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What Do They Eat In Pokemon

Pokemon That Help With Food

Do People Eat Pokemon? – Pokemon Theory

Different from Pokemon used as food are Pokemon that contribute to peoples meals. This relationship is a bit less gruesome than Pokemon being eaten, and the concept is a lot easier to swallow. While they still provide culinary benefits, they dont have to be consumed to do so.

  • Chansey and Blissey: Both Chansey and its evolved form Blissey, who was recently added to Pokemon Unite, are shown to have amicable relationships with humans and assist with the healthcare of other Pokemon. They also tend to lay delicious eggs that people can eat.
  • Alakazam: The final evolution of Abra has been known to give people it trusts one of its spoons. The spoons themselves are said to make any food eaten with them taste delicious.
  • Shuckle: The berries that Shuckle store ferment and eventually become juice. People will often drink the juice as a refreshment.
  • Skiddo and Miltank: Both of these Pokemon are known to be used for their dairy-making abilities. Moomoo Milk, which comes from Miltank, has been a staple in Pokemon since Gen 2. In a similar manner, both cows and goats have been kept for their milk-producing abilities in real life.
  • Combee and Vespiquen: Both of these bee-Pokemon make honey, which is enjoyed by people and Pokemon alike.
  • Like squid ink in real life, the black ink that Octillery shoots is also used for cooking. It is likely preferred as a natural food coloring or to add some unique flavor to meals.

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What Each Pokemon Would Taste Like And How To Eat It

Frog. Poach in butter flavored with garlic from its own bulb.

2. Charmander

Salamander. Poisonous. Dont eat.

3. Squirtle

Turtle, obviously. Cook in a stew

4. Caterpie

Larvae. Raw or sautéed and sprinkled with sea salt.

6. Pidgey

Rat, obviously. Heavily seasoned and barbecued, if you really must.

8. Spearow

Cornish game hen. Roasted with potatoes.

9. Ekans

Snake. Roasted on a stick over a campfire.

10. Pikachu

Armadillo. Will give you leprosy.

12. Nidoran

Fox. Made into a stew. Or cured into a jerky.

15. Jigglypuff

Bat. Roasted to a crisp. Again, only if you must.

17. Oddish

The texture of a radish but the flavor of a blueberry. Raw.

18. Paras

Sand flea. Deep-fried as a snack. Mushroom gravy.

19. Venonat

A really large and mature earthworm. Sliced and pan fried like bologna.

21. Meowth

Monkey. Dont do it!

24. Growlithe

Raccoon. Parboil with sweet potatoes and celery.

27. Machop

Would taste disgusting. Like what they put in the original soylent green.

28. Bellsprout

Honeysuckle. Delicious for its nectar on a nature walk, or as a garnish on a dessert or cocktail.

29. Tentacool

Himalayan rock salt. Seasoning for the other Pokédishes.

31. Ponyta

Horse, obviously. Cut into steak and seared medium-rare.

32. Slowpoke

Hippo. Very fatty steaks.

33. Magnemite

Metal? Melt it down and use it to make a cast iron skillet to cook the other Pokemon in.

34. Farfetchd

Duck. A nice confit or magret de canard. With leeks on the side, of course.

35. Doduo

36. Seel

37. Grimer

What Meats Do Humans Eat In The Pokemon Universe

Miltank burgers? Tauros inspired mince product? Kentucky fried pidgey?

Hey now, it’s Kentucky Fried Torchic. Why would anyone wanna eat a Pigeon/Sparrow when they could eat a self cooking chicken. xD

I’m like 99% sure there were pokedex entries about some part of a pokemon being a delicacy and a fish pokemon being eaten by humans… And wasn’t there something about Farfetch’d tasting best when cooked with its leek?

I found some pokedex entries showing that at least slowpoke tails are a very normal dish:

“Alolan home cooking involves drying Slowpoke tails and then simmering them into a salty stew. ”

“Although their tails, which fall off naturally, can easily be found lying around, they’re a precious ingredient for cooking.”

Edit: I found the one about Farfetch’d! Its from the Anime, Ash’s pokedex says: “Farfetch’d, a Wild Duck Pokémon. Farfetch’d makes a delicious meal, especially when cooked with leek. Because of this, Farfetch’d is nearly extinct. “

Why on Earth would their tails just fall off naturally?

I love the leek one lol. Its so sad its hilarious.

DPP, Canalave Library. A book explicitly mentions that humans eat Pokemon. It also says to return their remains to where you got them from so they can be reborn.

So they get caught, killed, cooked, eaten, reborn, repeat? That’s kind of awful.

Tropius “Children of the southern tropics eat as snacks the fruit that grows in bunches around the neck of Tropius. “

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Unfortunately for them and Meowth in particular, Magikarp’s body composition renders it nearly inedible. While not malicious or particularly harmful What do pokemon eat nature, this still annoys and causes Bulbasaur discomfort to no end Heracross seems to be indifferent to this fact however. Seeds often cause special status ailments. Near the end of the course, one can be witnessed lurking around a Pidgey nest before pokemn is attacked by the Pidgey which roost there. By Kyle Chayka May 29, It is even hinted that Victreebel eat humans who venture into the jungle in search of a large Victreebel colony. Introduced in the Generation II games, Berries are a type of item which, unlike Potions or Vitaminsare portrayed as food rather than medicine. In Generation III onwards, these Air traffic control tower fortnite be planted and harvested by the player. Pokemln ‘s dorsal fin was a historically prized delicacy, overfishing nearly brought od to the brink of extinction. Personal tools Create account Log What do pokemon eat.

Detective Pikachu is out now.

  • But that world, designed for tweens and teenagers, might be far creepier than it appears.

Warning: Disturbing Imagery Ahead If You Think People Don’t Eat Pokmon

PokéBusters: How Often Do People Eat Pokémon?

Detective Pikachu is out now. To celebrate, we thought we’d delve into one of Pokemon’s oldest mysteries. Next, read our full Detective Pikachu review. Then check out how Ryan Reynolds originally wanted to play Pikachu–it could have turned out very different–and, if you’ve seen the movie, all the Pokemon Easter eggs, references, and inside jokes we spotted.

It’s an age-old question: Do people eat Pokémon in the Pokémon universe? If you ask the people in charge of the Pokémon universe, as Kotaku once did, they’ll say that it’s a mystery. But frankly, that’s BS. There are plenty of examples of people eating Pokémon–and you don’t even have to dig very deep. Just rewatch the original anime, and you’ll see what we mean.

We know that Pokémon are intelligent–many are as smart as humans. To make this matter even more messed up, there’s also plenty of proof that normal, non-Pokémon animals exist within the world of Pokémon, although we rarely see them. In other words, normal animals do exist, and people choose to eat sentient Pokémon anyway.

Yes, that seems unbelievably cruel for what is ultimately meant to be a universe of games, entertainment, and toys aimed primarily at kids. But in reality, it’s just another way in which the world of Pokémon is a reflection of our own.

Still skeptical? Here are 13 examples that will ensure you never look at Ash, Misty, Brock, Jesse, and James the same way again.

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Pokmon Parasitically Feeding Off Other Pokmon

Other cases of Pokémon preying on each other involve more parasitic means. This includes sucking blood, sap, energy or life force from another Pokémon. This is seen with Haunter and Gengar, who in Pokémon Ranger, together with Gastly, lick the partner Pokémon until they vanish.

The Official Pokémon Handbook mentions Golbat drinking the blood of its enemies, which is noted in most of its in-game Pokédex entries as well.

Slowbro‘s Pokédex entry in Pokémon Crystal mentions that Shellder enjoys the taste of the ooze that comes out of the Slowbro’s tail. This is likely why Shellder are attracted to biting Slowpoke thus initiating the evolution into Slowbro and starting Shellder’s parasitic, but symbiotic relationship with the Hermit Crab Pokémon. In Pokémon Snap this can also be witnessed while exploring the River. Todd Snap can use Pokémon food to lure Slowpoke to spots where they will begin fishing for Shellder. The Bivalve Pokémon quickly takes advantage of this, and bites the Slowpoke’s delicious tail and forming Slowbro.

On numerous occasions, Ash’s Heracross has targeted his Bulbasaur‘s bulb for sap. Even in the heat of battle, he will quickly pin down Bulbasaur and help himself to the sap inside. While not malicious or particularly harmful in nature, this still annoys and causes Bulbasaur discomfort to no end Heracross seems to be indifferent to this fact, however.


The World Needs To Know If People Eat Pokemon

With Pokemon covering headlines in the wake of its big game announcements, it seems an insidious debate has made a comeback with netizens. Sure, creatures like Eevee are adorable as can be, but dark corners of the Internet have always wondered whether humans in the Pokemon universe would fry up the cutie.

So, fans better thank one brave reporter for enduring the trauma of asking the burning question.

Recently, the famed Pokemon developer appeared at a press event in Tokyo to talk about the franchise’ future. It was there Kotaku’s Gita Jackson was able to ask Masuda what kind of meat is eaten in the world of Pokemon, but his answer has only stirred up a recurring debate.

“I’m actually curious about that as well,” Masuda said with a laugh.

Wait, does that mean Pokemon are actually food? Does the universe not abide by Finding Nemo‘s manta of friends and not food? Well, fans seem pretty convinced that is the case.

The debate on whether people eat Pokemon goes back quite some time, and evidence for the argument can be found easily. In the original anime, a shot showed Ash Ketchum and Brock salivating over the idea of a filleted Magikarp, and the horrifying image has become a go-to in this debate. Still, there are Pokemon purists who will not abide that evidence given the early anime’s questionable canon but there is more to be found in the video games.

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I’ll Take Three Of Brock’s Specialty Jelly Donuts

Get more Spoon in your feed.

Fans around the world are now getting their hands on Pokémon Sword and Shield, and a few weeks ago, it was announced that Ash finally won a major Pokémon League. Certainly, Pokémon fans everywhere have become Skitty, and personally, reading all the news about Pokémon has hit me with a wave of nostalgia. But as Ive become a foodie in college, one thing has caught my attention as I begin to revisit old TV episodes and playthroughs of the earlier games: Pokémon food.

The Pokémon TV series and games abound with iconic foods any veteran Pokémon fan can recognize. Some of these treats are created just so that our pocket monster companions have something scrumptious to munch on. Other foods are staples of the TV series that our fan-favorite characters dine on or even cook up themselves. While this list is not exhaustive, here are some of the most famous foods of the series and recipes to make them yourself.

Do Pokmon Eat Other Pokmon

Food Theory: Yes, You SHOULD Eat Your Pokemon!

In 1859, British scientist Charles Darwin published his On the Origin of Species, a pivotal work that presented the now-universally accepted theory of evolution. And although Darwin doesnt have much to do with the world of Pokémon, it seems that the same evolutionary mechanisms can be applied to these fictional creatures. Ever wondered do Pokémon eat other Pokémon? Keep reading to find out!

Pokémondo eat other Pokémon, although it was never explicitly shown. Still, stories from the anime and different Pokédex entries explicitly confirm this fact.

Pokémon, which is short for Pocket Monsters, is a media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori back in 1995. It is a fantasy franchise set in a world where humans live together with creatures called Pokémon, who take on different shapes and sizes. It started off as a series of video games for the Game Boy console, but soon expanded to other media. Video games and anime are the most popular brands today, although the franchise has expanded to even live-action movies like Pokémon Detective Pikachu.

Now that weve given you a short introduction, let us discuss the topic in more detail.

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To Battle Or To Buffet

In Episode 15, “Battle Aboard the St. Anne,” the gang pigs out at the buffet aboard the ship the St. Anne. They’re clearly chowing down on chicken drumsticks, lobster, and some other sort of unidentifiable meat. This is both proof that normal animals exist in the world of Pokémon, and more evidence that the well-documented consumption of actual Pokémon is super messed up.

So In The Pokemon World They Eat Pokemon Right

Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account


Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account


The first season of the anime shows a chopped up and cooked magikarp at some point. Of course they eat them.Edit: Sanox found the scene I’m referring to .

which grow back

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Predatory Pokemon And Their Prey

People arent the only ones to consume Pokemon. In the series, several Pokemon are known to have predator and prey relationships. The match-ups for these Pokemon often reflect what might be a real-world counterpart.

  • Arbok prey on Wooper
  • Ekans prey on Pidgey and Spearow
  • Kingler prey on Shellder and Cloyster
  • Grapploct and Golisopod both prey on each other
  • Sandaconda prey on Durant

Its interesting to think of the Pokemon ecosystem in this complex manner. While it makes sense, taking out the idea of people eating Pokemon can also make the game’s setting feel more pristine. There have been undertones regarding nature and conservation in the past, but the depth added by a Pokemon food chain helps ground this idea.

This concept looks like it will be touched upon even more when Pokemon Legends: Arceus releases. Pokemon Legends: Arceus addresses Pokemon mortality in some unique ways that also play into the games ecosystem. Seeing all of this in action will likely be a major turning point for the Pokemon series, but one that could be well received.

What Meat Do People Eat In Pokemon World

The Top 7 Most disturbing things about the Pokemon universe

Do they eat Pokemon? Does Pikachu know this? Even the fishes are Pokemon, right?

Has Pokemon ever getting tired being slaved and butchered under the thumb of humanity? What happens if they rebel? Gotta kill ‘us all? Do human’s government in Pokemon world have military?

They do eat pokemon, yes. The pokedex and the anime itself state as much several times.

They do eat pokemon, yes. The pokedex and the anime itself state as much several times.

They do eat pokemon, yes. The pokedex and the anime itself state as much several times.


I’ll take my piplup well done and my Ponyta extra crispy.

Not gonna lie…I think Magikarp looks kind of delicious.

: scales and bone man. Slowpoke tails are considered s tasty treat.

i wonder what articuno meat tastes

: unless that’s a pikachu it doesn’t count. Pokimon eat pokemon

They eat pokemon. This is mentioned multiple times in the anime and manga, as well as the game. In X/Y you can even see some of the dishes served in the battle restaurants.

They do eat pokemon, yes. The pokedex and the anime itself state as much several times.

Well . . .that’s all kind of f**ks of up.

Imagine Jynx being served. Eww.

Imagine Jynx being served. Eww.

Muk, Koffing, or Trubbish would be nastier.

Omg yeah! Do you think people serve them? I think not… or some people really enjoy eating them.

: Pokemon generally like it.

This. It’s essentially dog fighting.

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What Do Pokmon Eat

In the anime and games, food is mostly treated as a way to increase stats, affection or heal Pokémon. It ranges from natural foods like apples and berries to man-made treats like Poké Puffs and Poffins . Theres very little mention of whether or not Pokémon eat each other, or if humans eat Pokémon. Instead, the series heavily emphasizes treats and baked goods for satiating our non-human friends. But this isnt enough: We have to go deeper.

In the early episodes of the anime, Brock introduces his homemade Pokémon food to Ash and the others. Its a secret recipe, so its unclear what the ingredients are, but it proves to be almost irresistible to Pokémon. In A Mudkip Mission, Brock uses it to lure and befriend a Mudkip before finally catching it.

All trainers have different preferences when it comes to raising their Pokémon. Even though we never see Ash make anything for Pikachu, Brock isnt the only trainer to routinely make food for his Pokémon. In the wild, its common for most Pokémon to follow an omnivorous diet. Fruits and vegetables are often shown in the series, but flying-type Pokémon like Spearow are known to prey on insects. Pidgeotto eat Caterpie, Ekans eat Pidgey eggs an entire food chain exists in this world.


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