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How To Know If Pokemon Cards Are Fake

Inspecting The Size And Weight

  • 1Inspect the card itself. A fake card usually feels thin and flimsy and you may be able to see through it if you hold it up to the light. Some fake cards, on the other hand, are too hard and look shiny. If it’s the wrong size, that’s also a telltale sign. Different materials will also wear differently, so on more “used” cards look for more damage to corners and unusual wear patterns. Also, fake cards often have no copyright date or the illustrator at the bottom of the card.
  • 2Grab another card. Is the card in question the same size? Is it too pointy? Is it centered right? Is there more yellow on one side of the card than the other?
  • 3Bend it a little. If it bends with great ease, it’s a fake. The real cards are not flimsy.Advertisement
  • Logan Paul Paid $35 Million For Rare Pokmon Cards They Might Be Fake

    • Snap

    Last month, Logan Paul, huge Pokémon fan, boxer, and semi-retired YouTuber who has done some questionable things for the vlog, was very excited to acquire a case of six First Edition Base Set Pokémon card booster boxes for $3.5 million. This was a holy grail-type purchase: For years, the Pokémon fan community has wondered if any undiscovered unopened cases like this even still existed.

    It turns out, maybe it didnt exist after all.

    According to an extremely thorough investigation by Pokémon fan news site PokeBeach, several clues tipped off the Pokemon fan community that this set might be inauthentic. Paul eventually bought the cards after a series of sales last year. The case originally popped up on eBay in March 2021, when the Pokemon card market was hotter than its ever been. And yet, the seller, number1pokemonmaster, chose to sell on eBay rather than Sothebys or some other highly reputable auction house

    number1pokemonmaster had very little feedback, and their account is seemingly no longer active at all. The seller had three different stories for where he got the cards: from an old womans estate sale in Canada, for his 12th birthday, and abandoned in an attic. The box originally sold to the highest bidder for $72,500, but the deal fell through when the seller refused to allow the buyer to inspect the cards themselves. And the box was authenticated by a company called Baseball Card Exchange, which doesnt have expertise in Pokemon cards.

    Its Not Obvious If My Card Is A Fake

    This might sound obvious, but an easy step you can take to verify the card is real is by checking that the card was an actual Pokémon card that was in print at some point. Yes, people do just make up fake cards with unofficial art and sell them online.

    You can verify a card with a quick search. The official Pokémon Trading Card Game website has a card database, as does fan site Bulbapedia. Note: the official website doesnt include some special runs of cards, so be sure to look for your card on multiple card directories.

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    How To Tell If Pokmon Cards Are Fake

    Do you have a large stash of Pokémon cards? Well, this is the spirit of this game right?! Buying and trading new cards can increase your chances of a win in every TCG Battle or even increase the profits within your collection. But beware, millions of fake cards circulate in the market. If you come across these cards, do not buy them as you would be wasting your money and time.

    You wont even be able to protect your reputation in front of your opponent because having fake cards would portray you as an individual incapable of identifying the real Pokémon cards. We are sure this isnt something you want and to be able to show the inner Trainer in you.

    The worst thing here is that if you dont identify the fake Pokémon cards yourself, then there is a high chance that your opponent will do just that during the game. Now, thats going to be embarrassing!

    And obviously, who doesnt want the full value for the money. If you have paid for the original Pokémon cards, you should get just that, right?

    But not everyone believes in it this is why you can see many fake Pokémon cards in the market. All of this leaves you with no other choice, but to have a clear understanding of the real Pokémon cards. How is that possible?

    In this article, we will share some tips so you can identify fake cards. So, lets start:

    Pokemon Go Gible Community Day: How To Maximize Gible Candy

    How to Know If Pokemon Cards Are Fake

    Community Day event is always a delight when it comes to Pokemon GO, especially if it is a Pokemon that many are after it.

    June Community Day will feature Gible as the main Pokemon during this event, so this means that many players will be stacking the Candies for a Garchomp evolution later on. A post on Reddit has appeared in which the user u/gerbetta33 explains how to get the maximum out of the Community Day.

    First and foremost, they suggest that you might earn close to 1,200 Gible Candy by using Pinap Berries on 100 Gible. If you happen to get this number, you can rest because you will have enough Candy to have a full team of level 40 Garchomp, but you might need to get those Pinap berries.

    Next Sunday, as said in the post, you might want to clear your Research and farm tasks so you can begin Community Day with a clean Task screen. To get even more, you can evolve a Mega Dragon on Tuesday and it will give you 100 more Candies.

    If you catch a lot of Gible that either has low CP or something else you did not like, the Reddit user suggests that you keep those for the next Spotlight Hour which is on June 15th, where we will have a bonus of x2 Candy for transferring Pokemon. This might even give you +200 Candies.

    Will you be doing this? What do you think about the number of Candies?

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    Are Pokmon Cards From China Fake

    Yes, potentially all Pokémon from China are fake. In general, Pokémon cards have never been made in China, and if there is any card purchased from the country, then the card may be fake.

    Most fake Pokémon cards in the entire world come from China. In addition, most English cards are sold in China market, but the bad news is that they are fake, all of them because the only place the English Pokémon cards are printed is in Europe and the United States.

    Look For Oversaturation Of Colors

    Often times, fake Pokémon cards are produced using images that are scanned, and are printed on card stock that is often more glossy than legitimate Pokémon cards. As a result, the colors on fake Pokémon cards will often appear darker and bolder than the colors present on real cards.

    Typically, it’s easiest to detect these indicators in the front and back borders of the cards, where the colors are darkest on any Pokémon card. Often times, the yellow border on the front will be almost golden, bordering on orange, while the back border, typically a shade of blue similar to some of the darker accents present in the design around the Pokéball, can be distinctly darker, sometimes taking on a purplish hue.

    It can also be helpful to look at the rest of the card and take note of any elements of the design that seem oversaturated, while other elements appear to be washed out. This can be one of the easiest ways to tell if the fraudsters printed the card using a scanned image of the original design.

    For ultra rare cards, look for the presence of textured patterns on the front. Fake cards generally do not feature any texture even if the card is “ultra rare”. Note this fake card, lacking appropriate texture. Image from u/A70guy on Reddit

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    How To Evolve Nosepass In Pokmon Go

    Of the third generation of Pokémon, Nosepass was definitely one of my favorites. I love Pokémon inspired by occult and esoteric stuff, and theres just something adorable about a little walking Moai head with a huge schnoz. His evolution into Probopass in gen 4 got some mixed reactions, but personally I loved the bushy mustache and little mini noses. If youve been missing that stache, heres how you can evolve your Nosepass into Probopass in Pokémon GO.

    In the gen 4 Pokémon games, Nosepass needed to be in the presence of a special magnetic field like Chargestone Cave or Mt. Coronet to evolve into Probopass. That same principle applies in Pokémon GO, but unlike Sinnoh or Unova, I sure dont know of special magnetic fields out here in the real world. Luckily, you can make your own.

    How To Spot Fake Pokmon Cards Did You Purchase Counterfeit Cards

    How To Tell If A Pokemon Card Is FAKE!

    Fake Pokémon cards are produced in bulk every day. If you have an extensive collection, chances are that a counterfeit product may be present. Sometimes the whole set can contain replicas, especially for the highly valued Pokémon cards. Do you know how to identify fake Pokémon cards? Here are all the details that will help you get an authentic set.

    Counterfeit products are not a new thing in Trading Card Games. They are made to look original and, therefore, difficult to spot. If you are not an expert, you can easily purchase replica Pokémon cards.

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    Look And Feel Of The Card

    If you are able to handle cards prior to purchase this offers a good chance to see if they feel like real cards.

    Pokémon cards are made out of card stock and feel like regular playing cards. It is possible to take a bundle of cards and shuffle and deal them out. It is often not possible to do this with fake cards as they may stick to each other.

    Genuine Pokémon Cards are not waterproof. A card that is plastic-coated or obviously waterproof is not a real Pokémon card.

    Does The Pokmon Actually Exist

    There have been several cards produced with Pokémon characters that are not actually in the Pokémon Universe. You may think it is easy to spot a fake character, but as Pokémon become increasingly popular many new characters are being created.

    Make sure that all your characters are those that actually exist in the Pokémon world.

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    How To Spot A Fake Pokmon Card Immediately

    Look at the card. Then ask yourself: does anything seem off? Read it and check to see if there are any simple errors in the card. Here is a short list of characteristics to check:

    • Does this Pokémon exist?
    • Does the card have an accent over every single e in Pokémon?
    • Is the card free of spelling mistakes and obvious grammar mistakes, such as missing punctuation?
    • Does the card have the year it was printed?
    • Does the card have the number of elemental symbols in all the correct places of the card?
    • Does the Pokémon have a reasonable amount of HP? For example, if you have an Eevee with over 1,000 HP, then that card is probably a fake. If you are unsure as to whats unreasonable you could look up the card on the Pokémon TCG card database to get a ballpark range of where its HP is usually at.

    If you answered no to one or several of these questions, odds are that you have a fake Pokémon card. This is a great and easy way to spot a fake immediately.

    What Is The Use Of Pokemon Cards

    How to spot fake Pokemon cards (step

    Pokemon cards are used by lovers of characters in Pokemon to feel closer to the idol. Pokemon cards are usually used by pokemon cards collectors as part of their collection. But the longer time passes, Pokemon cards are transferred functions as part of the game. Many people create games through Pokemon cards with various versions. Using pokemon cards will make you always remember all about pokemon stuff and find out in detail what is in the world of pokemon.

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    Check The Cards Front

    When youre checking the front of a Pokemon card to find out if its real or fake, youre looking for anything abnormal. Before fake cards got better, you could easily identify them with a distinctively offset yellow frame.

    While original cards have a frame thats equally thick on all sides, which is not always the case with fake Pokemon cards. They usually have a misprinted frame thats much thicker on one side.

    Something like this would never pass the strict quality checks of The Pokemon Company. So, if you find a card with such an error, its definitely fake.

    In the case of the fake Pokemon card below, there is nothing wrong with the yellow frame. However, the colors and thin material of that card give it away immediately.

    Another thing to pay attention to when examining a Pokemon cards front is the font. All genuine Pokemon cards use the same font. If you find a card with a different font or bold text that shouldnt be, this card is fake.

    Foolproof Method For Checking If Your Pokmon Cards Are Fake

    Purchasing or trading for used cards both in person and online can be a daunting task. One of the fears of every card collector, TCG player, and even parent is whether a card is legitimate.

    There are a few different ways you can check the authenticity of a card, but not all advice is good advice. Some online guides could result in you ruining an otherwise very valuable card, while others offer innacurate info.

    Here, well set the record straight and let you know everything you need to identify a fake Pokémon Card.

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    Avoid Worrying At All

    Sometimes, the best way to ensure youre not getting a fake is to buy cards new from a trusted retailer.

    If youre in Canada, were the go to source for Pokémon cards, and our Zephyr Bundles give you a chance to save big. But, if youre located outside of Canada we recommend looking for a well reviewed online card retailer or even your local hobby/game shop.

    Top 10 Performapal Monsters In Yu

    How to Tell if your Pokemon Cards are FAKE

    A fake card will most likely appear to be one solid piece of card stock, showing no separation between layers.

    It may sound like a tough distinction to catch yourself, but once you’re familiar with the uniform nature and distinct design of the edges, you should be able to confidently detect when you’re looking at the edge of a fake Pokémon card.

    A legitimate Pokémon card on the left compared to a fake Pokémon card on the right. Note the over saturation of colors in the fake Pokémon card. Image from user jadeazora on Tumblr.

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    Are There A Lot Of Fake Pokmon Cards On Ebay

    Yes, there are a lot of fake Pokemon cards on eBay as well. Because they almost look identical to the real cards, its hard for buyers to differentiate when purchasing online.

    Scammers know of this, and they take advantage of it on the eBay site. Many of the listed Pokémon cards are fake, with others having good or poor quality.

    Many look like almost real fake cards when examining the ratio of counterfeit Pokémon cards on the eBay site with authentic ones. A person can get a pretty good idea that there exist more fake cards on the site than real ones.

    Pattern And Texture Of Special Cards

    In addition to poor color reproduction and otherwise bad print jobs, fake cards also tend to do a very poor job of mimicking the special holo and texture of the chase cards from the various sets in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The worst fakes will print the texture that the card should have instead of reproducing it in the card-making process. And although it sounds odd to hear, fake Pokémon cardsespecially chase cards from relatively recent setsXY onwardtend to have a very simple almost flat holo to them. In short, they just dont shine correctly. Sometimes, these fake chase cards will also have a brownish, yellowish, or orangish hue to them.

    On the Solgaleo-GX , you can see the holo is there, but the texture in the cards background is clearly not actually present on the card. Its not affecting the holos reflection like it should because the pattern has been printed onto the card instead of being actually added to it.

    The fake Tapu Lele-GX has no texture whatsoeverbut a real copy of Tapu Lele-GX would have a detailed texture pattern all throughout its holo.

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    Fake Vs Real Pokemon Trading Card Game Front Side Colours

    For the second step of the guide on how to identify fake Pokemon Trading Card Game items, we are now going to look at the real vs fake Pokemon TCG cards for their colours on the front side.

    The front side is the same on most of the popular Pokemon TCG items, and so, we are going to look at those that have the pokeball on them, with the blue background at the orange POKEMON TM text.

    So, first things first, lets have a look at the real vs fake Pokemon TCG image from below, and after that, we will explain the flaw on the fake card.

    In the image with the authentic vs replica Pokemon Trading Card Game image above, we have pointed out how the fake card has its colours improperly defined.

    Looking at the replica Pokemon TCG card, you can see how its blue colour is too blurry and too little split around into more shades of blue.

    In fact, the replica Pokemon Trading Card Game card has its blue shade pretty constant throughout the card, as there are only two shades of blue, which are too light.

    On the other hand, the authentic Pokemon TCG card has its blue shades darker, and on top of that, they split around the card more than the fake cards colours.

    Also, if you look at the white side of the fake cards pokeball, you can see how it shines too much, while the authentic Pokemon TCG card has its pokeball less shiny.

    One other flaw that weve spotted on the fake Pokemon TCG card is that its POKEMON inscriptions are yellow instead of being orange, like the genuine cards text.


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