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How To Evolve Magnezone Pokemon Go

How To Get A Magnetic Lure Module & What They Do

[Pokemon GO] How to Evolve Into Magnezone and Probopass

Magnetic Lure modules work in the same way as the standard ones that have been in the game since its launch. You can buy them from the Pokemon GO store for 200 coins and theyre used at a PokeStop.

Simply buy one, head to a PokeStop that doesnt have a Lure active, and use the item. Youll then be able to see the Magnetic Lures area around the PokeStop.

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How To Evolve Nosepass Into Probopass In Pokemon Go

Although Probopass is not required for the Hoenn Collection Challenge, its a damn good time to evolve Nosepass, as you can now collect plenty of Nosepass candy. The only problem is that youll need a special lure, which may end up being far rarer than anything else here. You will need a Magnetic Lure for this challenge.

All you need to do to evolve Nosepass into Probopass in Pokemon Go is to set a Magnetic Lure Module on a PokeStop – or just visit a PokeStop that someone else has set a Magnetic Lure on, of course – and then you will be given the option to evolve Nosepass for 50 Nosepass candy. A few taps later and youll have Probopass in your Pokedex.

Another Pokemon that will only evolve when in the proximity of a Magnetic Lure Module is Magneton, which can become Magnezone if you have enough candy and the correct lure module nearby.

Now we just need to figure out how to easily get Magnetic Lures in our bag

Thunder Shock + Discharge And Magnet Bomb

This is the most popular moveset for Magneton, and its finally not legacy anymore. Thunder Shock is the best fast move due to its superior energy generation.

Discharge isnt a terrific move, but sporting a lower energy cost than Zap Cannon makes it more accessible. Magnet Bomb offers Steel-type coverage, but is also a stronger choice during neutral matchups.

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How To Evolve Slowpoke Into Slowking In Pokmon Go

Evolving Slowpoke into Slowking works in much the same way as evolving your Poliwhirl into a Politoed.

Like the evolution chain above, Slowking comes as a branching evolution from Slowpoke, acting as an alternative to Slowbro. Interestingly, as youll see in our best Pokémon in Pokémon Go listings, both Slowbro and Slowking have identical stats, meaning the choice to evolve for one or the other is purely down to your personal preference and for completing your Pokédex, of course.

Again, as above, to evolve your Slowpoke into a Slowking simply use your stored up Candy, and a Kings Rock, to evolve it via the usual in-game menus.

  • Slowpoke to Slowking Evolution cost 1 Kings Rock and 50 Slowpoke Candy.

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How To Get A Magnetic Lure Module In Pokemon Go

Magneton no longer able to evolve into Magnezone ...

Magnetic Lure Modules are pretty rare in Pokemon Go. The best and easiest way to collect one is to buy one for 200 coins from the in-game shop, which is a fairly high price to ask – I know Id rather get an expansion to my bag or Pokemon storage. Regardless of which you think is best, this is the only way to get a Magnetic Lure Module if you desperately need one.

To earn coins quickly and easily, make sure to visit Pokemon Gyms which belong to your team whenever possible and put one of your own Pokemon in there – a powerful one, if possible. This will ensure you get coins at the end of the day, up to 50 a day. It might take four days to save up, at least, but its always worth stocking up on coins for your next upgrade or lure module.

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Whats New In Pokmon Go

November is a packed month for Pokémon GO fans, with developers Niantic unveiling a number of in-game events that will be taking place between now and the end of the month.

Supereffective Week runs from Tuesday 19 November 19 at 9pm PST to Tuesday 26 November at 1pm.

During it, Pokémon that might be strong partners in battle against Team GO Rocket and other Trainers will be appearing more often in the wild, in raids, and in Field Research.

If youre lucky, you might also encounter a Shiny Tentacool, and bonuses include 2× Stardust from Trainer Battles, more Potions and Revives from PokéStops and guaranteed Charged TM from three-star raids.

The first Pokémon GO Friend Fest also takes place between Wednesday 27 November at 9pm and Monday 2 December at 9pm.

During it, youll encounter family-themed Pokémon such as Nidoran, Nidoran, their Evolutions, and more in the wild and in research tasks.

Bonuses include 1/2 Stardust trade cost, the ability to make two special trades per day and an attack boost when you raid with friends.

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By Step Guide On How To Get Magnezone In Pokemon Go

Step 1: Catch multiple Magnemite and Magneton until you have at least 100 Magnemite Candy. You can transfer some Eevee to Professor Willow for extra Candy but make sure to keep at least one for evolving.

Step 1.5: If you dont already have a Magneton from this process you will need to collect 25 extra Magnemite candy then evolve a Magnemite into Magneton.

Step 2: Defend gyms with your Pokemon to earn at least 200 Pokecoins.

Step 3: Use the 200 Pokecoins to purchase a Magnetic Lure from the shop menu.

Step 4: Use the Magnetic Lure on a Pokestop and stay within its radius.

Step 5: Give your 100 Magnemite Candy to a Magneton. Dont leave the Pokestops radius during this and make sure the lure doesnt run out before you do this step. Lures last 30 minutes.

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How To Evolve Probopass And Magnezone In ‘pokmon Go’


Things are mighty complicated with this new drop of Gen-4 creatures in Pokémon GO. Not only do we have some new semi-branching evolutions, we’ve got a whole new suite of lure modules that attract particular kinds of Pokémon as well as cause others to evolve. We’ve already been over Leafon and Glaceon, but read on to find out how to evolve your Nosepass and Magneton into Probopass and Magnezone.

The method for evolving Probopass and Magnezone is the same as evolving Leafeon or Glaceon. First off, you’ll need a magnetic lure module. The easiest way to get one is just to buy it in the store, and then drop it on the Pokéstop of your choosing. You need to go within range of the Pokéstop and then select either Magneton or Nosepass: you’ll get a new evolution option that will allow you to evolve them one step further so long as you have enough candies.

You don’t technically need to buy the magnetic lure module. Someone does, I should say, but it doesn’t need to be you. You can use other people’s lure modules, just like normal lure modules, so you could either coax a friend into buying one or go into a populated area and hope someone else has done so: Community Day is a good day for that.

But we gotta catch ’em all. In my case, that means grumbling about microtransactions even as I make them. Which I have to imagine is a fairly common experience.

Niantic Says To Evolve Nosepass Into Probopass In Pokmon Go If You Want A Pokmon With An Even Bigger Nose Than Nosepass

Trying All 3 NEW LURES | How to Evolve Leafeon, Glaceon, Probopass, Magnezone | Pokémon GO 0.143.2

The Searching for Legends event has been announced for Pokémon GO. Read on below to learn more:

Sniff out Legendary Pokémon in the Searching for Legends event!


Were kicking off the Season of Legendswith a search for Legendary Pokémon! Anysuccessful search requires a good sense of directionand if theres one Pokémon equipped to help in that regard, its Nosepass. The Compass Pokémon will be appearing in greater numbers to help you sniff out leads alongside a variety of Ground-, Rock-, and Steel-type Pokémon.

Date + Time

Tuesday, , 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to Sunday, March 14, 2021, at 8:00 a.m. local time


  • The following Pokémon will be appearing more often in the wild: Diglett, Geodude, Magnemite, Nosepass, Aron, Baltoy, Roggenrola, Drilbur, and more. If youre lucky, you might find a Shiny Nosepass!
  • The following Pokémon will be attracted to Incense: Alolan Diglett, Alolan Geodude, Magnemite, Nosepass, Aron, Lairon, Beldum, Roggenrola, Drilbur, and more.
  • The following Pokémon will be hatching from 5 km Eggs: Magnemite, Nosepass, Aron, Baltoy, Beldum, and Drilbur.
  • The following Pokémon will be appearing in one-star raids: Alolan Diglett, Nosepass, Roggenrola, Drilbur, Ferroseed, and Klink.
  • The following Pokémon will be appearing in three-star raids: Alolan Graveler, Magneton, Skarmory, and Metang.
  • Complete event-exclusive Field Research tasks and Timed Research to encounter Pokémon like Nosepass!

The Pokémon GO team

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Pokemon Go: How To Evolve Magneton Into Magnezone

Everything you need to know!

Magneton is a very unique Pokemon in Pokemon Go, since it can only be evolved under very particular circumstances. Heres what you need to know about evolving Magneton into Magnezone!

Magneton can only be evolved into Magnezone when youre within range of a PokeStop that has an active Magnetic Lure Module. Magnetic Lure Modules were added to Pokemon Goin 2019 along with Glacial and Mossy Lure Modules. When a PokeStop is boosted by a Magnetic Lure Module, Electric-, Steel-, and Rock-type Pokemon will be attracted to the PokeStop for a limited time.

While some of these special Lure Modules have been given away to players for free, you can purchase a Magnetic Lure Module at any time in the in-game Item Shop for 200 PokeCoins .

When youre ready to evolve Magneton into Magnezone, head to a nearby PokeStop and activate the Magnetic Lure Module. While youre still within range of the PokeStop, open up your Pokemon storage and tap the Magneton you want to evolve. Youll see the evolve button has appeared! You can then evolve Magneton into Magnezone using 100 Magnemite Candy.

Heres something important to keep in mind: Anyone near a PokeStop with an active Magnetic Lure Module can take advantage of its effects. Its possible you may come across a PokeStop that someone else has already boosted with a Magnetic Lure Module, and if thats the case, you can easily evolve Magneton into Magnezone without using any of your own Lure Modules.

How To Evolve Magneton Into Magnezone In Pokmon Go

Typically when youre ready to evolve a Pokémon in Pokémon Go, all you have to do is give it enough candy of its base form and then evolve it. Magneton is a little bit different. When you want to evolve it into a Magnezone, you have to take a few more steps than that and make sure you have a Magnetic Lure module. These modules are items you can directly purchase in the Pokémon Go shop for 200 Poké Coins. You can earn them from increasing your trainer level at certain points, or you can earn them from completing special research tasks. When youre ready to use the Magnetic Lure, youre half way there to evolving your Magneton.

To use your Magnetic Lure, you need to be in range of a Poké Stop. All you have to do is click the Poké Stop and hit the top icon that looks like a lure module. If thats empty, the Poké Stop can accept a lure module. If a lure module is already being used, itll tell you, and youll have to wait for it to wear off before using it. All lure modules last for 30 minutes. You can pick the Magnetic Lure module from your inventory when youre ready.

Youll also need 100 Magnemite candies. You can obtain these by walking with Magnemite or Magneton as your buddy or capturing Magnemites in the wild. Once you have 100 candies, and youre in range of a Poké Stop with a Magnetic Lure activated, youll be able to evolve it receive your Magnezone.

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Pokemon Go Has A Plethora Of Other Items That Players Can Use For Special Purposes Such As Evolution Learn More About Pokemon Go Kings Rock Here

Pokemon Go is a handheld game that has risen to popularity over the years. Pokemon Go constantly provides new updates with content for the players to be occupied with. This new content involves, new pokemon to collect, new events to complete, new rewards to collect, and more. One of the latest things that Pokemon Go players are talking about is the Kings Rock. Numerous players wish to learn more about Pokemon Go Kings Rock.

How To Evolve Nosepass In Pokemon Go: Learn Step By Step Instructions On How To Evolve Nosepass In Pokemon Go What Is Nosepass And More

Pokemon Go: How to Evolve Magneton Into Magnezone ...

Every month, a new type of Pokemon is released to make the game interesting for the players. This is being continued right after the first launch as a mobile oriented game, and it has evolved significantly for sure since then. In this post, we are going to look at what is Nosepass, how to evolve Nosepass in Pokemon Go and more.

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when it comes to Nosepass, it is a rock type Pokemon from the Hoenn region. It comes under the rock type Pokemon and you have to eventually evolve it into a Probopass to complete a task in the game. In the coming section, well take a closer look at how to evolve Nosepass in Pokemon Go.

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Why Cant I Evolve My Magneton

While theres a variety of ways to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon GO, including a bunch of evolutionary stones like the Sinnoh Stone, Magnezone isnt a critter that benefits from having an item slapped onto it. If you want to evolve Magneton in Pokemon GO, youre going to need to use a Magnetic Lure Model.

Pve Offensive Moves Explanation

  • Spark is the higher DPS charge move, so it is almost always preferred
  • Charge Beam generates more energy, and can be superior if it can get out one additional Wild Charge given a short run, but the majority of the time it’s inferior.
  • Wild Charge is Magnezone’s best charge move, superior to Zap Cannon.
  • Flash Cannon doesn’t pair well with Magnezone’s Electric-type fast moves.
  • Return has no use.
  • Charge Beam beats Spark on defense, with higher power and energy gain.
  • Wild Charge is Magnezone’s only multi-bar charged move.
  • Flash Cannon can offer coverage against Ground-type attackers, but it may never be used.
  • Zap Cannon can deal massive damage if not dodged, but it’s too slow for use on defense.
  • Return is very hard to dodge and can be spammed frequently, but lacks damage output, STAB, and any possible Super Effective multiplier.

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How To Get Magnezone In Pokmon Go

We’ll tell you something: you’re in luck. Magnezone is not incredibly rare. In fact, it is the final evolution stage of Magnemite, which is one of the most common Pokémon encounters! There is currently only one way to evolve a Magneton into a Magnezone by evolving it near a Pokéstop equipped with a Magnetic Lure Module. We’ll cover the basics of how to do this below.

How To Evolve To Magnezone


To get Magnezone using the Magnetic Lure, simply make sure that your little character is in the area of the lure and that you have 100 Magnemite candies.

Then, find the Magneton you would like to evolve and you should be able to hit evolve. Just make sure that youre standing within range of the lure.

When out of the range of the lure, you wont see any evolve option on the page of the Magneton in your Pokemon collection. This does essentially mean that, unless youre defending a gym for a while to earn coins, a Pokemon is locked behind a microtransaction purchase.

Thats everything you need to know about how to get Magnezone in Pokemon GO. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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How To Evolve Probopass In Pokemon Go:

To evolve into Probopass you will need a Magnetic Lure module. Players can get this by buying one at the store for 200 Pokecoins .

If you dont want to spend money, Magnetic Lures will cost four days worth of Pokécoins from defending gyms.

Once you have a Magnetic Lure in your possession, simply touch the Pokestop youre at and add it to the location.

Then, in your Nosepass info screen, you should have the option to evolve something that isnt there if youre not in range of a Lure. Note: you have to spin the Pokestop first.

How To Evolve Magnezone In Pokemon Go

You’ve bought your Magnetic Lure Module in the shop, you now need to use the lure on a nearby PokeStop.

The lure will attract Electric, Steel and Rock type Pokemon around your PokeStop location for 30 minutes.

However, you need to go into your dex and choose a Magneton who you want to evolve into Magnezone.

If you don’t have a Magneton, you’ll need to make sure to evolve a Magnemite into one first, at a cost of 25 Magnemite candy.

Assuming you do have a Magneton, it will cost players 100 Magnemite candy to evolve Magneton to Magnezone.

And that’s it. You should now have a Magnezone in your Pokedex.

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Kings Rock In Pokemon Go

of reading words

Object raising a lot of questions in Pokémon Go, the Kings Rock is still very little known by many players. Some get it in their inventory without knowing what to do with it. Others, on the other hand, seek to obtain them in order to evolve their favorite Pokémon.

The purpose of this article is to help you answer any questions you may have about this item in order to get better and continue to progress in Pokémon Go.


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