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Where To Find Psychic Pokemon Sword

Pokemon Sword And Shield Type Chart

Where to Find TM91 Psychic Terrain in Pokemon Sword & Shield

We’ve charted all the different type matchups for Pokemon so you know what’s super-effective or weak against other types.

Guideby Jake Green, Guides Editor

To win battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield you’ll need to understand type matchups and how different moves can be super-effective. To help make it easy, we’ve outlisted all the relationships between types below in our type chart, allowing you to know when you have the advantage.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Indeedee

Indeedee is a Psychic and Normal Type Pokémon. It can be found in both Overworld and Non-Overworld. To find it in Overworld simply head to Glimwood Tangle in any weather. In Non-Overworld go to either Lake of Outrage or Glimwood Tangle to find the Pokémon. The following are all the moves that Indeedee has along with TM moves.


Power increases when users stats have been raised.
1 Lowers opponents Attack. Always hits.
5 Forces opponent to keep using its last move for 3 turns.
In Double Battles, boosts the power of the partners move.
25 Gives target priority in the next turn.
30 Cures all status problems in your party.
35 May lower opponents Special Defense.
40 Raises users Special Attack and Special Defense.
45 Averages Attack and Special Attack with the target.
50 Prevents priority moves from being used for 5 turns.
55 Can only be used after all other moves are used.

TM Moves

Stats and Abilities

Indeedee has 60 HP, 65 Attack and 105 Special Attack. It has 55 Defense, 95 Special Defense and Speed is 95. Indeedee has three abilities which can be useful in many situations. One of the abilities is known as Synchronize which causes the opponent to take the same status debuff like poison, paralyzed, etc. Another ability is known as the Inner Focus which increases its concentration and decreases flinching. The last ability also a hidden ability known as Psychic Surge which turns the ground into Psychic Terrain. This will be enabled once the Pokemon enters the fight.

Relations With Other Types

  • Theyre strong against the Psychic-type because some people are afraid of ghosts, and fears affect the mind. Communing with ghosts is also said to be a much different process than simply reading minds through physical or empirical means.
  • Theyre weak against themselves because ghosts can only touch each other, and theres a belief that the strongest spirit wins, with spirit referring to the desire to win something.
  • Theyre weak against the Dark-type because dark represents terror and evil, and it is said that evil spirits are punished. According to some belief systems, ghosts who lead evil lives and refuse to go to the afterlife are said to transform into demons, and demons in some mythologies are feared and also rumored to eat lost souls.
  • Theyre immune to the Fighting and Normal-types because spirits are incorporeal beings and thus cant be hit normally. This is also the reason why the Normal-type is immune to them, because a mortal and a ghost cant hurt each other. Interestingly, the Fighting-type is not immune to them.
  • They resist the Poison-type because you cant poison someone whos already dead, and since spirits dont have a physical form, toxins cant pass through.
  • They resist the Bug-type because members of that type cannot easily transcend the spiritual barrier members of this type hide behind in order to attack them. Also because parasites cant infect someone whos already dead.

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How To Evolve Pichu

You might be wondering how to evolve Pichu to play with the series mascot, Pikachu. Hes pretty iconic, after all. Well, that one is easy. When Pichu is leveled up with high enough friendship, it evolves into Pikachu. If you want to further evolve the line, Pikachu can evolve into Raichu when a Thunder Stone is used on it. Why not give every mouse in this electrifying line some time to shine? They all deserve it equally.

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All Pokmon Dens And Their Max Raid Battles

Pokémon Sword &  Shield: How To Find &  Evolve Natu Into Xatu

The raids offered in each den differ between Sword and Shield. We’ll include the Pokémon that are likely to appear in either version. We also list the Pokémon in order of how likely they are to appear within each den. However, if a den is home to a Gigantamax raid, we list the Gigantamax Pokémon first, even though it’s the least likely to appear. Hopefully that helps you find all of the raids you’re looking for faster.

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Tm: Mystical Fire Location

  • Type: Fire
  • Category: Special
  • The user attacks by breathing a special, hot fire. This also lowers the target’s Sp. Atk stat
  • Location: Battle Tower
    • Type: Electric
    • Category: Status
    • The user’s body generates an eerie impulse. Exposing the target to it harshly lowers the target’s Sp. Atk stat.
  • Location: Wyndon Behind Rose Tower sign
  • Psychic Seed Effect And How To Get It

    This is a page on the Battle Item Psychic Seed and its location in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Isle of Armor, and the Crown Tundra DLC. Read on to see its effect, how to get it, and how to use it competitively.

    List of Contents

    Psychic Seed
    Effect An item to be held by a Pokemon. It boosts Sp.Def on Psychic Terrain. It can only be used once.

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    Shiny Pichu After 966 Eggs

    I wish theyd rework some shinies. Pikachu should have the best shiny.

    Web Result with Site Link Pokémon Shiny Tracker

    I believe I copied this correctly but here is a link to what I use

    Its also easy to just count the amount of boxes. 30 Pichu per box

    I logged it with a shiny tracker. If you look up shiny tracker online its the first one you see called shinytracker night coffee

    Ok wow I am happy you did it

    It is, some shinies arent as predominant as others. Which the pikachu line such as pichu is. Pichu shiny is an darker shade of its normal yellow fur. And I took a crappy pic with my phone because its the best I had at the moment.

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    What Are Psychic Pokemon Weak Too

    PSYCHIC SEED Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield!

    Psychic Pokémonweak against

    Also Know, what are psychic types strong to? Psychic moves are super-effective against:

    • Fighting Poison.
    • Dark.

    what does psychic do in Pokemon?

    Psychic does damage and has a 10% chance to lower the targets Special Defense by 1 stage. In a Double Battle, Psychic can target any Pokémon around the user.

    Is Psychic weak to dark?

    A drawback of Psychic-type moves is that they do not affect Dark-type Pokémon, although this immunity can be removed with Miracle Eye. The immunity, along with resistances to Psychic, can also be circumvented with coverage moves such as Ground-type attacks.

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    The Queen’s Gambit Is Netflix’s Hit Tv Show Starring Anya Taylor

    Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit gets a trippy comic book cover makeover. The Queen’s Gambit is one of the streaming service’s newest hit shows starring Anya Taylor-Joy. Taylor-Joy plays the main character Beth Harmon, a young chess prodigy who goes from an orphan to being one of the most successful chess players in the world during the 1960s. While the strategy board game is certainly the focus of the show, substance abuse is also a key part of the story.

    Beth learned how to play chess at a young age in the basement of her orphanage with the custodian Mr. Shaibel. Beth immediately picks up on the concept and quickly becomes obsessed with the game. The orphanage uses tranquilizers on the children in the form of a green pill called Xanzolam, which Beth gets addicted to. Beth saves her pills up and takes them all at once so that she can visualize a chessboard and pieces above her bed at night to practice the game. This addiction only becomes worse as she gets older, as Xanzolam and alcohol become more readily available.

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    A new piece of artwork by thebutcherbilly reimagines The Queen’s Gambit as a comic book. The artist uses the effects of Beth’s addiction to create a strange piece of art that almost looks like the cover of a Science Fiction comic. The black-and-white comic cover, as well as a colored version, can be seen below:

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield Badges

    All the Pokemon Sword and Shield badges eventually fit together to make a glorious coin-like structure, which you can view on the League Card section of the menu. Unfortunately you can’t shine it like you could in old games, but I would pay serious money to have one in real life.

    Turn to page two for our guide to the Pokemon and trainers you’ll face in the semi-finals, finals and the Champion.

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield Pichu

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Pichu is a Electric Type Tiny Mouse Pokémon, which makes it weak against Ground type moves. You can find and catch Pichu in Route 4 with a 5% chance to appear during All Weather weather. The Max IV Stats of Pichu are 20 HP, 40 Attack, 35 SP Attack, 15 Defense, 35 SP Defense, and 60 Speed.

    List of Pichu Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

    Speed 60

    Based on this pokemons stats we consider the best nature for Pichu to have is Hasty, this will increase its Speed and decrease its Defense stats.

    Pichu Abilities

    What To Do After Beating The Game
    Ranked Battle Tier List

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    The Best Psychic Pokmon In Pokmon Sword & Shield

    Episode #11

    Psychic-type Pokemon are incredibly strong in Pokemon Sword & Shield. This guide will provide a list of the best ones available in the game.

    There are several Psychic-type Pokemon available in Pokemon Sword & Shield. This guide will provide a list of the best ones in the game. Pokemon Sword & Shield recently ended its time in the Galar region with the conclusion of the expansion pass. This marked the first time in the series where a mainline entry had received paid DLC. This brought along over 200+ Pokemon from previous generations and allowed players to customize their casual or competitive team as much as they would’ve liked. With so many new Pokemon available in the game, here are the best Psychic-type Pokemon available in the game.

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    Psychic-type Pokemon has always been one of the best typings in the game. Back in the first generation with Pokemon Red and Blue, the Psychic-type Pokemon would dominate the game. If players tried to challenge another trainer with just Psychic-type Pokemon, the battle would be completely one-sided. Fortunately, as time progressed and the games received more balance to keep things fair, Psychic-type Pokemon were nerfed to make the game more fun for everyone. Regardless, they are still some of the best Pokemon to exist in the metagame. Here are the best Psychic-type Pokemon players can encounter in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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    How Do I Find Event Pokemon

  • Okay I feel stupid, but I keep seeing people in videos, reading the instructions on pages, and have even joined raids on twitch. Like it says go to the wild area news to connect to the internet before checking an active den, and you should find them. But when I do, I only get the regular spawns, and no event pokemon. Example, I am trying to get the baby pokemon right now. I start sword up, go to the wild area, connect to the internet by wild news, and check in front of an active den, and only get the dwebble, no matter how many times I check it. I dont care if I get a shiny or not. I just want the pokemon. I only have 4 badges, so a 3 star is my best to find. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong? Or do I need to beat the game first to find the event pokemon?gamer75 1 year ago
  • Pokemon Go Type Chart: Strength Weakness And Effectiveness For All Types

    Pokemon Types are the core of battles in Pokemon Go just as in the rest of the series and to succeed, youll need to understand Pokemon type strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness.

    As hardcore Pokemon fans will already know quite well, each Pokemon has one or two types, and types determine much about how that Pokemon battles. For the Pokemon Trainer, type is important because certain types are strong against others, meaning you can deal or take additional damage, or on the other hand lessen the amount of damage received.

    Theres 18 different types, and each type is either strong, weak or neutral versus other types. At the most basic level with the starter Pokemon this breaks down to Rock, Paper, Scissors Charmander beats Bulbasaur who beats Squirtle which comes full circle by beating Fire.

    That all makes sense and is nice and easy though things get more complicated when you start introducing more obtuse Pokemon Types types like Fairy or Dragon, or when you consider Pokemon with multiple types. Then you have to consider that moves have types so a fire-type Pokemon like Charizard can easily come stacked with Dragon and Flying-type moves, meaning its damage output on the type chart is attached to those types rather than its raw type.

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    Pokemon Types Strengths & Weaknesses

    D E F E N S E If a Pokemon type is listed as Immune against, it will take no damage from attacks of that type. If a Pokemon type is listed as Strong Defense Against, the Pokemon will only take half damage from attacks of that type. If a Pokemon type is listed as Weak Defense Against, the Pokemon will sustain double damage from attacks of that type.

    O F F E N S E If a Pokemon attack type is listed as Strong Attack Against, its attacks will deal double damage to the specified Pokemon type. If a Pokemon attack type is listed as Weak Attack Against, its attacks will only deal half damage to the specified Pokemon type. If a Pokemon attack type is listed as No Effect Against, its attacks will deal no damage to the specified Pokemon type.

    Bug Weakness and Immunities

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    Most Disliked Psychic Pokemon In Sword And Shield


    Psychic-type Pokemon are some of the strongest, but there are a few goofy ones in the bunch.

    In Pokemon Sword and Shield, there is an abundance of Psychic-types. This, of course, leaves a few behind in terms of popularity. Not all of them can be as liked and powerful as Mewtwo or Gardevoir.

    There are five Pokemon that come to mind in terms of disliked Psychic-types from the Galar region. Sword and Shield doesn’t force players to use these creatures and even if they did, players would still find a way to avoid them.

    Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer. It can include all Pokemon in the Galar Dex, not just those native to Galar.

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    Super Smash Bros Melee

    Pichu surprised us all by making a playable appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Pichu is the only playable rep from Generation Two, making him quite an important character. However, theres one little problem with Pichus appearance in Melee. Hes basically the joke character of the game.

    Pichu is essentially a clone of Pikachu, but is worse in every conceivable way. To make things even worse, Pichu damages itself every single time it attacks. In Melee, theres basically no reason to consider using Pichu.

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    The First Pikachu Clone

    Pichu has a very special distinction attached to his name being second. Thats right, Pichu is the very first second Pikachu, as Pikachu has a clone in every single generation.

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    Technically you could count Raichu as a Pikachu clone if you really needed to but dont treat Raichu so dirty hes already ignored enough. Either way, Pichu kicked off a trend that introduced many new electric rats to the series throughout the years, such as Plusle, Minun, Pacharisu and many more. Most recently we received the very hangry boy Morepeko.

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    How To Find Psyduck In Pokmon Sword & Shield

    Pokemon Sword & Shield recently added Psyduck into the game with the Isle of Armor DLC. This guide shows players how to catch the water-type Pokemon.

    With over 400 different creatures to catch in Pokemon Sword & Shield, it can be difficult to keep track of what Pokemon there are and where to find them all at. Players will have the choice between brand new Pokemon as well as fan favorites that have been a part of the series for decades. Those who want to complete their Pokedex will want to keep an eye out for different types in the area of these games. One that quite a few players will probably want to add to their collection is the psychic Pokemon Psyduck.

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    Psyduck has been a favorite in the series for a very long time and is most famous for his role in the original cartoon. The Pokemon was originally thought to be worthless, but he proved himself to be a very strong addition to Misty’s team. Psyduck can also be a very important addition to any player’s collection in the games as well. This guide will show players how to catch Psyduck in Pokemon Sword & Shield.


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