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What Level Does Pidgey Evolve In Pokemon Quest

Pokmon That Evolve By Trade Sword And Shield

Pidgey Evolved Into Pidgeotto / Pidgeot | Pokémon Quest | Pokémon Evolution Tips and Guides

Leveling up is the most common way to evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, do you know that there are some of them which need special requirements? There are a number of Pokemon which need something different so that they can evolve. Then, what Pokemon that can evolve by trading in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Here, we will give you the explanation about it.

Pokemon That Can Evolve By Trading in Pokemon Sword and Shield

There are some Pokemon which can evolve by trading. What Pokemon are they? You are able to see them in the list below.

  • Gurdurr
  • Feebas. A Prism Scale must be held.
  • Dusclops. a Reaper Cloth must be held.
  • Machoke
  • Karrablast. It needs to be traded for a Shelmet.
  • Pumpkaboo
  • Onix. A Metal Coat must be held.
  • Swirlix. A Whipped Cream must be held.
  • Spritzee. A Sachet must be held.
  • Shelmet. It needs to be traded for a Karrablast.
  • Rhydon. It needs to hold a Protector.

Besides through trading, there are other ways for evolving the other Pokemon. You are able to see the explanation below.

Pokemon Which Can Evolve By Special Evolution Stones

Some Pokemon can evolve by special evolution stones. What Pokemon are they? You are able to check them in the list below.

  • Cottonee: Sun Stone
  • Eevee: Fire Stone, Ice Stone, Leaf Stone, Thunder Stone, Water Stone
  • Growlithe: Fire Stone
  • Gloom: Leaf Stone, Sun Stone
  • Nuzleaf: Leaf Stone

Pokemon Which Can Evolve By Specific Conditions with Certain Items

Pokemon Which Can Evolve By High Friendship

  • Sliggoo

How To Evolve Growlithe Vulpix And Eevee In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Once youve found your Fire Stone, head into your bag, select the Other Itemstab and use the item on any of the Pokemon seen below to transform them into the desired evolution. If you give it to a Pokemon, they will just hold it and the process wont work.

Theres three Pokemon you can evolve with the Fire Stone. First up is Growlithe, exclusive to Pokemon Shield, who will evolve into Arcanine, and can be found exclusively in the Dusty Bowl region of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area, while Vulpix will evolve into Ninetales and can be found on Route 3 and in numerous parts of the Wild Area.

You can also evolve Eevee into Flareon if youve managed to catch one on Route 4. Of course, Eevee has a plethora of evolutions though so make sure Flareon is definitely the one you want!

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Evolution Chart

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Chart will visually showcase each pokemon and their evolutions. Evolved Pokemon will almost always see stat increases and in some cases Type changes, certain evolutions will require a level be reached or sometimes an item be used.

  • Pokedex # Determines the placement within the Pokedex.
  • Stage 1 First of the pokemon species line.
  • Stage 2 The second stage of the evolutions.
  • Stage 3 The third stage of the evolutions.
  • Mega Evolution These can only be used in battle, and will revert back to the Third Evolution after the battle is over.
  • Types Determines the pokemon strengths and weaknesses.
  • Level Requirement The level requirment to trigger an evolution.
  • Evolution Items Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Items are required to trigger an evolution.

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Galarian Meowth For Kantonian Meowth


A significantly better trade than the previous one is a Galarian Meowth in exchange for a Kantonian Meowth, which can be found inside the Turfield gym. This is one of the only ways to get a Persian in the game, which is required to complete the Pokédex, as the gift Gigantamax Meowth isnt able to evolve. This particular Meowth also has Technician as an ability, one of the better abilities it can use as it can also learn Fake Out, though its nature is locked as Timid, meaning it isnt going to be as useful for attacking.

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Pokemon Quest Evolution Levels

To evolve most Pokemon in Pokemon Quest you simply have to reach the specified level and make sure you dont have the Everstone option turned on , which will stop a Pokemon from evolving. Pokemon Quest includes the original 151 Pokemon and their evolution levels are the same as they are in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Weve included the chart below so you have a quick reference for the evolutions. Of course, that leaves the Pokemon that require a stone to evolve. Fortunately, those stones arent necessary in Pokemon Quest. However, were still figuring out the evolution levels for the Pokemon that normally require stones. Be sure to check back soon as well update this article once the information is available.

Theres also the question of Pokemon that evolve into different forms such as Eevee. Weve finally learned how to evolve Eevee, but once again, well be updating this article with information on other special evolutions as soon as its available. In the meantime, heres the list of Pokemon Quest evolution levels, and you can find more strategies and advice on the game in our Pokemon Quest hub!


If youre looking for a Pokemon Quest Geodude recipe, youve come to the right place!

byBryan Dawson

Like most other games in the franchise, the Pokemon Quest type advantage can help you gain the upper hand when fighting.

How To Evolve Pidgeotto In Pokemon Quest

Pidgeotto is the intermediate evolutionary form. When Pidgey reaches level 18, it evolves into Pidgeotto and when Pidgeotto reaches level 36, it is transformed into Pidgeot, a powerful Flying Pokémon. As Pidgeotto levels up, it gains moves such as Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Air Slash, and Hurricane. By tutoring, it learns tactics like Sky Attack, Snore, and Uproar.

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Dawn Stone Location 2

In the Lake of Outrage, youll get daily drops of different evolution stones. Pick up the shiny sparks to get a random evolution stone.

Pick Up Shining Spots Below Large Rocks

A random evolution stone can be picked up in every shiny spot below large rocks in Lake of Outrage. Check these daily to get the evolution stone youre searching for.

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How To Trade Pokmon With Friends

[Pokemon Quest] Evolution Level: Pidgey to Pidgeotto (Lv 18)

There are over 400 Pokémon in the Galar Pokédex. If you want to catch them all, though, you might need a little help. Thats where Pokémon trading comes in. Some Pokémon will only change their forms once youve traded them to someone else.

Obviously, youll then have to get them to trade it back if you want that creature in your Pokédex. For example, the Pokémon Pumpkaboo will evolve into Gourgeist, a trade-based evolution.

Traded Pokémon also gain experience points in battle faster, but you cant change a traded Pokémons nickname if you received it via trade.

You have two options when trading with your friends in Pokémon Sword and Shield:

  • You can trade locally with those who are physically nearby
  • You can trade Pokémon online with those who are farther away. This option requires a Nintendo Online subscription, though.

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To trade locally, you dont need an internet connection or a Nintendo Online subscription. To do so, open Pokémon Sword and Shield, and then press the Y button on your right Joy-Con controller to open Y-Comm. Select Link Trade at the top, and then choose Set Link Code.

You and your friend will have to type the same eight-digit code to connect and trade with one another. After youve set an eight-digit code, close the menu and wait to be connected. Setting a code will often connect partners faster, but this is unnecessary if only you and your trade partner are trading nearby.

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How To Catch Unown V In Pokmon Go

As a sponsored Pokémon GO event only players in the US with a Verizon membership will qualify to take part. Certain elements of the event are available for all, but Unown V spawns will be exclusive to those in the US who have an active Verizon account. If you meet these qualifications then you still need to make sure you get a ticket for the event, so follow that guide for steps on how to do that as long as they are still available.

Once thats sorted you are ready to go, so just wait for Saturday, May 29th from 11am to 5pm in your local time zone. Unown V will unfortunately only spawn during these times. Once it does you have one more thing you need to do if you want to catch Unown V during the Special Weekend. Unown wont have his spawn rate boosted in the wild, only via Incense. So activate a few and get ready to start catching Pokémon. Youll be getting 4x Catch XP throughout the weekend event, which runs from midnight on May 29th to 11:59pm on Sunday, May 30th, so catching them all is definitely worth it, especially with a Lucky Egg activated.

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Empoweryour Pokmon With Power Stones

PowerStones will be introduced to you shortly after you start playing. These handyitems can be equipped to your Pokémon’s Power Charm to increase theirAttack or HP. You’ll usually gain at least one new Power Stoneeach time you complete a stage.

Mostsockets in a Power Charm can equip Power Stones thatincrease only HP or Attack. Different Pokémon will have differentsocketsmore defensively oriented Pokémon usually get more sockets that boostHP, while more offensively oriented Pokémon usually have more socketsthat increase Attack.

Some rare PowerStones will provide special bonuses in addition to increasing Attack or HP. Forinstance, an Attack-increasing Power Stone may also give your Pokémon’sattacks increased Critical Hit Rate or Knockback Distance. You’llnormally want to equip Power Stones that maximize your stats, but it could beworth using a Power Stone with a great bonus and a slightly lesser contributionto Attack or HP.

You’llonly be able to keep a limited number of Power Stones in your inventory. Youcan recycle them to get more ingredients, or you can increase the number ofPower Stones you can hold by spending PM Tickets, the in-game currency.

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Whats A Friendship Level

Pokémon Go doesnt just encourage players to become friends. The game wants players to become really, really, really good friends. The friendship level measures just how good of friends you are with the other players on your List.

There are four tiers to the friendship level system, each one achieved after consistent interactions with other trainers. Those tiers are:

  • Good Friends, which players reach after trading or exchanging gifts once
  • Great Friends, which players reach after trading or exchanging gifts over a period of seven days
  • Ultra Friends, reached after trading or exchanging gifts for 30 days straight
  • Best Friends, which is reached after 90 days of interaction

Collecting The Pokemon Tcg

Pokemon GO Tips and Tricks

Even though there is a seemingly endless number of cards you can collect, you can learn the game and have hours of fun by picking up a few theme decks. Again if you are new to the Pokemon TCG and want to give it a try, we recommend grabbing a few of the newest theme decks, like these below.

Given the number of previously released cards, we also do not recommend trying to catch up by buying booster boxes from older sets. If there are older cards that catch your eye , you can buy individual cards from websites like

If you play the game and love it, the best way to expand your collection is by keeping up with future sets. Some players only buy a handful of packs when a new set releases and buy the rest of the cards they want as singles. Most, however, buy anywhere between one and three boosters boxes every time a new set is released. How many boxes you buy really depends on your budget and the experience you want to have.

Buying one booster box is enough to give you a variety of cards from a set. This will let you get a feel for the new cards and inform your decision to purchase more packs or buy specific singles. This is a great way to go, particularly if you only plan to play across the kitchen table or are really just looking to enjoy the game with friends and family.

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Galarian Yamask For Unovan Yamask

Like with the trade for a Kantonian Meowth, there is trainer who will give the player a Unovan Yamask in exchange for the Galarian Form. This is the only way to get a Unovan Yamask outside of Max Raid events and is required to complete the Galar Pokédex, as Cofagrigus is in the Pokédex. The trainer can be found inside the Ballonlea gym against the left-hand wall and Yamask can be useful in the Ballonlea gym battle, as several of Opals Pokémon arent good against Ghost-types.

How Often Does Walmart Restock The Ps5

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Is Unown One Pokmon With 28 Different Shapes Or 28 Different Pokmon

Unown only has one Pokédex entry in Pokémon Go, so its best to treat it as one Pokémon that has 28 different shapes. So, less like Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, and the rest of the Eevee-lutions and more like Pikachu, Santa Hat Pikachu, and Party Hat Pikachu just all available at the same time.

Pokémon Go will show you all the versions youve caught in the Pokedex as tabs.

How To Get Free Pokeballs In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Quest – How to evolve your Pokemons and how to stop them from evolving

If you have no idea how to get Pokeballs in Pokemon GO free, this section is just for you. Here are the 5 interesting tips that you need to follow to get free Pokeballs.

1. Start A New Game

You can start a new game or create a new account to receive Pokeballs for free in Pokemon GO.

2. Level Up Your Trainer

Leveling up with your fellow trainers will prompt the Pokemon GO game to reward you with new Pokeballs to catch wild Pokemon.

3. Spin A Pokestop

Spinning Pokestops is another reliable way to get free-of-cost Pokeballs in the game. However, ensure not to overdo the spinning process, as it could cause a soft ban.

4. Fight in a Gym

Fighting and winning a gym battle is another guaranteed way to get free Pokeballs. Make sure you use your most powerful Pokemon to do battle.

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Location Spoofing With Dr Fone Virtual Location

The most recommended way to catch legendary Pokemon is to spoof your location. One reliable tool to do so is Dr. Fone Virtual Location. With this tool, you can teleport your iPhone GPS to any other desired place worldwide with only a few clicks. This reliable application sets up a virtual GPS location. Therefore, all other location-based apps, including Pokemon Platinum Version, installed on your device, believe that you are actually there. Use this tool to capture platinum legendaries.

Here is the step-by-step process to use Dr.Fone Virtual Location for location spoofing on your device:

For this illustration, we will use using Dr.fone to see how to iPhone GPS spoofing for Pokemon Platinum:

Step 1: Load the app on your iOS device. For this purpose, you have to go to Dr.fone official website. Next, download and install the app on your smartphone. Next, connect your iOS device with your PC.

Step 2: Tap the âVirtual Locationâ option at Dr.Fone home screen to change the location of your device. You will see another window opened up on your phoneâs screen.

Step 3: Next, click on âGet Startedâ and select the desired fake location on the map you see on the Dr.Fone app. At the top-right corner of the window, there are three icons. Click on the third icon Teleport. Next, tap on the desired location or enter the name of the location in the search box you see on the left side.

Now, enjoy playing Pokemon Platinum and capture more Legendary Pokemon to level up in the game.


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