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Ditto Pokémon Home Accents Bean Bag Chair By Yogibo

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Unboxing & Review: Ditto Pokémon Bean Bag Chair
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Pokmon Center Launches Snorlax And Ditto Bean Bag Chairs


Pokémon Center has released Snorlax and Ditto bean bag chairs made by Yogibo as part of its Pokémon Home Accents collection.

The first-generation Pokémon, Snorlax, is known for sleeping in the most inconvenient locations and loved by fans for his cute and lazy appearance and impressive strength. Ditto is another first-gen Pokémon resembling a pink blob which can replicate any object or living creature. Pokémon Center and Yagibo recreate Snorlax and Ditto in the form of 7.5-pound/45 by 40-inch and 10-pound/45 by 30-inch bean bags. The inner and outer linings are composed of cotton and an elastane blend, with EPS foam beads filling the inside.

The Ditto and Snorlax beanbags are priced at $200 USD and are now available at the Pokémon Center website.

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Random: Look How Big This Ditto Beanbag Is

There is something wildly compelling about Large Pokémon. Everyone loves Fat Pikachu, or the $500 four-foot Mareep plushie, or the Snorlax bed, or the lifesize huggable Slowpoke, or…

…Or these new Pokémon beanbags from the Pokémon Center. The first one is Snorlax, and Snorlax has had his time in the giant Pokémon spotlight, so let’s take a look at BIG DITTO instead.

He is so big! And sure, he doesn’t have that signature Ditto slime-shape, but I can forgive him for that because he is TALL ENOUGH TO HUG.

Here’s some specs on the big boi, although honestly, they had me at “big Ditto”:

  • Measures about 45 inches tall and 30 inches wide
  • Filled with lightweight EPS beads to remain durable without sacrificing comfort
  • Weight capacity: 250300 lbs.
  • Part of the Pokémon Home Accents collection
  • Made by Yogibo for Pokémon Center
  • Assembled in the USA with domestic and imported parts.
  • Materials: 89% cotton and 11% elastane / 87% polyester and 13% elastane / EPS beads
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash delicate. External cover ONLY. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Not to be used wet.
  • Item Weight: 10 LB

That “Home Accents” collection includes some rather stylish cushions, art, bookends, blankets and more, but it’s mostly boring ol’ Pikachu. Everyone knows Ditto is superior. Look at him:

I love him. He is everything I need in my life. He costs $260 in Canada. Please stop me.

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New Ditto And Snorlax Bean Bag Chairs Designed By Yogibo Available Now At The Official Pokmon Center In The Us And Canada

A new batch of merchandise has been revealed for the Pokémon Center. Read on below to learn more:

New: Ditto & Snorlax bean bag chairs!

Cozy up to new bean bag chairs designed by Yogibo.

Check out new arrivals that just sprouted at Pokémon Center!

  • Ditto Pokémon Home Accents Bean Bag Chair by Yogibo
  • Snorlax Pokémon Home Accents Bean Bag Chair by Yogibo
  • 25th Celebration Johto Region Pikachu Poké Plush
  • Pikachu & Teddiursa Navy & Blue Lounge Pants

Koleksi Pokmon Home Accents Hadirkan Bean Bag Snorlax Dan Ditto Harga Rp2 Jutaan

Ditto Pokémon Home Accents Bean Bag Chair by Yogibo

Kawula Muda, pilih Snorlax atau Ditto, nih?

Kawula Muda, siapa penggemar setia Pokémon yang senang mengoleksi apapun yang berbau Pokémon?

Kebetulan banget, nih, karena Pokémon Center baru saja merilis bean bag Snorlax dan Ditto dalam koleksi Pokémon Home Accent yang diproduksi langsung oleh perusahaan bean bag dan furnitur, Yogibo, yang berbasis di New Hampshire, Amerika Serikat.

Snorlax sendiri merupakan Pokémon generasi pertama yang banyak disukai para pencinta Pokémon, karena karakternya yang suka bermalas-malasan. Namun, memiliki kekuatan yang mengesankan di balik wajah imutnya.

Sementara itu, Ditto juga adalah Pokémon generasi pertama lainnya yang berbentuk bak gumpalan merah muda, yang mampu mereplikasikan objek hingga makhluk hidup.

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Pokemon Launches Snorlax And Ditto Beanbags

Pokemon has put out tons of merchandise in its time, and the franchise is only growing bolder with its pieces. If you did not know, The Pokemon Center has capitalized on home goods and holiday pieces in the last few years. Now, a new release has hit the store, and it will bring die-hard Pokemon fans the beanbag of their dreams.

If you did not hear earlier this year, Pokemon has two new beanbags in its catalog. Snorlax is getting a new chair while Ditto joins the collection for the very first time. And now, you can order the home goods if you have the cash to do so.

The Snorlax and Ditto @yogibobags bean bag chairs are now available for purchase at the US/CA Pokémon Center Online


The Pokemon Center is selling its beanbags of Ditto and Snorlax right now. Each piece will run fans about $199.99 USD before tax and shipping. Obviously, the shipping on this item will be wild given the size of each beanbag. Snorlax is 30-inches wild and weighs up to 300 pounds. So when you go to buy this piece, well – don’t say we did not warn you.

If you want to know more about each figure, you can find their product details below. These beanbags will be a limited run, so it seems fans will be unable to get them once current stock is depleted. This means you may need to snag these ahead of time for the holidays. But given the reviews on these plush pieces, Snorlax and Ditto are worth it!

Bring Snorlax And Ditto Home With Huge Pokmon Bean Bag Chairs

Theres no shortage of delightful, oversized Pokémon furniture for your home. You can put your head inside a Gengar head pillow. Then wrap yourself up in its giant tongue. Or you can get snuggly inside a full bodysuit Caterpie Metapod. Fans of the franchise can even go old school with a classic Pokémon bean bag chair. But if thats too traditional for you, you can now adorn your home with versions that also double as giant collectibles. Check out these massive new Snorlax and Ditto bean bag chairs.

Snorlax! Ditto! We choose you! Were so excited to announce Pokémon Center x Yogibo, our first collaboration with @Pokemon!


Pokémon has teamed with Yogibo for a comfortable new collaboration. The official Snorlax and Ditto bean bag chairs, shaped like the fantastical creatures, measure roughly 45-inches tall, 30-inches wide, and 30-inches deep. These are big. Theyre also filled with lightweight EPS beads. Part of the Pokémon Home Accents collection, each weighs about ten pounds. The removable outer cover is washing machine safe though. So you dont have to lug your giant Pokémon bean bag chair to the dry cleaner.

Both Pokémon bean bag chairs are available to order through The Pokemon Centers official online store. The big bean bags come with a big price though. Each retails for $200 US. Theyre also currently available to customers in Canada.

Pokémon Center/Yogibo

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Welcome To Bean Bag Factory

We at the Bean Bag Factory believe that our chairs are The Best in the World.

It seems that Chapters Indigo, Kraft Foods, The University of Toronto, Pepsi, TIFF, Fido Phone, BELL, Atlantis Hotel n Resort and many more of our clients agree. That is why they have chosen Beanbag Factory chairs to create their comfortable lounge seating. Our chairs are Made in Canada for YOU they fit your unique body type perfectly whether you are a child or adult.

These chairs are your strongest most durable best friends who always welcome you with a warm hug. Just like a best friend BBF beanbags are there to support you, whenever and where ever you need them. You can make a BBF chill out lounge anywhere, anytime and invite all your friends and family to enjoy it. Enjoy superior comfort and sophisticated design.

Pokmon Center Offering Ditto And Snorlax Bean Bag Chairs

Pokémon Center has released official Ditto and Snorlax bean bag chairs as part of their Pokémon Home Accents collection.

Made in collaboration with the Yogibo furniture company, these Ditto and Snorlax bean bag chairs measure about 45 inches tall and 30 inches wide. They come filled with lightweight EPS beads for durability and comfort and have a weight capacity of 250-300 pounds.

The Yogibo x Pokémon Center Ditto and Snorlax bean bag chairs are available now on the Pokémon Center website. Each retails for $200 USD.

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These Oversized Pokemon Bean Bags Are Brilliantly Ridiculous

Snorlax and Ditto have been transformed into massive beanbags and we can’t get over how comfy they look.

The pair both come in at a whopping four feet tall and 30 inches wide and are available through The Pokemon Centre official store. This bizarre but also extremely welcome Pokemon item was made in collaboration with bean bag company Yogibo Bags.

The giant plushies – that are big enough to use as a seat by the way – will put you back just over $200 in the US and just over $250 in Canada. Unfortunately, there are no clues yet as to whether trainers from other parts of the world will get the opportunity to grab one of these squishy guys soon.

If youve ever aspired to be as comfy as a snoozing Snorlax…your time has come. Get cozy with our @yogibobags collab, now available in the #PokemonCenter! https://t.co/sysjlNNO29 https://t.co/xiT4jDRJGx pic.twitter.com/NAKkgK0qyv

This isnt the first unexpected Pokemon collab weve seen either. Just last year glasses company JINS released a Pokemon collection that featured glasses based on the likes of Pikachu, Mew, Eevee, and Snorlax. Not only this but jewelry company U-Treasure also released a Psyduck collection which features three different gold necklaces modeled after the easily overwhelmed Pokemon.

Will the experience of playing these new Pokemon games be enhanced on a Snorlax beanbag? Almost certainly, although we’re happy to do the research if anyone wants to send us a Snorlax…

These Pokemon Bean Bags Are Comfy & Adorable For Every Home

The Pokemon bean bags are available on Pokemon Centers website, which unfortunately only ships to the US and Canada for now. As their previous collection of swimming floats were available on eBay which ships to Singapore, stay tuned to eBays website for any potential updates of these bean bags making their way there.

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