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How To Evolve Pokemon In Pokemon Masters

What Do You Need To Do After Getting The Materials

Pokemon Masters How-To Guide – How To Evolve Your Pokemon

After getting all the materials for Evolution, players need to do Sync Pair specific storylines. Each of these Storylines consumes the materials needed to evolve Pokémon up to that point. 5 Evolution Shards to evolve on Level 30, and 3 Evolution Stones on Level 45. After that, players need to fight a particularly hard battle with tough Pokémon Sync Pairs. To win, players need to strategize properly and fight cautiously because no matter what, the Evolution Shards and Stones will be used up, even when you lose.

This makes it particularly painful when players lose the Evolution battle and need to farm the prerequisite materials to attempt Evolution again. Thus, its typically recommended to at least be 20 to 30 levels higher before you attempt an Evolution battle so youll have a good chance of winning.

How Can I Evolve Pokmon In Pokmon Masters Ex

Youre going to have to complete a few steps to evolve your Pokémon, including reaching the requisite evolution level and completing an evolution mission.

The evolution level in Pokémon Masters EX is level 30. This is how you will unlock the mission to reach Stage 1 for your Sync Pair. If your trainers Pokémon can go to a third evolution or Stage 2 Sync Pair, then you can earn access to that mission at level 45.

Once youve hit the required level, youll unlock the mission which will be a story battle with the trainer that can be located in the Sync Pair Stories tab.

Youll need evolution materials to begin this mission. These can be obtained via the Evolution Material Area of the Training Area.

If you arent above the minimum level for the mission, we dont recommend trying it. They tend to be quite challenging, but you can attempt an unlocked battle several times even if you fail to complete it.

If youre attempting the level 45 mission, it will cost more for entry and also be substantially more difficult. Make sure you are ready before attempting it.

Once you complete these missions, your Pokémon will evolve into its next form. In Stage 2, Sync Pairs will also receive a small stat increase.

Not every Pokémon is eligible to evolve, unfortunately, so youll want to research if your Sync Pair can do so before investing the time into leveling them up.

Pokemon Masters Evolution Pairs

  • Rosa and Snivy
  • Viola and Surskit

One Pokemon, perhaps surprisingly, that cannot evolve in Pokemon Masters is Pikachu, despite it being in its first phase of evolution. As of the time of writing, this is the only character which breaks the mould, though.

Once youre all synced up between Pokemon and trainer, you will need to grind your way to Level 30 with these two .;

From there, you will need to get ahold of five evolution cards, which can be purchased for 1,000 coins, and take on the special battle mission that you will have unlocked for reaching such a high level. Winning that mission will see your Pokemon finally evolve.;

Thats for the first evolution, though, to evolve again you will need to reach level 45 and the mission unlocked that time will be even more difficult to overcome. So, it might be worth levelling up past 45 in order to increase your chances of success this time.;

A backup plan for not winning in;the missions, however, is simply retaking it;as many times as you need until its complete.;

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How To Evolve Pokemon In Pokemon Masters

Evolving Pokemon that are able to be evolved like Piplup, Pikachu, or Snivy requires you to have the Sync Pair reach at least level 30 for the stage two evolution. Once the pair reaches level 30, the game will reward you with a new Sync Pair side story for those two that will end in the Pokemon evolving.

But before you can actually do the mission, you need at least five of the evolution crystals. These can be exchanged in the shop at the Pokemon Center for coins. Coins are earned through completed main story missions or purchasing with real world currency.;

The story itself will require you to take part in a solo battle with that Sync Pair against another Sync Pair. If you attempt these battles at level 30, you will find that they are quite challenging, especially if you dont have all of the Pokemons moves unlocked.;

For these evolution story missions, we recommend you have at least level 35 in order to ensure you are strong enough to beat the enemy. Thankfully, even if you lose the battle, you will retain the evolution items and be able to challenge as many times as necessary.

Once you have defeated the enemy, though, the game will reward you with more experience, some gems, and a cutscene of that Pokemon evolving in exchange for the evolution items.;

What Is Pokmon Masters

How To Evolve Pokémon in Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters,;today known as Pokémon Masters EX;, is a game made by developer DeNA.;This game is part of the Game Freak franchise, which in turn is part of the monopoly of companies that Nintendo has created based on its main products.

It is an application whose download is free through the Playstore for android devices and from the Appstore for Apple brand devices.;The game was released on August 29, 2019.

This game simulates the;battles;parts of the;original;Pokémon;video;games, which is why it is acclaimed among the people who played these installments during their childhoods, and is very attractive to new fans of the franchise.

This is quite a complex game, which requires our phones to meet certain minimum requirements, such as 1024 MB of storage and 2048 MB of RAM.;Sometimes it gives some problems, the most common being 20101. This;can be solved;quickly.

It occurs in the same universe as Pokemon GO;, which has the premise of catching the pokémon.;Many times, the latest version of this App is not available on the Playstore, so people should know;how to update Pokémon Go without the Play Store;.;This one has a series of;minimum requirements;quite similar to those of Pokemon Masters.

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Receive Evolution Info & Use Evolution Items

Once you’ve reached the required level, you’ll receive area info on their evolution. You can then use Evolution Shards or Evolution Crystals to do Sync Pair Stories.

Evolution Shards & Crystals Available in Shop

Evolution Shards and Evolution Crystals can be purchased from the shop. 5 Shards cost 1,000 Coins and 3 Evolution Crystals cost 5,000 coins.

Win Battle in Sync Pair Story

Do the Sync Pair Story and by the end of it, your Pokemon will evolve. But beware because you’ll need to fight a tough battle special to that Sync Pair.

Evolving Pokmon In Pokmon Masters Ex

Certain sync pairs can gain asmall power boost through Evolution! Evolved Pokémon don’t receive the largestat boost in Pokémon Masters EX that they do in most other Pokémon games, butif a Pokémon can evolve, you’ll need to fully evolve it to maximize the powerof its sync move.

The first sync pairs with Pokémonyou can help evolve are likely to be those with first partner Pokémon from pastgamessync pairs such as Barry & Piplup and Rosa & Snivy, for example.Each of these sync pairs will need to be at least Lv. 30 to evolve the firsttime, at which point you’ll obtain area info related to their Evolution. You’llalso need Evolution materials, which you can earn in the Evolution Material Areaof the Training Area.

Once you have the necessary items,you’ll need to complete a special sync pair story battle unique to that syncpair. But be ready for a tough fight if you run off to battle the moment yoursync pair reaches the minimum level requiredthe opponents in these bouts areno pushovers! If you win the battle, however, the Pokémon in your sync pairwill evolve.

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‘pokmon Master’ Evolutions: How To Evolve Pokmon

Pokémon Mastersis out for iOS and Android now, but one question players are having is if Pokémon can evolve in this new mobile game and if so, how?

Like other Pokémon games, the ones in Pokémon Masterscan evolve, but the way to do so is different than in the mainline games. t isn’t as grindy as Pokémon Go, but you’ll still need to put in some time to get Pokémon to evolve.

Here’s everything you need to know about evolving Pokémon in Pokémon Masters.


Like in other Pokémon games, Pokémon in Pokémon Masters need to level up to evolve. Unlike those games, however, the level is the same for all Pokémon.

If a Pokémon needs to evolve to a first-stage, or Stage 1 Sync Pair as the game calls it, that Pokémon will need to be at level 30. If a Pokémon can evolve again, it’ll need to be at level 45 to evolve into its Stage 2 Sync Pair form.

Evolving your Pokémon increases their power and gives them other added benefits like getting a new powerful Sync Move if the Pokémon evolves twice.

It’s not easy to evolve Pokémon in this game, though. Once you reach level 30 with a Pokémon, you’ll unlock a special side story. To play through the story, you’ll need a special item.

Trainers need evolution shards and evolution crystals to play through the story and complete the transformation. These items can only be found in the in-game shop by exchanging coins earned in battle.

Here’s the exchange rate in the in-game shop at the start.

Obtained From Exchanging Items


Only 3 Evolution Crystals In 1 Month

For a Pokemon to evolve to Stage 2, 3 Evolution Crystals are required. However, you can only exchange up to 3 Evolution Crystals in one month and they cost 300,000 coins each, making the decision to which Sync Pair to use them on more important.

Only 15 Crystal Shards Per Month

For Stage 1 Evolutions, you are required to have 5 Evolution Shards. The initial 5 Evolution Shards cost only 1,000 coins and will cost 10,000 coins afterwards, with a limit of 15 per month. Meaning that you are currently limited to evolve up to three Sync Pairs per month. As Evolution Shards are less restricting when compared to Evolution Crystals, try to use them as much as you can.

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What Are The Strongest Units I Can Get For Free

Rosa and Snivy are unlocked in chapter one, and they continue to be the best units in the game, as of writing this. They give a special attack boost to the entire team, and also have an ability where they can instantly fill up your action gauge.

Skyla and Swanna are unlocked in chapter five and one of their moves boost defense and speed, which increases how fast your action gauge goes up.

Hau and Alolan Raichu unlock in chapter 11 and they have an attack that hits all three enemy units.

Powering up these three can make it so you can breeze through the story.

Evolution In Pokmon Masters

Though Pokémon Masters doesnt follow all the same conventions as the mainline series games, one of the most iconic aspects of the series reappears nonetheless. As you play through Pokémon Masters, you can still evolve your beloved companions after reaching certain breakpoints. Both regular;evolution and Mega Evolution are available for certain Pokémon. As of the games open beta, there are very few available evolutions, but this will undoubtedly change going forward.

Example of Regular Evolutions Available in the Beta

  • Kris and Totodile ;
  • Rosa and Snivy
  • Pryce and Seel
  • Barry and Piplup
  • Lyra and Chikorita
  • Viola and Surskit

Example of Mega Evolutions Available in the Beta

  • Agatha and Mega Gengar
  • Noland and Mega Pinsir
  • Blue and Mega Pidgeot

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Pokemon Masters: How To Evolve And Mega Evolve Pokemon

The latest pocket monster game has people immensely confused about how to evolve in Pokemon Masters, because it’s not made immediately clear. To clear it up, we’ve got this Pokemon Masters evolution guide which includes everything on ;how to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters, including which Pokemon can be evolved, and even how to mega evolve. Read up for everything you need to know about how to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters.

How Do I Evolve My Pokmon

How to Evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters

Not every Sync Pair has a Pokémon that evolves, but if you have one, then you can access their evolution story in Sync Pair Story section. Youll need Evolution Shards or Crystals to evolve your mon, and they can be bought from the in-game shop with coins. Pokémon will be able to evolve once at level 30, and another time level 45 if they have a second evolution.

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Who Should I Roll For What Pairs Are Good Investments

Outside of campaigns with generous starting-gem bonuses, it will typically take a long time to farm up for a 10-roll. From just quests alone, players must complete at least chapter 10 to have enough. Since there is no discount or other incentive for a multi-roll, players may be tempted to just do one roll at a time. Do note that linking a Nintendo Account will give a one-time bonus of 600 gems.While there will be a Guaranteed 5 star Scout Spotlight available, it costs paid gems.

For those souls willing to brave rerolling, check out our Reroll Guide below!

While most players can complete content with appropriate leveled and typed Sync Pairs, there are some Sync Pairs who will make the game much easier for aspiring Masters. Although it’d be nice to invest in everybody, since resources are limited these are the recommended Sync Pairs for new players.

While we make some recommendations below based on availability, check out our Tier List for a broader overview!

Support Speed boosting is a key contributor to Move Gauge management, particularly in the early exploratory stages of the game. Hence, Skyla’s teamwide Speed buff is a great asset. She also provides Potion, which heals an ally and keeps it on the field longer.

Honorable Mentions are Sygna Suit Red and Cynthia, both extremely poweful and popular Strike units. They are unfortunately locked behind Poke Fair banners, which prevents players from rerolling outside of their promotional period.

Use Sync Moves To Mega Evolve

You will be able to make a Pokemon with a Mega Evolution evolve during the heat of battle! Executing a Sync Move will cause the Pokemon to evolve into its Mega Evolution! When Mega Evolved, the Pokemon will have new moves to use!

Mega Evolutions Are Not Permanent

Keep in mind that Mega Evolutions are not permanent. A Mega Evolved Pokemon will revert back to its original form once the battle is over.

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Consumes Evolution Crystals & Shards

To evolve your Sync Pairs, you need to have “Evolution Shards” for Stage 1 and “Evolution Crystals” for Stage 2. Both are limited and require a very large amount of coins to buy after the initial purchase. With this restriction, it would be best to consider to prioritize the Pokemon in which you can get the most out of.

What Do They Need For Evolution

How To Evolve Pokemon In Pokemon Masters

First things first what level does your Pokémon need to be to evolve? Well, they need to be at level 30; quite a bit higher compared to the original games. This is universal to all Pokémon on Pokémon Masters EX if you want to evolve Pokémon like Mudkip or Treecko. AKA, Stage 0 Pokémon. Stage 1 Pokemon, like Groovyle, have to be at Level 45 before they can evolve further. However, heres the thing there are a few things players need to do before they can evolve.

Even if a Sync Pair manages to reach level 30, the Pokémon in the Sync Pair wont evolve instantly. In addition, there are Sync Pairs that cant evolve their Pokémon. Well put them in another section but we digress. To start the evolution process, players need to have 5 Evolution Shards. The players need to access the shop and use coins to purchase Evolution Shards.

To evolve for a second time, players need to be at level 45 and have 3 Evolution Stones. To get an Evolution Stone, you need to buy them in the shop with coins.

5 Evolution Shards cost 1000 coins the first 2 times you purchase them. After that, players need to spend 10000 coins. Meanwhile, you can get 3 Evolution Stones for 5000 Coins the first time, and then 1 per 300000 coins. In total, after the discounts are finished, players need 910000 coins to max evolve their Pokémon.

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Evolving And Strengthening Your Sync Pairs

Unfortunately, theres no other method of evolution in the game. You need to get enough coins to farm for Evolution Shards and Stones to evolve your Pokémon. However, in addition to evolution, there are a few methods of increasing a Sync Pairs power. One of them is to increase your Sync Pairs Level Cap. But whats a Level Cap you might ask?

Theres A Hard Mode That Can Be Unlocked

Pokémon titles can sometimes have a steep difficulty when it comes to the final stages and post-game content, but typically the games are on the easier side when it comes to completing the main objective of the game. Pokémon Masters can vary in difficulty depending on how quickly players take to its new features. However, gamers that want more of a challenge can access a Hard Mode that turns up the difficulty. Hard Mode isnt a requirement, but itll become available after Chapter 4 in the games Story Mode is completed.

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