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What Is Candy Xl In Pokemon Go

How To Farm Xl Candy In Pokmon Go

New in Pokemon Go! What is XL Candy?

Pokemon GO players at level 40 can move up to level 50 by using XP Candy. Here are some tips to finding and farming more.

Pokémon GO recently updated its candy system. Players who would normally either catch, hatch, or transfer their Pokémon would be rewarded a few candy pieces. Each piece of candy could go towards either improving the player’s Pokémon or help evolve it into something stronger. However, Niantic has now included XL Candy, which has a few differences from the candy already in the game.

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XL Candy can be extremely helpful for players who want to increase the strength of their Pokémon. Unfortunately, farming it can be a little tough. Players who are looking to increase the amount of XL Candy have come to the right place!

How To Farm Xl Candy In Pokemon Go

One of the big problems with obtaining XL Candy before now is that there was no guaranteed way to receive XL Candy from catching Pokemon, unlike with standard candy. Now Niantic has made the change and you will be able to guarantee XL Candy in certain situations.

Now when catching a Pokemon, your chances of getting XL Candy are much higher than before, and are guaranteed when those Pokemon are evolved.

  • Base Pokemon – No XL Candy Guarantee
  • Stage one – One XL Candy Guarantee
  • Stage two – Two XL Candy Guarantee
  • Legendary – Three XL Candy Guarantee

To take advantage of the higher XL Candy drops from evolved Pokemon, you should try to get involved in raids that feature that Pokemon family more often, as you are given a near-guaranteed opportunity to catch the Pokemon and earn some candy. If you are doing the raid with friends, you can even trade the Pokemon with one another after to try and get a few more XL Candy from the event, as trading now also has a high chance of awarding you XL Candy.

This is now the fastest way to get XL Candy, but there are other methods. You can convert 100 standard candy into a single XL Candy, though this is far more standard candy than is worthwhile, unless you happen too be participating in a Community Day or event that gives you a much higher chance of catching the Pokemon you want.

What Is Rare Xl Candy And How To Get It In Pokmon Go

With the roll out of GO Beyond and the increase of the level cap to level 50, we have also now seen the introduction of Rare XL Candy.

Intriguing XL Candy works similar as customary Rare Candy, in that you can picked the Pokémon that you the Rare XL Candy on. It will then change over to XL Candy for that particular Pokémon. Up until this point we have just gotten reports of XL Rare Candy being given as a prize for stepping up past level 40.

Due to the uncommonness of Rare XL Candy, we suggest saving it for extremely unique Pokémon, as Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, that will be a lot harder to cultivate XL Candy for.

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Where To Find Xl Candy In Pokmon Go

You can find XL Candy randomly from the same methods you would find normal candy from. This includes catching Pokémon, hatching eggs, and transfering Pokémon. You can also get XL Candy from walking with your buddy Pokémon and from trading with friends.

If youre really desperate for XL Candy, you can convert normal candy into it at a rate of 100 to 1. Dont do this unless youre sitting on thousands of candy because the cost is so steep.

XL Candy is also guaranteed when you catch a Legendary, Mythical, or evolved Pokémon.

Ultimate Xl Candy Guide In Pokemon Go

Candy XL Update Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO XL Candy is a cash in Pokémon GO used to control up Pokémon past Level 40. XL Candy was presented as a piece of Pokémon GOs Beyond update. Assuming youre searching for a Level 40 to 50 aide, see our Pokémon GO Level 40 to 50 Guide: XP, Level up Tasks and Rewards.

XL Candy is the quantity of asset for stepping up above Level 40, and its fundamental for top of the line serious Master League design. Allude to our Best PvP contender to cultivate XL Candy and Best PvP possibility to cultivate XL Candy guides for more data.

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Pokemon Go Xl Candy: How To Get More

XL Candy is fairly common and is rewarded a few different ways. The first and easiest way to get XL Candy is by catching Pokemon. You get XL Candy from catching high CP Pokemon from the wild, raids and research tasks. What is considered high CP for a Pokemon varies, but a good rule of thumb is to prioritize catching Pokemon with a CP at least over half of its max.

Catching Pokemon doesnt always give you an XL Candy but there is a good chance youll get one if the CP is high enough. Wild-caught fully-evolved Pokemon give you at least two XL Candies and if you catch a Legendary Pokemon it will yield you at least three XL candies. Note: Using a Pinap berry in normal circumstances doubles the amount of Candy you receive from a Pokemon, but when it comes to XL Candies, Pinap berries have no effect.

Transferring Pokemon to the professor and trading Pokemon between friends will sometimes yield XL candies. Its not guaranteed, but the chance of getting one is relatively high and occasionally there will be events such as the Season of Heritage Event that guarantees XL candies from every trade done with another player.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get Xl Candy In Pokmon Go

Taking all the above methods into consideration, the fastest way to get XL Candy in Pokémon Go is to catch Pokémon, especially if they are evolved, Legendary or Mythical, where XL Candy is guaranteed.

For unevolved Pokémon, there’s still a decent chance going by early user experiences in the Australian test ahead of a worldwide launch, this is around a 15% to 25% that each catch will give you one to three XL Candy for that Pokémon. Those odds, along with the fact catching is the fastest and easiest method on the above list, makes this by far the best way to get XL Candy.

With the introduction of guaranteed XL Candy for evolved, Legendary or Mythical, it’s worth trying to make the use of Raid Hours and other events to help you power up creatures past level 41. Also, it makes opening the Meltan Mystery Box all the more attractive.

For unevolved creatures, there are also occasionally promotions which will give more Candy XL when catching than normal. For example during Season of Legends, certain encounters as part of Go Battle League rewards will give more XL Candy.

Regardless, it seems that converting Candy into XL Candy is a very expensive way to level up a Pokémon past Level 40, requiring some 29,600 Candy in total in total. Instead, it’s better to use that Candy to evolve another Pokémon to Level 40.

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Exchange Of Pokemon With Other Gamers

Pokemon trading with another gamer may also provide an XL candy gathering opportunity. While presenting you with different XL candy options, they might not be available to grab for now. However, you can use it immediately as soon as Niantic re-enables it in the future.You will receive one XL Candy for every Pokemon you trade with a buddy or player. The chances of getting a reward increase with the distance caught. A trading distance of less than 10 km will benefit you around 10% of the time. Trading distances of 10100km will reward you with a nearly 25% chance of XL Candy. For trade distances more than 100km, XL candy will be awarded.

What Are Xl Candies And How Do They Work In Pokemon Go


XL candies are similar to normal candies in Pokemon except that they are used only to level up beyond the previous max level cap. To power up your Pokemon until the previous max cap, i.e, level 40, you required Stardust and candy. But now, to upgrade your Pokemon beyond level 40, you need Stardust and XL candies.

If you are not at level 40 yet, theres nothing to worry about XL candies as they will drop only after being at level 40 and above. So the first thing that you need to focus on is to hit the previous max cap. Once you are at level 40, there are multiple ways to get and use XL candies in Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon Go Season Of Go: Candy Xl Seasonal Bonuses And More

Here are some of the changes and bonuses that will be available during the Season.

A new in-game Season is about to begin in Pokemon Go!

The Season of Go will run from June 1, 2022 at 10 a.m. local time until September 1, 2022 at 10 a.m. local time.

During the Season of Go, different Pokemon will have the chance to appear in the wild. In addition, different pocket monsters will have the chance to hatch from Eggs that are collected during the Season. You can learn more about these changes on the Pokemon Go website.

A variety of Seasonal Bonuses will be active during the Season of Go:

  • There will be increased Friendship bonus damage during Raids
  • Lure Modules will remain active for one hour
  • Players will be able to perform one extra Special Trade per day
  • Players will earn one extra Pokemon Candy when trading Pokemon
  • Players will be guaranteed to receive Candy XL when trading Pokemon
  • Players will be guaranteed to receive Gifts when spinning PokeStops
  • There will be a damage bonus for players participating in Raids remotely

Finally, once the Season of Go begins, players who have reached at least Level 31 will be able to collect Candy XL. This change will remain in effect even after the Season of Go ends.

You can learn more about the Season of Go on Pokemon Gos website.

Are you looking forward to the Season of Go in Pokemon Go? Let us know on Twitter at .

How Much Xl Candy You Need To Fully Power Up A Pokmon

You need 296 XL Candy to fully power up a Pokémon to Level 50. Each level has two power ups. The amount per level is as follows:

  • Level 41
  • Level 42
  • Level 43
  • Level 44
  • Level 45
  • Level 46
  • Level 47
  • Level 48
  • Level 49
  • Level 50

You need the same amount of XL Candy for every Pokémon, with the exception of Shadow and Purified Pokémon. Shadow Pokémon require 360 XL Candy and Purified Pokémon 272 XL Candy to fully power up.

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How To Get Candy Xl In Pokmon Go

Candy XL can be gained in a variety of different ways, with some mechanics guaranteeing a reward, and others being random drops. You can get Candy XL from these activities:

How to get Candy XL in Pokémon GO

Catching a Pokémon
up to 18 Meltan Candy XL per hour
Walking with a Buddy Amount appears to be tied to Pokémon level, the higher the level, the more frequently a single Candy XL is given

The Xl Candy In Pokemon Go

How to Get Candy in Pokemon Go {Complete Guide}

With the arrival of the Pokemon GO Beyond update, the current trainer level-cap has gone up to level 50 allowing the Pokemon to get stronger as their trainer levels up. However, with XL candies, trainers can increase the CP of their Pokemon without having to level up themselves.

Getting the XL candy in Pokemon GO isn’t an easy feat. Catching a Pokemon is a primary way of getting these candies. These candies are highly specific to Pokemon families. An Eevee XL candy will work only on Eevee. Catching subsequent Eevees in Pokemon GO will grant trainers the Eevee XL candy.

I spent the last couple of days in a Machop nest farming candy XL to max my shundo Machamp. Now to work on best buddy.Next will be Drillbur or Swinub nest.#pokemongo#shundo

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How To Use Candy Xl Pokemon Go

Home » Pokemon Go » How to Use Candy XL Pokemon GO

If you want to know how to get and use Candy XL in Pokemon GO, youve come to the right place. This is a pretty valuable resource that lets you power your Pokemon up above the level 40 soft cap. You can understand how thats important. Plus, now is the best possible time to learn about XL Candies, since Niantic have lowered the level minimum for obtaining them. So, lets get into the nitty-gritty of it all.

Pokemon Go: How To Get Candy

Pokemon GO puts quite a bit of significance on a few different items. One of these is candy, but it can be difficult to find. Heres where to get it.

Candy plays a pretty important role in the development of your Pokemon. Its specific to each Pokemon evolution family and is required for both powering up and evolving your Pokemon.

There are two surefire ways that you can guarantee youre going to get Candy in Pokemon GO. The first is through catching Pokemon. Each time you catch a Pokemon, whether youve caught it before or not, itll come with some Stardust and some Candy. With Candy being specific to an evolution family, youll need to catch the same Pokemon multiple times in order to get enough Candy to evolve them. There is, however, another way to further increase the amount of Candy youre acquiring.

So youve caught your fifth Weedle of the day and theyre filling up your Pokemon inventory. In order to clear it out, and get yourself some more Candy, simply tap on the Pokemon and select the Transfer option at the bottom of the page. This will transfer the Pokemon to Professor Willow and give you a piece of Candy for that evolution family.

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Everything You Need To Know About Xl Candy In Pokemon Go

Known well to Pokemon GO veterans, XL Candies are one of the more sought after commodities in the entire game.

Since a Pokemons maximum CP is partially tied to a trainers level , XL Candy is relied upon by Pokemon GO players to continue powering up their Pokemon past level 40. Since Niantic raised the Trainer Level cap to 50, there are ten levels worth of power ups for a trainers chosen Pokemon.

There are a few ways to receive XL Candy, and the numbers breaking down the benefits of the candies has been made known to Pokemon GOs community, enabling trainers to stay informed and plan ahead.

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What Is Xl Candy

What is XL candy in Pokémon Go? How does it Work? How do you get more? Everything EXPLAINED

It’s a new resource added as part of the GO Beyond update and in short, it’s used to help players power up their Pokemon beyond level 40.

If you wanted to power up Pokemon previously, you could only do to the max level cap of 40, using stardust.

Players wishing to level up their pokemon beyond level 40 can now do so, but it comes at the cost of XL Candy AND stardust.

Like normal candy, XL candy is specific to individual Pokemon species.

To complicate matters, players can only start earning XL Candy until you they have levelled up their trainer to Level 40.

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Pokemon Go Xl Candy: Rare Candy

While rare XL Candies do exist in-game, they are extremely rare and there is no way to get them outside of the trainer rewards you receive from leveling up your trainer level past level 40. This can always change, but as of publishing, there are currently no rare XL Candies available as rewards from Field Research tasks or winning raids.

Thats it! Everything you need to know about XL Candies. Wondering how Mega Energy works? Check out our Pokemon GO Mega Energy guide.

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Which Pokmon Should You Choose For Your Rare Candy

Getting and converting rare candy is easy, knowing what to convert it to is hard. It could be because you dont have much and youre terrified of wasting it. Or, it could be that you have a good amount and really want to start making use o fit. Or, it could be because you have so much its clogging up your storage and you need to figure out what more to do with it.

The first step to figuring out where your rare candy should go is figuring out where it can help you the most.


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