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How To Get Carnivine Pokemon Go

Catching Region Exclusive Pokemon In Pokemon Go


Before we get into the specifics, its worth noting that regional exclusives in Pokemon Go can arrive on lures and incense, so if you are only going to be in one place and cant keep an eye on your nearby options, consider cracking one or both of these to maximise your chances.;

As ever, to increase your chances of catching without anything fleeing, use Razz Berries and Golden Razz Berries, and make sure you are using curveballs and aiming for the smallest possible bullseye. Your Pokedex will thank you.;

Pokmon Go Regional Exclusives Map And How Regional Exclusives Work In Pokmon Go

Each generation of Pokémon has several creatures you can only find in specific regions. These can be specific countries , entire continents , certain regions and even ‘halves’ of the planet .

These creatures are fairly common spawns in these regions, so if you are visiting for a short period, it won’t take long to find them.

Regionals can be found spawning in the wild – so don’t expect them in gyms or in nests. From September 2019, regionals have also been made available in Eggs – but only from their respective regions. This is also the only way to get Mime Jr., the Gen 4 pre-evolution to Gen 1’s regional exclusive Mr Mime.

If you don’t travel, then don’t fret. Gen 3 has shown these creatures can swap round occasionally or drop regional exclusivity altogether and as mentioned above, shift temporarily for special events, such as Farfetch’d during Pokémon Go’s 2017 Travel Challenge.

Below you’ll find a map of all the regional exclusive Pokémon in Pokémon Go:

Thank you to zoglandboy from reddit for creating this map.

What Are The Current Regional Exclusive Pokmon In Pokmon Go

As of October 2020, there are nearly 40 Pokémon that can only be caught or hatched in specific parts of the world. While these Pokémon each have designated regions where they can be caught or hatched, there is the occasional overlap, as well as parts of regions that fall outside of the spawn areas. For example, the souther tip of Florida and Texas won’t see the North American Regional Exclusive Tauros. Some Regional Exclusive Pokémon also swap regions periodically.

  • Farfetch’d* – East Asia
  • Bouffalant – New York and the surrounding areas
  • Heatmor – Western Hemisphere
  • Durant – Eastern Hemisphere

Note: Farfetch’d is a Regional Exclusive. However, it’s Galarian regional variant is not exclusive. You can catch and hatch Galarian Farfetch’d in any part of the world.

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Pokmon Go Regional Exclusives List

Below is a list of where every regional exclusive Pokémon can be found, and the specific locations you’ll find them in:

Regional Exclusive Pokémon in Africa for Pokémon Go:

  • Corsola – Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar
  • Tropius – Anywhere within the continent
  • Shellos – Anywhere within the continent
  • Pansear – Anywhere within the continent
  • Throh – Anywhere within the continent
  • Basculin – Anywhere within the continent
  • Sigilyph – Egypt
  • Pansage – Anywhere within the continent
  • Sawk – Anywhere within the continent
  • Basculin – Anywhere within the continent
  • Heatmor – Anywhere within the continent

Regional Exclusive Pokémon in New Zealand for Pokémon Go:

  • Chatot – Northern Australia
  • Relicanth – Anywhere within the country, including the surrounding islands
  • Shellos – Anywhere within the country
  • Volbeat – Anywhere within the continent
  • Zangoose – Anywhere within the continent
  • Lunatone – Anywhere within the continent
  • Shellos – Anywhere within the continent
  • Pansage – Anywhere within the continent
  • Sawk – Anywhere within the continent
  • Basculin – Anywhere within the continent
  • Heatmor – Anywhere within the continent

Regional Exclusive Pokémon in Europe for Pokémon Go:

  • Mr. Mime – Anywhere within the continent
  • Volbeat – Anywhere within the continent
  • Zangoose – Anywhere within the continent
  • Lunatone – East of Greenwich
  • Durant – Anywhere within the continent

Regional Exclusive Pokémon in North America for Pokémon Go:

Regional Exclusive Pokémon in South America for Pokémon Go:

Stats Strengths & Weaknesses

Verified Carnivine

Of course, since a Pokemons stats depend entirely on which one you catch in the wild, its impossible to say what its base stats will be. Also the higher your level is, the higher the CP the Pokemon you catch is likely to be. Its max CP for a level 40 player is 1,979 CP.

When it comes to Carnivines strengths and weaknesses, it is strong against Ground, Electric, Water, and Grass type Pokemon, but is weak against Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice types. If you choose to use Carnivine in a gym or Raid battle in Pokemon GO, be sure to take note of these strengths and weaknesses.

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How To Evolve Togepi And Other Information You Should Know About The New Baby Pokmon

There are a couple of other points these new additions have raised, that are well worth knowing:

  • The frequency of these baby Pokémon appearing in Eggs will change during special events. An example is the Valentine’s Day event update, which increases the rate of Cleffa, Igglybuff and Smoochum.
  • All Baby Pokémon will have an evolution. Most of these can be caught in the wild, so if you want a complete living Pokédex, then try and catch them instead of evolving the Baby Pokémon.

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Carnivine Pokemon Go: Where To Find Carnivine

Carnivine is a prickly Pokemon which habits marshy areas and the good news for players in the US, it is a North American regional. However, Carnivine mainly inhabits these places in the United States: Tenessee, Atlanta, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and the Bahamas.

If you do not live in the US it is best to wait for a region swap to obtain this Pokemon instead of flying cross-country in order to catch it. Or you can find someone to trade for it.

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How To Get Pokmon Go Eggs

Now updated to include the 12km Strange Eggs

Eggs have been a relatively standard feature in Pokémon GO;for a while now. They initially came in three varieties, all of which were found by spinning Pokéstops. However, a lot has happened since their introduction.

First came the special eggs that could only be found by opening gifts from friends. They require 7km of walking to hatch and the Pokémon found inside tended to be baby Pokémon, or different variants of existing Pokémon that were found in later games. A more recent update has included a brand new egg type though. Dubbed the Strange Egg these are red spotted eggs that require a whopping 12km of walking to hatch normally, and are obtained by beating a Team GO Rocket leader in battle.

To celebrate the brand new egg type being introduced into Pokémon GO, we thought wed give you an up-to-date primer on exactly how Pokémon eggs work, as well as list all of the Pokémon that can be found in each of the eggs, including the regional exclusives for each real-world territory.

Well first begin with an explanation of which Pokémon are found within each of the five different egg types, then move onto giving you tips on how to hatch your eggs efficiently.

Is Falinks Good Pokemon


The main thing with Falinks is its a crazy predictable Pokémon. If you see one, you KNOW it has No Retreat and Close Combat at the very least. In theory its a good late-game cleaner because of the decent speed and attack and its improved bulk, but its hard to justify over other Pokemon that can do more with less.

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Regional Exclusives List A Continent

Regional exclusives throw a curveball to the dedicated Pokémon GO player: no matter how many egg-hatching kilometres your roam, youre never going to just stumble upon a monster kept in the pocket of a completely different continent.

Exclusive Pokémon spawns probably shouldnt be a factor in where you choose to holiday next year , but if youre holidaying a good distance away from home, theyre a nice little bonus. And be sure to let your Pokémon GO playing friends and colleagues know about the list if they let slip that theyre off somewhere nice .

How To Catch Tauros Kangaskhan Mr Mime And Farfetch’d Regionals In Pokmon Go

How to catch the four Gen 1 regional exclusives in Pokémon Go:


The Season of Discovery is here!Current events, include Season 8 of the Go Battle League, the addition of Raid Achievements and the Ultra Unlock 2021: Sword and Shield event.During this event, you can battle Zamazenta in five-star raids and catch new Gen 8 Pokémon, including Falinks, Wooloo and Skwovet.Meanwhile, the last major update saw a level cap increase – including the addition of XL Candy, boosts to some XP sources and the addition of Platinum Medals.

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How To Get Carnivine In Pokemon Go & Everything You Need To Know

Heres everything you need to know about how to get Carnivine in Pokemon GO.

Generation 4 has finally arrived in Pokemon GO and youll be inevitably heading out into the wild to catch them. While this is all very exciting, only some of the Gen 4 Pokemon have been added into the game. One of the new Pokemon is Carnivine, and itll be great to add it to your Pokedex as soon as possible. Here is what you need to know about how to get Carnivine in Pokemon GO.

Carnivine is a Generation 4 Pokemon that does not evolve from or into anything at the time of writing. It resembles a Venus Fly-trap and has vines that allow it to hang from trees. According to the Pokedex, its mouth opens to 180 degrees and it takes a whole day to eat the prey that are attracted into the sharp teeth.

Dr Fone Virtual Location Ios

My carnivine at the Pokémon DX Store in Tokyo!

If you do not want to be noticed as spoofing your device in order to catch Carnivine, then this is the best app to use.

Features of dr. fone virtual location â iOS

  • Teleport to any part of the world within seconds. This way, you can move to the South East USA whenever Carnivine appears on the map.
  • Navigate in the map using the joystick, so you seem to be moving towards the area where you can capture Carnivine.
  • The movements that you make can be seen as if you are walking, riding a bike or taking the bus.

A step-by-step guide to spoof your location using dr. fone virtual location

Now click on âVirtual Locationâ and then connect the device to your computer using the original USB cable that came with the device. Proceed and click on âGet Startedâ to start spoofing your phone location.

At this time, the actual location of your device will be seen on the map. If the address is not the correct one, then you should click on the âCenter Onâ icon so as to reset your actual location. You can do this by clicking on the icon in the bottom area of your screen.

Navigate to the upper area of your computer screen and then click on the third icon. This allows you to access âTeleportâ mode. Now type in the coordinates of the area where Carnivine has been sighted. Then click on âGoâ and your device will instantly be listed as being in the area that you typed. You can see an example of such a move in the image below, which shows the area as Rome, Italy.

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Pokemon Go Regionals: Every Regional Pokemon In The Game

09 July 2021

All the region exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go, along with how to catch every Pokemon Go regional

All the Pokemon Go regionals are likely to be one of the main barriers for players aiming to 100% complete the Pokedex, simply because you need to travel all over the world to get them without trading. This has been the case since the start of Pokemon Go and while some of the early Pokemon Go regionals like Mr. Mime, Tauros, Kangaskhan, and Farfetch’d have been made available in other regions during specific events, that hasn’t been the case for most of them. Here are all of the Pokemon Go regionals and where you need to go to obtain them all.

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Rare Regional And Shiny: Who You Should Be Hunting In Pokmon Go’s First Gen 4 Wave


Gen 4 is live in Pokémon GO, and I’m getting that old familiar feeling. I walk out to grab a Piplup I notice in the park by my house before spying a Buneary on the nearby tracker a little further away. Half an hour later I’m chasing down a Starly a mile from my house, still in my bathrobe, because Pokémon wait for no man. It’s a nice feeling. There are 23 new Gen 4 creatures in Pokémon GO right now, but not all are created equal. Some are clearly trash, some are a bit uncommon but still abundant, and some are rare and regional. Here’s who you should be hunting in the new update:



To start with, Bidoof and Starly appear to be the new “trash” Pokémon. which is a bit of insulting term that I by no means use to denigrate the adorable little creatures. But if you catch all the ones you see, you’ll wind up throwing them away. Like Pidgey, Rattata, Gulpin, Whismur and more, these are very common Pokémon that I wouldn’t use a Pinap on.

Bidoof is also available in tier 1 raids.

Buneary and Cricketot seem slightly less common but still plentiful, so feel free to take your time with them. Buneary is also showing up in raids.

Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup are out starters this time around, and they’re spawning in force right now. You’ll have plenty more chances to grab them, but I’d recommend;picking them up now before they get slightly rarer with the next wave. A 3-tier creature takes 125 candies to fully evolve, and so this would be a good use for Pinaps.

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Regional Pokemon Go Trading Costs

So maybe you arent planning on travelling any time soon but your friend has just got back from a round the world trip. The excellent news is that you can absolutely trade regional exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Heres how much stardust each trade will cost.;

  • Good friend – 20,000 stardust
  • Ultra friend – 1600 stardust
  • Best friend – 800 stardust.;

Of course, this does depend on your friendship level to add each others friend codes and share that first gift. As you can see, it absolutely pays to be Ultra or Best friends so holding onto the Pokemon a little longer and building your friendship will definitely save you some stardust. ;

What Are Regional Exclusive Pokmon In Pokmon Go

How to find Carnivine in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Pokémon Go is all about getting up and going, both walking and traveling. To help promote the traveling part, Pokémon Go makes some Pokémon only available in certain regions of the world. Sometimes it’s a country or island, a subcontinent or continent or part thereof, or in one case, coastlines around the equator. Whatever the region is, you have to go there to find its exclusive Pokémon.

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Part 2: What’s The 2020 Newly Updated Carnivine Regional Map

Here are some of the maps on which you can find Carnivine span areas:

  • Eurogamer â this is a great Pokémon regional map that shows you the different Pokémon sightings and spawns areas. If you want to get Carnivine, you should keep checking this map.
  • this is another place where you can look for spawn sites for Carnivine.
  • Bulbapedia – another map where you can find Carnivine and other regional Pokémon characters.

Egg Hatching Tips In Pokmon Go

Finally, here are some tips for hatching Pokémon eggs as efficiently as you physically can. They range from the best way to use incubators, settings to have enabled, and things to keep in mind while hatching eggs.

You should now know which eggs you need to hatch to get the Pokémon you want, as well as the best methods for hatching eggs. Some of these are the best Pokémon to use in PVP battles, while others are essential for filling the Pokédex. If youve just hatched an Eevee from a 5km egg, our Eevee evolutions guide will tell you how to evolve them into your desired evolution.

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