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How To Get To Isle Of Armor Pokemon Sword

Using A Wishing Piece In The Tower Of Darkness

How to get to the Isle of Armor – Pokemon Sword and Shield

First thing you need to do if youre looking to find Zoroark in Pokémon Sword and Shield is to locate the Tower of Darkness in the Challenge Road area of the Galar region made available with the Isle of Armor DLC. Usually, youll find that location in the top right of your map.

Once youve spotted it, head to the Tower of Darkness. Right behind the Tower of Darkness, you will find a mysterious Pokémon den hidden. This mysterious Pokémon den is in the form of a hole dug in the ground, so you know exactly what youre looking for.

Now, one essential you should make sure you have on you as you journey towards the Tower of Darkness is a Wishing piece because when you find the mysterious Pokémon den behind the Tower of Darkness, what youre required to do is to throw in a Wishing piece into the hole.

Dont think that throwing a Wishing piece into the mysterious Pokémon den automatically guarantees you a Zoroark. Not at all, its a game of chance in this case. If you get a Zoroark on your first trial, then youre darn lucky!

Sometimes, however, you do not get a Zoroark on your first trial of throwing in a Wishing Piece into the mysterious Pokémon den behind the Tower of Darkness but instead get some other Pokémon, for instance, a Sharpedo.

Thats how to get Zoroark in Pokémon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor. Always make sure you have a Wishing piece at hand and be full of hope. Youll surely find a Zoroark behind the Tower of Darkness.

How To Get Bike Upgrades In Pokmon Sword And Shield: Isle Of Armor

If you’ve already made the journey to the Isle of Armor in Pokémon Sword and Shield, you’ve probably seen other players on their bikes sparkling like Shiny Pokémon. Fortunately, getting your own bike upgraded is super easy. We here at iMore have a quick step-by-step guide to upgrading your bike and changing your biking outfit on the Isle of Armor.

How To Get Rowlet Litten And Popplio In Pokmon Sword And Shields Isle Of Armor Expansion


Bulbasaur and Squirtle arent the only starters you can find in Pokémon Sword and Shields Isle of Armor expansion. All three Alolan Starter Pokémon are obtainable, but you will need to put in quite a bit of work to get just one of them.

There is only one way to get the Alolan starters in Sword and Shield, and that is by participating in the Alolan Diglett search quest.

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There are 150 Alolan Diglett hidden around the Isle of Armor, with some areas of the map housing up to 20 of the Mole Pokémon in various spots. There are milestones you can hit within this side quest that will give you special rewards, mostly Alolan Pokémon with their Hidden Abilities, and this includes the starters.

You can find most of them by simply traveling around the new Wild Area, but to get Litten, Rowlet, or Popplio, you will need to find a majority of them. Once you send 100 Diglett back to their trainer you can head back to the NPC and he will give you one of the starters, with their Hidden Ability unlocked.

You can only claim one of these gifts, however, it will automatically be decided based on which Galar Starter you picked at the beginning of your journey.

  • 100 Diglett: Alolan Starter Hidden Ability
  • Rowlet Hidden Ability Long Reach
  • Litten Hidden Ability Intimidate
  • Popplio Hidden Ability Liquid Voice

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Added In The Isle Of Armor Dlc

The Armorite Ore was added to Pokemon Sword and Shield through the new Isle of Armor DLC, which released on June 17th.

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Required Number 7 pieces

Near the entrance to the Courageous Caves you can find the father of the Digging Duo – the Digging Pa! Giving him 7 pieces of Armorite Ore will let you dig up a random amount of Watts.

Remember that Watts can be used for Dojo Upgrades on the Isle of Armor as well, so you will need tons of them to unlock everything.

Isle Of Armor Expansion Not Working

Pokemon Sword &  Shield  Secrets of The Isle of Armor ...

If you haven’t got the figure at Wedgehurst showing up, you might not have the current update. Close the game, go to the homepage of your Switch, and press the + button to open the options menu for Sword or Shield. Then go to Software Update, and select “Via the Internet.” Assuming your Switch is online and you have the expansion, the game will download an update and everything should work fine!

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How To Get Squirtle Or Bulbasaur In The Isle Of Armor For Pokmon Sword And Shield

Two of the original starters come with a new ability.

In The Isle of Armor DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield, you unlock an island outside the border of the Galar region where you can find a variety of new Pokémon available to you. You can start the journey almost anytime in Pokémon Sword and Shield after you open the Wild Area and have purchased the expansion pass. During the journey, you will have a chance to pick up a Squirtle or a Bulbasaur that have a Gigantamax form you can use in a battle.

To have the option to choose between these two Pokémon, you will need to progress through the DLCs story. The opportunity to pick a Bulbasaur or Squirtle with the ability to Gigantamax happens after the first trial at the Master Dojo. The leader, Mustard, will give you the challenge after three Galarian Slowpoke steal the uniform of Klara or Avery. You must venture out into the Wild Area to battle them, and steal the articles of clothing back.

After you retrieve all the articles of clothing, return to the Master Dojo to receive your prize. Honey will summon the Bulbasaur and Squirtle available to you. Unfortunately, you can only pick one of the two. If you want to receive both, you will have to trade for the Pokémon you did not pick from another player, or by having The Isle of Armor DLC with another copy of Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Here’s How To Kickstart Your Journey On The Isle Of Armor

ByHannah Cowton, Senior Staff Writer| 18 Jun 2020

Trainers, are you ready? The Isle of Armor DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield is out now. With new Pokémon to catch, legendaries to raise and new locations to discover, theres plenty on offer to expand the region of Galar.

Wondering what you need to do to get started on the DLC in the first place now that youve downloaded it? Keep on reading.

If youve not yet got the Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC, you can purchase Isle of Armor now from the Nintendo Store. You can also check out how to get all the gen 1 starters in Sword and Shield here.

We also have a similar article for downloading The Crown Tundra.

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Over 100 Old Pokemon Are Returning

100+ Pokemon are said to be returning with this first update. In total, once Crown Tundra is released in Fall 2020, there will be a total of 200+ new Pokemon in the game!

Additional Pokemon Update Is Free!

Even if you don’t buy the Expansion Pass, you will be able to get the newly released 200 Pokemon in game. Since you can’t go to these areas, you will most likely have to trade for them or bring them over with Pokemon Home.

Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Start The Isle Of Armor Dlc

How to get to ISLE OF ARMOR in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Once you get the Isle of Armor expansion pack, you’ll want to know where to start to begin this new adventure. We’ll show you where to go here.

Guideby Joel Franey, Guides Writer

Downloading the Isle of Armor DLC expansion for Pokemon won’t take you straight to the new island, you’ll have to make it there yourself and find the new content. Below, we’ll show you how to start the Isle of Armor DLC and how far through the game you’ll have to be before you can access it.

On this page:

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Pokmon Sword And Shield: The Isle Of Armor

Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor
Cover art

Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor is the first of two expansion packs in the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass for the 2019 role-playing video gamesPokémon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch. It was developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It was released worldwide on June 17, 2020. It precedes The Crown Tundra . The Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass physical bundle pack was released on November 6, 2020.

The addition of Expansion Pass was used to replace the need for a third version or sequel of Sword and Shield. It is set on the coastal island, the Isle of Armor, based on the Isle of Man, which is off the coast of Sword and Shield‘s fictional region of Galar. The player controls the protagonist during their journey through the island, home to the dojo of the former champion of the Galar region and his family. The Isle of Armor‘s main gameplay consists of training the newly introduced legendary Pokémon named Kubfu. Completing the training will result in Kubfu evolving into one of two forms of the Pokémon Urshifu.

Digging Ma And Digging Pa

Digging Ma is the mother of the Digging Duo. She has the appearance of a female Worker. When the player encounters her, she’ll offer one piece of Armorite Ore. In exchange for that piece, she can dig up more Armorite Ore until the player asks her to stop or until her shovel randomly breaks. If the player asks her to stop, she will reward all the Armorite Ores dug up, including the initial one however, if her shovel breaks, the player will not receive any of the Armorite Ore from that session. Occasionally after her shovel breaks, she may be able to dig up more Armorite Ore instead. After this exchange, Digging Ma will relocate to another area on the island.

The Digging Pa is the father of the Digging Duo, and he always appears in the Training Lowlands just outside Warm-Up Tunnel. In exchange for seven pieces of Armorite Ore, he will dig for Watts. Each time he digs, he will dig up between 800 and 8000 Watts. Similar to the Digging Duo, there is no risk in asking him to keep digging, as if he runs out of energy and finishes digging, the player will get all the Watts he dug up.

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How To Start The Isle Of Armor In Pokmon Sword And Shield

First things first, youll need to make sure youre a little bit through the main game to trigger the start of the DLC. Namely, youll have to have visited the Wild Area within the main storyline at least once.

You dont need a gym badge to visit the Wild Area. It usually takes a couple of hours to get there after youve visited Professor Magnolia and left Wedgehurst station.

The DLC Pokémon and trainers allegedly have level scaling, so you shouldnt need to be a certain level to start the Isle of Armor.

How To Get To Pokemon Sword And Shields Isle Of Armor Region


The Isle of Armor isnt attached to the Galar region as the main game is mainly focused in this region, the Isle of Armor takes you to a completely new region where you get to see old and new Pokemon.

You can catch these Pokemon, research them too, there are tons of things to do but before you can do any of these things you will need to get there.

Now, a lot of people have been confused about how to get there, and if you are one of those players who have already seen and done everything there is to do in Pokemon Sword and Shield, this will come as a bonus to you.

Do not worry, even if you havent completed the Pokemon Sword and Shield you can still visit this new island. All you have to do is take a flying taxi from Wedgehurst Station and go to the Isle of Armor.

You will need to install the new expansion and lucky for you, this DLC is completely free of cost so, if you have purchased Pokemon Sword and Shield, this will come to you as free.

After you install the new DLC, you will get the Isle of Armor pass automatically, show this pass to the Wedgehurst Station attendant and you will be taken to the new island for free.

After visiting the Isle of Armor, you will be able to fast travel to the Galar region and back again whenever you feel like it.

Since youre reading about how to get to Isle of Armor this guide on how to unlock the Cram-o-Matic device in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC.

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The Isle Of Armor Expansion

Part one of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, The Isle of Armor is both an additional Wild Area-like location with Pokemon Dens, as well as an over-encompassing content update with new features, story, characters, 100+ returning Pokemon, new Legendary Pokemon, and more.

For a guide to this first Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC, visit The Isle of Armor DLC Guide.

Head To Wedgehurst Train Station

Once you download the update, you’ll receive an Armor Pass in your inventory. Head to Wedgehurst Station and look for a man next to the ticket gate. Once you speak to him, he’ll offer you the chance to head to the Isle of Armor. It’ll look like this on your map:

Do I have to beat Sword and Shield to get to the Isle of Armor?

Nope, you only need to have unlocked the Wild Area, so if you’re just starting the game for the first time, you’ll have to progress through the main story a bit first. You’ll reach the Wild Area in a pretty short time, so stick with it and you’ll be off to the island soon. You don’t need to have completed the main game in order to explore the Isle of Armor.

What can I expect to find and do in the Isle of Armor?

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Pokemon Sword: How To Get To The Isle Of Armor

The Expansion Pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield introduced plenty of content, from new Pokemon to rivals. Youll also get to visit the new Isle of Armor location, where Legendary Pokemon and fresh storylines await. However, there are a few conditions to fulfill before you can head there.

If youre unsure how to get to the Isle of Armor or didnt get the message, keep reading. Well guide you through the process and prerequisites. Youll also find out what to prioritize catching and obtaining.

Get From Isle Of Armor Max Raid Battles

Pokémon Sword & Shield: Isle of Armor – How to Get All Gift Pokémon

Likely Doesn’t Drop From Wild Area Dens

So far we have only been able to obtain Armorite Ore from Isle of Armor Dens. We are fairly confident that they do not drop from regular Wild Area battles – if you have experience/proof to the contrary leave us a comment below!

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Features Unlocked After 2nd Trial


You will be able to unlock the Cram-o-matic recycling machine after you complete the 2nd trial. Give 500 Watts to Hyde in order to power it up.

Max Soup

After the 2nd trial, you can start cooking up Max Soup in the dojo. This transforms a Pokemon’s Dynamax form into Gigantamax.

How To Get Porygon In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Before we dive into how to get your one and only catchable Porygon in Sword and Shield, first lets point out the obvious.

If youre a Pokemon Home customer, you can always transfer one over from a previous game easily if you have one ready to go. If you dont have Isle of Armor, this is probably the best way to get it done.

You can get a free Porygon though without having to deal with Pokemon Home if you have Isle of Armor purchased.

First, beat the entire storyline, all of it, up until you defeat Mustard for the final time. Mustard will then relax in his room from that point on and there will be a Porygon just hanging out in the corner of the room.

Interact with it and when Hyde asks if you like it, say yes and youll eventually get it. If only everything in life worked like that huh?

Because Porygon dont appear in the wild of Isle of Armor, its not easy to shiny farm for it out in the wild . So if youre determined to get a shiny version, you can reset after receiving it if it wasnt shiny.

And thats it! Thats all there is to know about how to get Porygon in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Of course, if you need more you can always trade for more, or breed the free Porygon you get with a Ditto.

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