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How To Level Up Fast In Pokemon Go

Tricks To Leveling Up As A Trainer

POKÉMON GO: How To Level Up REALLY FAST in Pokémon GO! (Quickest Way To Level Up Your Trainer!)
  • 1Buy a Lucky Egg . This is not required for the trick to work, but will allow you to level up twice as fast. To purchase a Lucky Egg, tap on the PokéBall on the main screen and tap the “Shop” icon. Scroll to the third row of items to find Lucky Eggs.
  • 2Catch several weak Pokémon of the same type. These Pokémon are the easiest to level up, which is how you will gain your experience using this trick. Pidgey is the best Pokémon to use for this reason, but Weedle and Rattata work as well.
  • 3Transfer your duplicate Pokémon to Professor Willow. In return, he will give you candy, which you can use to level up your Pokémon. To transfer Pokémon to Professor Willow:XResearch source
  • Tap the PokéBall on screen, and then the Pokémon symbol to open your list of Pokémon.
  • Tap on a Pokémon that you have a duplicate of, and hit the “Transfer” button.
  • 4Tap the Pokémon button. This will open a list of the Pokémon you have caught.
  • 5Transfer your duplicate Pokémon to Professor Willow. Tap on a Pokémon you have caught multiple of, and hit the “Transfer” button. Professor Willow will take the Pokémon to his lab, and give you candy in return. This candy can be used to level up and evolve your Pokémon.
  • 6Open up your Items. From the main screen, tap the PokéBall near the bottom and then the “Items” button to open up a list of all items in your pack.
  • Since this period only lasts 30 minutes, be sure to complete the rest of this method once you have enacted this step!
  • Battling Strong Wild Area Pokmon

    The Wild Area is a new feature introduced in Sword and Shield. In it, you’ll find a ton of very strong and intimidating Pokémon wandering around the overworld. When battled, these are the toughest wild Pokémon you’ll probably face.

    Some of these Pokémon will grant a ton of EXP when defeated, especially pseudo-legendaries like Tyranitar and Kommo-o. Other strong Pokémon that can be found in the Wild Area will drop lots of EXP as well, like Vanilluxe, Dusknoir, Klinklang, Gardevoir, and Roserade. Seek these out and take them down for a ton of easy EXP.

    Beat The Stuffing Out Of Chansey And Audino

    In past games, the Pokémon Audino was added as a somewhat rare encounter. In Black and White, it was most commonly found in rustling grass, allowing it to be found on a regular basis. This was useful, because Audino gives a ridiculous amount of experience when defeated. It rivals Chansey in terms of experience gained.

    Fortunately for trainers, both of those two normal-types can be found in the two DLC areas. Chansey can be found and beaten down during The Isle of Armor , while Audino are found during The Crown Tundra and serve well for post-game grinds. For trainers who don’t mind a lopsided EV spread, or are just looking for quick exp., these two Pokémon are a blessing from the heavens.

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    How To Quickly Level Up Your Pokmon In Pokmon: Lets Go Pikachu And Pokmon: Lets Go Eevee

    Poppy is the author of A Bard’s Lament and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

    Pokémon fans have been able to enjoy leaving their hometown to embark on an adventure to catch, battle, and become Champion since the release of Pokémon Red and Blue in the late ’90s. Now, 20 years later, new and old fans alike can enjoy a gorgeous new edition on the Nintendo Switch.

    As per most Pokémon releases, there are two versions: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Let’s Go Eevee! Though the games are almost identical, there are sometimes different Pokémon available to catch, making trading essential for those who want to fill their Pokédex and “catch ’em all.”Pikachu! and Eevee! are essentially remakes of Red and Blue, but with many different rules, a different selection of Pokémon for each game, and many minor changes.

    As well as catching and battling, leveling up the Pokémon you’ve caught is essential to success in this game. After all, only by being strong can you defeat the trainers who you meet throughout your adventure and eventually become the Champion.

    Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your Pokémon stronger in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

    How To Levelup Fast

    how to level up in Pokemon go

    Ifyou have been playing for a long time and have enough XP to get you throughseveral levels, you can solely focus on performing the task requirements. SinceNiantic has decided to challenge Trainers, you will have to be on top of yourPokémonGO game in every aspect of gameplay.

    Thetasks are of different difficulty and some might be easier than others for you.If youre still short of theXP, you can prepare by focusing on your favorite aspects of the game, whiletrying to get better at Excellent Throws, or trying out new teams in the GOBattle League.

    Usingthe Lucky Egg to double your XP is always a smart idea, as well as takingadvantage of various bonuses that come with different events in the game.

    Gettingto 50 is no easy feat and even the most seasoned players are bound to strugglewith at least one of the requirements. However, if you put your mind to it, youcan accomplish your goal and join the elite few who have already managed to getto the top.


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    What Is Xp In Pokmon Go And Why Do You Want It

    XP stands for Experience Points, and it’s what you need to collect to increase your level. As your level goes up, you get access to Gyms, to Max Revives, to Pinap and Nanab Berries, to Great and Ultra Balls, to Evolution Items, Friendship, Trading, Special Research, and more.

    It also lets you hatch and catch higher level Pokémon from eggs and in the wild, and power up your Pokémon’s CP and HP, so they survive longer and do more damage in battles.

    The amount of XP you need to level up is different for different levels. For example, it only takes 1,000 XP to go from level one to level two. But it takes 25,000 XP to go from 19 to 20, and a whopping 5,000,000 XP to go from 39 to 40. Getting to level 40 takes a combined 20,000,000 XP

    Use 2 Controllers When Catching Pokemon

    Detach your controllers and dual wield them when catching wild Pokemon. You can catch Pokemon easier if both Poke Balls hit at the same time and you get an exp. bonus.

    Get Synchronized Bonus With 2 Controllers

    You receive a Synchronized Bonus when you catch a Pokemon with 2 controllers – be sure to do this when you want an exp. boost!

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    How To View Your Xp In Pokemon Go

    The fastest way to check your current XP level in Pokemon GO is to look at your avatar in the screen’s lower-left corner. The number over the top of it is your present level, and the progress bar underneath it displays how close you are to reaching the next level.

    For a more detailed view of your Pokemon GO XP, tap on the avatar to open your complete profile. You should see a more detailed progress bar under your Pokemon trainer’s image that displays how much XP is needed to level up and how much youve already earned.

    The progress bar resets to zero each time you level up in Pokemon GO.

    To view how much XP youve earned since you started playing Pokemon GO, scroll down and check the number next to Total XP under Total Activity.

    How To Get Xp Faster In Pokemon Go

    How To Level Up FAST In Pokemon GO! (2021) | Ultimate XP Guide For F2P Players! (Level 1 – 50 F2P)

    There are many ways to collect XP, such as catching and evolving Pokemon, hatching eggs, a new Pokedex entry, spinning Pokestops, winning raids, and many more. The best way to earn XP is Mass Evolve of Pokemon.

    To do this mass evolve, you have saved and catch low candy evolving Pokemon such as Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie, and Weedle, or equal to their later gen. You will have to keep a lot of Pokemon so that it is covered in 30 minutes. Just use a lucky egg and try to evolve as much as you can. You can also do mass in Fourth Spotlight Hour July 2021.

    Another place you will have to keep an eye on the time and that place is your friendship level. You will get the 100,000 XP on reaching best friend level and 50,000 XP on Ultra Friend. If you are tracking it properly and just before reaching the best friend level, use lucky egg, and here it is, you will 200,000 XP and spend the rest of the time Evolving Pokémon.

    Raids are also the best way to collect XP, and now there are even Raid hours every week. Just use lucky egg and earn double XP.

    To conclude, the easiest way to level up quickly right now is to work on finishing whatever activities you can. The best tactics are to capture, evolve, fight, and win raids.

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    Get More Xp From Catching Pokemon

    Curveballs award extra XP when successfully catching a Pokemon. Successfully performing a “Nice”, “Great”, or “Excellent” Throw will give you extra XP as well!

    Look For & Catch New Pokemon

    New Pokemon registered to your Pokedex will award you with XP, so keep a look out for Pokemon you haven’t caught yet!

    Spin Pokestops & Gyms

    There are tons of Pokestops and Gyms that you can find while out exploring the world. So make sure to interact with as many of them along the way in order for you to earn more XP while exploring!

    Gym & PVP Battles Give XP If You Win

    Winning in gyms will also reward you with lots of XP. Bring your best lineup of Pokemon to get the upper hand in battle!

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    Pokemon Go Tips: How To Level Up Faster

    Pokemon Go is currently the most trending app on both Android and iOS. Millions of players are playing it every month. Many of them are trying their best to become a Pokemon Master, but to do that, they have to level up.

    Leveling up in Pokemon Go can be really frustrating, especially when you dont know how to. There were many third-party apps which helped players level up faster, but Niantic decided to remove them from the game. And if someone decides to use some other third-party apps to level up faster, they can get a permanent ban and even a soft ban. However, there are many legit ways which can help you level up faster in Pokemon Go.

    How to level up faster in Pokemon Go

    Pidgeys are not that popular in Pokemon Go since there is no important use for them. However, they can surely help you in leveling up faster.

    As we all know, we can evolve Pidgey into Pidgeotto by using only 12 candies. Evolving a Pokemon usually gives you 500 XP, but if you activate a lucky egg while evolving one, you will get 1000 XP. So get your hands on as many Pidgeys as you can and once you have a lot of them, activate a lucky egg and then evolve all of them. This will give you tons of XP. You can also try this with Caterpies and Weedles.

    That was all for now. Be sure to check out how you can easily take over Gyms in Pokemon Go before you leave.

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    Best Ways To Level Up Fast

    Pokemon Go: How to Level Up FAST!

    XP Leveling upLeveling GuideHow to Level Up Fast#1. Capture PokemonPokeballs#2. Hatch Those Eggs!EggsPokestops#3. Evolve PokemonCandyEvolution#4. Train & Battle at GymsGymsPokemon Type#5. Visit Pokestopsbeginners#6. BONUS TIP :PidgeysCaterpiesWeedlesLucky EggIt is common to jump 2-3 Trainer Levels just by using this trick once.Pidgey CalcPidgeycalc.comOther Resources

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    Are There Any Other Ways To Get Double Xp In Pokmon Go Events

    Absolutely. Pokémon Go has run several events so far that have offered XP multipliers. During some of them, it was a blanket 2x multiplier for all XP essentially a constant Lucky Egg all day, every day, for the duration of the event. And yes, if you used a Lucky Egg at the same time, you got quadruple the XP.

    Pokémon Go has also run events where the multiplier for XP was specific to catching, hatching, or some other action. It’s essential to pay attention to what specific action in the game grants these bonuses and focus on those. Like other multipliers, these also stack with a Lucky Egg.

    Keep an eye out for them.

    Forget Level 40 Heres How To Get To Level 50 In Pokmon Go

    Leveling in Pokémon Go is one of the most important mechanics in the game. But with higher levels comes tougher objectives. In November 2020, the level cap was increased from 40 to 50, and the way leveling up those last 10 levels changed too.

    For reference, Ive been playing Pokémon Go casually since the day it launched in 2016 and I feel like Ive been sitting at Level 37 since about that time. So how are so many players already at the new cap of 50? Whether youre new to the game or have been playing since Day 1 and are gearing up for Pokémon Go Fest this weekend, heres a guide to leveling up.

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    How To Level Up Quickly

    As you can see from the list above, there are plenty of ways to gain experience. But the key is to be efficient. There’s no point running around for hours in an area with no stops, gyms or Pokémon — you might get some egg-hatching km under your belt, but you’re not going to grab any other stuff along the way.

    This is the first point — it’s a hell of a lot easier to level up quickly in a busy area than it is in a more rural location. A lot of people have been raising this issue online — and it’s always possible that more stuff will be added to rural settings in a future app update — but for now the best place to gain experience is in a busy town or city.

    1. Catch everything you can.

    Every single time a Pokémon pops up on your screen, you need to catch that thing .

    Catching something gives you at least 100XP and — more importantly — you get lots of spare Pokémon that you can either evolve or transfer for candy .

    Short on Pokémon in your immediate vicinity? Pop down an incense or a lure to attract them .

    Go out of your way to track down Pokémon you don’t have.

    A new Pokémon is worth five times more than one you’ve already caught. If you’re a level five, for instance, you only need to catch 10 new Pokémon to shoot up to level six .

    If you spot a silhouette in your “Nearby” box, it’s therefore worth going a little bit out of your way to try and track down the shadowy beast.

    Store up Pidgeys, Weedles and Caterpies.

    Finally, time your Lucky Eggs to perfection.

    How To Reach Level 40

    How To: Level Up FAST In Pokemon Go!

    Each new level in Pokémon GO requires a lot of additional XP to level up. Its not a linear progression, so hitting level 39 might seem like youre close but you still have a long way to go. In total you will need 20 million XP to reach level 40 in the game. The last step is to earn 5 million experience after hitting level 39, which only required 3 million XP for its level up at a total of 15 million. So one fourth of all the XP you need to gain in the game comes from level 39 to 40. The XP boosts at the end of this year will be a big help here, making it feel less like a steep climb and more of a steady progression, but you still have your work cut out for you, depending on where you are currently. Heres the last 5 levels and how much XP they require

    Level 36 Earn 1.5 million XPTotal XP 7.5 million

    Level 37 Earn 2 million XPTotal XP 9.5 million

    Level 38 Earn 2.5 million XPTotal XP 12 million

    Level 39 3 million XPTotal XP 15 million

    Level 40 5 million XPTotal XP 20 million

    Hopefully this explains how to level up fast and reach level 40 in Pokémon GO.


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    Pidgeys Caterpie And Weedles Are A Trainers Best Friends

    Pokemon Go/Dennis Scimeca

    Pidgeys, Caterpie, and Weedles each require 12 pieces of candy to evolve into Pidgeottos, Metapods, and Kakuna, respectively. They are the only three Pokémon that carry such a low cost in candy for their evolution and have such a high return on investment in terms of the experience points you earn for the amount of candy you spend on the evolutions.

    Pokemon Go/Dennis Scimeca

    You earn 500 XP for evolving a Pidgey to a Pidgeotto. That costs you 12 Pidgey candies.

    Pokemon Go/Dennis Scimeca

    You also earn 500 XP for evolving a Pidgeotto to a Pidgeot. That costs you 50 Pidgey candies. In other words, you spend more than four times the resources in candy on this evolution, and get precisely the same amount of XP for evolving a Pidgey to a Pidgeotto.

    In fact, 500 XP is the most experience you get for evolving any Pokémon in Pokémon Go. It doesnt make sense, especially when you consider Pokémon like the Magikarp require 400 candies to evolve into a Gyarados, but those are the rules.


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