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Where Is Captain Stern In Pokemon Emerald

Pokmon Emerald Version Part 11 Slateport City And Route 110

Let’s Play Pokemon Emerald Part 17- Captain Stern Where Are You ?!?

Hello everyone welcome back last time we arrived at Slateport using mr. Briney’s boat to deliver the Devon goods to captain stern at the shipyard inside we find out that stern is not at the shipyard so we must go and find him

first stop is at the oceanic museum where we find lots of Aqua grunts inside

upstairs we find captain stern and two Aqua grunts attack me while we were talking

after defeating them Archie arrives and sees we are not team magma members and leaves with all his minions we then deliver the goods

downstairs a Aqua grunt gives us the tm for thief

since there is no gym in Slateport we head north onto route 110

we encounter a group of Pokéfans and a youngster later on

we also catch an electrike

shortly later we encounter may once again and have a battle

after beating her for the forth time she gives us a item finder

this raps up part 11 please leave a like and a comment if you enjoyed

Can You Get Both Bikes In Emerald

Yes, it is possible to get both the Mach Bike and Acro Bike at the same time. First, you need to show the Mach Bike to the Hex Maniac in the desert of Route 111. Next, you need to show the Acro Bike to a Bird Keeper in the area that requires the Acro Bike at Route 119, you will need Surf and Waterfall.

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How To Get Dive In Pokmon Emerald

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 205,240 times.Learn more…

Pokémon is a franchise that started with a video game series. In the games, your character must advance by battling, capturing, and evolving various creatures known as Pokémon. Different Pokémon have different moves. One such move is Dive. Dive can be used if you have Surf. Whenever you see a dark patches of water, use Surf to go near it and then use Dive. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, you can get HM08 from Steven right away, but it’s different in Pokémon Emerald.

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Get Scouted For Contests

Try to go north through the exit of Slateport, and you’ll hear some Ace Trainers say that Lisia and Ali aredoing a shoot. You will go over to the Contest Hall, and Lisia will choose you as the next trainer toparticipate in contests. She will give you the Contest Pass, which lets you participate in contests, andthe Pokéblock Kit, which lets you turn berries into Pokéblock candy for your pokémon.

If you feel like it, go into the Contest Hall and walk up to the front desk.Lisia will take you to the dressingroom and give you the Contest Costume.

Now you can go enter a contest. For more information, read theContest Guide.

After your first contest, a woman in the lobby will send Cosplay Pikachu to your PC Box. You will be the original trainer of this Pikachu. Read more about Cosplay Pikachu.

If you participate in a contest, be sure to talk to the people in the lobby of the contest hall afterwardto receive gifts from them.

How To Get Into Safari Zone Emerald

Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Ep8

The entrance is on Hoenns Route 121. 500, the player is granted entry and 30 Safari Balls. In Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, the player is limited to 500 steps and the player is only allowed entry if they also have a Pokéblock Case.

You asked, how do you get a Pokeblock case in Emerald? A Pokéblock Case is required before Pokéblocks can be made, to store the Pokéblocks that are made. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the Pokéblock Case can be obtained by speaking to a small girl in the Contest Hall in Slateport City. In Pokémon Emerald, she is in the Contest Hall in Lilycove City.

Best answer for this question, how do you get to hoenn Safari Zone? The Safari Zone is a gated off area in eastern-central Hoenn where you can catch a large number of different and rare Pokemon. This area can only be reached from Route 121. Head inside the building and speak to the man directly to the right.

Similarly, how do you get into the museum in Pokémon Emerald? In the games In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, the player must go to the Oceanic Musuem give Captain Stern the Devon Parts. However, they cannot enter the museum until they have talked to Dock on the first floor of Sterns Shipyard, who directs them to go to the museum to meet Captain Stern.

Quick Answer, what Pokemon can you catch in Safari Zone Emerald?

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    Ways To Get Plenty Of Coins In Pokemon Emerald

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    Reel Time greatly increases your chances of hitting jackpots. Unfortunately, it is activated randomly, so make sure to stack up on lightnings.

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    Step 1.) Get an interesting book, anything to keep you occupied. Step 2.) Go to Mauvile Game Corner. Step 3.) Hit up the roulette table on the right. Step 4.) Mash A for a long time while reading.

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    Where Can I Get Pokemon Omega Ruby Walkthrough

    Check BNN and Bulbanews for up-to-date Pokémon news and discuss it on the forums or in the Bulbagarden Discord server . From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. This is an in-depth walkthrough for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for the Nintendo 3DS. These pages detail the remade iteration, not Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.

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    Where Do You Get A Bike In Pokemon Emerald

    Once you reach here, make your way for the Pokemon Center. Just to the right of it, youll find the bike shop. Head inside and speak to Rydel. Hell offer you one of two bikes the Mach Bike, or the Acro Bike. The Mach Bike is faster, but wont allow you to do tricks on it, and is generally more difficult to control.

    Qui Est Le Capitaine Stern Dans Lord Of The Flies

    Let’s Play Pokemon Emerald Part 13: Defending Captain Stern

    Professionnellement, le capitaine Stern est responsable dune grande partie des moyens de subsistance de la ville. Il a construit le SS Tidal, un navire qui transportait des personnes vers et depuis Lilycove City et Slateport City. Il a également construit le Musée océanique et dirige le chantier naval Stern. Il a commandé les marchandises/pièces du Dévonien à la ville de Rustboro.

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    Pokemon Ruby/sapphire Game Cheat: Coin Case Walkthrough

    So, Kidzworld member Maria and asked, Where can I find my Coin Case? And, also, where can I find a Sun Stone in Pokemon Ruby? So, its Cheat Street time cuz Garys got a video game walkthrough for Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire that gives you the 411 on getting the Coin Case and the Sun Stone. Here it goes!

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    How To Get A Harbor Mail

    talk to the girl in mauville city then u have to have a bike with you.then go to sleatportand go to the mart and buy a harbor mail thengo back talk to the girl shell want to trade her coin case for your harbor mail. hopethis helps

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    this is so cool 8)

    Posted: apr 19, 2009 1:40 pm Unregistered Posted: jul 18, 2009 2:00 pm Unregistered

    go 2 slateport buy some harbor mail and trade it 4 a coincaseanyway what level does a kadabra evolve

    Posted: dec 27, 2009 2:20 am Unregistered Posted: dec 27, 2009 2:24 am Unregistered

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    Welke Fiets Moet Ik Kiezen

    In Omega Ruby en Alpha Sapphire krijg je de keuze uit twee fietsen: de Mach Bike en de Acro Bike, met enkele verschillen. De Mach Bike is razendsnel en kan modderige paden opfietsen, maar is iets lastiger te besturen. De Acro Bike is minder snel, maar kan trucjes doen zoals wheelies en sprongen, en kan zo smalle bruggen oversteken. Om alle hoeken en kieren van de Hoenn-regio te verkennen, zul je beide fietsen moeten gebruiken.

    Nu je een fiets hebt, kun je bovendien Cycling Road betreden op Route 110! Hier is onder andere een Manectite te vinden.

    Zodra je alle winkels gehad hebt, is het tijd om het op te nemen tegen de Gym Leader. Zorg dat je Pokémon gevechtklaar zijn, en ga dan naar de Gym in het noordwesten van de begane grond.

    Where Do You Get The Coin Case In Pokemon Ruby

    25E: Captain Stern

    This article will show you how to get the Coin Case in Pokémon Ruby. Get to Mauville City. Find a yellow looking house on the left side of the Pokemart. Head inside and talk to the lady. When the lady is finished talking, hand her over the Harbor Mail. In return, the lady will give you the Coin Case. Where do I get Harbor Mail in Ruby?

    Coins are gifted to the player in a variety of ways, the most notably being the playing of slot machines at the Game Corner. The second way to obtain said coins would be to purchase them from the counter at the Game Corner, in order to activate the machines. When selected in the Bag, the Coin Case will tell the player how many coins they have left.

    A Coin Case with 150 coins in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. The Coin Cases holds Coins, the currency of Game Corners. If the player does not have a Coin Case, they cannot obtain Coins, so cannot play any Game Corner games.

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    Which Is Better Huntail Or Gorebyss Pokemon Go

    Both are still water-type Pokemon, but these evolutions have slightly different styles Huntail has big ol teeth and looks like its a hunter that can swallow prey with ease, while Gorebyss is a cute-looking pink Pokemon that seems to take a slightly less brute-force approach to catching its prey.

    What Do You Do In Fallarbor Town Emerald

    Explore Town

    Lanette lives on Route 114 and asks you to meet her there. Check the crater in the bottom left of town to find a hidden Nugget. In Fallarbor Town you can find the Move Tutor, who will teach a pokémon any move that it could have learned when leveling up from level 1 to its current level.

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    How Do You Get The Acro Bike And Mach Bike In Pokemon Emerald

    Yes, it is possible to get both the Mach Bike and Acro Bike at the same time. First, you need to show the Mach Bike to the Hex Maniac in the desert of Route 111. Next, you need to show the Acro Bike to a Bird Keeper in the area that requires the Acro Bike at Route 119, you will need Surf and Waterfall.

    How Do You Awaken Kyogre In Emerald

    Pokemon Emerald: The Race – Part 10: Captain Stern

    Surf in the next room, hop in the currents until you are able to get to the top left door. Head through that and solve the puzzle in the next room. In the next room, simply follow the path around and take on Archie. After beating him, Archie will use the Red Orb to awaken Kyogre and it too will flee.

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    Where Is Captain Stern

    • Topic Archived
    rmac57 years ago#1Trying to give him the scanner but cant find him.FC 6940-2466-6116 ///
    BlueMageDanny7 years ago#2Hes at the Slateport Ship Dock.Formerly SigmaSlash.Not much of a GameFAQs user these days.
    rmac5 7 years ago#3#@& *No wonder I couldnt find himI did not have the scanner after all.. I did the side quest in New Mauville after the Elite 4, but didnt pick up the scanner. Ugh, gotta go back nowThanks, though

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    How To Get The Coin Case In Pokmon Ruby

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 73,350 times.Learn more

    In Mauville City theres a place to play games. If you earn enough coins, you can use them to buy TMs or buy rare Pokémon for example, Abra. This article will show you how to get the Coin Case in Pokémon Ruby.

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    How Do You Get Through The Mirage Tower In Pokemon Emerald

    It will disappear and reappear in the desert on Route 111 as the player visits and leaves the Route. The tower is four stories tall the top floor contains a Root Fossil and a Claw Fossil. To get to the top, a Mach Bike and Rock Smash are required. Wild Sandshrew and Trapinch can be found in the tower.

    Road To The Seventh Gym


    Now head back across the bridge Steven left you at.

    There is a trainer past the bridge.

    He will have Wingull, and


    Keep going to reach a double battle.

    Head past that area to find an area with tall grass.

    Go South from there to find a bridge.

    Keep going from there till you reach Route 121.

    A little ways up on the Route you will find a double battle

    Past that you will find Team Aqua heading to Mt. Pyre.

    Ignore them for now and head right to reach the next city.

    You will pass the Safari Zone and then meet a group of trainers.

    Past all these trainers is Lilycove City.

    Road to the Seventh Badge – Lilycove City

    Surf around the Mountain to find the entrance.

    Once there head inside.

    Go to the left of the entrance to climb the mountain.

    There is only one path up so just keep going.

    You will reach a misty area which means that your almost here.

    Keep going up and you will reach an area change to the Mt. Pyre Summit.

    Go up and there are a couple grunts waiting.

    Beat all of them and you will find out that Team Magma and Aqua have stolen the Orbs here

    Team Aqua will then leave.

    Their team will be the same, but now including a Tropius.

    Using the same strategy as last time is all you will need to beat them.

    Head right of the mall to find the move deleters house.

    You can now talk to him to delete any move you want including Hms.

    Head past his house to jump down some ledges to where the Aqua grunts are.

    Go past the house thats there so you can reach the coast.

    Head inside.

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    Is Pokecoins Free Legit

    Free PokeCoin Scams.

    Users spend the Pokecoins on such items as eggs to hatch rare Pokemons or incense to lure Pokemons. After users complete the process, they do not receive free PokeCoins. Instead, they are unwittingly enrolled in an affiliate program that makes money for the scammers. Fake Pokémon Go Apps.

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    How Many Coins Does A Pokemon Coin Case Hold

    A case for holding COINS obtained at the GAME CORNER. It holds up to 9,999 COINS. A case for holding coins obtained at the Game Corner. It holds up to 50,000 coins. A case for holding coins obtained at the Game Corner. It holds up to 50,000 coins. The Coin Case is an item found in the Kanto region games and it was introduced in Generation I.

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    Kumaha Kuring Asup Ka Tempat Nyumput Lilycove

    Pindah ka Kota Lilycove di wétan Hoenn. Anggo Surf pikeun ngarambat ka kalér-wétan ti pantai dugi ka anjeun manggihan guha nu boga fungsi minangka hideout Tim Aqua urang. Lamun overshoot guha, anjeun bakal ngajalankeun kana barikade of Wailmer. Lebetkeun guha sareng angkat ka panto di belah kalér-wétaneun rohangan lawang.

    Where To Find Scanner In Captain Stern Bulbapedia

    Pokemon Sapphire Playthrough Part 6 – Capt. Stern in Slateport!

    After gaining access to the HMs Dive and Surf, the player can go to the Abandoned Ship RSE / Sea Mauville ORAS in hopes of finding a Scanner.

    Captain Stern is an oceanographer who lives in Slateport City.

    Captain Stern Director Kusunoki
    Captain Stern in the anime
    Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

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    E: Captain Stern’s Special Mission

    First you should understand that there are actually two objectives here — to fight ALL of the Trainers on the routes we will traverse to gain levels, and of course to reach the

    So Fly to Dewford Town and head to the beach to the east, then use Surf to enter Route 107. You are going to follow Route 107 & 108 east until you reach out first destination, the shipwreck, and on the way you should battle the following Trainers:

    Swimmer Denise Sis and Bro Lisa & Ray Swimmer Darrin Swimmer Missy Swimmer Matthew

    Between the Trainers and the wild encounters you should easily pick up a level for one of your team members by the time you arrive at the shipwreck.

    A Mission for Good Captain Stern

    Abandoned Ship

    Head up the stairs onto the deck, but be mindful of the rotting deck plates will you? We are going to complete this part systematically — so follow along now…

    Enter the ship via the open hatch ahead — inside enter the first cabin through the broken door on the right. Step through the adjoining open passage to the cabin next door to fight Beauty Thalia and Youngster Demetrius, then use the passage in the north wall to exit the cabins, go left and enter the next cabin south .

    Inside this cabin is a treasure ball containing the Harbor Mail, and an empty trash can. Once you have this exit back into the hall and head east using the stairs down in the corner here.

    Shipwreck Level 2

    Upper Deck Area

    Use the middle door below as we are now ready to do that one!

    The Abandoned Ship


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