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How To Get Flareon In Pokemon Go

Name Trick Method For Evolving Eevee Into Espeon

SMJ Tips – How to get a Flareon on Pokemon GO!

One of the two ways that Pokemon GO trainers can turn their Eevee into an Espeon is by using a naming trick that was discovered quite some time ago. By changing Eevees name to Sakura, itll automatically turn into Espeon once it has been fed 25 Eevee Candies.

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To change the name of a Pokemon, players will want to go into the Pokemons profile and then hit the pencil icon by its current name. This will allow for the changing of a Pokemons nickname. Its worth noting that this trick will only work one time per evolution type, meaning that players will not be able to get multiple Espeons from this exploit. Make sure to pick the perfect Eevee with the best stats before the decision is made.

Once the nickname has been changed, players will need to select the Evolve option in the Pokemons data screen. Pokemon GO will then make the player confirm the evolution, and then the Espeon will be there to greet them. Of course, trainers can always change the nickname to something else or just name it Espeon, depending on how they play. Changing Sakura to anything else will not cancel out the evolution or somehow revert the Espeon back into an Eevee.

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Pokmon Go Hack: How To Evolve Eevee Into Vaporeon Flareon Jolteon And Now Espeon Or Umbreon

If youre actually still playing Pokémon Go, youve probably caught quite a few Eevees. On the surface. its pretty easy to dismiss the little thing because if were honest, it looks like one of the most sedate, pathetic, useless Pokémon youll ever come across. However, each Eevee holds an interesting secret it actually has the potential to become one of the fiercest creatures in your lineup.

If youve seen the cartoon, played the Nintendo games, or even played the card game, youll know that Eevee can actually evolve into one of three very powerful Pokémon. Whether its the super-rare Vaporeon, the electricity-powered Jolteon, or the fire-based Flareon your Eevee has a great fighting future ahead of it.

The Pokémon your Eevee evolves into is usually totally random in Pokémon Go, but the quick hack were about to show you lets you choose which of the three evolution paths your Eevee will take. So, if you want to know how to evolve Eevee into a Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon and pick which Eevvolution you want, keep reading.

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How To Evolve Eevee Into Flareon In Pokemon Go

Flareon is the 136th Pokemon in the Pokedex, and the third of the original Eevee evolutions. As its name and appearance suggest, Flareon is the fire evolution, so it’s good to have on hand when battling grass and bug type Pokemon.

To get as many Eevee candies as possible, add an Eevee or an Eevee-lution as your buddy and turn on Adventure Sync. This will let you earn candies simply by carrying your smartphone around, even with the Pokemon Go app closed.

Like Vaporeon and Jolteon, Flareon can also be caught in the wild on super rare occasions, and can also be evolved from an Eevee, with a one-in-three chance, by using 25 Eevee candies. Its evolution can be locked-in by renaming the Eevee “Pyro” before evolving.

Eevee Evolutions: How To Evolve Into Sylveon Glaceon Leafeon Umbreon Espeon Vaporeon Flareon And Jolteon In Pokemon Go

How To Get An Eevee To Evolve Into A Flareon In " Pokemon Go"

Eevee Evolution is meant to be a random process in Pokemon Go. Once you press evolve on an Eevee, you have a random chance of getting one of the original three eeveelutions. The others can be obtained through other means, all of which require a bit of effort. There’s also some useful shortcuts and cheats of a sort to get around the random factor. We’ll detail all of that below.

There’s seven Eevee Evolutions in the game so far. Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon from generation 1 are completely down to random chance. Umbreon and Espeon from generation 2 and Leafeon and Glaceon from generation 3 are obtained in specific ways. The final Eevee Evolution is Sylveon, from generation 6, and it was finally added to the game in May 2021.

So, which Eevee Evolution do you want? You’ll want to carefully consider this – each evolved form of Eevee is a different type, so you’ll want to consider strengths and weaknesses with our Pokemon Go Type Chart, at least. Plus which you think is cutest.

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How To Evolve Eevee Into Sylveon And More In Our Pokmon Go Eevee Evolution Guide

Eevee is a pretty tricksy Pokémon at the best of times, with a bunch of different potential evolutions that it can change into seemingly at random. Fortunately, though, its not as random as it seems in Pokémon Go, as there is actually a method that you can use to game the system and force Eevee to evolve into each of its different forms.

There are a few caveats though, which well go into the final details of later in our Pokémon Go Eevee evolution guide. Ultimately, to answer your potential question, yes, there is a reliable method of getting Eevee to evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, or Sylveon and it works every single time.

If youre a big fan of the location-based monster collector, we thoroughly recommend checking out our other guides, including Pokémon Go promo codes, Pokémon Go event, Pokémon Go raids, and Pokémon Go news. In the meantime though, lets take a look at our Pokémon Go Eevee evolution guide.

Buddy Method For Espeon And Umbreon

This method is only used for getting the Generation 2 Pokémon:Espeon and Umbreon.

  • You must have walked at least 10km with the Pokémon as your buddy, and have collected at least 2 candy.
  • The Pokémon must be your buddy when you evolve it.

You can then choose between Espeon and Umbreon depending on whether you evolve your Eeveeduring the day or at night.

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To Evolve Eevee Into Glaceon:

  • Make sure you have the 25 Eevee Candy you need for the evolution.
  • Buy a Glacial Lure Module from the PokéShop for 200 PokéCoins
  • Use the Glacial Lure module on a PokéStop.
  • Spin the PokéStop.
  • While you are still in range of the PokéStop*, choose the Eevee you want to evolve.
  • Hit the Evolve button.
  • Note: It would seem as though you need to be within the normal range of the PokéStop in order to evolve Leafeon or Glaceon – not the extended radius. Always be sure to check that the icon in the evolve button is the right Pokémon and not a question mark.

    How Do You Evolve Sylveon In Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go – How To Get Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon!

    Sylveon, Eevee’s Fairy type evolution, has finally made its Pokemon Go debut. The next and final Eeveelution was unlocked on May 25, 2021.

    In the core games, Sylveon has had two different means of evolution, Affection in the Pokemon X and Y, and Friendship combined with a Fairy type move in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Since neither mechanic exists in Pokemon Go, Niantic is instead using Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure in order to evolve Sylveon. Trainers must earn 70 hearts with Eevee as their Buddy Pokemon to evolve a Sylveon!

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    Eevee Evolution Names How To Evolve Eevee In Pokemon Go

    As I said, the first method, which can only be used once per form, requires you to change Eevee’s nickname before evolving her. There is one unique nickname associated with each form.

    You can rename your Eevee control the evolution and get that form. Here are all the eight evolution-nickname combos:

    • Flareon: Pyro
    • Glaceon: Rea
    • Sylveon: Kira

    Ensure the silhouette of the evolved form before evolving Eevee before pressing the Evolve button. This way you won’t waste 25 candies for a random form if you made a typo.

    While this is the easiest way to get each Eevee evolution in Pokémon Go the trick works once. The question remains what you do after you exhaust all eight nicknames. So, let’s see all the alternative methods to control what form Eevee evolves to.

    There is both good and bad news here, as you cannot control the first three original forms, but you can control the other five, albeit with some extra work.

    Pokemon Go Eeveelution Names Trick

    Using the nickname trick in is simple, but you can only do it once per Eeveelution, meaning every following evolution will require a slightly different approach.

    To rename your Eevee, simply tap the pencil icon next to its name while in the Pokemon menu. You need to call it something specific to get the evolution you want, so make sure you input it right before you click Evolve.

    Here are the nicknames youll need to rename your Eevee to for each evolution is as follows:

    • Flareon: Pyro

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    What Should I Name Eevee To Get Sylveon In Pokemon Go

    Note: This naming trick only works once per evolution. If you already used Sparky to get a Jolteon, it will not guarantee a Jolteon next time. Pokémon Go Eevee evolution names.

    Eevee Evolution

    in addition, Can Eevee evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX?

    There are two species of Pokemon that are different to every other in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: the Eevee family of Pokemon and the Wurmple family of Pokemon. Eevee can evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon the entire Eevee Evolution family!

    Also, What is the best Eeveelution in Pokemon Go 2020?

    When you round out all of the stats, Espeon has the highest CP and the highest attack, with Umbreon having the highest defense and Vaporeon having the highest stamina. If you plan on using any of these Pokémon in the PvP scene, we highly recommend you use Umbreon in the Great or Ultra League.

    in the same way What is the rarest Eevee evolution in Pokemon go? Vaporeon is probably the evolution most Pokémon Go players would point to as being the strongest of the group since it has been heavily used since the game launched. What is the best Eevee evolution to use in Pokémon Go? | Eeveelutions Ranked.


    How To Change Your Pokemons Nickname

    How to Get Flareon in Pokemon GO

    Now that we know which nickname were going to use to get the desired evolution, youll need to know how to change the nickname.

    Start by opening the Pokemon Go app and tapping on the Poke ball at the bottom of your screen. Scroll through and select the Eevee youre evolving .

    Tap on the pencil icon next to Eevee .

    Now, type in the corresponding nickname and tap Save.

    Now, you can start feeding Eevee candy and get the perfectly evolved creature that you desire.

    If you dont have an Eevee yet, keep looking and maybe start hatching eggs by following our guide here.

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    What About Vaporeon Jolteon And Flareon

    Unfortunately, the original three Eeveelutions are still random. Once you’ve used the nickname trick, you’re pretty much stuck to the random number generator. Fortunately, Eevee is very common and has been around since day one, so most players have entire teams of Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon, but if you’re having trouble getting the one you want, you can always trade another player.

    How Do I Evolve Eevee With A Nickname

    Eevee has eight different forms of evolution, which include Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon. After acquiring 25 candy, you can evolve Eevee into Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon at random.

    But how do you take the random element out of it and, instead, force Eevee to take each of the individual forms? Well, its a simple process of changing Eevees name before you evolve them.

    Its worth noting that this method only allows you to get each different evolution Eevee a single time. Once youve performed it on your account, you will no longer be able to get that particular form of Eevee using this method on that account.

    Here are the different names youll need to use to get each different Pokémon Go Eevee evolution:

    • Vaporeon: Rainer
    • Glaceon: Rea
    • Sylveon: Kira

    Make sure the silhouette of the evolution you want shows up on the evolve button, otherwise the nickname trick wont work.

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    Best Eevee Evolutions Ranked

    We ranked Eevees evolutions based on their statistics in raids, gym battles, clashes with Team GO Rocket grunts and other in-game skirmishes.

    We also looked at each evolutions strengths and weaknesses against other Pokémon types.

    Aside from hard-hitter Espeon, there are better Pokémon to use in player vs player matches. So we based our rankings on in-game combat, as thats where youre most likely to use your Eeveelutions.

    But if you follow our tips and think about how the types of Pokémon the Eevee evolutions are weak or strong against, you can build an impressive pool of evolutions for your PvP team.

    Of course, everyone has their favourite Eevee evolution. Many players have nurtured Jolteon, Leafeon and Umbreon to become key members of their battle team.

    Eevee evolutions also live or die depending on the Pokémon type theyre battling, so even the lower-ranked evolutions can have their moment of glory.

    If you dont agree with our choices, leave a comment and let us know why you think your favourite Eevee evolution is best.

    How To Get Espeon Umbreon Glaceon And Leafeon

    Guaranteed Method to Evolve Flareon in Pokemon GO! Pyro Eevee Naming Trick in Pokemon GO

    In the main series Pokémon games, these Pokémon require you to go through a specific sequence of steps in order for your Eevee to become one of them. Espeon and Umbreon have similar measurements, as do Glaceon and Leafeon.

    Espeon et Umbreon

    In order for your Pokémon to become Espeon or Umbreon, the first thing you need to do is set your Eevee to your friend. You can do this by clicking on your avatar, going to the trainer menu, clicking on your current buddy, and then scrolling down the buddy menu to buddy swap options. Choose the Eevee you want to evolve and make it your buddy. You must then travel 10 kilometers with your Eevee.

    When you’re ready to evolve them, you need to keep Eevee as an active friend, and it’s important to note the time that matters. If you want the Psychic, Espeon type, you have to evolve your Eevee during the day. If you want the dark type, Umbreon, you have to evolve them overnight. After waiting for the right time of day, you evolve Eevee like you would any other Pokémon.

    Glaceon and Leafeon

    In order for your Pokémon to become Glaceon or Leafeon, you need to obtain specific lure mods. For the Ice-type Glaceon, you must acquire the Glacial lure module. For the Grass type, Leafeon, you need to use the Mossy decoy mod. You buy these mods in the store for 200 PokéCoins, which you can acquire in several ways in Pokémon Go.

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    Which Is The Best Eevee Evolution In Pokmon Go Pokmon Go Eevee Evolutions Ranked In 2021

    Its worth noting that each Eevee evolution has a different base stats, which makes it quite challenging to decide which is the strongest Eevee evolution Pokémon GO. However, heres detailed information about each character thatll help you choose the right Pokémon for a specific event.


    Espeon is a psychic-type Pokeom with a maximum CP of 3170. Confusion and Psychic are its best move sets for all battles, especially if youre attacking Pokémon in the Gyms. This moveset will also help you during PvP battles. Espeon is vulnerable to Bug, Dark, and Ghost moves.


    Flareon is a fire-type Pokémon that can achieve a maximum CP of 2029. Being a fire-type Pokémon, it supports a variety of moves such as Overheat, FireBlast, Flame Thrower, etc. But, its best moveset for Gym raids and PvP battles include Fire Spin and Overheat. The creature gets weakened against Ground, Water, and Rock moves.


    Jolteon is an electric-type Pokémon that has Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt as its best move sets. The Pokémon can achieve a maximum CP of 28888 and may get defeated against all Ground moves.


    Vaporeon is a water-type Pokémon. Water Gun and Hydro Pump are its best move sets to attack other Pokémon during Gym Raids. Although it supports several other Water moves like Water Pulse and Aqua Tail as well. Vaporeon can achieve a maximum CP of 3114 and feels vulnerable against the grass and electric moves.

    About Umbreon In Pokemon Go

    Umbreon is a dark Pokemon that evolves from Eevee. This Pokemon is vulnerable to Fighting, Fairy, and Bug moves. While its most powerful moveset is Snarl & Foul Play, Umbreon has a Max CP of 2,137.

    At first, it was found in the Johto region . Also, it is boosted by Fog weather. Its summary in the game says,

    Umbreon evolved as a result of exposure to the moons waves. It hides silently in darkness and waits for its foes to make a move. The rings on its body glow when it leaps to attack.

    Apparently, there are two ways to evolve Eevee into Umbreon in Pokemon Go by using nicknames and a more complicated evolution method. Details are as follows.

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