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How To Tell If A Pokemon Card Is Holo

The Popularity Of The Pokemon Franchise

How to Tell Which Holo Card is in Your McDonald’s Pokemon Pack

Since its origin in 1996, the Pokemon franchise has maintained a steady if not slowly growing popularity. It’s had its “explosions” of attention with the releases of e.g. new video games , but has never severely declined in popularity.

If Google Search data is anything to go by, on average, Pokemon is about as popular as the NBA.

Is Weighing Pokemon Packs Illegal

The good news is that weighing Pokemon packs is not, indeed, illegal. That said, if you are going to try this for yourself then you will likely want to do this at a large, local store which carries them, such as Wal-Mart or Target. If you try to do it at a local comic book or gaming store then you may be asked to stop. Worse, is another Pokemon player may well give you an earful.

It is a bit of a contentious issue among players, as part of the appeal is that when you purchase a pack you dont know what you are getting. This adds a bit of a luck factor to the game and some people feel that you are taking this away from the game by weighing packs in advance to locate rarer cards.

Whether or not this is true, of course, we cant say as everyone has their own personal opinions on this issue, with many players not caring either way.

Were just here to give you the facts. With that in mind, is weighing packs a more cost-effective way to obtain rare cards? Lets do the math and see!

How To Identify First Edition Pokmon Cards

The quickest way to tell if you are looking at a first edition Pokémon card is to look for the first edition symbol.

And remember there are three types of cards you can have in your deck:

  • Pokémon
  • Energy
  • Trainer
  • This is important because the first edition symbol will appear in different locations depending on the type of card.

    On Pokémon cards, it will appear to the lower-left of the Pokémon image while on Energy and Trainer cards it appears in the upper-right and lower-left corners of the cards, respectively:



    Now that we got that out of the way, let’s go through the list.

    The first 16 cards on this list are known as “holographic” cards as their images are shinier.

    They’re also more rare as their prints runs were far more limited than the other cards in the 102-card checklist.

    And because their more rare, that greatly increases their values as well…

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    How To Tell If A Pokmon Card Is Fake

    Strategic depth: Medium

    Publisher:Wizards of the Coast

    Pokémon cards are back in vogue. And with the uptick in interest, there is now a thriving market for buying and selling Pokémon cards. As the number of people looking to buy Pokémon cards continues to increase, so does the number of scammers looking to take advantage of the trend and make a quick buck.

    The most notable example of this involved the famous YouTuber Logan Paul. He and a group of investors almost bought a box of Pokémon cards valued at $375,000. The seller agreed to open the box and packs before exchanging the cash. The box turned out to be fake. Fortunately for Paul, he didnt pay a dime, but the mistake even slipped past Pauls Pokémon advisor.

    While the average person doesnt have the money to hire a specialised advisor, the average person can easily identify a fake Pokémon card with a little advice. This guide will teach you how to spot a fake and protect yourself from buying a counterfeit card. This guide is structured to give you more detailed advice on how to spot a fake as you go on. Whether you collect as an enthusiast or you just want to round out your latest deck, welcome!

    $375k FAKE #Pokemon box…Thats why you buy PSA/BGS graded!Are you kidding me!?!?

    Crypto King

    The Anatomy Of A Pokemon Card

    How To Spot Fake Pokemon Cards

    There are many different types of Pokemon cards, and their layouts/designs have changed throughout the years, plus their are also one-off and unique Pokemon cards that look completely different from regular cards, so there is no simple, definitive guide for the anatomy of a Pokemon card…

    … but since this guide for absolute beginners, here is a very basic anatomy of a basic Pokemon card.

    Just keep in mind that as you learn more about Pokemon cards, you will run into cards that look completely different from ones like this and that there is much more to a Pokemon card than just what is shown here.

    There are also trainer cards and energy cards, but we won’t get into them in this post.

    If you want to learn more about the different type of cards and what everything on them means, I highly recommend you download and play the official Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, even if only for research purposes. Their tutorials very quickly teach you everything you need to know.

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    How To Understand Pokemon Card Rarity


    From its inception Pokemon as a franchise has been sweeping the world. It’s impossible to find someone that doesn’t know what a Pikachu is. While many people interact with Pokemon through Video Games, or through Anime there are also a huge number of people who interact with the franchise through the Trading Card Game. With over 800 Pokemon in the world, and new cards that combine multiple Pokemon on one card, or even a single Pokemon that require four cards to summon it can be difficult to know what you have. Whether you’re looking to get into Pokemon, or are finding your old binders of Pokemon cards it’s important to understand Pokemon Card Rarity.

    Pokmon Game #1 Alakazam Holo

    Average Value in PSA 10: $2,230

    The magical Alakazam starts off the group. And though this card is less desirable than, lets say, Blastoise, it still commands figures in the $2k range for examples in PSA 10. Like the other 15 holographic cards, Alakazam suffers from condition issues right out of the pack.

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    Base Set: Unlimited Edition

    There were reportedly six separate printings of the Unlimited Edition of the Base Set. ;The first five print runs had a copyright line that read: © 1995, 96, 98 Nintendo, Creatures, GAMEFREAK.;©1999 Wizards.. ;These five print runs are completely identical, with;no way to differentiate between them. ;The final print run, which was only available in the United Kingdom, can be differentiated by a change to the copyright line which reads, ;©1995, 96, 98 Nintendo, Creatures, GAMEFREAK.;©1999-2000 Wizards. Cards from the sixth print run are much rarer due to their limited geographical distribution.

    Unlimited Edition made a number of aesthetic changes to the face of the cards. The overall card appears to be a lighter and brighter printing than the previous Limited Editions. The drop shadow was added behind the art box to add some depth to the card. In addition, certain text, such as the Pokémons HP value, was set in a bold typeface.

    With five to six printings, these cards are by far the most common Base Set cards in existence, and their prices reflect that. Unlimited Edition was printed to meet the insane demand of a public that became obsessed with Pokémon. A Charizard from these printings could fetch about $500 in Near Mint condition from a collector.;

    Its Not Obvious If My Card Is A Fake

    How to tell if Japanese Pokemon cards are Real or Fake (Holo Foil) test ?!!! PokeRev follow up.

    This might sound obvious, but an easy step you can take to verify the card is real is by checking that the card was an actual Pokémon card that was in print at some point. Yes, people do just make up fake cards with unofficial art and sell them online.

    You can verify a card with a quick search. The official Pokémon Trading Card Game website has a card database, as does fan site Bulbapedia. Note: the official website doesnt include some special runs of cards, so be sure to look for your card on multiple card directories.

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    Most Worth Pokemon Cards:

    Rarity SUPERIOR to Holo

    In all years from 1999 the cards with rarity beyond holo caught different names with sets. Here below, there is not a comprehensive list of all that connotations but the most diffused.

    Ultra rare Pokemon cards
    • Pokemon GX
    • Pokemon Full Art

    An example of artwork of these cards is reported below in order to distinguish their appearance.

    At this point, you miss only other two information needed to evaluate your Pokemon card collection: the language and the card condition. This is a crucial aspect since even the rarest card can see its value dropping to only few dollars/euros due to card condition. In general, the card condition definitions are te following:

    • Mint & Near Mint
    • Played and Poor

    Card Pokemon condition: Mint

    A mint card is in perfect condition; no excuses. This means, that the front is in perfect condition, there are no scratches on the surface, and the surface is perfectly clean. For the back it means, that the card is indistinguishable from cards of a newly openend booster. If a card has a signature or a Grand Prix stamp it can never be graded Mint, even if the card stock is otherwise in Mint condition.

    Card Pokemon condition: NEAR MINT

    A Near Mint card looks like it has never been played without sleeves. Small allowances can be made, but the card generally shows no wear.

    Card Pokemon condition: Excellent

    Card Pokemon condition: GOOD

    A Good card looks like it might have been used for a long tournament without sleeves.

    How Much Do Pokemon Packs Weigh On Average

    If you are going to experiment with weighing Pokemon packs in order to maximize your chances of obtaining rare cards then you will need to know the average pack weight. Most people use this with booster packs, which have 10 cards in each, and as it turns out, the weights can certainly help you.

    A normal card is going to weigh approximately 1.69 grams. One the other of the spectrum is the heaviest, which are the Ultrarare cards. They weigh about 1.98 grams. Finally, the Holofoil cards weigh close to the same around as the Ultrarare cards, weighing in at 1.93 grams. The extra décor on these cards makes a difference and the proof is in the weights.

    So, what does the average pack weigh that doesnt have an Ultrarare or a Holofoil card? Well, typically we find that the average weight of of a booster pack without a Holofoil is around 28.99 grams. Between the cardboard and the foil-wrapped packs the weights are 9.14 and 19.88 grams, respectively.

    For best results you will need to practice by purchsing and weighing 4 packs at a time and observing the range of differences. Weighing the cards DOES work, but it is a skill that you are going to need to develop with practice.

    But, before you start any type of weighing, you will need to make sure you are properly equipped with a scale that is able to give you the most accurate weight numbers in grams.

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    Is Weighing Pokemon Packs More Cost

    Arguably, yes, weighing Pokemon cards is most cost effective but its not guaranteed. If you are purchasing 10 packs, individually selected after weighing, then you are spending around $4 plus the tax on each for a ballpark figure of $50. If your weighing technique is good then you might be able to get 7 -10 Ultrarare cards.

    Now, if you purchase a Booster box then you are looking at around an $85 investment and this is going to guarantee the following:

    • 108 uncommon cards
    • 36 rare cards
    • 216 common cards

    So, as you can see, a lot is going to depend on your talent for weighing the cards and this does take practice. Dont expect results overnight, but if you work on it the general consensus seems to be that it is a cost-effective hack for getting Ultrarare cards without having to break the bank. If spending the extra money is not a problem, however, then you might want to consider going with the guaranteed option.

    It boils down to a question of whether you want to invest the time or just spend the extra money, but as many players find that hunting rares this way is a bit like a treasure hunt you might want to give it a try first to see for yourself. Its just another way to play your favorite game! ;;

    Understanding The Value Pokemon Card: The Anatomy

    Pokemon HD: How To Tell If Pokemon Card Is Holo

    First of all, we need to have clear in mind a few things:

  • The name of the Pokemon card
  • The Set/Expansion to which the Pokemon card belongs
  • The rarity of the card
  • The condition of the card and the language
  • In the image shown the information requested to evaluate a Pokemon card are reported. In particular, two Italian cards are depicted in the image below. The language of the card DO NOT affect the anatomy of the card which remains the same for European and USA releases.

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    Identify The Card With The Name And Number In The Set

    Finally, identify the card by looking up its name and card number on eBay.

    The name will be located above the illustration of the card and the number is on the bottom right of the card. After checking all three of these steps, you should easily be able to identify every card, even if you dont know exactly what set it is in.;;

    Is A Graded Card Always Safe To Buy

    For the most part, graded cards, which have undergone a process of verification and close quality inspection from a reputable company, are safer. However its not foolproof. There have been fake cards graded before – happens with rebacked cards in Magic: The Gathering, Nguyen says. It is much harder and takes more effort to fake a graded card though.

    Image: Sarah Jarvis

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    How To Spot A Fake Pokmon Card Immediately

    Look at the card. Then ask yourself: does anything seem off? Read it and check to see if there are any simple errors in the card. Here is a short list of characteristics to check:

    • Does this Pokémon exist?
    • Does the card have an accent over every single e in Pokémon?
    • Is the card free of spelling mistakes and obvious grammar mistakes, such as missing punctuation?
    • Does the card have the year it was printed?
    • Does the card have the number of elemental symbols in all the correct places of the card?
    • Does the Pokémon have a reasonable amount of HP? For example, if you have an Eevee with over 1,000 HP, then that card is probably a fake. If you are unsure as to whats unreasonable you could look up the card on the Pokémon TCG card database to get a ballpark range of where its HP is usually at.

    If you answered no to one or several of these questions, odds are that you have a fake Pokémon card. This is a great and easy way to spot a fake immediately.

    Pricing Or Selling Your Collection

    Holographic and reverse holographic cards explained!
  • 1Look up card prices using online card-selling websites. There are thousands of unique Pokémon trading cards, and prices change over time as people sell, buy, and speculate. Recently printed cards may drop in price once they are no longer legal in tournaments. Because of these factors, looking up a card actually for sale is more likely to give you an accurate number than a price guide, which may not be up to date.
  • Try a Pokémon card-selling site or eBay, or search online for + “selling”. Remember to include any special features, using the terms described in the identification section.
  • Most online listings show how much a company is selling cards for. Look for a “buylist” to see how much the company will pay to buy your cards. If selling to another player, the price you’ll get will typically fall between these two numbers.
  • 2Ask Pokémon players or collectors. It’s often difficult to find a price online, especially for extra-rare cards that do not trade hands often. Search for a Pokémon trading card game forum online, and post a picture or description of your card for advice. You could also look for a hobby or gaming store in your area.
  • Be wary of scams. Get a second opinion on your cards’ value before selling them to a stranger.
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    How To Tell If A Pokemon Card Is Shadowless

    Shadowless Pokemon cards can be identified through several key features:

    1. The most obvious way is to look to the right of the Pokemons artwork. If there is no shadow next to the yellow border, then the card is shadowless. If there is a shadow, then the card is from the unlimited print run.

    2. Another way to tell if a Pokemon card is shadowless is to look at the HP on the top right corner of the card. Shadowless Pokemon cards have a thinner red print compared to the unlimited versions.

    3. Lastly, a more subtle way to tell if a Pokemon card is shadowless is to look at the copyright dates on the very bottom of the card. Shadowless Pokemon cards have the dates 1995, 96, 98, 99 written, whereas unlimited cards only have 1995, 96, 98.

    Ex/gx/v Half Art / Half Body

    These are the cards that everyone wants to be pulling from a booster pack. Theyre usually some of the biggest creatures in the game and some of the hardest cards to find.

    These cards can also be classed as Ultra Rare. In truth, they have a lot of different names and come with a unique mechanic thats special to the current rotation.

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