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Is Ditto Rare In Pokemon Go

How To Catch Ditto In Pokemon Go In September 2021

Catching Ditto In Pokemon GO (100% REAL)

Ditto is one of the most elusive Pokemon in the entire franchise, especially in the mobile game Pokemon GO.

September 2021 is on its way, meaning more chances to play Pokemon GO and more chances at catching the rare Ditto. The month will even see Niantic bring Shiny Ditto back to Pokemon GO.

There will be multiple ways to catch Ditto in Pokemon go during September 2021. Players wont have to rely on luck with wild Pokemon for the entirety of Dittos encounters.

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And What Are The Biomes

Again, only Pokémon Go’s developers know for sure. Some have also changed with the advent of Gen 2. A few have been colloquially identified as follows along with more recent changes:

  • Common: Pidgey, Rattata, Weedle Sentrat, Hoothoot
  • Water: Magikarp, Slowpoke, Psyduck, Tentacool, Staryu, Goldeen, Squirtle, Chinchou.
  • Electric: Magnamite, Voltorb
  • Mountain: Clefairy

Ultra-rare spawns will sometimes be slightly more common in certain biomes. For example, Dratini at water spawns, Lavitar at mountain spawns.

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Ditto is notorious for being one of the most challenging species to come across in Pokemon GO.

The Normal-type Pokemon that was included in the first generation of the hugely successful franchise has tended to cause trainers a lot of headaches in their objective to grab what is described in its Pokedex entry as a Transform Pokemon.

It is extremely rare to find in the wild and you will have to be remarkably fortunate to come across one. Via Future Game Releases, there is just a 3% chance of finding a Ditto.

As a result, trainers have been left scratching their heads wondering what they need to do, or what they need to look out for, to catch Ditto.

Well, we’ve been doing some in-game research and we have come up with the following methods below.

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How Do You Find The Rare Pokmon In Your Area

Pokémon Go now includes two distinct forms of detecting the Pokémon in your immediate vicinity. The first is Nearby, which shows you Pokémon hanging around the PokéStops in your immediate vicinity. The second is Sightings, which shows you the Pokémon hiding anywhere close by, ready to spawn.

The Pokémon tab at the bottom right of your travel screen shows you up to three Pokémon. Tap on it, and you’ll see up to nine. Depending on what’s in your area, they’ll be all Nearby, all Sightings, or a mix of both.

Neither Nearby or Sightings shows you every Pokémon around you. If there are a lot of PokéStops in your area and a lot of Pokémon loitering at those Stops, Nearby will only show you one or two from each Stop. Same with Sightings.

Theoretically, rare Pokémon will be highlighted so you don’t miss them. Theoretically.

Why Do Pokemon Fans Love Ditto

Ditto has now been discovered in Pokemon GO: here

Ditto has an exceedingly simple design with a legacy that persists in the memories of the early Pokemon audience and outlasts the bells and whistles of many complicated successors. This genderless being has a malleable pink body, beady little eyes, and a placid smile worn only by those confident in their clout. Ditto is #132 of the 1st generation released in Pokemon Red and Blue, the 1996 Game Boy debut of this childhood classic. It is a Normal-type Pokemon native to the Kanto region, a habitat that eventually expands alongside Pokemon lore.

During its gaming platform existence, Ditto became an iconic patron of the Daycare Center, where its fluid self-image enabled many trysts and many eggs for Pokemon breeders. Pokemon GO has not yet introduced a Daycare feature, and Pokemon eggs are acquired by spinning Pokéstops and opening gifts. Without this function, Ditto-seekers on the GO platform are usually on the hunt purely for collection purposes. Despite this, Ditto is still capable of fighting and provides a fun challenge for those willing to invest the Stardust for a chance to play every Pokemon in the game at least for a little while.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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Can You Use Ditto In Pvp Battles

Ditto cannot be used in PvP battles- i.e. in trainer battles, battle with friends or in the Go Battle league. But, it can be used in the Gym battles. Ditto has one main move- transform, and its charged move is struggle. It transforms into the first Pokemon it sees, and stays in that form throughout the battle.

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Ditto can use the same moves as its opponent, but what differs is its CP and stats. So, if you have a Ditto of low CP, you should consider replacing it with some other Pokemon. Also, you should note that Ditto takes some time to transform, which can leave you vulnerable to attacks and take your valuable time away from the battle.

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Best Ways To Get A Ditto In Pokemon Go

Finding a Ditto in Pokemon GO can be a bit of a crap-shoot. A lot of luck is involved, but the thing to keep in mind is that once someone in your area has found a pokemon that is secretly a Ditto, that pokemon will turn into a Ditto as well. It’s a great idea then, to get involved in any Pokemon GO Facebook or Discord groups that are operating in your area. This will allow you to check if any Ditto have been discovered nearby, and you can hightail it to that location to get involved.

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What’s Ditto In Pokmon Go

Ditto, also known as the Transform Pokémon, is a little, purple blob of a Pokémon that was part of the original 151 Pokémon of Gen I. Although it may not look like much, Ditto is capable of mimicking the appearance and powers of any other Pokémon it sees. In the core games, Ditto is far more useful because it can breed with any Pokémon capable of breeding. While that isn’t super useful in Pokémon Go, you’ll still want it to complete your Pokédex, as well as for certain Special Research. In fact, you cannot catch Mew without first catching Ditto.

How To Find And Use A Ditto In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: Where Is Ditto?

One of the most talked-about pocket monsters is stealthy, but catchable. Here’s what you need to know.

A Ditto was caught!

Since the game began, people have been claiming they have caught the elusive Ditto in Pokemon Go, but it wasn’t true. Players didn’t gain the ability to catch Ditto until mid-November 2016.

Since then, many have found at least on one to add to their Pokedex. If you’re one of the players that hasn’t gotten your hands on the purple blob, here’s everything you need to know.

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Is There Any Way To Speed Up Catching Ditto In Pokmon Go

Yes. Because Ditto is determined the moment a Pokémon spawns, you can crowd-source it. If youre already part of a local Pokémon Go community on Discord, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, or a similar service, for example, for organizing Raids, ask everyone to post their Ditto encounters so you can try to get to one live. You may want to make a separate group or room for Ditto hunting, so you dont spam players who already have Ditto, but as long as its local, it should increase your chances.

Pokmon Go Ditto Disguises September 2021

Ditto has numerous disguises it uses. As touched upon, you cant see Ditto in Pokémon GO. At least not on the world map or the finder. Its far too sneaky. During September, Ditto will also be available as a Field Research Breakthrough reward and it can be shiny, too!

Instead, youll need to target specific Pokémon who Ditto is disguised as in the game. Then youll need to cross your fingers that once youve caught said Pokémon, that it transforms into Ditto after the catch screen.

The current list of Pokémon that Ditto is disguised as can be found below:

  • Drowzee
  • Teddiursa

Youll notice that some of these Pokémon can be shiny. Shiny Ditto is also available. But it doesnt work quite like that. If you find a shiny version of any of these Pokémon, it will not transform into a Ditto . However, regularly coloured versions of these Pokémon can transform into Ditto and it could be shiny, even though the Pokémon you encounter is not!

The list of Ditto Disguises is always changing, especially when Pokémon get a shiny version in Pokémon GO. New events always have the chance to add a new Ditto disguise to look out for, so its important to check the disguise list regularly. For instance, we presume Whismur has been removed from the Ditto pool due to the release of its shiny version during Pokémon GO Fest 2021.

Be prepared to be disappointed quite a few times, but this is the best way to ensure you maximise your chances.

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Is Shiny Ditto In Pokemon Go

The short answer is yes, Shiny Ditto is available in Pokemon Go.

Shiny Ditto was originally tied to Special Research that could only be claimed during the Kanto Tour event, but ever since it appeared as a Research Breakthrough in September 2021, the variant can now be encountered in the wild .

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about how to catch Ditto in Pokemon Go.

Looking for more tips and tricks to become the ultimate Trainer? Check out some of our Pokemon Go guides and lists below:

Shiny Ditto In Pokemon Go

Ditto Pokemon Go Mock Up Not Real Just For Fun Pokemongo ...

Shiny eligible species can now be Ditto and you might end up catching a Shiny Ditto. This is new for everyone and we will explain how it works and how to get one.

  • If you encounter a wild Shiny Pokemon, it CAN NOT be a Ditto
  • If you encounter a non-shiny Pokemon, it can be a normal Ditto or Shiny Ditto

Lets take a look at the list of Ditto disguises for September 2021.

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Help There’s A Pokmon On Sightings And It Can’t Be Found

Pokémon in Sightings aren’t attached to a PokéStop the way Pokémon in Nearby are. That means they can be anywhere within 200m, and that makes finding them more of a challenge.

Here’s how to hunt them down:

  • Start walking.
  • If the Pokémon spawns, you’ve found it. Catch away!
  • If the Pokémon disappears from Sightings, you’ve gone the wrong way. Turn around!
  • Walk in different directions, narrowing down the angles until the Pokémon spawns.
  • There are a couple of ways to make the process easier:

    • Pokémon will often spawn in the same spawn points or nests street corners, parking lots, Gyms, piers, docks, etc. so get familiar with the ones in your area and head in their direction first.
    • The Silph Road has a tracker you can use to help triangulate if you need it.

    So Ditto Hides As Other Pokmon

    Yup! Ditto can transform into other Pokémon, and, so far, he’s only being encountered in the wild in his transformed state. That means you can’t see Ditto in Nearby or Sightings, and you won’t know if he’s spawned right next to you until you catch him.

    It’s only then you’ll be greeted with an “Oh?” instead of a “Gotcha!” and the Pokémon you just caught will be revealed as Ditto. So, you gotta catch ’em all. Literally. Because you never know when the Pokémon you’re catching is actually a Ditto in disguise.

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    How To Find Ditto In Pokmon Go

    Ditto is one of the most elusive Pokemon to exist in Pokemon Go. This guide will show players where they can find and capture this Pokemon.

    Ditto is one of the most challenging Pokemon to find in Pokemon Go. This guide will show players where they can find and capture it. Pokemon Go introduces new ways for players to capture a handful of Pokemon. For example, players are able to evolve their Eevee depending on the type of nickname they gave them. The Pokemon series has been known for decades for having unique ways of catching its most secretive creatures. In Pokemon X and Y, players literally had to flip their entire Nintendo 3DS upside down to evolve Inkay into a Malamar. In the case of Pokemon Go, Ditto is one of the more challenging Pokemon to encounter. This guide will show players where they can find them.

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    Ditto is 1 out of the available 151 Pokemon available from the Kanto region. Its schtick is that it has the ability to transform into another Pokemon in an instant. In Pokemon Go, players won’t be able to encounter Ditto in its natural form. It will only appear in the form of a different Pokemon. It’s fairly likely that the player has walked right past a Ditto and had no idea. Although, there are a few things players can do to increase their chances of finding one. Here is how players can find a Ditto.

    How Do I Catch Ditto In Pokmon Go


    Since Ditto hides as common Pokémon, the usual rules apply. Always go for curveballs, and stack as many bonuses as you can and have at them!

    You can also increase your chances by using Incense, Lure Mods, and Pokémon Go Plus. Anything you would normally use while trying to catch more Pokémon will also increase your chances of finding and catching a Ditto.

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    Additional Tips And Tricks For Catching Ditto In Pokemon Go

    • You can catch Ditto with Pokemon Go Plus but you won’t get any special notification — Ditto will just show up in your recent catches and Pokedex.
    • Ditto does not show up in your Nearby Pokemon.
    • There is absolutely no way to tell for sure if a pokemon is Ditto until after the target pokemon is caught.
    • Ditto’s CP value is higher than the pokemon Ditto shows up as in its hidden form. This likely results in a higher flee and higher resistance to catching.
    • You cannot hatch a Ditto from an Egg.
    • If you miss Ditto with Pokemon Go Plus, Ditto will show up as Seen in your Pokedex, but that or seeing one in a gym are the only ways Ditto will ever show up as a Seen Shadow.
    • If one player captures a Ditto, the Pokémon will remain a Ditto for anyone else who catches it until it despawns.–So if a Pidgey is revealed as a Ditto for one player, that same Pidgey will appear as a Ditto for every other player until it is gone.

    Finding A Shiny Ditto In The Wild

    One of the biggest changes in the Season of Mischief, which kicked off at the start of September 2021, is that Shiny Ditto will no longer be exclusive to the ticketed Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research.

    This means all Trainers now have the chance to catch a Shiny Ditto in the wild. Doing this wont be easy, though, as Ditto takes on various disguises on the overworld. Check out our Ditto guide for the latest tips.

    Its worth pointing out that this is the least likely way youll find a Shiny Ditto, though, and the following two methods will give you a greater chance of encountering one.

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    Pokemon Go: How To Catch Ditto

    The Season of Mischief is approaching in Pokemon GO. As part of that special event in the game, new Research Breakthrough encounters will be available to players.

    From 1 September 2021 until 1 October 2021, Ditto can be found in Research Breakthrough encounters. And for the first time ever, Shiny Ditto can be encountered in the wild in Pokemon GO.

    The Season of Mischief begins in just a few days! Therell also be plenty more to look forward to coming in the month of September.

    Pokémon GO

    That will be the easiest way for Pokemon GO players to come across a Ditto. The other method requires catching as many common Pokemon as possible and simply hoping for the best.

    Ditto won’t just appear in the wild. It will be disguised as another Pokemon. Pokemon GO players will need to stock up on Incense and Poke Balls to catch as many of the following Pokemon as possible during the Season of Mischief.

    • Gastly

    Are There Any Lists Of All The Spawn Points And Nests

    How to catch Ditto in

    Yup! The Sliph Road maintains the most popular crowd-sourced nest atlas on the web.

    If you consider crowdsourcing to be outside the bounds of fair play, you can find most of your local nests on your own simply by keeping track of any out-of-the-ordinary spawns.

    Any cluster spawns of 2 or more Pokémon of the same kind at the same time and any repeated spawns of the same Pokémon over a few days are indicators you’ve found a nest. Just keep notes if you need to.

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    How To Catch Ditto In Pokemon Go In 2019

    Here’s how to catch Ditto, the tricky mimic Pokemon, in Pokemon Go . This is the complete guide to Ditto in Pokemon Go.

    Guideby Jake Green, Guides EditorAdditional contributions byUSgamer Team

    Ditto can be a tricky pokemon to track down in Pokemon GO. It only hides out as other pokemon, meaning you’ll never just come across a Ditto while out exploring. Ditto is usually included in Pokemon GO Research Tasks each month though, so it pays to know where to look. In this Pokemon GO Ditto Guide, we’ll list all of the pokemon that can turn into Ditto in Pokemon GO. We’ll give some advice on how to improve your odds of getting a Ditto in Pokemon GO, and take a look at why you’d ever want to catch one anyway.

    Don’t forget to check out our extensive Pokémon GO guide for more tips, hints, and walkthroughs!


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