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How To Get Pokemon Cards Psa Graded

Can You Send Cards To Psa From Canada

How to PSA Grade Pokemon Cards? – Beginners Guide

You are able to send cards to PSA from Canada. Many people worry about being charged duties when the cards come back to them. In order to avoid racking up extra fees, make sure you fill out the form to have the cards PSA graded correctly. When sending cards to PSA from Canada, you will pay a fixed fee, which covers their return.

This fixed fee has coverage for up to $50,000, which is more than enough to cover most peoples returns. However, one charge Canadians can expect is a GST on the grading fees. If any cards are of higher value, this could be a higher cost.

When filling out the shipping information to send your cards to PSA, you should always put # of cards for grading in the description. It is important to keep a copy of your shipping bill. This way, if any mistakes were made and you get charged customs, you can make a claim to get a refund.

Why Would I Want To Get My Cards Graded

A small minority of major collectors will actually use the PSA Grading service almost to compete with other collectors to get official grades on their best and rarest cards. When a card gets graded it has its own unique reference number with PSA which can be looked up on their website, there you can find information about how many of that type of card have been graded, general card info, and how many other cards of that kind in the world share the same grade.

Other collectors may simply want to get their most rare and valuable cards graded because not only do PSA give your card a grade they also encapsulate the card to completely protect and preserve it, so not only does it score a certain grade, it will be maintained.

Some people may not be big collectors, and may simply have a couple of cards from their childhood which have sentimental value to them, the grading process is a great way of having your card evaluated and protected and preserved in PSA casing.

Submit The Card To A Card

There is really only one way to have a Pokemon card graded, and that’s to submit it for examination to a third party company.

There are several trading card rating companies, although some are more notable than others. A few of the more well-known ones with solid reputations are Professional Sports Authenticators, Beckett Grading Services, and Sportscard Guaranty.

The process of submitting a card one wants officially graded is quite simple. Head over to the company of choice, fill out some basic information about the particular card or cards that need to be graded, and then follow the instructions provided to mail the cards in for evaluation.

Once the company receives the cards, they will be through an authentification process and then they will face a comprehensive grading examination. The card will be given a rating out of ten, with ten being the absolute best condition. Pokemon cards that receive a rating less than nine are, in most cases, not going to be worth a whole lot of money. There are a few exceptions to this rule, of course.

When a submitted card has gotten its official rating, it will then be encapsulated in a protective case. The case will receive a label at the top that shows the rating it earned as well as the name of the company that graded it. Finally, the Pokemon card will be mailed back to its owner.

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Is It Real And What Is It Worth

These represent the ultimate questions for collectors.

PSA has long answered the question as to the authenticity and grade for collectibles. And now, PSA completes the task by providing collectors with professional, independent appraisals for their PSA-certified collectibles.

PSA Appraisals provides collectors with a written appraisal that clearly identifies and states the value of the item, leading to ease of use for insurance estimates and estate planning.

Protect Your Collection with PSA Appraisals

Document the value of your collectible with your insurance carrier in the case of loss or damage.

PSA has no vested interest in the value of your item, leading to trustworthy & accurate results.

Your PSA Appraisal is supported by verified market data and is completely objective.

How It Works

Step 1

Eligible Items*

PSA or PSA/DNA certified items that meet our value or price requirements. Complete the form to get started.

*See FAQs for more details on eligible items.

Step 2

PSA researches your collectible and creates an appraisal report based on market data.

Step 3

You receive a written Certificate of Appraisal that is printed using special security-enhanced paper.

Ready to Have Your Item Appraised?

Please use the form to fill out the information below.

Certification NumberDescriptionUpload Files

Our Lead Appraiser

Michael Osacky, ISA AM

Frequently Asked Questions

Trading Card & Dual Grading Appraisal Pricing

Service Level

How Will My Cards Be Graded

Pokemon HD: Psa Pokemon Card Grading Uk

Each of these card grading companies has its own grading scores and sub-grades or qualifiers. And although their ratings are almost the same, each one would still hold different values in the marketplace. Meaning, a GEM-MT 10 Charizard graded by PSA would sell higher than a Pristine 10 Charizard from CGC. This is because PSA is the more trusted and reputable grading company between the two.

You can check out the different grading scales and sub-grades on these links:


In a nutshell, your Pokemon cards will be graded on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the lowest card grade you can receive.

Grade 1 cards are those that are damaged and have been worn out through time, whether by extensive playing or improper storage. Usually, these cards dont have any value, unless theyre extremely rare. However, even if thats the case, dont expect to get good returns from it.

Grade 10 cards on the other hand are those in mint condition. This means that there are no creases and discoloration, plus its print and cutting are impeccable.

Getting a Grade 10 card is close to impossible because youll not only have to preserve the quality of the card for a long time but also have a card with perfect printing and cutting. This means that even if you took good care of your cards if the manufacturers made a mistake in printing or cutting, you still wont get a Grade 10 rating.

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Why Should You Get Your Cards Graded

Out of all the trading cards of our generation, there is only a handful that became collectors items that can be resold for a good amount. If you kept your NBA trading cards, Magic the Gathering Cards, or Pokemon Cards in good condition, then theres a high chance that you can sell those for a good amount.

However, not every old trading card can be sold at a good price because there are a lot of factors that come in when pricing these goodies. One of which is the condition of the card. Old cards that look like they just came out of the box sell way more than cards that look aged.

Although you can check the condition yourself, you still wont be able to sell it at a good price unless its been verified by an authority. So, if youve kept your Pokemon cards in good condition, its time to get them out of your cabinet and have them graded!

Take Hd Photos Of Your Cards

For your safety, make sure you take a high-definition photo of your cards and keep it as a reference once your cards are graded and returned. This would be your insurance policy if something goes wrong during the card grading process.

Now that you know more about card grading, would you have your beloved Pokemon cards graded and sold, or would you rather keep them in the album where you kept them for the longest time?

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Criteria Psa Uses To Grade Your Card

Your card is considered perfect until flaws come into play. Flaws that could decrease the grade of your card include:

  • the card being miscut
  • a defect in the way that your card is printed
  • a card being stained
  • a card having damaged edges or corners
  • a card having blemishes, also known as marks
  • a card image being out of focus

Psa Graded Pokemon Cards

HOW TO GET PSA 10 POKEMON CARDS! | PSA Card Grading Process Explained

Lets take a look at some examples of PSA Graded Pokemon Cards that were stocking right now, and talk you through what all the information means and how a PSA graded card looks when you get it back.

Lets take a look at the cards information online using the barcode number on the front . Our Buzzwole GX 104/111 got a grade of Gem Mint PSA 10, the best a card can get. But anyone could write that on a case and make it look like that right? Fortunately there is a way to verify absolute PSA authenticity and grades, so Im heading over to and Im putting in 41498839 which is that cards unique identifier with PSA. Heres the info it produces:-

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The Psa Grading Scale

Now, lets explore the PSA Grading Scale. The key phrase here is card condition. The whole concept of grading is predicated on card condition. As an easy rule of thumb, the higher the grade, the better the card condition. And before we cover the grading scale, we must delve into the factors that influence card condition.

Package And Ship Your Submission

For the smoothest process, follow the shipping guidelines that PSA lays out. Prepare the cards for shipping and include the printed copy of your form. Dont forget to write the service level that you are using on the outside of the box. It helps in the sorting process and ensures that your cards are entered into the system as efficiently as possible.

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Psa Graded Pokemon Cards A Beginners Guide

So lately at Titan Cards you may have seen that weve been shouting about our newest Pokemon Card lines PSA Graded Ultra Rare and Secret rare cards sounds great right? But what exactly is PSA grading, and why would anyone want a PSA graded card? This article will give you a beginners guide to the ins and outs of graded trading cards, Pokemon and otherwise.

A selection of PSA graded Pokemon Cards we just put into stock this week.

Pokemon Card Grading Scale

Pokemon HD: Best Pokemon Cards To Buy Right Now

There are four key factors that effect the grade of your Pokemon cards:

1. Centering

This refers to how well centered the artwork on the card is. Grading services tend to be stricter with centering on the front of the card, compared to the back. They will also work off certain centering ratios to determine the grade of the card.

2. Corners

This refers to the condition of the corners. Anything like whitening, nicks, or unsymmetrical cutting can affect the grade of a card.

3. Edges

This refers to the condition of the edges of the card. Again, whitening, nicks and edgewear can affect the grade.

4. Surface

This refers to the condition of the surface of the card. Scratches, nicks print lines and even holographic bleed can affect the grade.

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Alternatives For Grading Pokemon Cards

As demand for PSA, Beckett and CGC shot up massively this past year, the desire for alternative Pokemon card grading services increased.

People wanted their graded encapsulated quickly, cost-effectively and locally.

Now I want to take this opportunity to say a massive shout-out to their entrepreneurs who took a risk, started their own grading companies and have a strong desire to serve the Pokemon community.

But, the big players have taken years to build their reputation among collectors, so this begs the question

Should you wait for the likes of PSA, Beckett & CGC to reopen and speed up or should you try these new grading companies that have sprouted up?

Heres my take

When to Hold Out For The Bigger Companies to Open

  • You have vintage Pokemon cards in near mint or better condition even more so if Holographic, 1st Edition, Error Cards, or rare Promos.
  • Previous cards have sold for a considerable amount of money the same card graded by a lesser known company wont be as valuable.
  • You have a valuable card and youre not looking for flip it quickly.

When to Try a New Grading Company

Ultimately, it comes down to you as a collector. If you like the idea of simply having your cards graded, protected and scored, then absolutely go for it and try these new companies.

But if you have cards that have high potential value, then Id probably wait.

How To Get Pokemon Cards Graded

The condition rating of a Pokemon trading card is of utmost importance when determining its value.

Other than long-time collectors, the majority of Pokemon fans wouldn’t know how to go about getting a card graded. A Pokemon card’s quality is determined by a professional examining almost every aspect of it, including the corners, edges, front, back, reflectiveness , and centering.

Having a card rated for quality and encased by a grading company will not only give it added protection, but also increase its value. Here’s how to get a Pokemon card graded.

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Attach A Pokemon Tool To 1 Of Your Pokemon That Doesnt Already Have A Pokemon Tool Attached

How to get pokemon cards graded. Thankfully, we have a very well trusted service here in the uk called graded gem, specifically to get your cards graded with psa. Psa can help you get the most for your cards. The grading company has a team of professional graders that grade pokemon cards, sports cards and other collectible cards.

If you are looking for graded pokemon cards, you can find them here on ccg castle. Rookie cards, autographs and more. A good job expertly executed and service second to none!

Buy from many sellers and get your cards all in one shipment! Troll and toad keeps a large inventory of all pokemon cards in stock at all times. Discover expert narratives, collecting articles, pricing, populations and checklists all in one place with psa.

If you send in about 30 cards at once, and catch a monthly special, you will probably spend about $10 per card. For anyone that collects pokemon cards as an investment, they usually tend to stick with psa graded cards as their main option. If your cards look like theyve been used and stored by a kid, then prepare for a lower grade.

How to grade pokemon cards if you live in the uk. Over the time, psa pokemon cards jump in value even for triple of its regular market price. With graded cards, buyers will be most confident that a graded card with a high score is authentic.

Pin on Pokemon Graded Trading Cards

An Introduction To Pokemon Tcg Psa Grading

How To Grade Pokemon Cards With PSA – How Does Grading Pokemon Cards Work?

I hope that everyone kicked off the New Year in a great way! Welcome back to my collecting article series here at ChannelFireball where I cover all things collecting in the Pokemon Trading Card game. My latest article was a holiday special, where I covered the greatest winter themed Pokemon cards, check it out if you havent! Before that, however, I covered some important topics including CGC card grading and more. In that article, I mentioned that similarly structured articles on PSA and BGS grading were on that way. This article is a deep dive into the world of PSA card grading. Whether you have heard of it before or not, sell cards or collect them, I am sure this article will have something for you! I have a lot to talk about, so lets get started with a look at the company itself. For more reading check out the rest of my line!

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What Is Crossover Grading

Crossover grading is for cards previously graded by other companies that you wish to cross over into a PSA holder. PSA will evaluate the card inside its current holder. If PSA deems the card worthy to cross over at the customers specified minimum grade or higher, the card will be removed from its holder and placed into a PSA holder. Regardless of the result, the grading price will be charged.

There are other third-party grading companies out there, but just one industry leader. We offer our crossover service for collectors who would like to enhance the security and elevate the value of their previously authenticated and graded trading cards. Switching to the most respected and premium brand, PSA, can do just that.

What Grades Can A Card Get

So you are sending off your card to PSA or another company that works with them to get your cards graded, but what do the scores mean?

PSA operate a ten point grading scale, when a card is sent in to them for evaluation theyll check the cards colouring, corners, edges, centring, authenticity and everything else about it and after that theyll give it a score between 1 and 10, 10 being the best quality card, 1 being the worst quality card. Lets take a look at what those scores mean specifically:-

There are some circumstances that will result in a card not receiving any grade on the above scale, these could be anything from obvious signs of doctoring, trimming or just general non-authenticity.

Ultimately if you are getting cards graded, you will want to be confident of getting good grades, whilst there are greater experts on the subject than myself, personally if I am paying to have a card graded and having it sent off to the states etc, I want to know that its going to grade reasonably well.

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