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Which Is Better Pokemon Sword Or Shield

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Both Games

Pokemon Sword And Shield Exclusives And Differences Explained

The beauty of Pokemon Sword and Shield is how accessible it is. For a long time the franchise has been on handhelds, so some gamers have found themselves unable to play them due to not owning a dedicated gaming device.

Thats all changed now as both games are being made for Nintendo Switch, meaning that there really arent any barriers for anyone to enjoy it. This is fantastic news for new comers, but still great news for existing fans too.

The graphics are gorgeous, with Pokemon designs being way more diverse than they ever have before which is a huge plus if youre looking for variety in your monster catching experience. Theres also that added bonus of being able to play these games on the go if you want which is always fantastic.

What are some of the problems with Pokemon Sword and Shield? The biggest issue that we have had so far with Pokemon Sword and Shield is that they feel incredibly familiar to past entries in the series everything from gameplay mechanics, to environments, and even just general flow.

Shield: Better Move Tutor User

The Steel Pokémon, Dusk Mane Necrozma is a great choice for the move tutor found within Motostoke. This Special Attack has a base 140 damage while taking some serious recoil from it to offset its ability to quickly dispatch opponents in one hit.

Zamazenta would be better suited with her higher defenses and immunity against Electric attacks that can OHKO an average Pokemon without special defense perks or resistances such as Static + Thunder Fang which also boosts attack by 30%.

Lunalas Lum Marshallows allows you take 10% less dmg dealt when teaming up so this helps if your partner doesntuni switch out before getting KOd.

Fuse Horse With Calyrex

Calyrex Calyrex

When fusing with one of his two steeds, Calyrex will lose the Grass type and gain the type of the horse it chooses. Shadow Rider will only have 2 weaknesses , but they are both 4x. In combination with Shadow Rider’s rather low defenses, if it gets hit with one of these moves, it is almost sure to faint immediately. This is contrasted with Ice Rider having a very defensive constitution ready to handle its total 6 weaknesses, especially given that none are 4x.

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Pokmon Sword Exclusive Gym Leaders

– Gym Leader Bea, Fighting-type Pokémon user, Stow-On-Side

Bea is a prodigy in Galar karate, carrying on its century-old traditions and techniques. Known for her stoicism and rarely showing her emotions, Bea is also an expert on Fighting-type Pokémon. Her battle style remains very precise even when sheâs backed into a corner.

– Gym Leader Gordie, Rock-type Pokémon user, Circhester

Rock-lover Gordie will stand between you and victory in Circhester if you chose Sword over Shield.

Sword: Better Signature Move

Better than the Pokemon Sword and Shield : fakeswitchtitles

What youll find with Zacian is its Signature Legendary move, a lot better than Zamazentas. One big benefit of the power being doubled against dynamaxed pokemon is that it can be your new go-to for any fight where they are present!

Shields signature move does have this same effect as well but not having perfect storm like what was found in Sword Cove makes him less useful there unless your goal really wants an advantage on speed or something similar related to those two factors instead

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All Pokemon Sword And Shield Exclusives

As it is with all other Pokemon titles, both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will yield exclusive Pokemon that are only catchable in one version of the game. It is likely that these Pokemon can only be gained in the other version of the game, through trading. See all version-exclusive Pokemon on the chart below.

Pokmon Shield Exclusive Gym Leaders

– Gym Leader Allister, Ghost-type Pokémon user, Stow-On-Side

Allister is a talented Trainer of Ghost-type Pokémon who has taken on the mantle of the Ghost-type Gym Leader at a young age. Heâs extremely shy and fearful, and he always hides his face with a mask when around other people. Allister rarely makes public appearances and apparently spends most of his time around ruins or in cemeteries.

– Gym Leader Melony, Ice-type Pokémon user, Circhester

As cold as ice, and willing to sacrifice , you’d do well to turn up the heat when you encounter Melony in the Circhester Stadium.

If you’re on the fence about which version you’d like to pick up, hopefully this list will help to make your mind up.

Which version are you going for? Sword or Shield? Or are you eyeing up both? Tell us below.

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Sword: Better Substitute User

Substitute is a move thats been around for years and has come to be one of the most common moves in competitive play.

Zacian can use it as his trump card, using Substitute while he has high Speed or Attack so he doesnt take any damage from opponents who would otherwise kill him with their strongest attacks this gives them time to throw out damaging moves first before theyre retaliated upon!

Despite its lower Attack and Speed stats, Zamazentas ability to tank more hits before running out of Substitute makes it a better choice overall.

However, with higher Defense stat Zacian can take more punishment making him an attractive candidate for this skill level if his team needs some extra insurance against opponents who are looking to do them harm!

What Is Pokmon Sword

Should You Buy Pokemon Sword OR Shield? Version Exclusives, Wild Area Map, Install Size & More

Pokémon Sword and Shield are the first games in the eighth generation of the Pokémon series. As with every new generation, these games introduce a large number of new features and changes to the formula.

With this game, Nintendo is bringing us into a whole new region called Galar. We will be able to explore more than 100-plus cities, towns, and villages while battling other players in an all-new Wireless Battle System. Plus, we will be able to customize our trainer with different hairstyles and clothing while interacting with Pokémon Trainers throughout the land for fun adventures.

The graphics are also getting an upgrade with this game! With higher resolutions, more realistic animations, youll feel like youre right there in the action playing it for yourself!

Pokémon Sword is the first of the three new games in the series of Pokémon games. The game is set to release on December 31st, 2019 for Nintendo Switch. The game has a slightly different style than its predecessors, with it being more light-hearted and having a focus on action rather than adventure.

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Sword: Stronger Regular Moves

While Zacian and Zamazenta learn many of the same things, its clear that while they both share some natural strengths in common with their Pokemon training style one player learned more than others.

This difference can be seen when looking at moves such as Solar Bladewhich increases your 1-hit KO ratio by 20% if all 5 PowerPoints are used before sacrificing them for an even stronger attack stat number? Youll slice through Pokémon like butter with this pokemon!

With 170 base Attack Stats to work off thanks to signature item bonuses alone along side its powerful STAB attacks which Ones do nearly double damage against another type upon contact etc., there isnt much hope left standing once you have defeated them

Shield: Better Rival Fit

The Pokémon Shield game mechanic gives your rival a copy of the opposite legendary from you at post-game.

For example, if player one has an X species and Player two gets Y species then it will be vice versa for them both in terms of their movesets as well as color schemes which makes these battles much more challenging against each other than they would otherwise have been without this rule set applied to them!

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Pokmon Go: The Unique Social Element

One of the biggest draws of Pokémon Go is its ability to get people out and about, traveling by foot from one point of interest to another. This can be a uniquely joyful and rewarding experience when solo, but it’s even more entertaining when embarking on these real-life Pokémon quests with friends or family. There’s something about closing in on that rare Dragonair or taking part in an epic Raid battle together that a traditional Pokémon game can’t quite match.

Oh, there are light multiplayer features in Sword & Shield, but being confined to the virtual realm just doesn’t have that same immersive or social impact.

Pokemon Sword Vs Shield: Which You Should Get

Pokémon Sword and Shield Review

For each new mainline entry in the Pokemon series, there are always version exclusive features that make it difficult for some to choose which version they should buy. Pokemon Sword and Shield are no different as not only are there a bunch of differences in Pokemon that you can catch, but there are also different gym leaders to battle as well. Heres every difference between Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield so you can decide which one to buy.

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Pokmon Sword & Shield: More Depth And Variety To The Gameplay

As you’d probably expect from a mainline Pokémon game – let alone the newest rendition on Switch, the gameplay here is vastly more in-depth and diverse. Sword & Shield takes on many of those same appealing triats of Go, giving you the satisfaction of venturing out and nabbing over 400 colorful critters. Yet, the actual gameplay is more in line with a traditional turn-based RPG.

Between battling/training Pokémon, facing trainers in gym battles, embarking on Raids, cooking, and taking in the storyline, this is an vastly more “3-dimensional” experience in more ways than one. Go is more of a “short burst” game, as it can get repetitive fairly quickly.

Interesting Statistics Or Facts Of Pokmon Sword

1) The game will be available on Nintendo Switch as well as the 3DS

2) Sword and Shield will be based in a region called Galar

3) The region is inspired by the UK and Ireland

4) There are many more than 150 types of Pokémon. Some of them you cannot find in any game versions other than this one.

5) Players who purchase the physical copy of the game will receive exclusive pre-order bonuses like a t-shirt or a poster.

6) Pokémon Sword and Shield will have 17 starter Pokémon including Grookey, Scorbunny, Cobble, and Yabby

7) A total of 151 Pokémon were designed when the game was released in 1996.

8) Professor Oak gives you his lab coat during the game to wear while exploring the Kanto region of Japan where he lives and researches.

9) At the start of the game, players will have one starter Pokemon that they can choose from to help them on their journey: Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.

10) The original Japanese name for this video game is Pocket Monsters Red and Green.

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Pokemon Sword Legendary Exclusives

Zacian is the Legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Sword’s box art, and is the Legendary Pokemon you will attain in Sword. There may be an event later allowing Pokemon Shield players to attain Zacian at a later date.

Zacian attacks so gracefully that its movements can even captivate its opponents. It holds what appears to be a sword in its mouth.Its shining blade can cut through anything.

Pokmon Sword & Shield: Wild Areas

Which Game Should You Buy? Pokemon Sword OR Shield? [The Final 14]

You can argue that technically the whole of Pokémon Go can be viewed as a “Wild Area,” with its GPS allowing real locations to serve as the open worlds in-game. Even if this is the case, the open-world areas in Go tend to be massively empty aside from the smattering of creatures roaming. This is especially the case if you happen to live in a smaller town with less going on. Basically, this app isn’t ideal if you live in a rural area.

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The Wild Areas in Sword & Shield, on the other hand, are brimming with all sorts of things to do, various trainers to fight, goods to collect, and tons of cool monsters to fight and catch. You can even meet up with fellow players and engage in Raid battles here, just like in Go, from the comfort of your home. These dynamic Wild Areas really are Sword & Shield‘s main attraction.

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Pokmon Sword Or Shield: Legendary Pokmon

Another classic version difference is in the Legendary Pokémon that plays the biggest part in your Pokémon adventure. Traditionally, the Legendary Pokémon featured on the cover of the game is a Pokémon youll be able to catch in your version of the game and this remains true in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

For Pokémon Sword, this is Zacian, a Pokémon carrying a sword in its mouth that can cut through opponents. For Pokémon Shield its Zamazenta, a defence-based Pokémon whose shield-like body can reflect attacks back on opponents.

The Pokémon Company is providing players an opportunity to get the Shiny version of the legendary they didnt have access to in their original game as part of a temporary promotion starting October 22 2021 and running through November 2021. Yes, thats right. If youve got Pokémon Sword, you could get your hands on a Shiny Zamazenta while Pokémon Shield players can get Shiny Zacian. The Pokémon will be free and can be added to your game via a code thats claimed in-game in the Mystery Gift menu. Where and when you can get that code depends on where youre living.

In North America, its an in-store GameStop offer. In the US, Zacian is available until 11 November while Zamazentas code can be obtained between November 12 and 26. In Canada Zacian is only available until 4 November with Zamazenta available from November 5 to 18. In the UK and Ireland, both Pokémon are available at the same time in GAME and GameStop stores respectively.

Pokmon Sword & Shield: Visuals And Presentation

As you’d expect with a minimalistic app that uses AR for its backdrops, the overall presentation for Go isn’t much to look at. Turning off AR functionality reveals a rather bland, cartoony background, and the overhead map you see while walking resembles a very basic RPG map.

While Sword & Shield isn’t going to knock your socks off visually, it’s certainly the biggest leap we’ve seen when it comes to mainline Pokémon titles. The colorful cell-shaded aesthetic is easy on the eyes, and the crisp, vibrant graphics of the vast environments, along with impressive draw distances, dazzle on the big screen. Aesthetically speaking anyway, this is about the most immersive Pokémon adventure you can experience.

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Should You Buy Pokmon Sword Or Pokmon Shield

Sword or Shield? It’s time to make the choice.

As with every Pokémon game to come before them, Sword and Shield are going to have specific things unique to each version. Some of those features are probably going to be minimal, but some people always prefer one version-exclusive Pokémon or a legendary over the other.

We now have all of the information about exactly what Sword will have that Shield wont, and vice versa. Heres a list of exclusive content for each version to give you an idea of what you might be getting into with each game.

Both games will give roughly the same experience with only minor changes like a few exclusive Pokémon or a gym leader being different, but a major game feature isnt going to be kept to only one title.

Pokmon’s 3ds Games In Hd Look Better Than Sword & Shield

5 Things Pokémon Go Does Better Than Sword &  Shield (&  5 ...

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s art direction looks worse on the Nintendo Switch when compared to the 3DS’ Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon emulated in HD.

Pokémon: Legends Arceus may be on the horizon, but the current generation of mainline Pokémon games is still Pokémon Sword and Shield. The games are now approaching two years old and people have enjoyed the addition of Dynamaxing, Team Raids, and improvements of online capabilities. However, even upon release, critics and fans alike were skeptical of the graphical quality of the games – with many noting how it didnt look all too different from the 3DS games in the previous generation, Sun and Moon.

Although theres some moments of visual flourish, many fans were disappointed in the graphical jump back to home consoles. Given the upgrade in power the Switch had versus its predecessors, people were expecting a new era with comparable graphics to Breath of the Wild and . However, when previews started surfacing, players felt the game was only on par with the titles created for the 3DS and the Pokémon Lets Go games there are even Sword and Shield-inspired cards that look better in the TCG. While this ultimately didnt stop Pokémon Sword and Shield from selling well due in part to the Switchs overall success, it did put a damper on the excitement of a new generation.

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Pokmon Sun & Moons Location Lends Itself To More Beautiful Varied Landscapes

Up until recently, when Game Freak said Pokémon regions were inspired by different countries and locales, this mostly meant in terms of game design and not necessarily graphics. With Pokémon X and Y, however, it was made clear that future Pokémon regions would be heavily inspired by countries in the real world going forward – France, in that game. Sun and Moon are based on tropical island locales such as the Pacific Islands and Hawaii, so there is a wider variety of landscapes like volcanoes, waterfalls, and seaside cities, and the foliage looks more specialized than Sword and Shield.

Sword and Shield boast a lot of fields, lakes, and forests mirroring the United Kingdom and the European countryside, but without the detail to back those epic landscapes up, they end up feeling empty. Rock textures on mountains feel especially barren and even Galar town designs feel lesser than the vibrant nature of Alola. Since the theming of newer Pokémon entries has evolved and become more unique, going back to a more recognizable and piecemeal setting feels like a step back.


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