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How To Get Excellent Throw On Pokemon Go

Making Perfect Excellent Throws In Pokemon Go

EXCELLENT THROWS EVERY TIME! Pokemon Go Learn how to throw like an expert

The goal is to land the Pokeball directly into the circle while its at its smallest to make Excellent Throws. The player will receive more experience if the circle is smaller. To get better at landing Excellent Throws, it is recommended that the player improves throwing curveballs. Curveballs distort the direction of the ball, making it aim towards the center. When the circle is about to reach its smallest point, throw a curveball and it will land directly at the center of the circle. It may take a few attempts, as each Pokemon has a different sized circle, but this is the best method of making Perfect Excellent Throws in;Pokemon Go.;

Pokemon Go changed the world when it released back in 2016, marking itself as a global phenomenon. Casual and hardcore players would take to the streets and spend the entire day enjoying their Summer. Local economies were boosted due to heavier foot traffic and the game even partnered up with brands like Starbucks and Boost Mobile to create PokeStops. The game has grown massively since its initial release in player base and in features.;Pokemon Go is heavily community-driven, as players must work together to take down gyms and capture legendary Pokemon. Not only is it good, wholesome fun, but playing it makes for excellent exercise.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

Pok Ball Capture Rates

There are four different types of Poké Ball currently available in Pokémon GO, detailed below:

Poké Ball
  • 3 – 1.7
  • 7 – ~1.95
  • To bring more clarity to this chart, the target ring size is the size the coloured ring has to be compared to the outer grey ring to trigger the throw bonus.

    As you can see though, the size of the coloured ring can vary to trigger the bonus, and the bonus can increase depending on the size.

    For example, a nice throw at 80% will have a higher throw bonus than a nice throw at 90%.

    Cheat Your Way To A Perfect Curve Ball

    There’s one other way to throw Curve Balls if you’re on an iPhone or iPad: The cheater’s way. If you use Apple’s Accessibility features, you can “record” a Curve Ball and throw gesture to play back at any time including, yes, while catching a Pokémon.

  • Visit the Settings app and tap General > Accessibility.
  • Under the Interaction header, tap AssistiveTouch.
  • Turn AssistiveTouch On. You’ll see a small glowing circle appear in the corner of your screen.

  • Tap Create New Gesture.
  • Inside the New Gesture box, perform the Curve Ball with the same speed you would inside the game, then give it a name.
  • Return to the Pokémon Go app.
  • When you encounter a Pokémon, tap the AssistiveTouch glowing circle.

  • Tap the Custom star.
  • Choose the custom gesture.
  • Move the targeting circle to properly start on your Poké Ball. When you release, the gesture will execute.
  • Note: You may have to try recording a couple of different variations on the gesture to execute it perfectly.

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    How Do You Get 3 Great Throws In A Row

    Mastering three great throws in a row will take time but will surely be quite rewarding. So, it is worth the efforts. To master the art, keep in mind of the following things:

    • First get an excellent throw using the conventional techniques.
    • Next you have to the next Pokemon and tap on it. Then, immediately switch off your data connection before you make the throw.
    • Now when you get an excellent throw again, turn on your mobile data connection.
    • If you cannot make an excellent throw, close the app, turn on the mobile data and try the same process again.

    How To Catch Rare Pokemon Easily

    å¿å¸ï¼?Pokémon GO å¥½ç¨ AR 調æ´å¤§æ³ï¼?èµ°é?;çå°?ç²¾é?ä¹è½ç«å?³æåä¾ï¼?

    Not finding a single Pokemon after walking a couple of miles can be really frustrating and is a downside of the Pokemon Go. But it is the fun part as well, if you know how to really catch rare Pokemons. This can be easily done with the iToolab AnyGo software.

    It is a really efficient and easy to use location spoofing app that can effectively change your smartphone location. With spoofed locations, you can catch a variety of Pokemons without even going anywhere.

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    Pokmon Go: How To Get Excellent Throws On Kyurem

    Its a difficult endeavor to get an excellent throw on Kyurem in Pokémon Go. However, if you want to get a chance of catching this Pokémon, then your hand skills should be top-level.

    Depending on who you ask, some will tell you that you can easily get excellent throws on Kyurem and that anyone could do it. Im not one of those people, and I honestly think that for a Pokémon like Kyurem its a sure thing to lose a lot of Pokeballs.

    However, knowing the best way to do it will help you a lot for catching Kyurem.

    What About An Excellent Curve Throw

    You get extra XP and a greater catch percentage with a Curveball, and you get extra XP and a higher catch percentage with an Excellent Throw, so naturally, you’re going to want to combine the two, right? You totally can! Excellent Curve Throws are a solid way of scoring a huge XP boost per catch, and it gets you just about as close as you can get to a guaranteed catch with most creatures. Here’s our best tip for nailing this move!

  • Touch and hold the Poké Ball until the target circle shrinks down to Excellent size.
  • Wait until the Pokémon starts to attack.
  • Spin the Poké Ball so you can curve it.
  • As the Pokémon gets to about 3/4 through its attack, throw the curve ball as close to dead center as you can.
  • The target circle will remain the same size you set, so if you hit it correctly, you’ll score the Excellent throw and associated bonus.

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    About Pokemon Go Excellent Throw Hack

    Before we go to the Pokemon Go excellent throw hack Pokemon let us look into the key details and benefits of an excellent throw. If you did not already know about this, then you must surely gain some knowledge about the Pokemon Go excellent curveball throw hack and its key benefits while playing Pokemon Go.

    Talking about the basics, a Pokemon Go excellent throw is all about throwing the ball in a way that it will land closest to the center. A lot of beginners are usually not able to throw the Pokeballs properly, at the center of the circle. The basic rule is that if you land the ball inside the circle, there are better chances of you being able to catch the Pokemon. After this, what actually matters is the timing of the throw.

    When you get the Pokemon Go excellent throw hack, you get an excellent throw effortlessly and it increases your catch chance and brings in a higher XP bonus. With the Pokemon Go excellent curveball throw hack, and Pokemon Go excellent throw hack Android, making the perfect throw becomes effortless, easy and effective, everytime. So you do not have to worry about losing Pokeballs, the chances to catch, or any Pokemons.

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    Do Curveballs Increase Catch Rate

    Curveballs surely increase the catch rate. The combination was of excellent throw and curveball gets you the best rewards and the best catch rate. Excellent Curve Throws are the best way to score huge XPs on every catch. For this, the Pokemon Go excellent curveball throw hack can be the most effective way to make the most catches and get the most points for each catch. For Pokemon Go excellent curve throw hack, keep in mind the following tips:

    • Wait until the target circle shrinks down to Excellent size before you release the Pokeball.
    • Wait for the Pokémon to start attacking.
    • Spin the Pokéball to get the curve.
    • As the Pokémon gets around 75% of its attack, throw in the curveball as close to the center as possible.

    How To Nail An Excellent Throw In Pokmon Go So You Can Evolve Sirfetch’d

    Every Pokémon Go player has had that moment where you’re staring deep into your screen, waiting to see if your latest catch actually stays in the ball. Whether it’s another Pidgey for your next power-leveling session or you’re staring at a Legendary Raid boss with one Premiere Ball left, that elusive Excellent Throw feels great as soon as it lands.

    Landing an Excellent Throw not only increases your chance of catching a Pokémon, but now evolving Galarian Farfetch’d into Sirfetch’d requires ten Excellent Throws, it’s all the more important that you land as many as possible. Read ahead for all our tips and be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories so you can be fully equipped on your Pokémon Journey!

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    What Is Great Throw In Pokemon Go

    A Great Throw in Pokemon Go refers to a particular throw rating. You can achieve this throw when you hit the Pokemon with the balls when the circle is around half of its regular size. After achieving this throw, you will get a Great! rating.

    Notably, depending on your throw, you can also get a Nice rating or even an Excellent rating. However, this article is only focused on doing a Great Throw.

    How Nice Great And Excellent Throws Work


    Once you’ve found a Pokémon on the map, tap them to start the capture process. Whether in augmented mode or in-game, time your throws to when the coloured circle round them is at their smallest. If you manage to land the ball in the circle, the greater the chance of success in capturing the Pokémon.

    To do this, press and hold on the Pokéball to make the circle appear, and then throw it when you’re ready with a swipe. Remember, the closer you get to the centre, the better the throw type – it goes from Nice for most of the circle, Great for around half, and Excellent when it’s close to the middle.

    Of course, the risk rewards is the smaller the circle, the easier it is to miss and / or more of a chance the circle will loop back around, so be sure to practice the timing to get it just right. It’s worth it, though, as the XP gains are pretty substantial:

    • Catch a Pokémon with a Curveball – 10 XP
    • Catch a Pokémon with a Nice throw – 10 XP
    • Catch a Pokémon with a Great throw – 50 XP
    • Catch a Pokémon with an Excellent Throw – 100XP

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    What Does An Excellent Throw Look Like

    The ring around the Pokémon indicates whens the perfect time to throw a Pokéball. If you land a Pokéball inside the ring when it is the smallest size, you will get a bonus.

    How do you identify the ideal time to throw a Pokéball and get an Excellent Throw? Heres the indicator: when you land a Pokéball inside the colored ring. This implies you have a good chance of capturing the Pokémon while also deciding the bonus multiplier.

    Typically, you get the Nice Throw when the ring size is the biggest. As the ring size becomes half of its original size, you can strive for a Great Throw.

    Lastly, an Excellent Throw is a throw if it lands correctly when the ring size is the smallest and closest to the center of the screen.

    Throw Perfect Curveballs With The ‘l Throw’ Technique

    Players have recently discovered a technique that allows you to easily throw a Curveball with almost every attempt.

    The process is simple; spin the Pokéball going clockwise, then move the ball up the left-most side of the screen, and release at the same height as the Pokémon. Assuming the Pokéemon didn’t move or attack, it should land and start the capture process.

    If you position it just right, you’ll also land the ball within the circle, increasing your chances of capture and netting you bonus XP. And of course, if you prefer, you can release the ball on the right-most side of the screen – provided you spin the Pokéball anti-clockwise instead.

    YouTube user MegaToys Collector shows the L-throw technique in action:

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    The Super Spin Curve Ball

    For the super spin, you’ll want to spin the Poké Ball in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction with your finger until it starts vibrating and sparkling. Which direction you spin largely depends on which hand you’re using I find spinning counter-clockwise easier with my left index finger, and clockwise easier with my right index finger.

    Once your Poké Ball is vibrating, you’re going to want to flick your finger up the left or right side of your screen; how far up and the speed at which you flick depends on the Pokémon’s distance. If you want to picture it, you’re basically tracing a J or L on the screen.

    This move takes a bit of practice, but once you master it, you’ll find you rarely waste Poké Balls in throwing.

    Personally, I find the Curve Ball more useful for long-distance Pokémon; for closer Pokémon, I use the method below: the arc.

    Other Tips To Earn Higher Points


    Once you have perfected your throws, the next step is to find the right Pokémon to increase your scores. This means going to places where there are large numbers of Pokémon and since that can be impossible sometimes, you should consider spoofing your device to different locations.

    You can begin by identifying the best places to find the best Pokémon and the Pokémon Tracking map can help in this regard. Once youve located the best Pokémon in their natural habitat, you can easily teleport to these locations regardless of where they may be in the world using iToolab AnyGo.

    This program comes with features that you can use to move around in the new location and catch as many Pokémon as possible. You can also use its features to track down some of the rare Pokémon that may not be in your location.

    Here are some of the features of iToolab AnyGo:

    • It allows you to teleport to any location in the world in 1 click.
    • You can use the joystick feature to virtually move around on the map to various locations on the map as desired.
    • You can also use it to simulate movement on the map at various speeds such as walking or cycling.
    • It is also the ideal tool to fix the GPS location on your device.

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    Dont Let The Ring Trick You

    The target ring always gets smaller and smaller until you release the Pokéball. Once you throw the ball the target ring will freeze in place until the ball lands. The trick is to throw the Pokéball before the ring so that it will land when the ring is at the right size. When the ball lands right, you have an excellent throw.

    How To Throw A Curve Ball

    Curve Balls are performed by first spinning the Poké Ball and then throwing it to make it curve before it hits the Pokémon.

    To pull these off, you’ll first want to spin the Poké Ball and then swipe to throw it. Make sure you throw against the curve , or the Poké Ball won’t even hit the Pokémon.

    You’ll also want to alter your throw direction depending on how far the Pokémon is away from you. If they’re close, you’ll want to throw it wide so it curves in quicker. If they’re far away, you’ll want a shorter curve so don’t throw it to wide focus on getting distance instead.

    If you’re struggling to follow all of this, basically, the highest chance you have of catching the Pokémon is to throw a Curve Ball into the smallest circle possible.

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    How To Get An Excellent Throw In Pokmon Go

    When throwing PokéBall at a Pokémon, your aim is to catch it. In Pokémon Go, you can increase your chances depending on how well your throw. It takes practice but, getting a good throw pattern down is key to capturing some rare spawns and Legendary Pokémon. Being consistent is a big part of getting good at the game. When throwing your balls, pay attention to the white circle around the Pokémon. This circle will shrink and if your throw lands in the shrunken circle, you can get a Nice, Great, or an Excellent throw.; The Excellent Throw in Pokémon Go is the hardest to get, but has the best capture chance.

    The different throw types carry experience bonuses as well. This makes getting solid throws a good idea if youre a new player looking to level up. You can earn as much as 200 XP for a successful capture with an Excellent Throw in Pokémon Go. Its important to get the technique down now so you dont have to rush to complete Research Tasks while practicing your throw.

    To get a solid throw, you need to pay attention to the smaller circle. The inner circle will constantly retract and reset. The key is to release your throw at the right time to have the PokéBall land inside of the circle at its smallest point. You will want to throw before the smallest circle appears. Timing is everything here. Get a feel by practicing throws on common spawns, eventually, youll get the timing down.

    Theres another layer though, Curveballs


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