSA Card Grading Process Explained

Currently, three official card grading companies are trusted by card collectors worldwide. They are Beckett Grading Services , Certified Guaranty Company , and Professional Sports Authenticator . Having your cards graded by any of these companies would give your card a seal of legitimacy that can drive up its resale price.

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Is It Worth Getting Your Card Graded By Psa

If you believe that you have a potential high-value card, then it is probably worth submitting the card to receive a PSA grade.

Having the PSA stamp of approval does the following:

  • Allows you to know that your card is authentic and is in good condition
  • Increases your cards resale value
  • Allows you to enter your card on the PSA Set Registry
  • Lets potential buyers know that your card is authentic
  • Provides an official metric for the quality of your card
  • Allows you to compete with other sellers who have had similar cards graded by PSA
  • Entitles you to the PSA storage case, one of the most effective ways to protect and display your cards

Do some research on the card you are considering having graded . If it is a card valuable enough and in good enough condition, having the PSA stamp of approval could be very much worth the cost of grading.

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Why Would I Want To Get My Cards Graded

A small minority of major collectors will actually use the PSA Grading service almost to compete with other collectors to get official grades on their best and rarest cards. When a card gets graded it has its own unique reference number with PSA which can be looked up on their website, there you can find information about how many of that type of card have been graded, general card info, and how many other cards of that kind in the world share the same grade.

Other collectors may simply want to get their most rare and valuable cards graded because not only do PSA give your card a grade they also encapsulate the card to completely protect and preserve it, so not only does it score a certain grade, it will be maintained.

Some people may not be big collectors, and may simply have a couple of cards from their childhood which have sentimental value to them, the grading process is a great way of having your card evaluated and protected and preserved in PSA casing.

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Psa Card Grading Locations

A PSA Dealer can assist with getting your card ready for grading or can further help you with the grading process in person.

Please visit to find a location near you.

The PSA Grading headquarters is based at 10 Woodbridge Center Dr., Suite 701, Woodbridge, NJ 07095.

PSA Grading phone number?: 1-800-325-1121.

The new PSA Grading landing page can be found at

Why Have Pokmon Cards Graded

Mewtwo 12/113 EX Delta Species PSA 9 MINT Pokemon Graded ...

First: Graded Cards can sell for a lot more than ungraded cards! If you want to buy a mint, First Edition Charizard on eBay, you have two choices. You can either buy an ungraded card, and trust the seller when he says the card is mint. Or you can buy a graded, sealed card and know the card is truly mint. Some buyers will take a chance on ungraded cards, while others will pay more to get exactly what they want.

A Pristine 10 Charizard sold for $311,800 USD in March 2021!

Graded cards in mint condition always sell for more than ungraded cards!

Second: The Encapsulation itself is actually very nice and it protects the card very well. There are several ways to protect your cards at home, but none are foolproof. Encapsulation is one of the better ways to protect your most valuable cards.

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How Is The Value Of A Card Determined

How much are Pokémon cards worth? What would you receive if you offered your Yu-Gi-Oh cards for sale? Ask yourself these questions, and you rightly want to make sure that the value of your cards is determined correctly. Because of the global trade in collectible cards, AP Grading has developed internationally recognized procedures for condition grading.


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