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How To Evolve Goomy In Pokemon Sword And Shield

So You’re Wanting To Know How Sliggoo Evolution In Pokemon Sword And Shield Works It’s Easy You’re Gonna Want To Get This Bad Boy Real Wet

How To Evolve Goomy | Goodra | Pokemon Sword & Shield

by Ginny Woo

Please just do yourselves a favor and add Pokemon to your team in Pokemon Sword and Shield that don’t look like the creepiest things to walk the earth. We’re begging you. Goomy is a cute little bugger but it doesn’t get less unnerving as it goes through its evolutionary stages, mate. Still, if you’re committed, then here’s how the process of Sliggoo evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield works.

How To Evolve Sliggoo

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Sliggoo, introduced in Pokémon X and Y, requires a little more effort to evolve than most Pokémon. This is because it must be raining in order for Sliggoo to evolve. Sliggoo may not look like much, but when it evolves it turns into the Dragon Pokémon Goodra, will become a flightless Pokémon capable of throwing strong punches.

Q Is Goodra A Legendary Pokemon

Goodra is a pseudo-legendary Pokemon. So it is not quite a legendary Pokemon, but it fulfills the stat requirement as well as the experience requirement for it to reach level 100 to be considered a pseudo-legendary. The important distinction here is that pseudo-legendaries can be bred at a Pokemon daycare as well as the fact that pseudo-legendaries are part of a three evolution line.

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How And Where To Catch Goomy In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Lets start with the specify that Goomy is a creature exclusive to Pokemon Shield, which is why you can find him and capture him only in this version of the game. If you are in possession of a Pokemon Sword, therefore, the only way to get Goomy is to receive it via trade with another trainer.

Having said this, where and how you can catch Goomy in Pokemon Sword? The creature can be encountered randomly in the tall grass to Lake Dragofuria, with the 2% chance to meet him, provided, however, that the climate is rainy. If during your play session it is not raining, you can change the weather in the rainy setting of the system date on your Nintendo Switch to.

Once thats done, you just need to search for Goomy among the random encounters in the tall grass to the Lake Dragofuria, and finally face him in combat and capture him.

How To Evolve Sliggoo Into Goodra In Pokmon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Shield: How to Evolve Goomy into Goodra

To evolve Sliggoo into Goodra, you only need to meet two criteria: level-up Sliggo to level 50 and it must be raining in the overworld at the time.

The easiest way to assure this is to find somewhere in the Wild Area where its raining and then cycle to that location.

Once youre there and you have a Sliggoo thats at level 49 or above, get to work on levelling up the dragon-type Pokémon.

You can either battle wild Pokémon in the local area, play with and cook for the Sliggoo in camp, or feed it Exp. Candy.

To use Exp. Candy to quickly level-up Sliggoo, youll need to check the summary of the Pokémon to see how much xp it needs to level-up and evolve into Goodra.

Heres which Exp. Candy you may want to use:

  • S Exp. Candy gives 800 xp
  • M Exp. Candy gives 3000 xp
  • L Exp. Candy gives 10,000 xp
  • XL Exp. Candy gives 30,000 xp

On the other hand, you could just give the Sliggoo a Rare Candy, but those items are best kept for high-level Pokémon that you wish to level-up quickly.

If youre in raining conditions, once Sliggoo levels up to level 50 or above, it will evolve into Goodra.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Capture Goomy And Make It Evolve Into Goodra

After having shown you where to catch Dhelmise, in this mini-guide Pokemon Sword and Shield we will explain how to capture Goomy and how to make it evolve into Goodra in the two new games in the series for Nintendo Switch.

Goomy is the Pokemon rather rare, and for it to evolve into Goodra you have to do it to level up in certain conditions. If you plan to complete the Pokedex of Pokemon with a Sword and Shield and still you have not captured and/or you have not done so, evolve, below, we explain how to fix it.

How To Evolve Goomy Into Sliggoo And Goodra

The further you get in Pokemon Sword and Shield the more youll start to wonder where all your favorite characters are. Some were cut completely, but most of them likely made it through. They can be tough to find though, and some are even tougher to evolve into their final forms. This is the case with the dragon type Pokemon Goomy, which was added back in Gen 6. Hes made it to Gen 8, but with some caveats. So heres where to find and how to evolve Goomy in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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How To Evolve Sliggoo Into Goodra In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Once youve evolved a Goomy into a Sliggoo, youll want to know how to get it to the final form. Thankfully, the process is very straight forward.

Sliggoo will evolve into Goodra once it reaches level 50 and youre in rainy weather conditions. Once youve levelled you Pokemon up enough and begin a battle in the rain, it will evolve once it is over.

If it is not raining, your Sliggoo will just continue to earn XP without evolving, even levelling up further. Its fine if it does though, it will evolve into Goodra at any level after 50 if youre in the right conditions.

In short, heres how to evolve Sliggoo into Goodra in Pokemon Sword & Shield

  • Get a Sliggoo in Pokemon Shield.
  • Level it up to level 50.
  • Begin a battle in rainy weather conditions and it should evolve once the fight is over.
  • Thats everything you need to know about how to evolve Sliggoo into Goodra in Pokemon Sword & Shield. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our wiki guide. We have also listed some other helpful guides on the game down below.

    Where To Find Goomy In Pokmon Sword And Shield

    Pokémon Sword & Shield – How to Catch Goomy (2% Rarity Pokémon)

    Goomy has been in the National Dex since Generation VI with its evolution, Sliggoo, requiring the same specifications to evolve in all three of its appearances in the mainline Pokémon games.

    The biggest problem that most trainers face in Pokémon Sword and Shield is just finding a Goomy.

    Goomy can only be found in the Wild Area of Pokémon Shield, with the only way unless theres a special event on for Pokémon Sword players to get the Soft Tissue Pokémon being via a trade.

    However, it doesnt get much easier for Pokémon Shield players as Goomy is an incredibly rare spawn in very specific weather conditions:

    • Lake of Outrage: Raining

    So, it needs to be raining, you cant even see the Goomy in the overworld, and its an incredibly rare spawn.

    Thanks to Rinimt, we know that you can find Goomy in Pokémon Shield on 26 November 2019 when you change the weather in Sword and Shield.

    It is also possible to encounter Sliggoo through random encounters during thunderstorms at the Lake of Outrage, but Goodra cannot be found in the wild.

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    How To Catch Goomy In Pokmon Sword And Shield

    For Pokémon Sword players, its as simple as trading in a Goomy, but for Pokémon Shield players, catching Goomy can prove to be quite challenging.

    Goomy only appears in Pokémon Shield between level 50 and level 52, with its rarity meaning that youll want to catch the first Goomy that you encounter.

    Ultra Balls are your best asset against this dragon-type Pokémon, but a Quick Ball at the start of the encounter is always worth a go.

    As Goomy is just a dragon-type Pokémon, when youre weakening it, its best to avoid using dragon, ice, or fairy-type moves as they are super effective against Goomy.

    Try to deploy a Pokémon of a similar level and use fire, water, electric, or grass-type moves against Goomy as they are not very effective.

    Q Is Goodra Good Competitively

    In its bracket it is competitive, but unfortunately, that bracket is NU at worst and UU at best depending on which generation of competitive Pokemon you are playing. It is simply outclassed by many other Pokemon with its role, however, a bulky physical attacker can wreak havoc on the correct team. Try to see where the competitive Pokemon meta is currently to see if Goodra is the right answer.

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    Goomy Slips Into Pokemon Go May 4th


    A new Dragon-type Pokemon from the Kalos region is getting ready to make its debut.

    Pokemon GOs official Twitter has recently shared a teaser image of Goomys silhouette following a blog post last week announcing the arrival of Rainy Lure Modules.

    Coming soon to Pokémon GO

    Because most of its body is water, this Pokémon will dry up if the weather becomes too arid. Its considered the weakest dragon Pokémon.

    Pokémon GO May 2, 2021

    Rainy Lure Modules are coming to Pokémon GO! This Lure Module will attract certain Pokémon that like rain, such as Water-, Bug-, and Electric-type Pokémon. When youre near a PokéStop with an active Rainy Lure Module, you can evolve Sliggoo into Goodra. You can also evolve Sliggoo when the in-game weather is rainy.

    Goomy, the Soft Tissue Pokemon, is notable for evolving into its final form when leveling up in the rain. This item will assist players in evolving Goomy while also attracting Pokemon that would normally be more common when the real world climate has precipitation.

    This item along with Goomy is set to appear in Pokemon GO on May 4th.

    What do you think about the Rainy Lure module? Let us know in the comments below.

    Where To Find Goomy

    Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Evolve Sliggoo Into Goodra

    Before you can evolve Goomy into Sliggoo and Goodra you first need to have one in your Pokedex. This is tougher than you might think at first, because hes not only limited by location and weather but is also a version exclusive. If you are playing Pokemon Sword then unfortunately I have bad news for you. To get Goomy youll need to trade for him with a Shield player, as thats the only version that features him in the game itself. If you are playing on Shield then youre good to go once you know where to look and when.

    Goomy only spawns in the Lake of Outrage section of the Wild Area, found to the far north west of the map. By crossing a lake and heading up a hill youll find the Goomy spawn spot of choice, but the weather needs to be right. Youll be looking for rain to appear, which can always be forced if you need to. Once you see rain in the Lake of Outrage area just head there and start wandering around. Adding to the challenge is not only that Goomy is rare, but he will not spawn in the overworld. Youll need to head into the tall grass and encounter the surprise Pokemon that appear as red exclamations in the grass. The odds are low, so you may need to do a lot of wandering and encountering, but eventually you should have a Goomy of your own. Which leads to the next question of how to evolve Goomy into Sliggoo and Goodra.

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    Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Catch Train & Evolve Sliggoo

    Before generation six and Kalos came around with Pokémon X & Y, it was fairly well expected that all pseudo legendary Pokémon would have a base stat total of 600, be focused on offense rather than defense, and be dual type, though not necessarily a Dragon-type. Goodra, alongside its pre-evolutions, flew in the face of this expectation and is entirely unique among other pseudo legendary Pokémon.

    Focused more on defense than offense, with a whopping 150 special defense alongside a respectable 100 attack and 110 special attack, its clear that Game Freak and The Pokémon Company wanted to try something different, as it is also the only pseudo legendary that is mono-type rather than dual-type. Although not as powerful, its pre-evolution, Sliggoo, has a fairly good special defense stat on its own at 113, though its offensive stats are less desirable with 75 attack and 83 special attack.

    How To Use Goodra

    Despite being a dragon-type Pokémon thats essentially a dripping pile of goo, Goodra is rather formidable. While it isnt one of the strongest Pokémon in the games, its not far off.

    Goodra boasts a phenomenally high base special defence stat, an extremely high special attack base stat, and very good attack and HP base stats.

    As a strictly dragon-type Pokémon, Goodra is especially susceptible to fairy, ice, and dragon-type moves, but water, fire, grass, and electric-type moves are not very effective against Goodra.

    There are three abilities available to Goodra, one of which is a particularly useful hidden ability:

    • Hydration: When its raining, the burned, paralysed, poisoned, asleep, and frozen status conditions are healed.
    • Sap Sipper: Goodra doesnt sustain damage from grass-type moves, and its attack goes up by one stage when hit by a grass-type attack.
    • Gooey : When hit by a physical move, the speed of Goodras attacker is decreased by one stage.

    There you have it: youve now caught a Goomy, evolved it into a Sliggoo, and evolved your Sliggoo into a Goodra. You now have a dragon-type Pokémon with very favourable base stats, particularly when it comes to defending and using special attacks.

    Want to evolve your Pokemon?

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    Porygon And Porygon 2 To Porygon Z

    • Type: Normal
    • Evolves At: Holding Upgrade w/ Trade

    The Porygons have always been somewhat difficult to evolve, requiring two individual-use evolution items and multiple trades. On the Isle of Armor, Trainers will need to find Clyde in the training dojo after defeating Master Mustard. Hell reward you a Porygon that players can evolve into the coveted Porygon-Z.

    After obtaining the Porygon, head into the Training Lowlands and search around outside the cave entrance. To the left through a small passage, players will find the upgrade. Next, trainers should head to the Workout Sea and bike towards the Wailord. On a small island near Wailord lies the Dubious Disk. Finally, trade Porygon while holding the Upgrade, and then trade the new Porygon 2 while holding the Dubious Disk to get a shiny new Porygon-Z.

    How To Evolve It

    Pokemon Sword And Shield Goomy Location

    Evolving Goomy into Sliggoo is fairly straight forward, as it evolves by level up once it reaches level 40 or higher, at which point it will also be opened up to a vast range of new attacks that Goomy isnt able to learn, such as Ice Beam and Blizzard. Getting Sliggoo to evolve into a Goodra, on the other hand, is a little more complicated and requires some finessing with the weather system in Sword & Shield.

    Aside from its unique stats and mono-typing compared to other pseudo legendary Pokémon, Goodra is also the only pseudo legendary to have an evolution requirement that isnt simply hitting a level threshold. After level 50, Sliggoo will evolve into Goodra while battling in the Rain weather condition, though it isnt as simple as using Rain Dance or a Pokémon with the Drizzle ability, as neither of these will trigger its evolution. Instead, you will need to find a location in the Wild Area where this weather is taking place, or set your Switchs console date to October 1st, 2020, as this date causes every spot in the Wild Area to have rainy weather.

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    Evolving Into Sliggoo And Goodra

    After catching Goomy, it will evolve into Sliggoo after being raised to Level 40. To evolve into Goodra, however, trainers will need to raise Sliggoo past Level 50 and level it up in rainy weather. Note that it has to be raining in the Overworld, so moves or abilities that change weather during battle won’t have any effect on the evolution. The way Sliggoo levels up doesn’t matter so trainers can have it battle or just feed it a rare candy. If all the requirements are met, players will obtain Goodra.

    In the end, trainers in Pokemon Sword and Shield will find a variety of changes in the Galar region, but some things stay timeless.

    Sliggoo Evolution In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    So you’ve got a Sliggoo and you want to evolve it into Goodra. To even obtain a Sliggoo in the first place you’re either going to own Pokemon Shield or have someone with that version of the game willing to trade with you. That’s right. Goomy, the little amoeba-looking Dragon type, is a version exclusive. If you want a full list of version exclusives, we’ve got one right here.

    Assuming that you’ve got a Sliggoo, here’s how you’re going to evolve it into a Goodra. You’re going to have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Sliggoo is Level 50
  • It’s raining when you level up
  • The second part honestly shouldn’t be that difficult. We found ourselves caught in many a downpour while we were just kicking around Galar, and if you’re absolutely not wanting to get yourself caught in a battle or you’re unsure about the EXP threshold you’re going to hit in the rain, just feed it a candy while you’re prepping.

    Now that you’ve got our guide to Sliggoo evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield, making sure that you add a Goodra to your squad shouldn’t be too difficult even though we still recommend extreme caution when dealing with these sentient blobs. Need a hand with anything else on your Galarian adventures? Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve put together:

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