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How To Evolve Swirlix Pokemon Go

How To Find Swirlix In Pokemon Go

How to evolve Swirlix into Slurpuff in Pokémon Go

Swirlix does not have any specific spawning point or time. It can be found anywhere in the wild. It can also be earned by completing the Luminous Legends X Timed Research. Apart from this, you can make use of Lure from a Pokestop and Incense to increase the spawn rate of Pokemon near you. This will increase your chances of encountering Swirlix in Pokemon Go. It is best to use Steel or Poison-type Pokemon to capture it.

Niantic Recently Announced The Luminous Legends X Event On Pokemon Go To Evolve Spritzee Into Aromatise The Player Would Have To Do An Edditional Step The On

Spritzee, from the Kalos region, has been introduced in the game with the augmentation of Pokemon GOs Luminous Legends X event. This gives a great opportunity to players to evolve the Perfume Pokemon.

There has been an uptick in the Fairy and Dragon-type Pokemon which would consequently help in getting candies for Spritzee. Even though the number of candies required to evolve the Pokemon might be intimidating but for the pro trainers it should be a piece of cake.

The evolution process will require an additional step to become Aromatise. The player would have to use one Incense stick with Spritzee accompanying them as buddy Pokemon to enact its full evolution.

In situations where the player is struggling to capture the material for the fragrant Fairy-Type, here are a few tricks that would help increase the candy yields.

The Incense is one of those items which would be tougher to stockpile however with enough time players should be able to acquire everything.

The previously mentioned Luminous Legends X event provides ample opportunities to catch a large number of Spritzees. Hence collecting 50 candles should not be an issue.

The interesting game Pokemon GO brings you to the fantastic Pokemon world with lots of lovely creatures, including Spritzee. You can become a professional Pokemon trainer and catch your favorite Pokemon. Check out this guide on how to evolve Spritzee in Pokemon GO.

Galarian Yamask To Galarian Cofagrigus

To evolve Galarian Yamask into Galarian Cofagrigus, you need to make Galarian Yamask your buddy and take part in 10 raids.

Youll also need 50 Yamask candy.

At the moment you can easily do solo battles against Klink, Bronzor, Shieldon and Cranidos to rack up your raids. If youre lucky, you might even get invited to an Unown 1 star raid.

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How To Evolve Swirlix Into Slurpuff In Pokmon Go

Feed Swirlix to reap rewards.

Swirlix, the Cotton Candy Pokémon, has finally arrived in the world of Pokémon Go alongside a plethora of Fairy-type activities.

This Kalos-native Pokémon joins others with the Luminous Legends X event that started on May 4, marking the debut of the legendary Pokémon, Xerneas. First introduced in Pokémon X, its said that Swirlix uses white threads that resemble cotton candy to entangle its opponents in battle.

Alongside Swirlix debuts its evolved form, Slurpuff, the Meringue Pokémon. In the mainline Pokémon titles, the only way to evolve Swirlix into Slurpuff is by trading it to another player holding the Whipped Dream item. In Pokémon Go, however, this item does not exist. Therefore, another method is required to evolve Swirlix.

Swirlixs appetite is the key to this Pokémons evolution. First, it must be your Buddy Pokémon, which can be changed by clicking on the Buddy icon in the bottom left corner of your screen and scrolling to the bottom. Then, you have to feed Swirlix 25 treats, regardless of their type, while viewing it in the play menu. Once these factors are completed, the option for Swirlix to evolve into Slurpuff will become availableas long as you have 50 Swirlix Candies.

Evolve Swirlix Into Slurpuff In Pokmon Go

Pokemon GO

As weve mentioned above, you can get Swirlix Candy by walking around the map with Swirlix as your buddy. You need to continue doing that until you collected enough Swirlix Candy in your inventory.

Now, you need to feed Swirlix 25 treats before you can evolve it. However, every Pokémon can only digest three treats simultaneously, so you need to wait until Swirlix digest the treats. While doing so, you can use other Pokémons as your buddy if you also wish to evolve them.

Once youve feed Swirlix enough treats, the Evolve option on its page would be available. All you need to do is to tap the Evolve button and watch the magic happen.

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How To Evolve Spritzee In Pokmon Go

Its interesting how you can draw on pretty much anything in the world to create a concept for a Pokémon. Spritzee, for instance, is effectively a cross between a bird and a perfume bottle, with a little bit of plague doctor sprinkled in for a mildly creepy aftertaste. That big schnoz has an affinity for pleasant aromas, and its through those pleasant aromas that it reaches its full potential. Heres how to evolve Spritzee in Pokémon GO.

In the mainline Pokémon games, Spritzee would evolve into Aromatisse if it was traded while holding a Sachet. A sachet, for those of you who dont pay much mind to aromatherapy, is a little baggie stuffed with aromatic potpourri usually used to infuse particular scents into things like clothes and handkerchiefs. Now, obviously, there are no sachets in Pokémon GO, but if scent is the name of the game, we have something else that will do the job just fine: Incense.

Pokmon Go: How To Get And Use Evolution Items And Other Special Case Evolutions

In Pokémon Go, you can catch a lot of great Pokémon in the wild or in Raids, but evolution is necessary to get many of the most powerful Pokémon in the game. For most Pokémon, evolution just requires Candy earned from catching, transfering, and walking with a Pokémon. However, a select few species need specific Evolution items or other special methods in addition to the usual set number of candies, and Niantic just added a few new ones. Fortunately, were here to walk you through how to obtain and use these unique items, and be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories so youre fully equiped on your Pokémon Journey!

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How To Evolve Spritzee In Pokemon Go

In the main series games, Spritzee evolves when traded while holding a Sachet. Unfortunately, Sachets do not exist in Pokemon GO, so you’ll have to use another method.

You’ll need 50 Spritzee candies to evolve it, so once you have enough, you can start the evolution process, which goes as follows:

  • While it’s your buddy, activate an Incense from your inventory.
  • Head back to the Pokemon page for your Spritzee and evolve it into Aromatisse.
  • Unfortunately, it seems that you must activate an Incense whileSpritzee is your buddy to evolve it. This means that you cannot have an Incense already active, then make it your buddy and evolve it, nor can you evolve multiple Spritzee with one Incense.

    To evolve Spritzee in Pokemon GO, it does not need to be on the map after being fed some berries. So long as it’s still your buddy and you’ve activated the Incense in that order , it’ll evolve.

    Pokemon Go Swirlix Stats


    Swirlix is a good Pokemon and the players should consider catching it and adding it to their Pokemon Go collection. This Pokemon doesnt look like much of a fighter but can help the players get out of sticky situations when used correctly. To get the best out of this Pokemon, the players should learn Swirlix best moveset, weakness, and other stats. Check out Pokemon Go Swirlix stats below:

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    Make Spritzee A Buddy In Pokemon Go In Order To Evolve It

    Players need to go to the Spritzee that they want to evolve in Pokemon GO, and they need to make it their buddy. To do that, players simply need to tap the buddy icon next to the player avatar on the bottom left of the screen. From there, scroll down and select the swap buddy option. Spritzee can then be selected, and buddies can be swapped 20 times per day.

    With Spritzee chosen as a buddy, the next step is to use an incense item. Players can then evolve Spritzee into an Aromatisse by spending the 50 candy and tapping the evolve button.

    When players initially catch Spritzee, some text under the evolve button will say players need to adventure with the Pokemon to evolve it into an Aromatisse. Its vague, but these steps will allow players to get their first Aromatisse in Pokemon GO.

    Using Trades To Evolve Pokmon Without Candy

    Image: The Pokémon Company

    To save yourself a bunch of candy, some Pokémon can be traded and evolved immediately.

    If you get a lower evolution of a Pokémon in a trade, it will also get the zero candy benefit.

    For example, if you get a Machop in a trade, you can evolve it to Machop using 25 candy. Then you can evolve it into Machamp, but without the normal 100 Machop candy cost.

    • Boldore to Gigalith

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    How To Get Whipped Dream To Evolve Swirlix Into Slurpuff

    To get the hold item named Whipped Dream, you need to go to the city of Hammerlocke, which you can go to once you get the first three badges in the game its accessed through the Wild Area.

    Find the Battle Cafe in Hammerlocke and speak to the cashier named Bernard. Hell offer you a special item if you can manage to defeat him in a battle and these battles can be done daily.

    Once you defeat him, youll get the Whipped Dream as a reward. If for some reason, you dont get it on the first try, just go back to him on a different day and fight him again.

    Now, to evolve Swirlix, you just need to equip the Whipped Dream to it as a held item and then trade it to a friend. The Pokemon will evolve into Slurpuff and then your friend can just trade it back to you if theyre trustful.

    And thats all you need to know about how to evolve Swirlix in Pokemon Sword and Shield. For more tips and tricks, weve listed some for you down below that might be helpful.

    Is Slurpuff A Good Pokemon

    Pokemon GO: How to evolve Swirlix

    Slurpuff is an effective Fairy-type Pokémon that has minimal counters. It has a good set of skills, and its stats are pretty decent. Although it wont surprise anyone in the Great League, it goes well against Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type Pokémons.

    This wraps up our guide on how to evolve Swirlix into Slurpuff in Pokémon GO. If you have any questions or other concerns, please leave a comment below, and well do our best to answer them.

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    How Do I Evolve Spritzee In Pokemon Go

    To evolve a Spritzee in Pokemon Go, you have to prepare 50 Spritzee Candies and an Incense. Then, you need to select a Spritzee to be your buddy Pokemon before popping the Incense and let Spritzee evolve itself.

    Below are the details of the Spritzee evolution process and the reason why you should evolve it.

    About Spritzee In Pokemon Go

    Spritzee is a lovely Pokemon of the Fairy type. This Pokemon is vulnerable to poison and steel. In contrast, Spritzee is resistant to Bug, Dark, Dragon, and Fighting. This strong Pokemon with a maximum CP of 1415, 113 defense, 186 stamina, and 110 Attack.

    Spritzee in Pokemon Go will evolve to Aromatisse. Moreover, this Fairy-type Pokemon is a healing Pokemon with Healer ability. In addition, it has the hidden ability of Aroma Veil. Its pretty easy to differentiate this Pokemon because of its unique appearance.

    Spritzee has sweet pink skin and a lovely pair of big eyes. Besides, this Fairy-type Pokemon has a pair of small pink wings on its back. The big white beak on the small face makes it look very cute. Moreover, its more unique with a big pink top tuft on the head. Spritzee also has a pair of two small pink legs.

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    How Did You Get Slurpuff In The Mainline Games

    • MORE EVOLUTION How To Evolve Sliggoo into Goodra Using a Special Lure

    Like its counterpart Spritzee, Swirlix had a special evolution method.

    The two Pokemons requirements were very similar and revolved around a very specific item. While Spritzee needed a Sachet to evolve, Swirlix needed the Whipped Dream item.

    Once found and given to Swirlix for safekeeping, players could trade the Pokemon, thus triggering its evolution.

    A legend will soon illuminate our world: Xerneas, the Life Pokémon! The Luminous Legends X event is coming soon! During the event, some Dragon- and Fairy-type Pokémon will be making their Pokémon GO debuts!

    Pokémon GO

    How To Evolve Swirlix

    Evolving SWIRLIX to SLURPUFF in Pokemon Go

    Evolving Swirlix into its final form will require 50 Candies to start off with. But underneath the “Evolve” button will state “adventure together to evolve.”

    This may seem complicated at first as there are no precise instructions in relation to this, but it is actually remarkably simple.

    All that you need to do is make Swirlix your Buddy and feed it 25 times. This can be either Pinap Berries, Nanab Berries or Razz Berries to reach that figure – as long as it reaches that numerical figure.

    Once completed, the “Evolve” button can then be pressed, and voilà! You will have your very own Slurpuff to dominate in battles!

    You can find all of the latest Esports and Gaming News right here at GiveMeSport.

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    How To Evolve Spritzee Into Aromatisse In Pokemon Go

    As stated, Niantic has had to flair when it comes to evolving Spritzee in Pokemon GO.

    As first noticed byThe Silph Road subreddit, Spritzee requires players to Use one Incense to evolve.

    This likely means that, as well as having 50 candies, Spritzee will need to be a buddy Pokemon when the player uses the Incense.

    In terms of getting 50 candies, that shouldnt be too hard. Spritzee will be more common in the wild, hatching from 7km eggs and available as a Timed Research reward.

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    Other Special Cases For Evolution In Pokmon Go

    While most Pokémon evolve with Candy and a possible Evoluton Item, there are some other Pokémon who evolve a little differently.

    Other methods for evolving Pokémon include:

    Evolution methods for unreleased Pokémon, including Sylveon, Tyrunt, Amaura, and Inky, are based on datamining and subject to change.

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    Evolve Spritzee Into Aromatisse In Pokmon Go

    The first thing that you should do to evolve Spritzee is to catch a few of them. You then have to collect a good amount of Candy, which you will need to evolve Spritzee into Aromatisse in Pokémon GO.

    Heres how you can evolve Spritzee into Aromatisse:

  • First, tap on the Buddy icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Scroll down and select Swap Buddies.
  • Choose the Spritzee you wish to evolve to make it your buddy.
  • After that, activate an Incense or Mystery Box.
  • Lastly, spend 50 Spritzee Candy to evolve.
  • Make sure to select Spritzee as your buddy before going into an adventure and activating an Incense.

    Some players dont know that they have to put Spritzee as their buddy before they can evolve it, so dont forget this step to avoid wasting time and Incense.

    Pokemon Go: How To Evolve Swirlix

    Swirlix (XY025)

    While the Luminous Legends event may have come to an end, many Pokemon GO players are still curious about how to evolve Swirlix.The Cotton Candy Pokemon was featured heavily during the first half of the update as Fairy-type species became increasingly more popular at that time.Swirlix was one of those…

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    Mossy And Glacial Lure Modules

    • Training with a team leader

    Unova stones are even rarer, but can be nabbed randomly from:

    • Weekly field research breakthroughs
    • Beating a Team GO Rocket leader

    If youre planning to use a stone, be patient.

    Dont squander your stones on evolving low power Pokémon. Hold on until youve made an impressive 3-star catch, then use your precious stone to get a hard-hitting fighter.

    Using Lure Modules To Evolve Pokmon

    Image: The Pokémon Company

    If youre near a PokéStop, installing a special lure module can help you fill your Pokédex with new evolutions.

    If you use a lure module, it can also be used by other trainers in the area.

    So co-ordinate with your Pokémon pals and spread the joy by using one lure to help everyone get the evolutions they need.

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    How To Evolve Spritzee

    In the main series games, Spritzee evolves when traded while holding a Sachet. Unfortunately, Sachets do not exist in Pokemon GO, so youll have to use another method.

    Youll need 50 Spritzee candies to evolve it, so once you have enough, you can start the evolution process, which goes as follows:

  • Make Spritzee your buddy.
  • While its your buddy, activate an Incense from your inventory.
  • Head back to the Pokemon page for your Spritzee and evolve it into Aromatisse.
  • Unfortunately, it seems that you must activate an Incense while Spritzee is your buddy to evolve it. This means that you cannot have an Incense already active, then make it your buddy and evolve it, nor can you evolve multiple Spritzee with one Incense.

    Your buddy Spritzee does not need to be on the map after being fed some berries in order to evolve.

    Evolving Spritzee In Pokemon Go:

    SHOULD YOU HATCH THESE NEW 7KM EGGS IN POKEMON GO?! How To Evolve Spritzee & Swirlix

    Just like other pokemon Spritzee will also evolve at a particular point of time. For that, you have to activate all kinds of lure modules for Spritzee. For this, you will need incense. This will be continuously running so that a sweet smell would be around the pokemon. You will also need 50 Spritzee candies. As usual, you have to obtain it by spending some time with your pokemon like walking around or catching another Spritzee.

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