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How To Get Sylveon In Pokemon Go Name Trick

Pokemon Go Eevee Stats

How to Get SYLVEON in POKÉMON GO (For Real) Name Trick How to Earn Hearts with Your Buddy Eevee

It has the ability to evolve into multiple different types of . There are currently a total of 9 pokémon in the eevee family. But, before you go hitting evolve and hoping the random number generator grants you the eeveelution of your choice, read our guide on how to . Sylveon, leafeon, glaceon, espeon, umbreon, vaporeon, jolteon, flareon evolve instructions. Pokemon go eevee stats | max cp | best quick moves & charge moves, spawn locations, evolution requirements, and eevee weaknesses. Pokémon go eevee is a normal type normal type pokemon with a max cp of 1210, 104 attack, 114 defense and 146 stamina in pokemon go. Eevee is not only one of the cutest but also one of the most interesting pokémon that exists. Sylveon, umbreon, espeon, vaporeon, jolteon, flareon, leafeon and glaceon. Heres how to evolve umbreon, espeon, vaporeon, leafeon, glaceon, flareon, jolteon and sylveon from your eevee in pokémon go. Evolutions · eevee #133 · vaporeon #134 · jolteon #135 · flareon #136 · espeon #196 · umbreon #197 · leafeon #470 · glaceon #471. All eight eeveelutions are now available in pokémon go: Eevee evolutions in pokémon go include names, nicknames and a name trick to get the right evolution you want. Right from the outset, pokemon go has offered a number of eevee evolutions, expanding to five when the johto region was added, and again to .

How To Download And Install Pokemon Cafe Mix For Free On Pc Android Ios And Switch

Last June 2020, the Japanese company The Pokemon Company made the official launch of the new game in the Nintendo franchise and surely you want to know how to download and install Pokemon Cafe Mix for free on PC, Android, iOS and Switch.

Now you can enjoy the entertaining game, in which you must create chains of pocket monsters to prepare delicious dishes that will serve Pokemon customers.

Pokemon Cafe Mix is now available in the main applications and operating systems so you can download it whenever you want to play it for free, either on the Nintendo Switch or on mobile devices with iOS and Android platforms.

Earning Or Purchasing Rocket Radars To Challenge Team Go Rocket

After youve constructed your first Rocket Radar, additional Rocket Radar can be purchased in the PokéShop for 200 PokéCoins each. While $2 worth of PokéCoins might seem like a small amount to pay for a Rocket Radar, previous Community Days have featured paid special research that included a Rocket Radar among the generous rewards for only $1 and other events have rewarded Rocket Radars as well. You will still need to track down the right Executives to battle, but if you dont have to fight your way through several grunts each time, this could make completing the Team GO Rocket Special Research a little more doable.

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Raikou Weaknesses And Counters

Raikou is an Electric Pokemon, which means its weak to only one type: Ground. Fortunately, there are plenty of those Pokemon in the game, and many are very powerful, so you have a lot of good options to choose from. Groudon, Rhyperior, Golem, and Garchomp are particularly great choices to use.

If you dont have too many Ground Pokemon in your collection, Grass and Dragon types will also be pretty helpful. Both types resist Electric attacks, which should help them last a bit longer in battle against Raikou than some other Pokemon.

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Pokmon Sword And Shield: Where To Find The Lost Minccino In Motostoke


If you want to hang around for a little longer in Motostoke, there are a few quick objectives to tackle and things to do. A woman on the right inside the Pokémon Center, called Haley, will trade her Skwovet for your Bunnelby, for instance, if you really fancy that for some reason.

On the right is a barbers if you fancy a new trim. You can battle once a day in the Pokémon Café for a minor reward . But most of all you might have spotted a young boy on the upper level by a shipping container, between the Budew Drop Inn and the Stadium.

Hes lost his Mincinno! Apparently it likes water and is somewhere in Motostoke and it makes a certain noise when youre near.

Thankfully, its not far.

Missing Minccino location:

The Minccino is in one of the two water fountains with Poké Balls in them, in front of the Motostoke Gym Stadium.

If you go to the one on the right, youll hear the sound and a weird man gets out. Extremely odd. Try the one on the left.

Much better. The Minccino is hiding in that left hand fountain head back to the boy and hell give you an item called Throat Spray, which is slightly underwhelming, to be honest. But good job finding his little pal!

Remember, just to be clear, there are some mild SPOILERS in the section below!

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Transfer Your Pokemon To Pokemon Home

Pokemon Home is an application on the Nintendo Switch that allows you to transfer Pokemon out of your current save file and store them for future use. Before you restart your save file, you should transfer every Pokemon you may want to use again in the future. Remember to transfer all legendary, mythical, and starter Pokemon into Pokemon Home since theyre usually limited to one per save file.

You can download Pokemon Home on the Nintendo eShop and store 30 Pokemon for free. Unfortunately, you need the subscription to hold more than 30 Pokemon at a time. The subscription costs $2.99 for 30 days, $4.99 for 90 days, and $15.99 for 365 days. You can store 6,000 Pokemon if you have a subscription.

To transfer Pokemon from Sword & Shield to Pokemon Home, open the Pokemon Home app and press Pokemon. Click on Sword Or Shield, and you can then deposit Pokemon from the save file into Pokemon Home.

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These Are The Sierra Pokmon Go Rewards

Taking down a Team Rocket leader is hard work, which is why players will also be rewarded a bit extra for doing so. First of all, defeating Sierra or any other Team Rocket leader will give 1,000 Stardust to help power up Pokémon even stronger.

Furthermore, theres a chance for players to get 12 km eggs, potions, max revives, or even stones to evolve certain Pokémon. Defeating Sierra will also give an encounter with one of her shadow Pokémon.

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Use The Nickname Trick To Get Sylveon In Pokemon Go

When Pokemon GO first started, evolving Eevee was a bit of a gamble. There weren’t any evolution stones that could be used to evolve Eevee into a specific evolution like Flareon, Jolteon or Vaporeon.

Then, Niantic added a neat nickname trick that allowed you to pick the elemental creature your Eevee would evolve into. But, there’s a catch… this trick only works once!

When Sylveon was added to Pokemon GO, they included the same nickname trick. SCORE!

Scroll down to learn how to evolve your Eevee into Sylveon in Pokemon GO.

How To Get Sylveon In Pokemon Go

How to evolve Eevee in Sylveon in Pokemon GO! | Eevee name trick PoGO Guide! #shorts

Now for the “normal” method of evolving Sylveon in Pokemon Go. While other Eeveelutions require walking a certain distance and evolving at a specific time of the day, or using a themed lure module, Sylveon is all about friendship. Sylveon also arguably has the hardest method of evolution, because you need to set it as your buddy and earn 75 hearts with it.

This can be done by taking photos of Sylveon, playing with it, feeding it, spinning new Pokestops, all the usual rigmarole to earn hearts with a buddy. If you make your buddy excited you can earn a maximum of 20 hearts per day, so you can evolve an Eevee into Sylveon in four days. If you don’t get Eevee excited, it’ll take eight days, with 10 hearts per day.

In order to make a buddy excited each day, you need to keep doing activities with it. Everything on the list of activities in-game counts, along with opening gifts/souvenirs from your buddy, and when you’ve done enough, your buddy will be excited and you’ll earn double the amount of hearts for that day. To be more specific, you need a total of 32 points, and completing the full list will earn 14 points. So do each one three times and voila! One excited buddy.

That’s all there is to it! Sylveon is the final Eevee-lution in the world of Pokemon, so don’t expect any more additions to come to Pokemon Go.

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Types Of Throws In Pokemon Go

To throw effectively in Pokemon GO, its important you know each of the different types of throws you can land.

The game will often set a Trainers challenges to make a specific throw to gain some extra XP, and as an added bonus, going for the more difficult throw increases your chances of capturing a Pokemon.

  • Great!
  • Excellent!

Nice! throws are the easiest to land, with Excellent being the hardest. Players will gain a large chunk of extra XP for making the more difficult throws, but it comes at the risk of using more Pokeballs.

Pokemon Go Sierra December 2021 Pokemon Lineup And Best Counters

Team GO Rocket have made their way back into the game, and our favorite enemies are starting to appear again. Yes, thats right, the Team Go Rocket Leaders SIerra, Arlo, and Cliff are back in Pokemon Go, with new Shadow Pokemon lineups and stronger than ever.

One of the Team Go Rocket Leaders is Sierra. You might think that beating Sierra and her Shadow Pokemon is an easy task, but she is far from easy to beat. It turns out the Sierra is one of the most challenging Team Go Rocket Leaders, and to beat her, you must use the best Pokemon counters and the right movesets.

To make it easier for you, we have prepared a list of Sierras line-up, which Pokemon you should choose, and moves, and we hope that it will be easier for you to win this battle.

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Entei Raid Counters Pokemon Go Guide

As mentioned above, without dual-typing, theres no way to get a 4x super effective strike against Entei. That makes counters in Ground, Water, and Rock simple but relatively boring. Kyogre, Feraligatr, and Crabhammer Kingler are all excellent choices both in and out of Rainy weather. Whereas those with access to rock-type moves like Smack Down Tyranitar, Rampardos, and Rhyperior will adore Partly Cloudy weather.

Dragons are helpful here due to their natural resistance to Fire-type attacks and potential access to Rock, Ground, and Water attacks.

Water-type counters

  • Garchomp

Using Trades To Evolve Pokmon Without Candy

JolteonPi Vaporeorn Flareon Eevee Espeon Umbreon Glaceon ...

Image: The Pokémon Company

To save yourself a bunch of candy, some Pokémon can be traded and evolved immediately.

If you get a lower evolution of a Pokémon in a trade, it will also get the zero candy benefit.

For example, if you get a Machop in a trade, you can evolve it to Machop using 25 candy. Then you can evolve it into Machamp, but without the normal 100 Machop candy cost.

  • Boldore to Gigalith

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How To Evolve Eevee Into Sylveon

While other Eeveelutions require walking a certain distance and evolving at a specific time of the day, Sylveon is all about friendship.

To get repeat Syvleons beyond the single-use naming method, you’ll have to get one as your buddy, and then accumulate 75 hearts with it. After that, the option should appear to evolve an additional Sylveon.

To get Sylveon as your buddy, you can take photos with it, play with it, feed it, spin new PokéStops all the usual shenanigans to earn hearts with a buddy, basically. You can earn a maximum of 20 hearts per day, so, in theory, you can evolve an Eevee into Sylveon in four days.

And thats how you can get the Eeveelution of your dreams. Were fairly certain that’s the last of the Eevee evolutions coming to the the game, but well update this page with any more information if and when it becomes available.

Sierra Pokemon Go Counters

With Giovannis return during Novembers Festival of Lights event, all of the Leaders received a brand new lineup, including Team Go Rockets Sierra, who uses a range of powerful Shadow Pokemon in a three-stage battle. In December, this lineup remains the same.

At the start of every match, Sierra will always send out Nidoran, followed by two of six other potential Pokemon. While Sierras lineup changes over time, these are the Pokemon she can use in December:

  • Phase 1: Nidoran
  • Phase 2: Beedrill / Vileplume / Slowbro
  • Phase 3: Houndoom / Marowak / Nidoqueen

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Is Feebas Better Than Magikarp

This answer is largely based more on whether Milotic is better than Gyarados. Neither Feebas or Magikarp are worth discussing in terms of battle capability. Both Gyarados and Milotic are often near the middle of competitive tier lists. They have even been on world championship teams in the past. The answer will depend on whether you need a bulkier Pokemon in Milotic or a more offensive Pokemon with Gyarados.

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How Does The Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution Name Trick Work


To use the Eevee Name Trick you will have to use these nicknames given below.

  • Rainer: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into a Vaporeon
  • Sparky: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into a Jolteon
  • Pyro: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into a Flareon
  • Sakura: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into an Espeon
  • Tamao: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into an Umbreon
  • Linnea: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into a Leafeon
  • Rea: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into a Glaceon
  • Kira: Use this name trick and you will be able to evolve your Eevee into a Sylveon

To use the Pokemon Go Eevee Name Trick all you have to do is go and rename your Eevee. The other way is to feed your Eevee 25 Eevee candy which will morph them into one of these characters. However, you wont be able to guarantee which Pokemon you get.

This is everything you need to know about how to use the Pokemon Go Eevee Evolution Name Trick. While you are here you can also have a look at some working Pokemon Go Friend Codes August 2021.

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How To Get An Excellent Throw In Pokmon Go

Increase the chances of capturing a Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

When throwing a PokéBall at a Pokémon to capture it in Pokémon Go, you can increase your chances of catching it based on how well you throw. The white circle around the Pokémon determines the quality of your throw, and the one inside of it that is consistently shrinking determines the accuracy. If you throw your PokéBall inside of the shrinking circle, you can receive a Nice, Great, or an Excellent throw. Of the three, the Excellent throw is the most difficult to achieve.

To achieve an Excellent throw, you need to wait for the shrinking circle to nearly reach the dead center of the larger circle. It creates a small icon at the center of the Pokémon, making it pretty hard to hit dead-on. You can only achieve an Excellent throw by making your PokéBall throw land in the smaller circle, not by waiting for the smaller circle to appear and then attempting to capture the Pokémon.

An early strategy by some Pokémon Go trainers was to wait for the circle to become extremely small, and then take their finger off of their PokéBall. Unfortunately, you cant do that anymore, and it resets it.

It takes quite a bit of practice to nail an Excellent Throw. Because of how small the inner icon needs to be, it wont be easy, and you probably dont want to try and go for when the target Pokémon is far away. Try to wait until you encounter a Pokémon thats pretty close to you.

How To Get Umbreon And Espeon During Community Day

Umbreon and Espeon are the first two Eeveelutions to have their evolution method changed.

Usually, players would have to walk 10km with Eevee as their buddy, before evolving it during the day for Espeon or at night for Umbreon.

Thankfully, due to the time-limited nature of Pokemon GO Community Days, Niantic has realised that expecting players to walk 10km multiple times during the event is unrealistic. Theyve therefore ensured that the walking requirement has been removed and instead, players just need to set Eevee as a buddy and evolve it during the day or night, depending on which evolution they want.

Like Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon, Umbreon and Espeon also have a single-use naming trick. Evolve an Eevee named Tamao or Sakura to get Umbreon or Espeon.

Trainers, #PokemonGOCommunityDay is right around the corner! Which of Eevees Evolutions are you most excited to add to your collection? Let us know here!

Pokémon GO

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