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How To Make Friends Pokemon Go

How To Add Friends On Pokemon Go

POKÉMON GO FRIEND CODES! Make New Friends in the Comment Section!

Pokemon GO has added several new features over the years that has made it more fun to play with friends. Players of the mobile game are curious how to add their buddies to make the most of their experience.

With features like battling, raids, and trading Pocket Monsters Pokemon GO is a game that seems meant to be played in the company of friends.

This article explains how a trainer can officially add their pals in the mobile game.

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How To Add New Friends To Pokmon Go

Its very easy to add someone to your Pokémon Go friends list: just follow the steps below, as long as you have their Pokémon Go friend code or QR code:

Pokémon Go friend code:

  • Press your avatar in the lower left corner of the home screen
  • Press FRIENDS at the top of the screen
  • Press ADD FRIEND
  • Enter your friends code in the box
  • Wait for your friends approval!
  • QR code:

  • Press your avatar in the lower left corner of the home screen
  • Press FRIENDS at the top of the screen
  • Press ADD FRIEND
  • Scan your friends code with the camera
  • Wait for your friends approval!
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    The Fastest Way To Get Friends On Pokemon Go

    Suppose you are looking for a faster and easier way. We have something exactly for you!

    All you need to do is switch to your laptop from your phone and search for the From the list of games, choose Pokemon Go. From the list of codes, send people to friend requests or add your trainer code to the long list.

    If you are doing this on your phone app, copy-paste the code, and you are good to go. Just like this, in one day you can make a lot of friends most conveniently.

    So that was all. Do let us know which of the above solutions worked for you.

    How Do You Add A Friend In Pokmon Go

    How to Make Unlimited Friends in Pokemon Go without any ...

    Before you can gain the benefits of Friendship, you have to add Friends. There are a couple ways to do this.

    First, you can send someone your Trainer Code.

  • Tap on your Avatar, bottom right.
  • Tap on the Friends tab, top right .
  • Tap on Add Friend, top center.
  • Tap .
  • Tap on the method you want to use to share.
  • You can also tap on Copy my Trainer Code and simply paste it wherever you want.

    When you receive a Friend Request:

  • Tap on your Avatar, bottom right.
  • Tap on the Friends tab, top right .
  • Tap on Add Friend, next to “X people sent you Friend Requests”, top left.
  • Tap Accept on any and all Friends you want to add.
  • The Friend will be added to your Friend list.

    You can delete any requests you don’t ever want to accept.

    If someone sends you their Trainer Code first:

  • Tap on your Avatar, bottom right.
  • Tap on the Friends tab, top right .
  • Tap on Add Friend, top center.
  • Type in the Trainer Code.
  • Tap on Send.
  • As soon as they receive and accept your Friend Request, they’ll show up in your Friends list.

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    Learn How To Make Friends And Level Up Your Friendships In Pokemon Go

    Published June 22, 2018, 8:33 p.m.aboutPokemon Go

    by Larryn Bell

    The new Friends feature is finally available for all Trainers in Pokémon Go. Starting today, Trainers of any level can now send friend requests to other Trainers on the Pokémon Go mobile app. Along with the Friendship functionality comes Gifting and Trading options for Trainers above a certain level. This guide will explain how to make friends and increase your friendship level in Pokémon Go, so that you can start sharing gifts and enjoying the games new social features.

    Pokemon Go Friendship Levels

    Once you’ve added a friend in Pokemon GO, you’ll have a Friendship Level associated with them. Friendship Level increases when you send gifts to each other, or participate in Raid battles together. It’s worth noting that you can only increase your Friendship level once a day. As you can see in the image embedded above, there are a handful of bonuses associated with each level. It’s definitely worth adding as many friends as possible, as the bonuses will stack.

    To check your Friendship Level with a friend, head over to the Friends tab by clicking on your trainer icon. You can then tap on your friend and you’ll see how many days are left before you reach the next level.

    That’s all you need to know about Friends in Pokemon GO. To check out how Gifts work in the game, head over to our Pokemon GO Gifts guide. You can receive some really awesome rewards from gifting in Pokemon GO, so be sure to check it out.

    Guides Editor

    Jake is a former freelance writer who now heads up guides for USG. He spends his days dreaming of an X-Files dating-sim and will play literally any game with monkeys in it. He has an unhealthy obsession with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and would pretty much trade a kidney for Skate 4 at this point.

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    Use Trainer Code To Make A New Friend In Pokmon Go

    New players also have difficulty getting their trainer codes to others what you can do to attract more friends is to start by showing off your rewards or specialties to others. Here is how you can do this.

    Instead of just sharing a screenshot of your trainer code, share some more information with your code which will impress people . This information can include your XP level or simply the list of your shiny pokemon. Like this, you can attract more people towards your code which will ultimately lead to more friends.

    If your main motive is to get a higher friendship level, its essential to interact with other trainers personally. Most players dont know how to do this. Well, the easiest way is to join a WhatsApp group. You can find these groups on Reddit, Facebook, and even under YouTube videos. But it requires a bit of research. By following this, you will be able to make friends from all across the globe, which is pretty interesting.

    Do you know that there are websites available on Google where many Pokemon trainers share their trainer code, and in search of new friends, you can also share your trainer code. This is the easiest way to find friends.

    Active Pokemon Go Friend Codes Only

    How to make friends in pokemon go

    You may have added my code some time back, but you cannot see it anymore in this site why? We display here Pokemon Go friend codes for active Pokemon Go trainers only. Your friend code may be removed after some time due to inactivity. Log in to your profile and add status updates continuously to keep your friend code top of our list. Updating your status in your profile boosts your code to top of this website.

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    What Is The New Pokemon Go Lucky Friends Feature

    The patch notes for this latest version of Pokemon Go read as follows: “Trainers who are Best Friends will have a chance of becoming Lucky Friends.” So – what does this mean?

    In Pokemon Go, friendship isn’t just a simple list of players you’ve added – it’s a changing, growing list, with different levels of friendship depending on how much time you’ve spent doing things with another player. By sending gifts, playing through Pokemon raid encounter battles and trading Pokemon, players can ‘level up’ their friendship, with the top tier being ‘Best Friends’.

    Lucky Friends are basically a temporary buff to your friendship status. Once you’re best friends with someone, you’ll have a chance to be temporarily made each other’s ‘special friend’ each time you perform a friendship-based act with them. That means each time you trade Pokemon, open gifts from each other, team up in raid battles or gym encounters, or even have a one-on-one trainer battle. Each time will give you a chance this will happen, and when it does Pokemon Go will make a big song and dance about it, notifying you that you’re now lucky friends.

    Once you are Lucky Friends, the buff is simple: the first trade you make with that player is guaranteed to create a Lucky Pokemon. Lucky Pokemon are buffed Pokemon that have cheaper stat upgrades and generally better performance across the board, so this is well worthwhile.

    Use A Friend’s Trainer Code To Add Them On Pokemon Go

    When it comes right down to it, adding friends on Pokemon GO is a really straightforward process.

    The first thing a player will need to do is ask the friend they wish to add what their unique Trainer Code is. This will be a series of numbers that one can enter into “Friends” tab after clicking on the trainer icon.

    After that, simply wait until the friend in question adds them back, or alternatively, one can give their own Trainer Code to the people they wish to add. There are a variety of features that make having friends on Pokemon GO both useful and more fun.

    For example, players can opt to send their friends gifts which contain items such as Pokeballs and even an occasional egg. In addition, raids become a lot easier when a player enters them alongside other trainers. Having a friend added on the mobile game will allow one to easily invite them to the same raid party.

    As a trainer interacts more with a particular friend by sending them gifts and going on raids with them, the two’s Friendship Level will increase. There are a variety of benefits proffered by the game for each consecutive Friendship Level reached.

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    Xbox Series X And Series S: How To Add Friends And Accept Friend Requests

    The friends we made along the way

    Whats the point of getting a new games console on Christmas if you have no one else to play with?

    We might not all be able to meet up in person right now, but we can still group up online using our Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

    If you want to find out how to add friends and accept requests on your new hardware check out our guide!

    And if you want something to play with you new buddies, check out our Xbox Series X game guide here!

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    How To Raise Friendship In Pokmon Go

    My friends newest addidtion

    You can raise friendship once per day by sending and opening gifts, raiding together, trading Pokémon, battling in a gym together, or battling each other.

    You can only raise your friendship level once per day, so if youre trying to maximize your gifts or save time, make sure you havent raised your friendship already that day. You can check this by looking at your friends portrait on the friend screen. If there is a thin, light blue circle or halo around the friends circle, that means your friendship has already been raised that day. Dont confuse the halo with the flat circle behind the player, which is just an indicator of what team theyre on.

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    Pokmon Go How To Make New Friends And Get Friend Code

    Pokémon Go is, above all, a social game to take advantage of all that the mobile game has to offer, its necessary to make friends and meet people, as there are a number of benefits we can get.

    To participate in raids, you need to find other people 1 or 2 star raids are simple, you can complete them yourself, but 4 or 5 star raids are too difficult and therefore you need other players.

    To send and receive gifts where you get a series of special rewards such as stickers and eggs you also need friends.

    But how can you get friends? In this guide, well explain how you can make new friends in Pokémon Go and how to get Friend Codes in Pokémon Go.

    How To Get Friends In Pokemon Go

    Pokemon GO is all about catching Pokemon, taking over gyms, attempting to evolve your caught Pokemon, and then sort of doing that over and over again, but Niantic added a little feature earlier this year that made the whole process a bit more fun the ability to add friends to the game. By adding a friend in Pokemon GO, youre able to trade Pokemon with them, send over some neat gifts, check out their recent activities, and admire their attire and partner Pokemon. Since the ability to add friends is still fairly new, you might be wondering how to exactly do it, so heres how to get friends in Pokemon GO.

    First, from the main map screen in the game, you want to click on your trainer profile/icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. From then, youre going to want to click on the tab that says friends on the top right and from there, you can add anybody to your friends list by either inputting their friend code or taking a quick pic of their trainer QR code. Once both trainers accept one another, youll be friends and will be able to participate in trades and send over presents that will help out on your friends journey.

    Being able to trade with others will be monumental in helping you to achieve the goal of completing your Pokedex and having the chance to trade with people who have visited other countries will be essential in order to get those region-exclusive pocket monsters.

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    How To Add Friends In Pokemon Go Using Your Trainer Code

    Thanks to the friends update, you can now add your friends in Pokemon GO. You’ll need to do so in order to send and receive gifts and trade pokemon with others. Here’s how to add friends in Pokemon GO

    • Load up the app and tap on your trainer icon
    • Select “Friends” which is located up in the top right hand corner of the screen
    • You can now either Add a Friend, or have someone add you
    • To add a friend, select “Add Friend” and then enter your friend’s Trainer Code
    • You can choose to share your Trainer Code over social media or messaging apps, or simply read it out to the person that is adding you
    • Enter the code and wait for a notification to pop up on your friend’s screen
    • You can now see your friend in your Friends List, alongside a Friendship Level

    What Is The Best Strategy To Make New Friends

    How to get More Friends in Pokémon Go Fast and Easy!

    Without any doubt, it is discord. Here is why:

    In your quest to find new friends in the game, we strongly recommend discord because you can expand your friend list and join the right group. You can even raid battles plus join in on any discourse about pokemon.

    Moreover, its a very nice way of getting connected to your local community. Nowadays, it seems like most local communities have a discord, especially for Pokemon Go. So, go ahead and do your research to find out if your community has one, and if they do, get connected with them.

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    Pokemon Go Lucky Friends: How To Make Lucky Friends For Pokemon Buffs

    The benefits of being Pokemon Go friends just increased somewhat – a new feature called Lucky Friends has arrived.

    As ever with Pokemon Go, patches and changes to the game often sort of drop out of nowhere – and today a new update is being rolled out to Pokemon Go players – version 0.139.2 on Android and 1.107.2 on iOS. While the changes made in the patch aren’t updated in the game until developer Niantic chooses to push them to players, this time around the patch notes suggest an all-new feature is incoming: Lucky Friends.

    So What Are These Steps

    The very first task of Jump-Start Special Research is to make new friends, and those who have played this game know that it is not as simple as it sounds. The updated algorithm of the game has made this task much more difficult. Here are some instructions which will help you out.

    • Open the game app.
    • Look at the bottom left of your screen and tap on your image.
    • Now swipe right.
    • You are now in the Friends Menu.
    • Then click on Add Friend.
    • Now you have two choices either you can get your friends trainer code, or you can enter your own.

    Due to some software differences, if this does not work for you, then dont worry. We have some more ways.

    There are hundreds of Pokemon groups on Reddit, Facebook, and even Discord. So all that you need to do is join whichever group you like, look for other peoples trainer codes, and send them requests.

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