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How Rare Are Dittos In Pokemon Go

Where To Catch Ditto In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: How to catch Ditto

Ditto remains one of the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon Go because it hides behind other Pokémon. Due to its transformation, you cannot see at first whether an encounter is a ditto. And in Pokémon Go, it changes its appearance regularly. So if you are looking for a Ditto for your collection or for your quest, it is important to know which Pokémon Ditto can hide behind.

To get Ditto in Pokémon GO, you need to catch as many Pokémon as possible. If youve caught one that is hiding a Ditto, youll see it at the end of the catch screen. Here, like when eggs are hatched, the question Oh? appears.

How to catch a Ditto in Pokémon GO video

A ditto emerges in the wild for everyone. Which means, if a player catches a Pokémon and it turns out to be Ditto, others can also catch the same Pokémon and thereby get a Ditto. It can also be attracted by lock modules or smoke.

Ditto is not only unique when it comes to catching, it also has its special features in the arena. So it doesnt appear as Ditto, but copies the first Pokémon it encounters in battle for the rest of the arena fight. It takes on appearance, type and attacks.

But: Ditto does not copy the CP value of the other monster in the arena fight. Instead, it receives its own WP value based on its own IV values and its own level, converted to the WP scale of the copied Pokémon.

An exception is when two dittos meet in the arena. Then no transformation takes place and Ditto remains Ditto for the rest of the fight.

Finding A Shiny Ditto In The Wild

One of the biggest changes in the Season of Mischief, which kicked off at the start of September 2021, is that Shiny Ditto will no longer be exclusive to the ticketed Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research.

This means all Trainers now have the chance to catch a Shiny Ditto in the wild. Doing this wont be easy, though, as Ditto takes on various disguises on the overworld. Check out our Ditto guide for the latest tips.

Its worth pointing out that this is the least likely way youll find a Shiny Ditto, though, and the following two methods will give you a greater chance of encountering one.

Is There A Rare Ditto In Pokemon Go

One of the earliest renditions of the Ditto, was a Glitched Ditto. This version of the Ditto was so rare that the powers it possessed were that of the Pokemon it had transformed into. It was one of the times when Ditto could retain information from the variations it had earlier transformed to. Can Ditto do that now?

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Pokmon Go Ditto Disguises September 2021

Ditto has numerous disguises it uses. As touched upon, you cant see Ditto in Pokémon GO. At least not on the world map or the finder. Its far too sneaky. During September, Ditto will also be available as a Field Research Breakthrough reward and it can be shiny, too!

Instead, youll need to target specific Pokémon who Ditto is disguised as in the game. Then youll need to cross your fingers that once youve caught said Pokémon, that it transforms into Ditto after the catch screen.

The current list of Pokémon that Ditto is disguised as can be found below:

  • Drowzee
  • Teddiursa

Youll notice that some of these Pokémon can be shiny. Shiny Ditto is also available. But it doesnt work quite like that. If you find a shiny version of any of these Pokémon, it will not transform into a Ditto . However, regularly coloured versions of these Pokémon can transform into Ditto and it could be shiny, even though the Pokémon you encounter is not!

The list of Ditto Disguises is always changing, especially when Pokémon get a shiny version in Pokémon GO. New events always have the chance to add a new Ditto disguise to look out for, so its important to check the disguise list regularly. For instance, we presume Whismur has been removed from the Ditto pool due to the release of its shiny version during Pokémon GO Fest 2021.

Be prepared to be disappointed quite a few times, but this is the best way to ensure you maximise your chances.

General Pokemon Go Ditto Information

Ditto List: Pokemon that can be Ditto and tips for finding ...

Ditto is a Normal Pokemon. While you will get 3 candy for catching it as is standard, there is no evolved form. You can power it up though as with other Pokemon with a combination of candy and Stardust. If you want to walk with Ditto as your buddy, it will earn a candy for every 3km achieved.

Once you’ve got a Ditto, mission complete! Until it inevitably appears again as a Special Research task, at which point you can refresh your memory by revisiting this page.

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Pokemon Go Smeargle Tips

There are some aspects to consider when trying to catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go:

  • If Smeargle is going to appear, it will be in the first photo you take each time you open the camera, so you don’t need to spam the photo button multiple times.
  • You can only catch one Smeargle per day – this resets at midnight local time, not 24 hours after catching the last Smeargle
  • The Pokemon you take a photo of doesn’t influence the chance of Smeargle appearing
  • We don’t know the exact chance of Smeargle showing up, so simply rinse and repeat the above steps until it does
  • Smeargle’s moveset will be copied from the Pokemon in the photo, so consider using stronger Pokemon if you want to use Smeargle in battle
  • Smeargle cannot copy Transform from Ditto, nor can it learn two Charged moves
  • Catching Smeargle contributes to the Cameraman badge
  • Smeargle will stay in the wild for an hour before disappearing
  • Smeargle can appear in a photo of another Smeargle
  • Smeargle can run away from you, so throw some Razz Berries if it’s your first one

Thanks to everyone over on TheSilphRoad subreddit for confirmation on these points!

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Ditto Is The Hardest Pokemon To Find

How to find ditto is one of the main issues of a Pokemon Trainer. Ditto is one of the many Pokemon found in Pokemon GO, Ditto is from Pokemon GO gen I. Ditto is very difficult to find in the wild. This is because Dittos appearance rate is very small and what makes it most difficult to find is because he appears not in his form. Every time he appears, Ditto always disguises himself as Pokemon GO. This is the main cause of many Trainers who complain that it is difficult or maybe they have never met Ditto in the wild.

In its common state, Ditto is a light-purple or pink, undefined Pokémon with minimal facial highlights. The face comprises a basic mouth and beady eyes. It additionally seems to have two pseudopods distending from its body that it utilizes as arms. It is fit for changing into a definite imitation of any actual item, including its structure and capacities. Nonetheless, if Ditto attempts to change into something dependent on memory, it might get a portion of the subtleties wrong.

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Each Ditto has its own qualities and shortcomings with regard to change. The anime and the TCG have demonstrated that periodically Ditto cant change its face. It will likewise be not able to stay in a changed state in the event that it begins giggling. While its change capacity permits it to coexist with nearly anything, it doesnt coexist with its own sort.

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Shiny Ditto Via Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research

Beginning on February 20, 2021, Trainers who purchased a ticket for the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event were able to complete a Special Research story that guaranteed an encounter with Shiny Ditto.

Theres no way to access this Special Research anymore if you didnt already purchase a ticket for the Kanto event, but if you do have access to the Special Research, you can find all of the tasks and rewards below.

  • Claim Reward
  • Claim Reward
  • Claim Reward

Total Rewards: 150 XP, Incense x 3, Charmander/Bulbasaur Encounter

How Rare Are Dittos In Pokemon Go

Catching Ditto In Pokemon GO (100% REAL)

The chances of them being a Ditto appear to be very slim the exact stats on its rarity are unclear currently so its a case of catching as many Pokémon as you can until one appears. When you have it, itll slot into your Pokémon Bag like any other, and can be given Candy to upgrade, and taken into Gyms for battle.

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Where To Find Ditto In Pokemon Go

Ultimately, it comes down to sheer luck. When exploring the world, Ditto has the chance to appear when capturing one of these Pokemon.

  • Paras
  • Bidoof
  • Foongus

Once the player has captured one of these Pokemon, it has the chance to transform into its natural form of Ditto. The real heartbreaker here is that it is extremely rare to find a Ditto, making it one of the most challenging Pokemon to encounter in the game. Players can increase their chances of finding more Pokemon by using Lures and Incense items but there is no direct way to make any of these Pokemon change into a Ditto. Hopefully, the game will host an event to help players find this elusive Pokemon. For now, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Pokemon Go is hosting tons of events to celebrate the series 25th anniversary. Collection challenges, Community Days, Shiny Raid battles, and so much more. Its only February and the events just keep on rolling out. Ditto might make an appearance during one of these events if the player is lucky enough.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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Pokemon Go Meltan: How To Catch The Hex Nut Pocket Monster

If you’re wondering how to catch Pokemon Go Meltan, you’re certainly not the only one. Meltan was the first Pokemon in Gen 8 to be revealed and it was introduced via Pokemon Go, as a mysterious silhouette for players all over the world. Getting Meltan in Pokemon Go isn’t a simple task now though because it can’t be caught in the wild, you need to enlist the help of someone who can either trade it to you or obtain a copy of gasp another game! Here’s how to get Meltan in Pokemon Go and all the steps you can take.

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How To Catch A Ditto Plus: What Pokmon Ditto Is Disguised As September 2021

Catching a Ditto in the wild is a bit tricky, because it will disguise itself as other Pokémon and not reveal its true form until after its been caught. This means your chances of catching one in the wild are a bit slim, as they already don’t spawn frequently.

That being said, there are certain quests and challenges you can complete that will reward you with a Ditto; for September, the Research Breakthrough and the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research quests will reward you with one.

If you want to try your hand at finding one in the wild, though, there are eight different Pokémon that Ditto is disguising itself as this month. You’ll want to look for a Gastly, Drowzee, Remoraid, Teddiursa, Gulpin, Numel, Dwebble, or a Foongus.

Of course, not every one of these Pokémon you find in the wild will be a Ditto in disguise you’ll have to capture them to see if you can find one, and it’ll likely take multiple tries before you do. But if you’re determined to be a Pokémon master, you’ll persevere.

How To Find And Catch Ditto In Pokemon Go

Everything you need to know about Ditto in Pokémon GO

The whole point of Ditto is that it is a disguise-based Pokemon. It likes to shape shift and hide itself as other Pokemon – and that’s what it does in the wild.

Essentially, to catch a Pokemon Go Ditto you only have one route open to you – to catch the Pokemon that Ditto is hiding as and hope that Ditto will appear from one of them. The Ditto List – Pokemon it disguises itself as – is changed every now and then in Pokemon Go, and we’ll do our best to keep this page updated to match that.

Ditto doesn’t have any tells – it’ll look & act like the Pokemon it’s hiding at until the moment it’s caught. All you can do is catch the Ditto disguise list Pokemon and hope. In addition, the disguises rotate semi-regularly.

If you’re struggling to find one of these critters, here’s one tip: Ditto is harder to catch than the Pokemon it hides as. What we mean by this is that a Pokeball is less likely to succeed on a Ditto of the same CP as the Pokemon it’s hiding as – so if you see a lower CP Pokemon from the list on this page that seems to be mysteriously avoiding capture, it might be worth using a berry and an Ultra Ball, just in case. With that said, there’s no guarantee. The spawn rate is pretty brutal.

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Tip #1: These Are The Ditto Disguise Pokmon

The only method you can use to catch a Ditto is to go after the Pokémon Ditto copies. Remember that these Pokémon wont look any different on your map, so youll just have to catch every one you see until you get your Ditto.

Note: This list of Pokémon which can be Dittos changes all the time it used to include Paras in February, but this is no longer the case as of March 2021, but other than Paras everything has remained the same.

Heres a complete list of the Ditto disguise Pokémon for March 2021:

  • Hoothoot;
  • Bidoof;
  • Foongus;

How do you know one of these Pokémon is a Ditto? After you catch one, instead of saying Catch the word Oh? will pop up above the Pokémon’s head, and Ditto will reveal itself. This wont happen until after the Pokémon is caught, however, so make sure you actually catch the Pokémon and dont give up early.;

If you think that a little Hoothoot is taking a long time to capture and, for example, keeps breaking out of the Pokéball, chances are that this will be a Ditto as they are much more stubborn to catch. At least, this was the case for us when we caught a Ditto disguised as a Hoppip last month.

Catching a Ditto will take a great deal of time and patience because theres no surefire way to tell which one is a Ditto, so be prepared for a long slog. However, there is a good strategy you can use here to help make the task go a bit quicker, which brings us to our next tip…

How To Catch Ditto In Pokemon Go In September 2021

Ditto is one of the most elusive Pokemon in the entire franchise, especially in the mobile game Pokemon GO.

September 2021 is on its way, meaning more chances to play Pokemon GO and more chances at catching the rare Ditto. The month will even see Niantic bring Shiny Ditto back to Pokemon GO.

There will be multiple ways to catch Ditto in Pokemon go during September 2021. Players won’t have to rely on luck with wild Pokemon for the entirety of Ditto’s encounters.

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We Wanted To Trade Those But A Lot Of People Just Kind Of Gave It Up Let It Rest Didnt Really Think About It

But randomly during a community day that happened later on the ability to trade deoxys was temporarily unlocked probably not on purpose.

I would imagine but could you imagine being the person during a random community day just trying to trade themselves a deoxys and it actually going through and not only.

That getting yourself a lucky variation and to put the cherry on top getting a 100% Ivey. Now I have not personally seen a 100% ivy but we have seen those lucky variation knowing that at one point in time.

This was possible which in my opinion would make it single-handedly. One of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon go to be honest with you I had a ton of fun making this post.

I would love to hear what you think about this in the comments section below.

Using Ditto In Gyms And Battles


Once you actually have Ditto, youll find it has an intriguing use in Pokemon gyms. Take it into battle and youll find that it transforms into its first opponents form and takes on that Pokemons move set, while keeping its own CP. Bear in mind though, it only changes form once for the first opposing Pokemon it encounters so youll be stuck with that one for the full gym battle.;

If you want to take Ditto into battle against another trainer, it will transform into the opponents first Pokemon and copy its moves, attack and defensive stats, and type. However, it will not keep the Pokemons HP stat, so Ditto wont last in battle as long as trainers will want.;

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