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How To Tell If A Pokemon Is A Ditto

How To Find And Use A Ditto In Pokemon Go


One of the most talked-about pocket monsters is stealthy, but catchable. Here’s what you need to know.

A Ditto was caught!

Since the game began, people have been claiming they have caught the elusive Ditto in Pokemon Go, but it wasn’t true. Players didn’t gain the ability to catch Ditto until mid-November 2016.

Since then, many have found at least on one to add to their Pokedex. If you’re one of the players that hasn’t gotten your hands on the purple blob, here’s everything you need to know.

How To Catch Ditto In Pokemon Go 2021

If you happen to catch Ditto in the wild, you should know that you are very lucky, because this is extremely rare. On your screen, it will appear as another Pokemon spawning in the wild and it will not reveal its true identity until you catch it.

This is good though because Ditto can only be disguised as nine Pokemon in September 2021.

If you catch these Pokemon , eventually some of them will happen to be Ditto. Its stats are not important, because it is not used in battle. It copies moves and stats from the opposing Pokemon anyway.

Your luck is the determiner of when you will catch Ditto, but there are few tricks to get it faster. The easiest one is getting a Pokemon Go Plus, which catches all Pokemon that are near you without opening the app. Another trick is to use lures and incense. These two tools will increase spawn rates, which means that you will increase your chances of catching a Ditto.

Also, for the first time in Pokemon Go, starting from September 1, 2021, to October 1, 2021, you can encounter Ditto and Shiny Ditto in Research Breakthrough encounters.

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How To Catch A Ditto In Pokemon Go 2020

As we all have seen that this Pokemon transforms it into eleven different types of Pokemon that we have given above. So, it is very difficult to catch Ditto. You will have to try regularly to catch this Pokemon in the game. Do not miss any Pokemon from the given list. Ditto may be transformed into any one of them and you may miss it. So, missing any single Pokemon from the above-given list may cost you the loss of Ditto. No one can tell you the exact way to catch this Pokemon.

You may also find a Ditto in a Special Research Reward. But, it is also not easy to find it in Special Research Reward.

Due to the transformation of Ditto, you cannot locate it on your nearby map. It may be near you in a transformed form. You will only know that you have got Ditto after catching it in transformed form. There is not any exact way to reveal Ditto before capturing it.

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Pokemon Go: Tips For Catching Ditto In June 2021

Catching a Ditto in Pokemon GO can take an extremely long time, but can be done quicker if one understands how Ditto works in this game.

Given its ability to transform into other Pokemon, Ditto is one of the most unique mon in the entire game. When Ditto Transforms in Pokemon GO, it can copy Attack and Defense stats, but not HP. It isnt the most competitive Pokemon in the game, but its still great to have for the mechanic alone. It is typically one of the rarer Pokemon, though, and thats no different in Pokemon GO. With these tips in mind, however, any trainer can add a Ditto to their party without too much trouble.

Shiny Ditto In Pokemon Go

Niantic CEO isn

Shiny eligible species can now be Ditto and you might end up catching a Shiny Ditto. This is new for everyone and we will explain how it works and how to get one.

  • If you encounter a wild Shiny Pokemon, it CAN NOT be a Ditto
  • If you encounter a non-shiny Pokemon, it can be a normal Ditto or Shiny Ditto

Lets take a look at the list of Ditto disguises for September 2021.

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Where To Get Your Perfect Ditto

The spot youll need to camp out in is the Stony Wilderness section of the Wild Area. If you see a purple light inside the well, this means that the Max Raid is going to feature a Ditto.

If you cant seem to find a purple well, you can always force one to appear by speaking to the Watts Trader and purchasing a Wishing Piece for 3,000 Watts. This will cause a raid to appear nearby, but it wont always be a Ditto.

Weve got one more trick to make sure you get a Ditto raid. First, turn off autosave and set your text speed to slow. Then, save your game before using a Wishing Piece. If the raid that spawns isnt purple, hit your home key, close the game, and reload it from just before you used the Wishing Piece. Now you can keep using that same Wishing Piece until you find a 5-star Ditto raid.

Now you can use that perfect Ditto to breed whatever you want and impart that baby with perfect IVs.

What’s Ditto In Pokmon Go

Ditto, also known as the Transform Pokémon, is a little, purple blob of a Pokémon that was part of the original 151 Pokémon of Gen I. Although it may not look like much, Ditto is capable of mimicking the appearance and powers of any other Pokémon it sees. In the core games, Ditto is far more useful because it can breed with any Pokémon capable of breeding. While that isn’t super useful in Pokémon Go, you’ll still want it to complete your Pokédex, as well as for certain Special Research. In fact, you cannot catch Mew without first catching Ditto.

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How Do Gyms And Raids Work With Ditto In Pokmon Go

Ditto only has one moveset: Transform and Struggle. Transform does zero damage but, instead, immediately changes Ditto in the same Pokémon he’s fighting. That’s true whether he’s defending a Gym or attacking it, for training or for taking down.

He also takes on the attributes of the Pokémon he’s mimicking, though his exact CP will vary based on his level rather than the level of the Pokémon he’s copying. And, of course, a Ditto transforming into another Ditto stays the same.

How To Catch A Ditto Plus: What Pokmon Ditto Is Disguised As September 2021

How to Catch Ditto in Pokemon Go – How-To Guide and Tips

Catching a Ditto in the wild is a bit tricky, because it will disguise itself as other Pokémon and not reveal its true form until after its been caught. This means your chances of catching one in the wild are a bit slim, as they already don’t spawn frequently.

That being said, there are certain quests and challenges you can complete that will reward you with a Ditto; for September, the Research Breakthrough and the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Special Research quests will reward you with one.

If you want to try your hand at finding one in the wild, though, there are eight different Pokémon that Ditto is disguising itself as this month. You’ll want to look for a Gastly, Drowzee, Remoraid, Teddiursa, Gulpin, Numel, Dwebble, or a Foongus.

Of course, not every one of these Pokémon you find in the wild will be a Ditto in disguise you’ll have to capture them to see if you can find one, and it’ll likely take multiple tries before you do. But if you’re determined to be a Pokémon master, you’ll persevere.

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Learn How To Catch A Ditto In Pokmon Go

Most importantly, you should know, Ditto is hiding under the guise of a number of other Pokemon. This is why you are going to have to practically make a blind capture of all those Pokemons that you can. So that you can check later if surprisingly, it is Ditto.

You will never be able to know if Ditto is hiding behind a Pokémon. And it is that it does not appear on the world map, not even when you are in capture mode. The only way to find out is after you throw the pokeball and catch it..

It is good to indicate that Over time, Ditto’s spawn rate has increased, and it has become a somewhat less elusive Pokémon, so it is somewhat easier for you to find it. And it is also known that it is usually found in certain areas that are specific.

Therefore, if some friends or coaches give you notice that they managed to capture Ditto in a specific place, go to that area to try your search. Probably you will also appear there.

Se It is therefore the only way that by day Ditto can be captured, because it does not make its appearance by hatching eggs, nor as a reward in raids, nor in research tasks.

How To Catch A Ditto In Pokemon Go 2020 Fastly

If you want to catch this Pokemon fast in the game, then you will have to connect with the local players of this game from your location. You can connect with them on a local Pokemon GO community on Discord, Whatsapp, Facebook, or any other place. There may be a chance that anyone from your location has recently caught a Ditto in the game. So, they will help you in catching a Ditto by revealing its location. You can search for this Pokemon at the given location.

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How To Catch Ditto In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s Ditto appears to be hiding as one of several low-tier pokemon . These include Pidgey, Rattata but may include others .

Once the masquerading Ditto has been caught, an “Oh?” will appear above the pokeball – not unlike a hatching egg – and in a cutscene, the fake pokemon will switch forms and you will find that it was Ditto that was caught, and not the other Pokemon.

Specific pokemon that Ditto can disguise himself is still under investigation, and more details will be updated as they are revealed.

Use The Wishing Piece In The Stony Wilderness

Where to find rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go  Updated for Gen ...

After arriving in the Stony Wilderness, go to Den J on the map above and use a Wishing Piece. If a thick beam of light comes out, a Ditto will appear in the Max Raid Battle; if a thin beam of light comes out, a different Pokemon will appear in the Max Raid Battle.

If a thin beam of light comes out, unfortunately, youll need to use another Wishing Piece on Den J to try for another Ditto.

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The Nearby Pokmon Tracker Is Your Greatest Buddy In The Whole World

A button will emerge in the bottom right corner of the map screen that will display the silhouettes of Pokémon that are currently in the area you are currently in.

Alternatively, if youve run out of Incense and Lures, you may use this to hunt them down on your own; however, be careful that the silhouette will not indicate a Ditto. The silhouettes may be selected by tapping on them to plan a route on your map that will take you directly to the monitored Pokémon, which you can then attempt to capture and hope for the best.

Note: This list of Pokémon that may be used as Dittos is constantly changing; for example, it used to contain Paras in February, but this is no longer the case as of March 2021; nevertheless, everything else has stayed constant.

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How To Catch A Ditto Quick Tips

In contrast to all other Pokémon, you will encounter Ditto in the form of another pocket monster . If you want to catch Ditto, consider the following tips :

  • First, make sure you have as many Poké Balls in stock as possible, as the process will take a few tries.
  • Now try to catch as many low-level Pokémon as you can. Its best to use smoke and lure modules to catch as many Pokémon as possible. There is no other special trick to force Ditto to spawn.
  • If you have successfully caught a Ditto, as we described above, an Oh! Text will be displayed like when a Pokémon hatches from an egg and Ditto will reveal its actual shape for you.
  • The actual WP value of Ditto is also much higher than of the fake Pokémon with which it masked itself. So then check the values in the Pokédex .

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Dittos Are The Same For Everyone

Unlike shiny Pokemon, which are entirely random and not shared by fellow players, Ditto can always be found inside a set Pokemon spawn. This means that if you are looking for a Ditto and a fellow player finds one, if you can get to that spot, youll get it too. If you are subscribed to a Pokemon Go Discord group, ask players to keep you updated in your area but be fast as they wont stay around long.;

How To Fight With A Ditto

How to Find Ditto in Pokemon GO! All Current Ditto Disguises in August 2019
  • Ditto has the attacks converter and desperator in stock by default .
  • If you fight with Ditto in the arena , thanks to the converter, it can transform into the opposing Pokémon and take over its move-set completely. Simply put, if you use a Ditto to defend or attack an arena, it takes on the appearance of the opposing Pokémon and its attacks, but retains its own HP and stats. The transformation will cause you to lose a little time at the beginning, but with a ditto with high KP it could be worthwhile.
  • The first Pokémon Ditto fights determines Dittos transformation for the remainder of the arena fight.
  • If two Ditto are facing each other, none of them transforms. Hence, it uses its only attack other than transformation: Desperate.
  • However, the WP are calculated on the basis of your Ditto. Otherwise you can fight with Ditto as you would with any other Pokémon and trigger the appropriate attacks.
  • Since Ditto can take the form of his opponent, there are no Pokémon that have a special advantage over Ditto.

What else you need to know about how to catch a Ditto in Pokémon Go

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Pokemon With Different Color Schemes

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon that sport a different color scheme than their normal counterparts. These Pokemon are very rare and are highly sought after by Trainers!

No Bonus Stat Changes

Keep in mind that shiny Pokemon possess cosmetic changes only. These Pokemon do not have bonus stats that improve their performance in battle.

How To Play Against Ditto

Buff Sweepers Beware!

When choosing which Pokemon to send into a fight, if you spot a Ditto, considering keeping your self-buffing Pokemon back!

Use Dynamax To Your Advantage

Dittos Transform does not copy Dynamax, so you can use this to your advantage. Additionally, even if Ditto does Dynamax, it will do so using Dittos HP stat, making it possible to take it out.

Substitute Blocks Transformation

The move Substitute will render Ditto unable to transform, making it completely useless. However, if Ditto is sent out the same turn you try to use Substitute, the transformation will go through, so be careful.

Cant Transform If The Opponent Isnt There

Some moves like Phantom Force, Fly, or Dig, take the user out of battle for one turn. If Ditto is sent in during this time, it will not transform!

Play Around Its Moves

Since Ditto is copying your Pokemon, you have complete knowledge of its moveset. Switch to a Pokemon which you know will resist the moves of your previous Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go Ditto Odds September 2021

The Pokemon that is known to cause a lot of headaches in Pokemon Go is Ditto. Ditto can take the form of other Pokemon, as well as copy their moves and CP. A lot of players are wondering what are the chances of a disguise Pokemon turning into a Ditto, and for that matter, Ive decided to dig a little bit deeper and find the right info.

Ditto is part of many kinds of research, quests, tasks, and many more but sadly, it is rare to find it spawn in the wild. Many players wonder how to encounter one and fortunately, there is a list of which Pokemon can turn out to be a Ditto when a player catches it. At the moment, as reported by many, the chances of catching a Ditto is roughly around 3%, which is extremely rare.

If you are on the hunt for Shiny Ditto, there are few things you should know. The first one is that if you encounter a Shiny Pokemon, there is a 100% chance of it not turning into Ditto when you catch it. The second thing is that if you stumble upon a regular Pokemon, there is a chance of it transforming into Ditto when you trap it into a Pokeball. Keep in mind that at the moment there are 9 Pokemon that can transform into Ditto.


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