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Pokemon World Scale Figures

Pokemon Scale World Professor Kanto Region Professor Oak Set

*NEW* Pokemon Scale World Articuno, Zapdos, & Moltres Figures

Release Date: October 2019

Professor Oak with Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur joined the Pokemon Scale World as a Premium Bandai Exclusive, with the mini-figures boasting stunning attention to detail. This set of 1/20 scale figures also comes with three patches of grass and the table holding the three Pokeballs found in Professor Oaks lab.

Pokemon Scale World Hoenn Region Steven Stone & Metagross

Release Date: August 2021

The next trainer joining the world is the suit-wearing Steven Stone, and just like the other trainers, he is partnered with the Pokemon type he specializes in. In this case, Steven specializes in steel-type Pokemon, which makes Steel/Psychic-type Metagross the perfect partner for him.

Pokemon Scale World Kanto Region 02 Set

Release Date: May 2020

In the second Kanto Region set, you can find Blue with a menagerie of Poke-friends from the first games. The full set comes with a 1/20 scale figure of Blue, three patches of grass, Pidgeotto, Vulpix, Magikarp, Rattata, Pidgey, Oddish, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Ditto. The mini-figures could be purchased as a set from Premium Bandai and other hobby shops, or as randomized blind boxes.

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Pokemon Scale World Rillaboom

Release Date: September 2020

Rilaboom, the final evolution of Grookey, is set to join the Pokemon Scale World series in September 2020, and is available for pre-order on Premium Bandais official store. The set is available for pre-order on Premium Bandai and is expected to be shipped in September 2020.

Pokemon Scale World Johto Region Set

Pokemon Scale World Kanto: Professor Oak Set

Release Date: January 2020

The first Johto Region set to come from Pokemon Scale World featured protagonist Ethan and his Pokemon friends Tyflosion, Quilava, Cyndaquil, Aipom, Totodile, Chikorita, Unown, Espeon, Umbreon, male and female versions of Wobbuffet, Aipom, Pichu, and Togepi. You could buy the complete set from premium Bandai, or separately as blind boxes.

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Pokemon Scale World Kanto Region Set

Release Date: October 2019

The first release from the Pokemon Scale World collection featured favorites from the original 151 Kanto Pokemon. Originally sold as blind boxes under Bandais Shokugan range or from Premium Bandai as a set, this first release included 1/20 scale mini-figures of Red, Mewtwo, Mew, Pikachu, Eevee, Charmander, Charmeleon, Eevee, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Squirtle, and Wartortle.

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Pokemon Scale World Hoenn Region Set

Release Date: June 2021

The Hoenn region is ready to join Pokemon Scale World with not one, not two, but eleven new figures! The first Hoenn Region set consists of trainers May and Brendan, with figures for the starter Pokemon of that region: Treecko and its evolution, Grovyle, Torchic and its evolutions, Combusken and Blaziken, Mudkip, and its evolution Marshtomp. Two more beloved Pokemon from the region, Poochyena and Skitty, are joining the party too.

Hoenn Legendary Pokemon Scale World Figures Will Appear This Year

NEW 4th Gen BDSP Pokemon Scale World Figures | Sinnoh Region

Bandai opened pre-orders for Pokemon Scale World figures of Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza in Japan. The figures are expected to be finished and shipped in late 2021.

The Japanese press release claimed that Groudon and Kyogres figures will have the largest volume in the series to date. These figures will 1/20 scale replicas, compared to the actual Pokemon sizes. The press release also shared a photo showing how a 1/20 Groudon looks like on an adults hands.

The Groudon figure will launch first in Japan in October 2021. Kyogre and Rayquaza will follow the next month in November 2021. All three figures will come with a piece of soda-flavored chewing gum. Rayquazas figure will also have a cloud-shaped pedestal to depict it flying in the sky.

Pre-orders of these Pokemon Scale World figures are immediately available on the Premium Bandai website. Bandai added that the figures might also be available at other storefronts and internationally outside Japan.

Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza are the main legendary Pokemon in the Hoenn region. They are featured as mascots of the third-generation Pokemon games on Game Boy Advance: Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. Remakes of the generation, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, appeared on Nintendo 3DS in November 2014.

All legendary Pokemon mentioned above are also available in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the newest eighth-generation titles immediately available on the Nintendo Switch, through The Crown Tundra expansion.

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Pokemon Scale World Galar Region Gym Battle Set

Release Date: March 2021

The next set for the Galar region is quite special. Here, we have the two player characters from Pokemon Sword and Shield yet again, but theyve had a costume change and can be seen in a uniform! Theyll be fighting alongside a total of four Pokemon to complete this unique set.

Pokemon Scale World Kanto Region Red Snorlax And Pokemon Flute Set

Release Date: August 2020

Red makes his second appearance in the Pokemon Scale World collection alongside Snorlax and the Pokeflute which was used to wake up the sleepy Pokemon on Route 7 in the first games. The set was available for pre-order on Premium Bandai, with August 2020 as the release date.

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Figures Pokmon Scale World Sinnoh Regional Set

Figures Pokémon Scale World Sinnoh Regional Set

Min size: Piplup 20×18 mm.

Max size: Empoleon 85×75 mm.

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Pokemon Scale World

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Pokemon Scale World The World Of Pokemon In The Palm Of Your Hand

Have you ever wished that you could wake up in the world of Pokemon and train your own horde of critters? A real-life Pokemon universe may be just a fantasy, but Bandais Pokemon Scale World line of highly-detailed figures is an excellent way to recreate the Poke-world! Each figure is a 1/20 scale version of the respective Pokemon or character, with over 60 fan favorites from the Kanto and Johto region to collect. Read on to see our roundup of all the figures in the collection and how to get your hands on these Japan-exclusive Poke-goodies. Enjoy!

Wally And Gallade Pokemon Scale World Figures Available To Pre

Bandai Spirits is set to release a Wally and Gallade Pokemon Scale World figure set. Pre-orders are currently open, with the figure set scheduled to ship sometime in July 2021. The Wally and Gallade Pokemon Scale World figure set will cost a total of ¥2,750 .

Similar to other Pokemon Scale World figures, this set will be made out of PVC and will be scaled to suit the sizes of already released figures. Like the previously released trainers, this set will also come with a trainer and their signature Pokemon. In this case Wally comes with Gallade, which had also joined him in Pokemon Masters EX when he appeared in the roster. You can take a look at the figure set below.

Wally and Gallade are part of the Hoenn line-up of Pokemon Scale World figures to be released by Bandai Spirits. However, other trainers from various regions have been released as Pokemon Scale World figures. This includes Nessa, Leon, Raihan, Allister, and Bea from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Just like Wally and Gallade, they each came with a signature Pokemon. Trainers and Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue are also available to purchase individually or in sets through the Premium Bandai storefront.

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