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How To Draw Pokemon Step By Step Easy

+ Easy Draw Pokemon Characters

How To Draw Bulbasaur | Pokemon #001 | Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

This is an intermediate cartooning tutorial that older kids teens and adults will enjoy. This guide has 6 pokemon characters to learn how to draw including cute Snorlax Oshawott Torchic Dragonite Mudkip and Absol.

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Basic Facts About Pokmon

Pokémon is a series of video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. The first games, Pocket Monsters Red and Green, were released in 1996 in Japan. The core games are released in generations, each with different Pokémon, storylines, and characters. Also, Pokémon is an anime television series that airs on cartoon networks and other channels. Pikachu is the most popular Pokémon of all time.

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Easy Drawing Ideas With Step By Step Drawings

What types of things will you learn how to draw step by step? Youll learn how to draw cute popular characters like Hello Kitty and Pusheen the Cat. Youll learn how to draw anime characters, dragons, and other fantastic creatures. Youll even be able to finish your homework with tutorials for drawing DNA, outer space, and realistic animals.

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Learn To Draw Lessons

With over a thousand simple drawing lessons for you and your kids to follow along with. We show you how to draw simply with basic geometric shapes, letters, and numbers. We strive to teach you to draw with the most basic learning techniques. Think you cant learn to draw? Dont give up until you try drawing with our easy lessons.

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How To Draw A Pokemon Step By Step Easy For Kids

How to Draw a Cute / Kawaii / Chibi Jirachi from Pokemon Easy Step by ...

Today, we will start with one of the most favourite pokemons. YEAH, you are right, its Pikachu. The cute little thunder Pokemon trained by Ash. Enough about Pikachu, lets get back to draw it.

Step 1 To get the right proportions, first draw the outlines.

Step 2 Draw a circle which the shape of head can follow.

Step 3 Were going to work with the ears and facial features now. The ears have a feather-like shape. Pikachus eyes are circular in shape, but here we have drawn a rounded triangle shape. Keep in mind that the cheeks arent round perfectly.

Step 4 The arms are short and stout and have little short fingers at the end too.

Step 5 The body shape is quite different which is partly covered by his arm and his feet are also very long.

Step 6 The last step is to complete all the remaining parts i.e. draw Pikachus tail and markings on the ears and tail.

Step 7 Now, you are ready with your own Pokemon. I hope you enjoyed your 1st Pokemon drawing. Leave a comment below.

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Last Elements: Icons Typography And Details

Create icons on another layer, yet again with the shape tool. Then just place them to appropriate places. Icons give a visual guide and additional information to the viewer. Also, add the needed typography to give the viewer information about the Pokémon at hand.

Creating your very own Pokémon card is not hard, but it does take time. Creating the template takes time even though you would draw a very simple creature. The icons and shapes required for the template take time to create but what is cool about a template. Is that you can use it again and again for different Pokémon designs.

You can also create your own looking template if you feel that the official template is too much work.

How To Draw Your Favorite Pokemon

The popular media franchise “Pokemon” has more than a quarter of a century. Parents of current preschoolers, younger schoolchildren, as children, themselves were fond of new anime series in which funny creatures acted. Since then, the world of “pocket monsters” -Pokemon has grown to almost nine hundred different species.

Drawing cartoon characters is an interesting pastime, very useful for children. Teach your child how to draw Pokemon with a pencil in stages. Let the first character be the one that your son or daughter especially likes. For example, Pokemon Pikachu.

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Easy Step By Step How To Draw Pokemon Characters Drawing Tutorials For Kids

This is a cute / chibi / kawaii / baby version of the character that looks like a cartoon bee . By simply following the step by step illustrations youll be able to easily create this cute pokemon characters. How to draw christmas pikachu easy pokemon youtube pokemondrawingseasy cute drawings christmas pokemon pikachu.

How To Draw Pikachu From Pokemon

How To Draw Squirtle | Pokemon #007 | Cute Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

Pikachu is the famous character from Pokemon. All kids and children love this funny and cute image. He has very simple shape and you can draw it with easy. Many of you doesnt really need this drawing tutorial and lots of kids can draw Pikachu without step-by-step instruction. But I know using these drawing tips you will be able to draw its shape and proportions of the more accurate.Try draw pokemon Pikachu with me!

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How To Draw Pokmon

If you want to draw something but you dont consider yourself an artist, you can draw some Pokémonthey can be easily created out of simple shapes, and theyre so heavily stylized that you dont need to worry about realism.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw three Pokémon with three levels of difficulty: Butterfree, Pikachu, and Charizard.

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Christmas Drawing Lessons Archives How To Draw Step By

Here is another Christmas reindeer for you to draw. This one is also a cartoon reindeer, but this one stands up and holds on to a Christmas bell and Christmas tree ornament. Learn how to draw him with easy step by step drawing instructions. Color his nose red to make him Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

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How To Draw Charizard Step By Step

Charizard is right among the top of Pokémons regarding Ashs collection or roster if I may say, a massive dragon with a flame on top of its tail.

Almost as cool as Pikachu? Might not be the easiest either draw but how cool creature is it.

Creature design is spot on and in a fully evolved form really does give a punch against its enemies.

Charizard being a dragon, you can easily search different dragon tutorials if you are looking to draw Charizard as a realistic dragon, which would be cool. Or if you want to draw it in anime style, just focus on the head and form first. And dont forget the precious reference images.

How To Draw Gastly

How to Draw Chespin from Pokemon Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial ...

Continuing the ball-shaped Pokémons. Gastly differs from the other ones by having a smoke-like effect surrounding the creature. So if you want a slight challenge, draw Gastly and add the smoke effect.

Smoke might not be easy to draw if you havent drawn something similar before. If you have drawn clouds, smoke doesnt differ too much from it. Just color the clouds with a darker color, and you have a smoke. Kind of.

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How To Draw Haunter

You can get far by just drawing a circle and modifying the spikes to create a Haunter creature. Add hands, and thats all there is to draw basically.

If you are struggling with hands, you can always photograph your own hands and draw them. Slightly modify the hands, and you have a nice Haunter drawn. Maybe not the easiest but then again, not too hard either.

How To Draw A Dragon Step By Step For Kids & Beginners

Step 6: Draw spikes on the back and tail of the dragon, this is very easy to do. Then mark the claws of arms and legs. Then mark the claws of arms and legs. Step 7: This is the final step of drawing, erase all extra lines, and follow the image below to get a clear and exact image of your drawing.

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How To Draw Pokemon : Step By Step Guide

Draw Pokemon: Pokemons right? Who doesnt love pokemon? None of us can deny that we wanted to have our own pokemon during our childhood. These little cute creatures were the main topic of discussion among our friends. Pokemons were of various types like fire , water , grass, ghost and legendary. Do you remember these? Comment your favorite pokemon below, then I will tell you the steps to draw your favourite pokemon?

Drawing The Pokmon For The Card

How to draw Pokemon | Greninja | easy drawing step by step

Drawing the actual creature is the next thing to do. Draw the creature with no background first. This is so that you can make the picture overlap with the template you have created before. After you have drawn the Pokémon, insert it to the card so that the focus is on the creature.

An easy way to create a background is to make a copy of the picture, enlarging it to fill the white space. Pushing the image to the background and adding a nice gaussian blur to it. This will make the main picture to pop out. You can also decrease the blurred images opacity if you like to.

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How To Draw Pikachu

Of course, Pikachu has to be the first one we go for. Kind of the main character among Pokémons, I guess?

Pikachu might not be the easiest to draw, but it does look cute. If that gives you motivation and energy to draw it. Focus on hands/paws and also keep your eye on the eyes .

If you like, you can add some electric effects easily with color dodge layer mode .

Way To Draw Legendary Pokemon

Which legendary pokemon do we choose? Mewtwo!!! We will learn the simple tricks to draw it. Grab your pen and follow my steps.

Step 1 First we will draw a circle for the head and the mark the facial outlines. In the next step, we will draw a long tilted line for the chests line of position and then larger circle for the bottom of Mewtwo is drawn. After that is complete we can draw the leg and tail lines.

Step 2 We will now work upon the body of Mewtwo. Draw the ear lines and the outlines for his hand. Give a diamond shape to his lower facial structure or jaw. After this, we will draw out the shape of his legs as well as his feet.

Step 3 We continue working with the body. Complete the ears and then move on to the back of the neck. After that draw out the shape of his hand and start detailing the palm. We will then make the tail thicker. Start detailing the chest and add definition to the eyebrows. Our motive is to make him look evil.

Step 4 This is the last step and we will color and give shape to his eyes and then give two tiny marks for his nose. After completion of this, the neck is made thicker as well as his tail. Erase all the outlines that we had drawn.

Step 5 Congrats! You have even completed your Mewtwo tutorial. Just color it to complete your amazing work.

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How To Draw A Face : Step By Step Guide

So lets begin the intermediate level without any delay. Drawing a face is not an easy task for novices. But dont get disheartened as I will be sharing as many possible simple tricks to help you out. First of all, before going to draw a face, we will try to draw a normal human figure for kids as practice.

Learn How To Draw Charmander The Torch Pokemon With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial Charmander Are Small Lizard

Pin on Drawing

If any of your students are into Pokemon, then drawing some of the more famous characters is a great way to get their attention.

This Charmander is one of the easier ones to try out, especially when you approach the body in a very symmetrical way. Its so much easier to draw two sides the same way, matching arms and legs as you go, instead of drawing him from a 3/4 view.

Those that find the body easy to draw can then challenge themselves to draw a flame as realistically as possible. The sample drawing here just shows the basic colors, but blending them together would look even better!

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How To Draw Pokemon

Learn how to draw Vulpix from Pokemon. If you need ideas on what to draw then SUBSCRIBE for more drawing tutorials like this every single day! Drop a request in the comments below to get it added to our list.

Check out my Pokemon Playlist below for more of your favourite characters.

How to Draw Pokemon Characters

Whether youre homeschooling, virtual learning or taking some online classes our Cartooning Club channel has thousands of how to draw tutorials available for all artistic levels and age groups. Our online classes are designed to make even the most difficult subjects easy to follow.

You can also help support my work by sharing this channel with your friends and tuning in each day for my daily tutorials.


Easy Pokmon Drawing Tutorials

Gotta catch em all? If youre a Pokémon fan, now you can learn how to draw em all! Start your Pokémon journey today.

First, pick your first starter Pokémon. Might we suggest a Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur, the original trio offered to new Pokémon trainers by Professor Oak?

Or, if youre feeling a bit more daring, why not select an Eevee or Pikachu for your first Pokémon friend?

Next, draw plenty of Poké Balls, because youre going to need them. Use the skills of your first Pokémon to help you capture more, filling your team and your Pokédex!

What are Pokémon? The name Pokémon is short for pocket monsters. They are the animals of the Pokémon universe.

They have special abilities and can form special bonds with their trainers. Theyre used in battling each other, and sometimes they must even help save the world!

Now, its time to assemble your Pokémon team. Draw cute Pokémon like Pikachu and Jigglypuff. Draw legendary Pokémon like Rayquaza and Articuno.

Youre never too young or too old to start your Pokémon journey.

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Extra Pro Tips To Improve Pokmons Drawing

  • Use a sharp pencil whenever you are drawing
  • If you want, you can also use glitter colours to give an excellent look to your drawing.
  • Whenever you are drawing, do it with a pencil so that if there is a mistake, you can rectify it immediately.
  • Always draw on white paper because the picture on white paper looks excellent compared to other papers.
  • Use Only A4 Size paper.

How To Draw Pokmon Easy

How to draw Pokemon | Dratini | easy drawing step by step

The easiest way to draw Pokémon is to use a printer to print Pokémon picture and then put the print on the paper on which you want to draw Pokémon. Now take a pencil with a sharp tip And draw on the print with pressure. Now take that printout and Follow the marks that will be made on your paper. Now draw Pokémon with the help of these marks. Printable drawing of Pokémon from here.

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Pokemon Step By Step Drawing

Pokemon Step By Step Drawing. This ‘how to draw pokemon step by step’ book will show you how easy it is to draw cute pokemon. How to draw christmas pikachu easy pokemon youtube pokemondrawingseasy cute drawings christmas pokemon pikachu.

To make a pikachu, start by sketching the outline of the head and adding two vertical lines, which will serve as the bodys boundaries and will eventually become part of the poku00e9mons body. Sketch the facial guides and move to step two. Just a few steps and the character is ready!


Next, draw the oblong shaped eye, as well as draw the nose, then the mouth. Previous post 5th grade spelling.

Source: www.drawinghowtodraw.com

I have broken down the steps into easy step by step instructions that include basic geometric shapes, letters, and numbers. Today i will show you how to draw eevee from pokemon and pokemon go.

How To Draw Your Own Pokmon Card

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Most people who have played the Pokémon collectible trading card game have wanted to design their own cards at some point. Luckily, the process is actually very possible to do from home. although it requires a healthy knowledge of the game and the series lore in order to properly work, whether you’re making a version of an existing Pokémon or creating one of your own, designing your own card can be a richly rewarding experience.

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How To Draw 100 Step By Step Tutorials For Easy Drawing

5. Learn to Draw Cartoon Characters Step by Step. cartoondistrict. Here is an easy step by step drawing tutorial that is also one of my favorites in this list of lessons. Learn how to draw superhero cartoon characters using pencil, pen, or a digital drawing app like Procreate.


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