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Why Did Pokemon Brick Bronze Get Deleted

Pokemon Brick Bronze Taken Down By Roblox


Users over at Reddit have recently discovered that a Roblox game by the name of Pokemon Brick Bronze was taken down. As one of the more popular Pokémon games on the Roblox platform, it comes as no surprise that fans are unimpressed with the change.

The game had a very strong following , and spawned a wiki in its name. It was the dream of most Pokémon fans to be able to play a Pokémon game on all their devices, saving progress across the board. The multiplayer aspect is also welcome, where you can battle your friends and other online players as much as you like.

That dream has been shattered, however, as Pokemon Brick Bronze has been taken down indefinitely, including all badges. It is the running theory that Nintendo finally noticed what was going on and issued a copyright violation to Roblox.

As many Nintendo fans know, the Japanese company has never taken kindly to any content made in the likeness of franchises it owns, no matter how much better it might be than the original game, or more accessible to fans.

That said, the sticky part comes in the fact that money is always involved in a Roblox game. Every Roblox game has microstransactions, meaning that a great number of people spent money on Pokemon Brick Bronze and are currently demanding refunds. That is to say nothing of what the developers are supposed to do with that situation, as the money technically went to them and Roblox.

Did Roblox Sue Pokemon

So did Nintendo sue Roblox? Although there are many rumors about Nintendo suing Roblox, officially they did not file a lawsuit against them. Instead Nintendo did send a Copyright infringement letter to them, and gave Roblox the opportunity to remove Nintendos content before they filed a lawsuit against them.

Reminder From Weather Synchronize Arguably Our Most Important User In This Wiki

I know that everyone is on a frenzy right now, about PBB being forcibly shut down and put under review. However, we are still waiting for official announcements from Tbradm and Lando. Until then, please do NOT jump into conclusions, as it will just make things worse as if it has not been chaotic enough already. PBB Wikia is still;fully operational;until further notice, we are only going to decide the next step when the Developers make an announcement to clear the situation.

I heard that some players are trying to start some sort of attacks against certain users on social media –;please REFRAIN from doing so. It does NOT help at all, and we don’t even know what’s going on and who to blame. So please,;keep calm and find some other things to do. When Tbradm or Lando has the newest announcement on the situation, we will be sure to let you all know immediately.

There are also some members trying to post imposter games — this is the final warning:;STOP. AND GET OUT.;We do NOT tolerate any imposter games, and PBB got shut down does NOT justify playing imposter games. We already sent off a member with;STRAIGHT RED CARD;for this on PBB Wikia Discord. If we see any of you doing that again, you shall follow the same fate.

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Work At A Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place is a game in which players work together to fulfill orders at a pizza parlor. The game is considered a classic among the Roblox userbase, with the creator attributing its success to the game’s ability to encourage socializing. The game has received praise for its driving mechanics.

Where Do You Get The Pokedex In Pokemon Brick Bronze


Pokédex is handed out to Trainers by the Regional Pokémon Professors in the core series games, and this is no exception in Pokémon Brick Bronze. Professor Cypress gives players the Pokédex after they pick their Starter Pokémon in the Pokémon Lab, Mitis Town . Given by Professor Cypress after receiving Starter Pokémon.

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Why Did Skyblock Get Deleted From ‘roblox’

The root of the issue was a DMCA complaint, or copyright issue and anyone who played the game and also Minecraft‘s SkyBlock will see why: It’s basically a total clone of the popular M.C. title.

The ability to create one’s own island, manage farms, cook different tasty meals, collect resources to build other specialty items and keep your floating island… uh… afloat, and selling loot for in-game cash is straight out of the O.G. SkyBlock.

Some 75,000+ users were logging in to play Roblox SkyBlock, which only drew more eyes to the platform. Understandably, once folks saw the similarity to Minecraft and that the mod not only ripped off of another original game mode, but also its name, a copyright notice was sent right to the folks over at Roblox, who decided to take the mod down.

That doesn’t mean that the developers at Blockman GO studio didn’t try their darndest to keep the game online. They thought it may have just been an issue with the name, so they changed the mod’s name to Roblox Islands. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to do the trick either, and the game was still shut down.

The team behind Roblox SkyBlock, I mean, Islands, is working hard to get the title up and running again.

Players aren’t only just miffed that they can’t play the game anymore, but there are a large number of folks who purchased VIP and premium packages to the title and they’re essentially losing money because they aren’t able to enjoy all of the features that they shelled out extra cash for.

Why Did They Take Down Pokemon Brick Bronze

Users over at Reddit have recently discovered that a Roblox game by the name of Pokemon Brick Bronze was taken down. It is the running theory that Nintendo finally noticed what was going on and issued a copyright violation to Roblox.


Beside this, What happened to Pokemon on Roblox?

As of earlier this morning, the copyright holders for Pokemon have issued a blanket take down of all Pokemon games on the Roblox platform. All of us Pokemon game developers have expected this since the shutdown of Pokemon Brick Bronze several months ago.

Likewise,;Did Roblox Sue Pokemon?

You are correct, it wasnt sued. The Pokémon company simply filed a DMCA to have the game taken down since it used ripped assets. They submitted a DMCA notice for PBB against Roblox, and because Roblox follow American law, they had to comply and remove the game.

Also,;Will Pokemon brick bronze ever come back?

Pokemon Brick Bronze has Shut Down Indefinitely.

Why did Roblox delete Pokemon games?

ROBLOX Administrators were scared that they as a company would get sued by Nintendo so they took the game down for copyright infringement and use of sprites outside of pokémon games made by game freak and nintendo.

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Cheshma Town & Gale Forest

Upon entry to Cheshma Town, Cypress’ friend Linda is already seen waiting for the player. She leads the player to her house and has a chat with the player regarding the abduction. Linda follows the example of Cypress and asks what the player has to remember his or her parents… But all of a sudden, Linda robs the Bronze Brick from the player and bolts out of her house! The player must corner Linda in a dead-end inside Gale Forest, where she reveals herself to be…!

What Happened To Skyblock In Roblox Heres Why Islands Is Deleted


Roblox is one of the most popular properties on the market and one of its most popular games was Skyblock. This was played by dozens of people within the titles community, but it has recently disappeared and become unavailable to play. It was deleted as Skyblock and renamed to Islands, but this was recently deleted as well and here youll discover why both have been removed.

Games being removed from Roblox is nothing new as one of the most infamous examples is Pokémon Brick Bronze which was taken down back in 2018. This fan-made MMO was played by thousands of people and its removal was understandable despite how it upset a lot of people.

Years later games continue to be removed and here youll discover why Skyblock has been deleted even when renamed to Islands.

what happened to skyblock ? I had so much progress on that game so I hope u will bring it back and we will have all our progress

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Did Roblox Get Sued By Lego

Since 2010, Roblox has taken a STRICT policy against anything that resembles lego in any fashion, as they were subject to a lawsuit by LEGO because of the similarities of both platforms. A settlement of the lawsuit was to change the Roblox studs from circles to squares.

What Is The Best Pokemon In Brick Bronze

Blaziken Protect + 3 attacks : A+ Tyranitar. Stealth Rock : A. Mega Scizor. Swords Dance Tank : A. Mega Lopunny. Fast attacker : A. Mega Metagross. 4 attacks : A. Greninja 4 attacks : A. Suicune. Calm Mind + Rest : A- Tangrowth Physical defensive : A-

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I Think I Know Why Pokemon Brick Bronze Shut Down


most likely

iibaconYT said:I was mad when it shut down since i lost my robux i spent. Heres why brick bronze shut down.Nintendo told roblox to shut the game down because remember, nintendo has a history of shutting fan games down. Pokemon brick bronze is a fan game using 3d models from the pokemon x and y games. Thats my reason why Brick bronze is gone

Pokemon Brick Bronze Is Back

80% of my posts are bad jokes


heres a link to the new game: and the Group as a bonus llets hope this game wont be deleted

it wont come back, its just another rip off of those pokemon roblox games.Nintendo doesnt even know about this, if they knew the would send a claim right now.

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Can You Play Roms On Iphone

Emulation on iOS devices has been possible for a long time if youre jailbroken. Its still the preferable method because its easy to install emulators, ROMs, and use controllers. You can still run emulators if youre willing to do a little work and keep your eyes peeled for rogue apps that make it into the App Store.

Pokemon Brick Bronze Creation

The Pokemon Brick Bronze game was created by a variety of developers and loosely followed the concept of the original pokemon TV series. The game began with you waking up in your house and then going on a quest to get Pokemon characters. You then went through the game collecting and battling Pokemon just like was depicted on the Pokemon TV series.;

The main creator goes by the name Lando64000 and currently has 18 different games inside of Roblox that him and his team have created. That number doesnt include games that have been banned or deleted such as Pokemon Brick Bronze.;

Surprisingly even with how strict Nintendo is the game actually lasted over three years on the Roblox platform before it was banned and deleted. No one is sure if it took the creators that long to give in to Nintendo or if Nintendo just never realized the game existed inside of the Roblox World.;

Of course the game was popular because of the Pokemon element but it was also popular because of the ability to play with or against friends inside the game as well. That and the fact that playing the game only cost 25 Robux which is the equivalent of about 30 cents!;

To see some actual gameplay of Pokemon Brick Bronze from before it was deleted you can check out the video below.;

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Was Pokemon Brick Bronze Deleted

unfortunately, pokemon brick bronze has been deleted due to Nintendos strict copyright. many fans of the game are heartbroken, many spent all their Robux all their time and all their effort on this beloved Roblox game. all the money that people spent, all the time people spent and the emotional attachment some had

Can You Play Pokemon Duel Offline


Pokemon Duel, the mobile strategy title with board game inspired mechanics, will be taken offline in October. The Pokemon Company announced today it will take iOS and Android title Pokemon Duel offline October 31. Its a free-to-play game where players can spend real money on more plates and Boosters.

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Why Did The Pokemon Brick Bronze Was Deleted


oblox20 said:ROBLOX Administrators were scared that they as a company would get sued by Nintendo so they took the game down for copyright infringement and use of sprites outside of pokémon games made by game freak and nintendo. that is the reason as far as i know.

probably won’t be online yet so”Why Pokemon Brick Bronze got deleted”


Why Pokmon Brick Bronze Is Banned

For people that still blame Nintendo

The game got deleted because it doesnt have Nintendos Copyright Policy. The developers only care about making money on PBB without realising that they didnt get the Policy. And the game got deleted. So yeah, the developers was careless about buying the Policy and they only care about money.


was smart enough to know that and use his own music to the game. but the PBB development team kick him out of the team. The team also says that hes being dramatic without realising what he said about the Copyright is true and kick him out of the team.

If you dont understand what Im saying then here is a shorter version:

PBB dont have the copyright policy so it got deleted by Nintendo.

They also used sprites from the actual Pokemon game,they didn’t even bother making their own.For those of you wondering why the other Pokemon games aren’t banned it’s because they made their own models like how project Pokemon does.It was the PBB developers fault for not paying much attention to copyright.

So stop blaming Nintendo on banning pbb cause Nintendo was on the Verge of sueing Roblox,and that could be the end of Roblox.

The real games are expensive but the people at Nintendo spent alot of time making those games,and they weren’t happy with someone stealing their stuff without their permission

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Should Nintendo Be Blamed For The Game Being Banned

It is important to realize that the original games that are made by Nintendo are really expensive to not only purchase but also to create. There are no exact numbers released by Nintendo about the costs to develop specific games and estimates are hard to make because people are often working on many projects at once which makes exact numbers hard to pin down. There has been speculation that most games cost well into the tens of millions of dollars to develop but again no one knows for sure.;

Since the development of these games are quite expensive it is pretty obvious that Nintendo wants people to keep buying the games to pay for the development of the games and also net Nintendo a profit. If people can buy a Pokemon game in Roblox for thirty cents in Nintendos mind they are much less likely to buy a $60 game for their normal Nintendo platform. Whether this is true or not is anyones guess but Nintendo wanted to make sure that no one can play a Pokemon game without paying for it!;

Whether Nintendo should be blamed for protecting their copyrights is certainly up for debate. No one was actually stealing anything from Nintendo but they certainly based the game on the millions of dollars of work that Nintendo has done in the past.;

Why Is Pokemon Brick Bronze Banned

Roblox Deleted Pokemon Brick Bronze

Pokemon:Brick Bronze was blocked for copyright. The creator never asked for permission from the Pokemon creators. Since the creator of Pokemon saw this action they were not excited to see them using there logo and creatures called Pokemon, and since they used the same logo and creatures they were able to copyright it.

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Bring Pokemon Brick Bronze Back

0 have signed.At 10,000 signaturesAt 10,000 signatures————- ——————–

unfortunately, pokemon brick bronze has been;deleted due to Nintendo’s strict copyright. many fans of the game are heartbroken, many spent all their Robux;all their time and all their effort on this beloved Roblox game. all the money that people spent, all the time people spent and the emotional attachment some had to this game has gone to waste. not to mention the 3 years of hard work from the developers has gone;down the drain. I’ve decided to start a petition to bring this game back except;this time the developers can give Nintendo;credit

0 have signed.At 10,000 signaturesAt 10,000 signatures

Roblox: Why Did Skyblock And Islands Get Deleted

Skyblock and Islands have been deleted from Roblox because of a DMCA request.

The developer of Skyblock changed the name to Islands to avoid deletion, but Roblox still removed the game shortly afterwards.

It was believed that changing the name would prevent the game from being taken down, yet this turned out to be a fruitless effort.

We dont know when or if the game formerly known as Skyblock, Skyblox, and Islands will return, but its developer has said that theyre working to get the game back online and that peoples progress will not be lost.

Roblox just shutdown the game. We’re working our hardest to get everything back online. Your progress will not be lost.

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